Subjugating The Indians

We have come a long way since the ‘West was won.’ As the pioneers pushed west to the Pacific in their wagon trains, they encountered fierce opposition from Native Americans who considered themselves the rightful heirs to the land that the pioneers were prepared to take by force, or by subterfuge. The latter included trading disease-ridden blankets. I chose two wagons to represent the SFA and the SPFL. They have fired the first shots in this conflict. They both hired a gunslinger, Gerry Money-in-hand, to strike fear in our ranks. They are hoping for division and internecine conflicts between factions.

They have underestimated us. We are organised and we are intelligent. This site recently breached yet another million hit milestone. With more than 14m visits, with readers from The Vatican to Bhutan, in every corner of the globe where there is internet access, our site goes from strength to strength. Ken McDonald came onto our site to tell us that what we do here is insignificant. His words will resonate across oceans and mountain ranges. He had a voice, yet chose to waste it to denigrate this site and denigrate your humble author. His ego is his downfall. I won’t be inviting Ken to make any more comments. He’ll find a home in Follow Follow or The Bears Den.

The anonymous individual behind the Rangers Tax Case is also not a fan of our site. He has been quick to take issue with everything I write. He is another man with an ego who thinks he is the font of all knowledge. His disciples at The Scottish Football monitor are his attack dogs. At the drop of a diphthong they are all over this site like the mindless thugs in A Clockwork Orange. There is no love lost between the former blogger and the creator of this site.

However if he wishes to be the figurehead and fundraiser for a Judicial review of the corruption at the heart of Scottish football governance, then so be it. I personally would prefer Paul or David at CQN, or James Forrest at The Celtic Blog/On Fields of Green. Auldheid, who contributes comments to this site, would also be on my short list.

I will not be invited by my peers to take this battle to Hampden. If I were I would have to put my name to the Court of Session petition. The blogger behind WTC will have to reveal his identity. The SMSM will play the man but with their sales in the toilet they are easily ignored and largely irrelevant. There has been a blanket ban by editors on The Supreme Court decision. The biggest scandal in British Team Sport history is being suppressed. It’s almost as if Sir Bribe & Lie has contacted some fellow peers to arrange a D-Notice (now formally known as DSMA).

The choice of instructing solicitors is not of paramount importance. However hiring a real legal heavyweight like Donald Findlay, who like all sentient individuals is aware that The Rangers are a new club, would give this petition legs. Findlay does not suffer fools easily. He would wipe the floor with Money-in-hand’s specious contentions.

For those not willing to wade through the nonentity of a QC’s flawed contentions, where he alleges that Charles Green was ‘purported’ as buying the history of Rangers – a blatant lie – and for an encore that LNS could not be revisited due to the tenets of double jeopardy, this article will serve as a summary of my rebuttal.

Money-in-hand is an imbecile. He expounds on the Old Co/ New Co fallacy, completely ignoring Charles Green’s sworn testimony that Rangers no longer exist. There was no change of ownership. There was a change of club. To cap it all he omitted the fact that those in receipt of EBT’s, and its antecedent DOS/VSS, did not pay any National Insurance Contributions. How remiss of him.

I would back a junior advocate against this compromised conveyancing QC on any day of the week.

Money-in-hand is a straw man defending a house of cards.

Let me state this unequivocally in language that even the compromised conveyancing QC can understand. The SFA and SPFL have the legal standing of one’s local golf club. If you don’t rake the sand or replace divots, there are regulations and penalties. If on the other hand should you hire a professional golfer to win an amateur medal and a cash prize, and pay the pro cash in hand to do so, you will have your membership revoked. The medal would be allocated to the leading amateur

This is precisely what should now happen to Rangers. They cheated to win medals, trophies, cash prizes, enhanced broadcasting pay-outs and to participate in the lucrative Champions League. They should and must be stripped of their titles. It should be a gimme. But this is evidently not the case in the compromised parallel universe of Scottish Football  governance.

The SPFL which represents 42 member clubs has gone to great lengths to defend a lie. The lie of continuation. It has gone to great lengths not to punish Rangers for their transgressions as the new club would ridicule their continuation theory.  The SFA will not act as Stewart Regan is terrified of reprisals by The Klan, and being exposed as the liar and cheat who ignored a crystallised overdue payable to allow Rangers to participate in UEFA tournaments.

Rangers cheated and should be taken to task. If the SFA & SPFL are not prepared to do so, they too should be taken to task.




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43 thoughts on “Subjugating The Indians”

  1. We either accept the edict of move on, nothing to see here or we sweep it aside. There is no middle position. History will record the winner. It has to be US.

  2. Come Join Scottish Football, the Switzerland of sport. Where CHEATING, and NON PAYMENT OF TAX or NATIONAL INSURANCE will be overlooked……………………………IF you are Oldco, Newco, Sevco. Move along here, it’s RANGERS, nothing to see here. Sorry lads, it’s a LRGAL thing, what a load of SH……………….WITZERLAND

    1. Never have I seen, from within Switzerland or from anywhere else such a simultaneously stupid and inarticulate comment.
      The fact that it comes from a position of crass ignorance does nothing to excuse its “payload”.
      Hopp Suisse!

  3. Club 2012 sorry 1872.issued a statement condemning the BBC and the daily rectum for what they…..

    JJ: I have asked you repeatedly to include your PayPal confirmation number with your comments. I won’t ask again. This is a forum for those who support our site.

  4. Dear Gerry Money-in-Hand QC

    Read the Double Jeopardy Act Scotland 2011 and explain how the SC illegal EBTS doesnt come into exception 3 of the Act. Although quite which jury of legal standing you have found that this affair came before to enable you to quote DJ is beyond a full Clapham Omnibus.

    Maybe Craig White can help here , the SFA/SPFL et al are shit scared of the ridiculous five way agreement, which is understood to be with Sevco Scotland if Sevco 5088 can get back in there a fawlty 5 way agreement would assist us all in a sporting integrity goal.

    Any Judicial Review of SFA/SPFL actions needs to start with the SECRET 5 WAY AGREEMENT.

    Glad to be of assistance Gerry.


    Camp xx

  5. jj.. sent a small payment the other day through PayPal, my first one, but more will follow, your work is of the highest standard, and will help people focus on what can a will be done to cleanse Scottish football of the stench of corruption..

  6. I agree with your cartoon. The SFA and the SPFL are Cowboys. But they have no Ammo in their guns. Harsh language anyone?

    I was told Dave King was going to erect a bronze statue to himself outside Ibrox. It was pointed out that in his tenure no top tier cups or titles have been won. He blamed Celtic’s Lawyers for that.

    He has therefore decided to erect a monument to the greatest trophy winning asset ever. Yes folks a statue to EBTs.

    EBTs, The Greatest Ranger ever.

    EBTs played in hundreds of games and won 14 trophies and titles.

    EBTs delivered Champions League entry and the cash cow reward.

    HMRC have stated they will sponsor the monument. An initial design of blast proof glass wall with 80 mugshot EBT Wanted posters therein has been declined. The Barry Ferguson poster was to have a black X upon his face.

    1. Celtic have asked HMRC if they can have the Rangers EBT glass monument for The Celtic Way.

      HMRC replied by stating Sorry! We don’t do sarcasm, just exemplary bankruptcies.

  7. If, as you point out, the governing bodies have the legal standing of a local golf club, what exactly IS their role? Drawing numbers out of a hat for cup matches? Organising stewards, police and turnstile operators for matches at Hampden?

    If they are unable to control the integrity of the game, what role do they provide? Rangers cheated their way in winning many trophies under the stewardship of SDM. It would appear that the governing bodies in Scotland are powerless to act in the face of blatant cheating which has undermined the fabric of the game there.

    The patronising nonsense emanating from Regan, Doncaster, McKenzie and Topping beggars belief. They have treated the fans with utter contempt and the officers of clubs such as Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs have behaved shamefully.

    The Scottish game is in the ditch, on and off the pitch. With leadership like this, it is likely to continue to be mired in mediocrity, collusion and corruption.

    1. The Scottish game is destroyed by Rangers.

      A new manager to Scottish football turned up last year and cantered away with the top treble. Nobody could give him a game. An invincible record and points gap record in Scottish history.

      Yet here we are a few weeks later and his team struggles at home in Euro qualifiers.

      It would appear that his team is ill prepared due to very poor domestic challengers thus holding Celtic back.

      Scottish football is dead. Rangers killed it and Regan and Doncaster are the game’s necrophiliacs.

      Milne and Budge are brain dead. If you want to speak to them organise a seance.

      1. Neither of these two is “brain dead”, but morally bankrupt.
        Milne clearly went to the same ‘business school’ as Sir Scumbag Murray…….borrow, borrow, but don’t repay. Absolutely scandalous.
        BTW, Milne is ‘only’ around £250 million pounds in debt; sorry his business is.
        Like Murray, this other piece of shit, Milne, will either make a fortune or walk away from huge debt and, ultimately screw the long-suffering British tax-payer.
        Just wish there was a way…………….

  8. Theresa May should have sent McKenzie and co to negotitate Brexit we would have been out of Europe in under 3 hours the time it took their same team to exit, hows that for Progres?

  9. A good point that should not be lost in the ether is did the SFA issued their QC advice before the SPFL ? even though theyare the appelant body ? did they share and pay for the same advice ?

  10. Just been through busy period and started trying to catch up with your prodigious output.
    I am not given to praising anyone for anything, but I have to say that (sorry brother Phil) that JJ is the best and history will present the flowers to him with a flourish for the inciseveness and lucidity of his work.
    The depressing thing is though that we doin’t see any sign of a crowdfund, or any stirrings from supporters groups.
    I reiterate that I will financially support any crowdfunding project and run errandboy to the CAS in Lausanne if that is requested in future.
    Contact can be made through a temporary email account opened only as a conduit for my actual account to be used for correspondence.

  11. Payday for me today.
    4 weekly donation for Java ‘n’ Baklava
    (+ a bit extra for your recent stellar efforts).
    Stay safe.

    JJ: Cheers buddy,

  12. The other probably ‘intended ‘ and shocking consequence of the SPFL surrender to truth and justice is of course that Rangers and particularly the vile section of the fan base are now emboldened
    L5 inspired 1872 et al are now screaming both for their own justice from the rooftops i.e. their innocence and victim hood and in the process perpetuating the ludicrous narrative and myth espoused from day 1 …e.g. that eejit DJ going all guns blazing with his verbal diarrhoea this morning in the ET

    I also stumbled across and read mass demands for Tom English to be fired from the BBC for daring to challenge the pro Rangers position (claiming to be a tax silk ) of QC Maugham?

    He is the guy that yesterday your pal RTC was busily eviscerating on twitter.

    So Aside from their incompetent and transparent corruption the SPFL and SFA have thus now even worsened the poisonous schism existing between the Rangers fans and the rest of us.
    If and when blood flows these charlatans who now include Anne Budge will also have blood on their hands … and if PL also in due course simply coalesces then he too is in the dock.
    There is no middle ground now as various commentators are positing
    Thanks to Murray the SFA and the SPFL our beloved sport has the most malignant cancerous tumour imaginable in our body
    We all know the consequences of this type of situation
    With the clear and concise SC position They had the perfect pretext to operate to remove it and clean up but have failed spectacularly
    Scottish football is truly now fighting for its life as a credible sport despite the veneer of mega fan turnouts at recent games.
    I too for sure will contribute to help any group properly and professionally pursuing justice here however long it takes as the situation the ordinary fan has been left with is intolerable .
    I attended my first game in September 1962 I won’t attend another until this is fixed and fixed properly.

  13. JJ – donation made for all your sterling efforts – your site is my first point of call each working day and I have enjoyed the “Journey” with you – HOWEVER – i’m afraid it has to be a paywall for your continued existence. If lurkers haven’t stepped up by now they never will.
    They should be thoroughly ashamed.

    SFA / SPFL must think we are completely stupid – Over and Out.


  14. The SPFL stance looks like the wagon circling scene in Blazing Saddles.

    A judicial review would help our Gross National Happiness.

  15. Lawyers don’t need to burn the midnight oil regarding documents and statements from the SFA and spfl.

    Just go to Judicial Review and tell the court that the Governing bodies accept Sevco as original Rangers post a liquidation event. We need that reviewed.

    Let them defend their position then we respond and give evidences why it’s a new club.

    We then ask the court to JR the illegal EBTs and Sporting Advantage to strip titles from Oldco’s ceased history. Whatever junk the SFA and spfl state to defend their position, we lay out the truth.

    No need to say we’re taking LNS to court or the five way agreement, etc…. if the spfl pulls them out we laugh and tell the judge it’s illegal agreements and junk. It’s Scots law that counts.

    We are taking the SPFL POSITION to court that it’s the same Rangers and the tax cheating titles are sound. Nothing more. That’s the Judicial Review.

    The more complex you make it, the easier to get off on a technicality.

  16. Is Celtic throwing the CL this year and the cash pot to the SFA and other clubs?

    Great idea. Win the SPFL every year and crash out of CL, taking £50m from the Scottish game annually indefinitely.

    1. You need to get out of that corrupt, parochial backwater tout suite! The response to the industrial scale cheating and corruption should’ve been so so different. A united front of 41 clubs challenging ingrained bias and deference towards the establishment club was what was required. Instead we have 40 pathetic, cowardly clubs pretending that they haven’t been robbed by the big bully again!

      Celtic’s position still isn’t clear but the other clubs pathetic inaction leaves any action taken by Celtic tarnished. The predictable MSM spin will be that action was taken out of spite, jealousy or sectarian motivations.

      Raise an appeal to the court for arbitration in sport and submit an application to play in England, Holland, Scandinavia basically anywhere but Scotland. Celtic are a club with a global reputation and would be an asset to any league in the world. Scotland doesn’t deserve a club like that. Leave it with the carcinogenic facsimile club and the pathetic wretches who are satisfied with the crumbs off of the table. With the paucity of ambition they have the league is already dead in the water!

  17. You cannot base a case on assumptions and the QC stated that LNS enquiry proceeded on the assumption EBTs are legal. There is no need to investigate EBTs then if you have all agreed no evidence to be investigated they are not legal.
    You cannot test for sporting advantage unless you are testing a case of illegal use of substance or finance or anything that will give the advantage and not permitted in your sport.
    With EBTs assumed lawful then there is no advantage. Night follows day.
    This then renders the investigation meaningless and a waste of time.
    If the EBTs are lawful then the crime is merely failing to report documents to the proper association to uphold the integrity of the rules and regulations that all documents are made known and all payments cleared. Slap on wrist if you are scooping millions in savings and tax avoidance.
    The SC was not looking at a case of EBTs legal status they were looking at them from the law of how they are used and that led them to conclude they are not lawful if the use of them and in rangers case to hide them is an intention to not pay tax on the benefits.
    They stated on evidence they formed part of the wages of the players and were taxable income, this then turns the argument on its head in that by using this scheme and withholding the information the rules of the association has been breached and players are, although signed and registered as legal at the time, because there is nothing available to suggest otherwise, are now ineligible due to the withholding of the information which should have been presented. In fact the fine imposed was imposed on the assumption of legality and merely error to correctly register, this is no longer true and if the case was based on assumption then it was indeed as Charlie Green claimed a kangaroo court, now known, in order to appear as a punishment. If this was a legal proceeding LNS would have held Charlie in contempt for his comments, however as it was not a legal proceeding it is merely water off a ducks back if you are been paid a few grand for putting a title to a few comments for effect.
    In double jeopardy this case does not meet the criteria as described in the advice of the QC as the facts are now clear that LNS was not dealing with anything similar an appeal would bring up, the SC were dealing with the law and LNS assumptions.
    Rangers were fined for not reporting EBTs, nothing else, the serious shit had not yet hit the fan and that is the withholding of payments made through an unlawful use of EBTs in order to evade tax payments and this allowed non-obtainable players out of their reach. Players of a higher calibre in salary and status and this leads to the sporting advantage, why else would you sign them,
    you could dump the mini and lead the race against the rest in the Ferrari, cheating the sport through financial doping.
    They hid dual contracts to wilfully avoid paying taxes, caught and no excuses.

  18. Off topic but when does the cold shoulder actually take effect? The Takeover Panel appealed (probably the wrong term) some time ago. What happens now?

    1. Try to read this site more often and you will be up to speed. The Dept of Mergers & Acquisitions will be taking King to court ( Court of Session) in the very near future.

      1. Oh, I read often enough. Never heard of the Dept of M&A. Is there one? Either way, it is almost four months since the Takeover Panel announced it had applied to the CoS to make an order. That process is essentially a rubber stamping exercise. The CoS won’t retry the case. The CoS has no power to do anything in the event of Mr King ignoring its (the CoS) order. It is simply adding a legal gloss to the Panel’s ruling. So, it seems that the cold shoulder a) should already have started ( perhaps informally) or, b) the cold shoulder starts the day the CoS issues its order or, c) the cold shoulder starts the day after Mr King fails to comply with the order or d) Mr King gives everyone the finger and nothing happens. Which do you think it is?

        If the cold shoulder is going to happen and has the cataclysmic effect everyone suggests then why are Messrs Park, Taylor and Letham not getting out of Dodge before they (and their businesses) are brought down by association with Mr King? Ditto suppliers from sponsors & kit providers to caterers etc.


        Note on Section 955 of the Companies Act from the site.

        “This section provides a mechanism by which the Panel may, if necessary, apply to the court in order to enforce Panel rule-based requirements as well as requests for documents and information under section 947. The Panel may apply to the court either where there is reasonable likelihood that a person will contravene a requirement imposed by or under the rules or where a person has failed to comply with such a requirement or with a requirement imposed under section 947.
        .It is expected that in accordance with usual practice, the court will not, in exercising its jurisdiction under this section, rehear substantively the matter or examine the issues giving rise to the ruling or, as the case may be, the request for documents or information except on “judicial review principles”, where there has been an error of law or procedure.

        1213.The court is given a broad discretion as to the order it may make to secure compliance with the requirement; but aside from the power granted to the Panel by this section, there is no right to seek an injunction (or interdict) to prevent a person contravening, or continuing to contravene, a rule-based requirement or disclosure requirement.”

  19. Monthly Donation just made JJ. It’s actually really easy to do (on iPhone PayPal app)…even the family and friends tick option is simple. You can even use Siri now (apparently!)

    JJ: Marvellous. Thanks for sharing and caring buddy.

  20. I have followed this saga across RTC,TSFM and your good self since 2011. I even went so far as to write to Alex Thomson in 7/2012 urging him to try to persuade some of his more influential sports colleagues to take up the cudgels on our behalf, to no avail. Six long years later, having listened to the triumphalism, with not a suggestion of hubris or blame, which emanates from Ibrox on a daily basis, not a word of criticism from our SMSM, so where are we now?
    We have the SC decision, we have incontrovertible evidence of corruption over 15-20 years from both the SFA and the SPFL and we have enough to force 15-20 “journalists” to pack their bags. And I still say “where are we now?
    Why? Despite at least 6 years to plan for such a situation, we seem no further forward in arranging the crowd-funding and organising suitable representation for a Judicial Review.
    We all seek the same outcome, but cannot put our egos to one side for the common good. No wonder Ibrox lickspittles call us insignificant. They are right – we cannot organise a piss-up in a brewery.
    Millions of words, thousands of articles, all to no avail. No Turnbull Hutton to act as a figurehead, therefore the game’s a bogey.
    Set up a crowd-funding platform that all parties can agree on, hire an English QC to represent us and prove that the pen is mightier than the sword. Seven years of effort cannot go to waste now. when we have victory in our grasp.

    1. But here’s the kicker. If Sevco Scotland had been given Rangers share in SPL, 20 titles including 5 league titles, would have been revoked. Green did not sign the 5WA.

      1. So the SPL were stripping the titles in 2012 but are making excuses they cannot do it in 2017 when the EBT illegality is proven beyond any further appeal?

        The SPFL has no legs to stand on.

      2. It’s only a 4 Way Agreement then.

        SPL, SFA, SFL and “Oldco Rangers 1873 Managed by Court appointed Duff and Phelps”

        “Newco The Rangers FC 2012 founded by Charles Green” didn’t sign.

        Therefore there are no legal agreements with Sevco to allow titles or anything else.

  21. What mechanism exists in Scotland to ensure title stripping takes place? Does a judicial review have to be followed? Given the intransigence of the authorities is based on fallacious legal opinion surely they require a higher and contrary legal opinion. Why do I think that even that would just be ignored. Scotland will never allow the cheating of Oldco to be acknowledged.

    1. It would be imprudent for any public body to ignore a legal edict, however my approach would be different. I would petition that David Murray and his fellow directors engaged in fraud. A criminal offence which for reasons that we are all too aware of, the masons in Police Scotland will not prosecute. They tried to frame Whyte but failed.

  22. 7Y060003F9451xxxx
    superb as usual jj
    Just a thought on ‘the cold shoulder’, Mike Ashley disappeared sharply enough lads and you just know he’s had a whisper in the ear.

  23. John I’m sorry

    I hope one day you have a platform be it tv or radio and get this out into the mainstream

    Have you thought about a podcast or YouTube channel ?

  24. Purportedly.


    reputed or claimed; alleged: We saw no evidence of his purported wealth.
    Origin: First recorded in 1890–95; purport + -ed2

    —Related forms
    pur·port·ed·ly, adverb
    un·pur·port·ed, adjective

    The SPFL’s official legal position is that Charles Green’s Sevco “Purportedly” purchased Rangers FC titles and honours and sporting history from the old Rangers FC in Administration/ Liquidation with Duff and Phelps.

    It’s merely an alleged claim by TRFC (formerly Sevco Scotland) that they have titles. Not proven in court.

    The key thing is that the SPFL are therefore saying it’s a new club. That it had to buy the titles.

    STVs Grant Russell read the detail and was mortified. He pointedly asked Doncaster this issue regarding the SPFL statement. Doncaster calmly stated “It’s always been this way”, Grant deflated like a Parkhead sex doll in an iron maiden.

    It’s legally a new club and it purports to have purchased another club’s history. The SPFL have stated this, on QC advice, and Grant knows they have.

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