Moving On For Dummies

One does not have to await the 48 hour SPFL review to realise that the fix is in. Different board members – same fix. The pause for dramatic effect is fooling no-one. Rod McKenzie has been well briefed to add a legal balm to the predetermined decision. The LNS decision will be held up as the final word on a minimum of thirteen years of cheating, despite not having the remit to address the systemic cheating in the first place. The tainted evidence of Campbell Ogilvie and The Bryson Fallacy, by any measure the flimsiest of premises, will have the full weight of our shiny new SPFL board behind them. In the parallel universe of Scottish football the LNS Commission trumps the Supreme Court.

The individual that I’m most disappointed with is Ann Budge. One envisaged a fresh set of eyes and a new broom. But as soon as she crossed the threshold of the SPFL offices at Hampden, which are cheek by jowl with the SFA ( or the left and right buttock of the same arse if you prefer) she knew what was expected of her. Sporting Integrity had been bludgeoned to death by the concerted efforts of Doncaster and Regan who had rigged the LNS Commission to give Rangers a mere slap on the wrist. It was being buried in a shallow grave near the car park. Budge was invited to have a kick at the carcass prior to more topsoil being added. She duly obliged.

Budge expects us to move on. To jump in our cars and motor to Gorgie to pay good money to help her rebuild a stand. Will it be called The Ann Budge Stand?

The Green Brigade, who consider themselves to be the beating heart of Celtic, have an opportunity to redeem themselves. They should lead the boycotts of Tynecastle and Pittodrie and shout ‘scabs’ at any Celtic fans attending either venue. Let Budge and Milne know in no uncertain terms that one will not buy in to their bastardised compromises. Hit them in their Key Performance Indicators and watch their eyes bleed.

Peter Lawwell, who will sit down to watch a team without a recognised centre forward at Celtic Park tomorrow evening, has been busy fucking up Izzaguire’s transfer to a team in The Persian Gulf. Lawwell threw a spanner in the works by demanding a higher upfront payment than was initially agreed upon. One can but hope that a compromise can be arrived at.

Does anyone have any confidence in a Celtic appeal of the SPFL decision to the SFA? If CFC don’t step up, they will be complicit in the cover up of 13 years of systemic cheating. As Craig Whyte pointed out, Rangers were still screwing the tax man when he took control in May 2011. They had collectively decided to take their cheating into a new tax year. These individuals have no shame. Those with any sympathy for Barry Ferguson should take a long hard look at his tax bill of north of £1.4m and observe how he will never pay tax on the quantum that he received. Ferguson is an unabashed tax cheat.

If CFC issue a strongly-worded statement asserting that although they disagree with the SPFL decision, they are bound by it, Scottish football is going to hell in a handbasket.

Prior to considering a judicial review one must be careful to avoid the recommendations of the LNS commission. Regan’s subverted commission did not look at the transgressions of a team illegally avoiding their social taxes. The former directors of Rangers Football Club in liquidation should be sued for subverting the Scottish game. They cheated their way to prize money, a bigger slice of broadcasting revenues and CL participation. They gained a pecuniary advantage through deception. They engaged in fraud.

Sue them. It does not matter if BDO disburse damages. The cheating will be laid bare for all to see. The corrupt governance of Doncaster and Regan, aided and abetted by Budge and Milne, will have no place to hide.

A crowdfund should be established this week. There is no time to delay.


35 thoughts on “Moving On For Dummies”

  1. Brilliant JJ – get right into them. God knows they deserve it.

    ‘Left and right buttock of the same arse’ – great line.

  2. Happy to contribute to the crowdfund, this really needs the bloggers to unite for the greater good and have one crowdfund action. No idea how that will happen.

  3. Well said and a gr8 article as usual JJ and you are right in that we are truly now engaged in a battle for the heart and soul of not just our national game, but by large, our fabric of society. When it becomes clear that those in charge care not for us, or our concerns, and now solely exist to protect and pursue their own agenda on a matter that has continued to fester and infect all of Scotland in all walks of life, then surely all but the most guilty/corrupt, MUST, step back and distance themselves from this awful scenario or they too in time will be tainted by the Scottish SFAs version of ‘The Dark Ages’, in that the truth could be silenced, honesty subjugated and integrity cast aside.
    The question is do we deserve our game if we are not prepared to fight for it…because this is THE watershed moment of our all clubs and fans …failure to stop these people will signal the end of what is a century and more of scottish football birthright in just one decade, with the promise of more corruption to come. Do you want your children and grandchildren and all other generations to follow being inspired on how to cheat their way to the top?. That fairness and honesty are a joke to be applied to us and not them?.
    How far we let this crawl into our lives and sport will determine our society.
    as always take care jj

  4. I will contribute to the crowdfund kitty as soon as the organisers publish their structure and outline plan.

  5. Think about it. CFC put out a few lines after the Supreme Court asking for a review of the no Sporting Advantage ruling.

    The bare minimum to placate fans. They had to issue something.

    The Ultra element at Celtic park, the Green Brigade are banned and marginalised. Let’s mute the most vocal critics.

    It’s all shaping up nicely for doing nothing and knowing CFC fans love of their club will keep them rolling in the doors.

    What needs Judicial Review is the LNS no Sporting Advantage ruling that the SFA-spfl are standing by.

  6. I’m a bit of a cynic, will ok a full blown cynic, but I fear there will be no change. The sport is so corrupt at every level that it cannot change. Too many owe too much to too few. Yes the fans will act, well some will, but they will creep back quietly in the end. Those in charge at club and national level will sit quietly waiting for the storm ( in A teacup they think) to pass and it will. Fans need their fix and those in power need their money. Ok it can be held back for a while but season ticket money is in so they have their cushion. You can be sure if we start a boycott of away games the Rangers fans will try and increase their away numbers as a counter protest. Too few good men and women and true to organise this. Even the fans group got a pasting in a previous post JJ so who is left to lead? We have a corrupt Government in Westminster, a Corrupt FIFA, UEFA, uN etc etc so nothing changes. Yes cynic am I but I have spent my life campaigning for just causes and achieved the square root of sod all. I so want to be proved wrong…..go on I dare you.

  7. I understand employees of SMSM lurk on this site and if that is indeed the case I refer them to a statement made in court yesterday:

    “I am here because I am an independent, questioning journalist, not because I knowing.y and willingly helped a terrorist organisation. Because I have not compromised in my journalism and I am persistent until the end. All these accusations directed to me are devoid of wisdom and reason, and are beyond the scope of any law or conscience.”

    The statement was made by Kadri Gursel, one of 17 journalists standing trial in Turkey on trumped up charges. Turkey currently has 178 journalists imprisoned for doing their job.

    Can not one of you grow a pair?

  8. I’m sure you know you are wrong to judge Ann Budge before she has given us the Board’s statement and you’ll come to regret your comments about her in this piece but, in any case, let me assure you of three things.

    JJ: No let me assure you of one thing. If you don’t make a contribution you don’t have a voice.

    1. Pesky JJ,we could have been assured of 3 things,is it Hearts won’t win the three trophies this season? Mind you JJ,I think you have pointed out the rules a few times……

  9. All fans of all clubs need to boycott the first home games after Wednesday if the SPFL announce they will do nothing.

    Empty stadiums immediately afterwards and Judicial Reviews funded. Topping was right on one thing, there’s millionaire fans out there and well funded fan groups who can take the governing bodies decisions to court and get results. It’s the new era with fan access to the courts.

  10. Re the JR to whom and where do I contribute? If the cheating is allowed to go unpunished we have rigged game and I for one will not go on paying good money to watch a farce. I first saw Celtic in a cup semi at IOUbrox. They were beaten 3-1 by St Mirren. I think the year was 1962 which would have made me fourteen, and means I have been following the club for fifty five years. If Celtic accept the SFA/SPFL’s refusal to punish wrongdoing I will never set foot in Celtic Park again as, in my estimation, my club will be complicit in this scandal.

    I am no fucking mug. But were I to go on subsidising this sham, I would be permitting the SFA, SPFL, and the club that I love ,to take me for one.

  11. Whats really needed but will not happen is Peter Lawell to be ordered to contact UEFA regarding every thing that the SFA/SPFL have sanctioned over the last 5 years.
    There is one thing that would get the job done but unfortunately the majority of supporters don’t have the knowledge to do it….if there is not a full scale inquiry into the working’s at the SFA/SPFL then every real football fan should walk away until its sorted.If you have to watch football then go watch the juniors or ametuer’s believe me if that happens you will be back within a month watching the SPFL team of your choice.

  12. Happy to contribute to crowdfunding but who’s going to control/run any legal action? I sincerely hope wednesdays statement contains something of substance otherwise the game in Scotland really is dead.

  13. Absolutely gutted at the behaviour of Ann Budge – I had her marked as a true professional and woman of integrity.

  14. I do get the argument for moving on. It’s good for business which is all some chairmen think of. It’s good for personal safety if Club 1690 are to taken seriously. It’s also the cowards way of dealing with a cancer on the game. If we accept this we are accepting that it’s a corrupt game where cheaters aren’t punished and you need to embrace the dark side to get ahead. FFP was aimed at correcting the wrongs of unfair financial advantage destroying sporting accomplishment. Fraudulently obtaining such advantage is immeasurably worse! Long term
    What will save the game and be good for business is the engagement of the fans not the visiting fan revenue (and this from a qualified accountant).

    I’m back in Scotland today and it’s a little surreal seeing all the Rangers merchandise again.

  15. Will gladly put towards a crowdfunded investigation when organised.
    One question i would like the sfa to answer were the players improperly registered,we all know that they were as the side letters were admitted to in court….how do they get out of that one?

  16. Celtic fans shouting scabs at other celtic fans lol. What has our fans done wrong? Our fans keep all the other clubs afloat and our club has done nothing wrong either. We give to charity, no stealing fae it. Why is it celtic fans that should do it and shout about it ? Matt mcglone led our fans, and we saved our club. That’s what is needed, and a collective of fans reps fae each club. Did we save our club to be scammed n cheated? Matt mcglone and his guys would tie Halloween Houston in knots. If u r reading this Matt. I’m the wee guy that asked for a pic with u in penalty spot a few months back. How about it Matt ? Celts for change or even clubs for change ?

    1. Agree BB.No shouting at fellow fans.Informed discussions and pleas to not even take allocations for away games.GB,your time to lead is here.Banners that tell the football world about the rampant corruption in Scottish football must be distributed all the way round our ground,Peter can’t ban all his “customers “.Cmon Bhoys,use your undoubted skills and fly those banners high.At least we will be able to say ‘We stood against it!’.The others?What are you going to do?

  17. It has to be taken to UEFA and/or the court of arbitration for sport. I don’t trust any Scottish
    legal process to be uninfluenced by The People’s threats of violence, intimidation or the spectre of Freemasonry. 13 years of systemic cheating and the only sanction is £250,000: just north of £10,000 for each cheated trophy. The cover up is actually worse than the crime itself. Whatever ‘legal advice’ they have taken is going to come back on them and do great damage to the game. We will not rest.

  18. Likewise, really disappointed in Ann Budge, I too thought she had more about her and had some integrity. How about the new stand being a Beacon for all that is in Scottish Football and being aptly named- “A Fudge Stand”??
    Good call on the boycott of Pittodrie and Tynecastle. See how these currupt sheep chair people explain the loss of the Green pound?

  19. Just watching an “SPFL GREATEST” on Sky Sports HD. From 1999. Rangers 4 Celtic 2.
    The field is littered with EBT Cheats.

  20. The major problem here, title stripping (which I do not for a minute will happen), poor governance, collusion and systemic cheating is this. The governing body in Scotland is answerable to no one. Not the fans and certainly not the spirit of the game.

    This scandal could have not taken place in the EPL. Why not? Firstly, the talented and highly educated sports journalists would have been all over it. Secondly, and importantly, the EPL is answerable to VERY generous bosses. They are called broadcasters who have paid handsomely for the rights to the most watched league on the planet. This scandal would have been dealt with swiftly down here and without mercy. The broadcasters call the shots, and, given their funding, quite rightly so.

    The dilution of the brand would simply not be tolerated. Titles would have been stripped and matters would have ‘moved on’.

    Not in Scotland where the governing body is answerable to no one and the scale of collusion is quite staggering.

    The EPL governing bodies tread carefully with the broadcasters here. They are answerable to the guys with the big bucks.

    Not in Scotland where there is a total absence of accountability.

    1. Surely the Broadcasters of the Scottish game are involved behind the scenes? What if the Broadcasters are pulling the strings and are pro Rangers? What if the Bookies are pulling the strings and pro Rangers?

      Bookies advertising needs thrown out the game. Ciggies and alcohol advertising got the shove, gambling also ruins lives. Kids going to games and being immersed in a Bookies culture needs to end.

  21. JJ,

    The sentiment to offshore the effort for justice is soundly based, unfortunately outwith Scotland who cares?
    With the readily available information on what happened it’s beyond embarrassing that there is not a stronger cry for wrongs to be righted within Scotland

    I think in Italy cheating was sanctioned by certain clubs for years and years, a few knuckles were wrapped (teams fined, people sent to jail) and about a dozen years later we have Juventus going for 7 or 8 Scudettos in a row – is this the kind of progress and satisfaction we are looking for? – with the knowledge that men, women & children will be put in genuine physical danger for supporting & speaking the truth – we all know that there were many wrongs done and people directly impacted by titles, cups and European opportunities not going to the correct teams, we know this, putting an asterisk against an old trophy certainly is correct, but with this dodgy cabal still in place – who’s kidding who?

    We need to eject Regan & Doncaster – I think this is the best first step, with these 2 gone a lot of the “framing” of the discussion can come from a fresh perspective and help lead the SPFL/SFA in the correct direction

    Football is in my blood, but I don’t wish to see any blood spilled over it, the shame & disgrace that Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong carry is not based upon their titles being stripped, but as a result of their being caught cheating – we can thank the recent appeals decision for confirming they cheated

    Players declaring bankruptcy (as it relates to EBT Tax bills now due) is also an admission of cheating whether they know it or not, irrespective of who’s name is on the title to the house.

    We all know it, it’s a matter of public record and has zero to do with the SFA/SPFL – waiting for them to corroborate this is pointless.


  22. If by chance Celtic don’t listen to the fans their will come a time the fans will bring in banners and piro hopping that celtic will get fined and thrown out of Europe it will not bother them getting banned as they would be leaving Scottish football anyway

  23. Count me in for crowdfunding. Injustice happens when good men do nothing and that can’t be allowed to happen.

  24. I would be all for a fans demonstration on the steps of Hampdump.All clubs should get this organised pronto quick and show the mob that we mean business.

  25. Is it not possible for individual suporters of each club to sue sfa for cost of tickets and expenses during cheeting years? At end of the day you are paying your money to watch a sporting event but your oponent has an unfair advantage that the regulator is refusing to punish and also accomodating the lies?
    Sure if enough people went down this route as individuals cost to sfa would be far greater to defend rather than one single case?
    Usual contribution made to the fighting fund.

    JJ: My only contribution today Kendo despite two articles yesterday. Thank you.

  26. For me this whole saga is not about football,but a peek into the dark Masonic 1690 anti Catholic practices alive and well in 21st century Scotland.
    There may be a fine veneer showing a forward thinking progressive country to the world but the reality is very different

  27. When the SPFL officially announce NO REVIEW that is the time for a response. The LNS farce declared that since EBT’s were legal then any club could have used them. This has now been shown to be false by the Supreme Court final ruling. That reverses the findings of the LNS review and thus another verdict has to be found. I am too far away to know what is the best tactic but I assume that the legal team at CFC are formidable and have a plan to force a review despite the intransigence of the SPFL board.

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