Doncaster’s Sophistry

One would be astonished if the new board of the SPFL after an hour or so of deliberation and a minimum of e-mail correspondence from Rod McKenzie, to inform them as to whether they can get away with it, do little more than to circle the wagons around Neil Doncaster.

Their Chief Executive, more than most, is responsible for the lie that is continuation. He woke up one morning and had a Eureka moment: Let’s ignore the fact that Rangers are being liquidated, and as Charles Green clearly stated in court there is no Rangers, and pretend that Rangers Lite are Rangers continued. To add credibility to his marketing wheeze he chose to confer the new club with the trophies won by the old club. No member club has ever challenged his sophistry. If Rangers Lite can be sold to broadcasters as the most successful club in world domestic football, versus former European Cup winners Celtic, thus squeezing a few more million out of Sky and BT Sport, why would the clubs complain as the crumbs from a rich man’s table fall on their laps?

However when one finds that many of these conferred titles were won by cheating, he was forced to have a rethink: Let’s create a commission. The SFA have a stable of ‘safe’ QCs on the make, and former members of the justiciary, who can be relied on to arrive at any verdict of one’s choosing, particularly if you reduce their scope to that of a pinhead. Then throw in the Chief Executive of the SFA appellate committee, and Billy Bob Smith’s your uncle. Add a few words about no competive advantage to please the Rangers fans and the bookies that want to bleed them dry, then tie it all up in a pretty bow to present to a compliant 4th estate.

Doncaster’s sinecure as Chief Executive gave him enough time to acquire a Masters degree in Business Administration. He had no need to study in the evening as he had time on his hands in his working day. He would naturally put down his books when Stewart Regan wandered along the 6th floor corridor for afternoon tea and mendacity. Allowing Rangers to participate in Europe with a fully crystallised overdue payable quantum of £2.8m was causing poor Stewart some concern. He had had to engage in counter-terrorism training as The Klan were conspiring to murder him, so he subverted the rules to save his scrawny neck. What’s a few rules when compared to spilling his blood on Mrs Regan’s doilies? The Klan don’t do scones and courtship dances. Regan had no intention of taking one for the team.

Doncaster’s bullshit, which clings to his office like an H Block dirty protest, is one of the root causes of the civil war that is going to erupt in Scottish football. The Craig Whyte trial had the takeaway of Sir Bribe & Lie admitting that the modern day equivalent of cash stuffed in envelopes to be handed over at service stations in the dead of night, had given him the latitude to buy players that he could otherwise not have afforded.

Murray’s tax evasion had eighty takers including the incorrigible tax cheat Barry Ferguson who transferred his share in his £1.2m gated mansion to his wife in 2011 as a precaution to the HMRC shit hitting the fan. By the time that it did, he just sidestepped the £1.4m due by declaring himself bankrupt. Did Ferguson send his three children to state schools? Did he and his family avail themselves of the National Health Service? How about The Armed Forces, the bigots in uniform that parade at Ibrox? Nothing Barry? Did you go so far as to buy a poppy or are you as tight as you are corrupt?

Despite this the Daily Record will allow this unconscionable tax cheat to pen a column in their failing rag. What a role model this former captain of Rangers is. I guess it could be worse when one recalls the days of Richard Gough soliciting under age male prostitutes. Is Barry’s tax fiddling better than Richard’s rent boy fiddling?

Is this the heritage that The Klan will kill for to protect?

Meanwhile on the park Lee Wallace is getting the Caixinha Cold Shoulder as he is surplus to requirements at Speedy Gonzales FC. The full Barrie v Banger Bhuna is being visited upon our favourite Supergrass:

Those pesky Hibs fans called me bad names Mr.McLean. Just as well that 200 of The Klan rushed the field when we were safely in the dressing room to preserve our dignity.”

Alves has been promised the Captain’s Armband. Pedro is growing tired of Wallace & Gromit (Kenny Miller) not high-kicking to his every word. It has been a long close season since Lite lost out to a Luxembourg Lucky Bag of part-timers. I’m sure there’s no truth in the rumour that the Grass has been overheard stating:

Infamy, infamy, Banger’s got it in for me.”

At Celtic Park this evening Celtic host a useful Rosemborg side without a recognised centre forward. I broke the exclusive news on Twitter that Dembele’s hamstring was playing up again and that he would miss out on another big night of European football at Celtic Park. A two goal cushion might be difficult to come by when relying upon Armstrong and Rogic to both find the net. Johnny Hayes is a competent journeyman but not a patch on Patrick Roberts. The team from The Paris of The North are deadly on the break. It should be a cracking tie played before a capacity crowd, minus The Green Brigade. Not that capacity crowds are in any way unique at Celtic as they have sold out on season tickets for 2017/2018 and opened a waiting list for 2018/2019.

The only fly in Celtic’s ointment is the systemic tax evasion and cheating of Rangers. It’s the governing body’s (the SFA) duty to sanction Rangers for their industrial cheating. If Lawwell decides to throw his weight around, Regan will need more than Doncaster to hold his jacket.



26 thoughts on “Doncaster’s Sophistry”

  1. My thanks to Kendo for my one and only contribution today. I can but conclude that Yesterday’s two articles had little merit. Should I consign them to trash?

    1. Hi JJ, First time poster, and monthy contribution set up. Great site and enjoy your thought provoking articles out side of our great game also.
      Being an avid SNP supporter, I disagree with some of your comments, but respect the nature of your arguments. Looking forward to a few discussions over the next few months or so.
      I’m very disappointed with the people that run our National Game, am I surprised, no, but surely, as proper football fans we can mobilise fans somehow challenge this decision. Get a solicitor to challange in court that the SFA are not fit for purpose. How they can apply 1 rule to some teams, and another rule to suit the mighty gers.
      I’m totally disgusted with some other fans I’ve been speaking with who want to move on…
      I also totally agree with Brendan Rogers about all things Green Brigade.
      Having stood in the Jungle as a young man singing songs I knew really nothing about, then grow up and realise these songs have nothing to do with Celtic FC.
      My family accross the water cannot believe we are still doing this at Celtic Park. They have moved on and really don’t wanmt to go back.
      Maybe one day, they will realise that not all of us want to go back. If the guys in Govan do, they let them
      Keep up th egood work

    2. Mr Doncaster had the bare affrontery to show up at Celtics match last night vs Rosenberg and then proceed to ignore what was happening on the field(not much mind you)as he was busy looking at his phone.I was sitting behind him and he was behind Lawwell.hh

  2. Peter Lawwell has no option but to throw Celtic’s weight around. That said, he only needs to get Doncaster to instruct the webmaster to remove the real Rangers history from Sevco’s ! Everything else is simply flogging a dead horse.

    1. Hi JJ,

      One time contributor back in February/March time from the unwaged. I’m writing this from the breezy warmth of Nakhon Ratchasima after a morning of torrential rain……I must admit the distance from home, although the web is a wonderful thing, means I’m not close to the action to gauge the mood back home on this…….ie…is there the appetite for rebellion amongst a significant number of fans of all clubs bar Lite? Does this even exist amongst my fellow Celtic fans or are we collectively falling into the moral waste ground of not wanting to pursue what is right for fear of upsetting the apple cart at this successful time in our history? I must admit I do fear the latter scenario. I attend about 10-12 games a season and, although not a season ticket holder, I am reluctant to pay to attend further games if a whitewash is the way fans are to be treated. I must admit I am surprised by how tawdry our wee nation looks from 6,000 miles away as we dodge and evade a ruling by the highest court in the land. Due process and all that but how long must we wait for justice in the face of a clear case of cheating. As soon as the supreme court finally ruled that ebt were illegal, the already compromised LNS becomes irrelevant as he went on the basis that ebt was a tax avoidance mechanism, fully legal and available to all clubs. It wasn’t.

      I do fear something radical may be required to get the ball rolling on this one as there does not appear to be the outrage amongst the fans that existed in 2012 yet. If said ball does start trickling eventually forward, it may make the rancour of 2012 seem like child’s play.

  3. P.lawwell has done celtic proud BUT lets see if he can make Scottish football proud buy going after they corrupt bastards at hampden sfa if he doesn’t then im not paying into a corrupt game just so they cheats at liebrox get their way no danger so p.lawwell its ur last chance to save ur own fans from walking away..BOYCOTT CUP GAMES AND HAMPDEN SCUMBAGS

  4. The SMSM are finished !
    To think that for years my first thought when I opened my eyes in the morning was to obtain a copy of a newspaper to find out the latest news from my team, to the total gobshite and propaganda that is written by sports hacks today. Happy to say I have not purchased a (Fake) newspaper in five years.

    Back in the day we were called ‘paranoid’ now as the onion is slowly peeled away it becomes abundantly clear that whilst dining with sir minty on succulent lamb, THEY FECKIN KNEW ABOUT THE WHOLESALE CHEATING ALL ALONG!! Now we are told ‘there is no appetite’ … your fuckin right there’s no appetite! No more succulent lamb!! Washed down by an array of fine vino’s from the bottom of the his excellencies extensive vineyard. That appetite was poisonous.

    Scottish football has been my life, my families life. As a family we have gone through terrible heartache and sadness, we have been pulled through the worst possible circumstances with the help of loving family and friends, and our chosen outlet for counselling and release has been to be involved, as more than just fans of a football club, but to be involved in everything we can to promote the current team and remember former custodians and players of our great club. Charity and help for others can help to heal unbearable loss and deep cavernous wounds.

    Today I stand on the precipice of throwing three tickets for tonight’s match with Rosenberg in the bin. You see it’s not just about one match.. I purchased four season tickets as well as sponsoring a few kids seats for the fantastic Kano Foundation. Not to mention the expensive merchandise released over the summer. Somewhere in the region of 3k has been invested in our club including away match tickets already! just this season that has barely got underway. Now I’m thinking of binning the lot!

    Rangers (IL) cheated on an industrial scale, aided and abetted by our football governance agencies and this was overseen by our compliant MSM. Not only were they compliant, but they indulged us in every bit of spin and propaganda that was uttered by this ugly, monstrous cheating establishment club. You would think that now they would seek to curry favour with the ordinary decent fans but no .. they print statements that would not look out of place in Nazi Germany, official club statements! Club Tropicana statements!
    Now they tell us to move on !!! Nothing to see here!! No appetite!

    A message to Jabba, Waddell, Jackass, Union Jack, every single one of them on Sportsound, Clyde, and all of the little cliques … YOUR TIME IS UP! You will go down in history as the lickspittles who fed at the table of the biggest scamster in the history of sport in this country!! No longer are your opinions held in any regard, the only people who regurgitate your bile are the bottom feeders who stood idly by and watched as their club died!

    Reagan and Doncaster are allowed to continue with impunity .. King is fit and proper! Dallas is still highly regarded! Lennon is still hated with a passion! ‘The Cardigan’ is still revered! Ally is still the cheeky chappy with the big bank balance! The tracksuit Ned is allowed to con the taxman and run away with circa 1.5m in unpaid income tax whilst hiding his assets in plain site, and being kept in pocket money by the national broadcaster, I could go on endlessly ..

    Craig Whyte cleared of any wrong doing and is then character assassinated by the same lickspittles who have just been exposed as lying B******s and who spend their days polishing turds for Sevco5088!

    I am one SPFL statement away from spending my leisure time reducing my high handicap on the golf course .. to my friends and family I am defined by my love of my club and my life travelling to football matches. That is about to change.

    Final word for the laptop loyal .. you are complicit in destroying our national sport, we will never forget your names or your place in history, as you try to rewrite it when the ship completely sinks. How do you sleep at night? Do your friends and family not hold you to account? Does your neighbours speak to you? I know if any of you were near me I would move as I would worry you would bring down the value of my property.

    Lying for a living is immoral, didn’t your parents teach you that? If you can lie with impunity to thousands of people on a daily basis, Imagine the damage you are capable of doing in your own home. You are liars of the highest ordure and karma is on its way to you all, not one ounce of sympathy will be held for you. Your awards are as tainted as the titles won by the EBT cheats of ‘Oldco’

    Thank you JJ for the platform to out these stomach churning sycophants. More power to your elbow my friend.


    1. Well said Sir ! I too sit on the precipice of having spent my last penny on Scottish Football.
      I will also immediately cancel my subscription to sports channels and boycott all affiliate organisations and their products.

    2. An eloquently put comment that hits so many issues on the head. I was in your position 2 years ago and made my decision, though heart breaking to not witness our finest season in decades I feel abetter person for doing so. I will only return to being a season ticket holder when the right thing is done by the board of our club. The right thing is not always the easy thing

  5. ALL recent articles have been excellent; on par with your best stuff over the life of this must-read site. Keep going. Stay safe.

  6. Has the SPFL officially replied to the terse note from Celtic asking when the review would take place? If the answer is NEVER then Lawwell has to go all in. No more malfeasance tolerated and no subjugation to the Master Race. This will be a Civil War. Only one side will win. Are you with the Rebels or the Royals? Are you for Truth or Lies? Are you for Justice or for Myth? The war will hopefully be short. Heads will be on a platter. This is a pivoting point in Scottish football. Will you be on the winning side?

  7. Should be an interesting day: SPFL announcement, then CFC reaction.
    Is Pistol Pete a heavyweight?

    Not forgetting CL league qualifier… injuries and suspensions already biting this early in the campaign.

    Small donation made, JJ – take care.

  8. I understand that Barry Ferguson’s financial woes hit him hard around the time that his remaining assets were transferred to his wife. He is not, as you point out, the sharpest blade in the drawer, but encouraged by his agent, he made a series of disastrous investments in Dubai, buying off plan at the very peak of the market. His EBT bill will have tipped him over the edge.

    But he didn’t only cheat the tax man. This odious fellow also cheated his own fans. I remember being invited to a game at Ibrox during the brief Le Guen era. The Scottish players had clearly already decided to get rid of the manager. The gang leader was Ferguson, the club captain. And for a full 90 minutes, he stood around the centre circle, hands on his hips, making no contribution and watching the ball fly over his head. The game ended up a draw (I can’t recall who Rangers were up against). I think that Le Guen dropped him for the following game which resulted in the manager losing his job.

    So, yes, there you have it. A Rangers club captain, financially dosed up on a syringe full of EBTs was out there on the pitch wandering around to suit his own agenda instead of playing for the jersey. What a disgrace.

  9. You must keep going JJ. Your recent articles have been the crème de la crème. We arenow entering the crunch period. If our football legislators don’t have the guts to do something, then it is war.

    I have managed to scrape together £10 as an extra payment which I shall send to you shortly.

  10. What a month jj
    I concur with Macaroni excellent blog earlier
    The corrupt spfl & sfa are ripping the heart out of our national sport .How can these people who are paid to look after our game be so inept or corrupt .The side contracts alone should mean all games played during the cheating years of Ebts should be 0-3 victory to all the teams that played against Rangers 1872

    Ive been supporting My club for over 40 years i have 2 season tickets used to have 3 but my son now goes with his pals
    I spend thousands supporting my team yet the bastards at Hampden & in media tell us we should move on for the good of the game !! I’ve been boycotting all games at Hampden in the last few years & I would implore all fans who want to see justice do the same .Cut of there revenue streams & the will have to sit up & take notice .I emailed Celtic about 18 months ago about making a statement on the corruption in Scottish football .I received a reply & was content to wait until final Supreme court ruling on Ebts being unlawful.Now this has been confirmed Celtic must take on the authority’s In Scottish football all the way .We must have a impartial inquiry before we can move on . I would support any kind of crowd funding for a fans led inquiry

    People like Ferguson King Murray Ogilivie Make my blood boil
    As a business owner I work hard & pay my taxes why can’t these lying scumbags do the same or at least hold up there hand & apologies for past misdemeanours

    Jj You blogs this month have been truly exceptional
    How you got your hands on the emails that show the level of deception within the Sfa Spfl is amazing .2nd Donation this month sent via Paypal to thank you for all your hard work
    Regards GB

  11. As Celtic fans have had two free games in their season ticket their cancelation is now void if they were thinking of this. However, guys like Matt McGlone and their like would never have turned on their team whilst having to participate the fight in their eyes would be focused elsewhere. They would boycott all games where the board have consented to move on, they would buy no merchandise from their own club or drink and eat from any of their beverages and catering, they would boycott sponsors ladbrokes inside the ground.
    At every game they would their board know the extent of their feelings and they would boycott all Scottish cup game venues and Lcup venues. You do not hurt your team you hurt the fannies who call the shots and have a self vested interest. Armageddon is now approaching, how far will the cheats get on the blue pound when the reality sinks in that the real powerhouse club fans will be rallying and will soon be calling for heads to roll in the courts.
    To the guys who are not attending CP do not do anything stupid this day is the beginning of clearing out all cheats and tax dodgers, it will take time but by slowly starving their greed the bubble will burst or the penny will drop.
    Follow the bloggers like JJ and co and the truth will overcome, todays announcement will merely be words of liars, they have no authority over fans this is a business and money drives it and rules are in place, today is test the water day to see if the fans are muppets. keep the faith.

  12. the spinless cunts have said no case to answer
    sent you a top up for the fine wine fund
    please keep up fight ,please
    i will crowd fund any fight
    kind regards

  13. This SPFL review fix was in weeks ago. The press statements were formed weeks ago. The decisions were taken weeks ago. The BBC got wind of it.
    Lawwell conveniently got out the SPFL and back into the SFA before the press release and before the pre-ordained arrival of Robertson.
    Lawwell has a knack of musical chairs between SFA and spfl as each takes turn to be the bad guy against Celtic. Do not expect SFAs Regan to be the bad guy whilst Lawwell is at the SFA.
    If Lawwell goes along with this review pish then he should be sacked from Celtic. Only Court will do Peter.

  14. Barry Ferguson received the ebt payments before transferring everything into his wife’s name so he should be liable for hmrc to pursue him for the money owed how many more ebt recipients will declare them selves bankrupt before hmrc send out letters asking for payment.

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