5 Ways to Kill Sporting Integrity

In the past I would just ignore the haters. However should you come on this site to spew vile bile, then you will be outed. Today’s unreconstructed knuckle dragger is Terry Hastie (terryhastie7@gmail.com). Should one be a work colleague, or perish the thought, a friend of Mr. Hastie be on your guard as his mind is so closed to the truth that he has to revert to playing the man. I suggest that readers write to Mr.Hastie offering a RIP to his skewed revisionism. Or is RIP now banned in his local lodge of The Orange Ordure? Or maybe we might send him some white gloves to denote that no blood was spilled in the battle for ‘Protestant supremacy’ in 1690. Of course the fact that the Pope backed the obese homosexual William of Orange has been airbrushed from their history.

There has been no end of discussion in the past five years of the six drafts of the five way agreement. One clause that survived 5 iterations of drafting was that Charles Green’s Sevco Scotland would have to honour the football debts incurred by Rangers FC plc should his basket of assets wish to participate in Scottish professional football. These were itemised thus:

1. RFC European Football Creditors:  Chelsea FC, Arsenal Football Club, AS St Etienne, FK Senica, Manchester City Football Club, SK Rapid, US Citta di Palermo SPA and any other football club in membership of a national association other than the SFA, which are owed or which may become owed any sum or sums by RFC.

2. RFC Scottish Football Creditors: the SFA, the SPL, the SFL, Dundee United Football Company Limited, Heart of Midlothian FC PLC, Aberdeen Football Club PLC and any other football club in membership of the SFA, which are owed or which may become owed any sum or sums by RFC.

What seems to have been conveniently obscured from view in the ensuing five years is the following clauses from Draft Two:

(G) Sevco will apply for and be admitted into membership of the SFL and during season 2012/2013 shall play in the first division of the Scottish Football League.

(H) Dundee FC will resign from membership of the SFL, will have transferred to it by RFC the one share in the SPL held by RFC and during season 2012/2013 shall play in the Scottish Premier League.

(I) Rangers FC is to be the subject of the SFA EBT Sanctions, the SPL EBT Sanctions and the SFL EBT Sanctions arising out of EBT Payments and Arrangements.

EBT Payments and Arrangements means payments made by RFC into an Employment Benefit Trust for the benefit of players employed by RFC and playing for Rangers in the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Cup and the League Cup during the period from 2000-2011 inclusive and the arrangements relating to such payments between RFC and those players which were not included in the written contracts of employment of those players and which were not notified prior to such payments being made and at the time when such arrangements were entered into either the SFA or to the SPL.

SPL EBT Sanctions means the withdrawal from Rangers FC, RFC and Sevco of the award and status of winner of The Scottish Premier League for each and all of seasons 2002/2003, 2004/2005, 2008/2009, 2009/2010 and 2010/2011.

SFL EBT Sanctions means the withdrawal from Rangers FC, RFC and Sevco the award and status of winner of the League Cup for each and all of the seasons 2001/2002, 2002/2003, 2004/2005, 2007/2008,  2009/2010 and 2010/2011.

SFA EBT Sanctions means the withdrawal from Rangers FC, RFC and Sevco the award and status of winner of the Scottish Cup for each and all of seasons 2001/2002, 2002/2003, 2007/2008 and 2008/2009.




As readers of this site are aware there was an antecedent to the unlawful EBT’s, the DOS/VSS, which subverted the 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 title wins by Rangers, two Scottish Cup wins in these seasons and a League Cup win in 1998/1999.

Rangers should be stripped of 20 titles. Fifteen of these were the subject of written sanctions by the SFA, then SFL and SPL. These facts are incontrovertible.

As to the rationale behind the decision behind not stripping the equally unlawfully gained titles in 1998/1999 and 1999/2000, the Incorrigible Campbell Ogilvie is the smoking gun.

Mr. Ogilvie introduced the DOS/VSS for De Boer, Flo and Moore. When the 5 Way Agreement drafts were created Ogilvie was the President of the SFA. The poacher had turned gamekeeper.

When the LNS Commission was set up, Mr. Ogilvie was the only individual to give evidence in person. He led no evidence in regard to his involvement in the unlawful DOS/VSS artifice. Harper Macleod also conveniently went along with this fix. Had the latter led evidence would Stewart Regan, from the appellate authority of the SFA, have swept his President’s complicity under Bill Nimmo Smith’s shag pile? You could bet your mortgage on it.

What is also instructive is that Sevco Scotland Ltd was the club that was  eventually authorised to participate in the third tier of the SFL. Doncaster who later lied that Sevco are Rangers Continued signed all drafts. He knows that he’s lying.

Regan and Doncaster should both be summarily removed from Scottish professional football.

The last word in this article goes to Gerry Money-in-hand, the conveyancing consigliere of the SPFL. If one wanted to build an extension to one’s public house, Money-in-hand would be a good if expensive first port of call. However he is clearly out of his depth in the grubby corrupt world of Scottish football governance. Did Charles Green buy the titles/history less 15, or less 20, or as we all know he was not entitled to buy any of the former club’s history.

However the SFA/SFL/SPL were all willing to confer all the titles, minus 15, to Green had they managed to shoehorn Sevco into the SPL or SFL first tier.

Turnbull Hutton railed against this and stated unequivocally that the SFA/SFL/SPL were corrupt. Ogilvie and Longmuir may have left Scottish football but their legacy is compromised and just as corrupt.



23 thoughts on “5 Ways to Kill Sporting Integrity”

  1. Brilliant JJ.
    My recurring remains in place as it has done for many a month.

    I rarely comment, and why should I when I can ingest the brilliantly articulated truth right here on this great site.

    I implore you to maintain the great work until we see all of these parasites removed from office and their shameful legacy exposed and exhibited for all to see in the future as a reminder of the filthy and greedy duplicitous mendacity that they created and perpetuated. Hell roast the lot of them.
    More power to you sir

    JJ: Thank you.

  2. I really don’t know how you keep managing to glean all this info but for all your efforts I truly stand and applaud you. Any sign of the crowd funding people being organised ? I’m truly skint and due money thro’ next week but another wee hole is going to appear in my finances to make sure these corrupt arse wipes are put in their proper place , its the folk on the buroo that have to stand in a line with them that i’ll feel sorry for.

  3. Thank you for bringing up the domestic cups dilemma JJ.As stated before,you will remember,league titles can be stripped and awarded to the real winners.However,cup wins can’t be awarded to beaten finalists as they have obviously reached the final managing to avoid the financially doped team.Unfair advantage.So cup results simply stricken from the record books,what do others think?

    1. Hi JJ,I hope you are well,
      I had a feeling that todays piece was going to be explosive.The fact that you hadn’t posted anything since Friday signalled this to me and you did not let me down my friend.
      In reply to Rob O’Keefe,my feeling on the twenty cups/league titles Oldco were awarded by way of their cheating is that they should be stripped from them but that an asterisk be placed next to the year and trophy in question denoting that initially these were awarded to Rangers FC but which were later recovered by the Scottish Football Authorities from them due to the illegal way in which they were achieved.
      I am not minded to have them awarded to the runners up in each competition affected as it’s been pointed out that it would be unfair to award them to the losing cup finalists,simply because they had avoided the cheats until they met in the final.
      As for the league titles,I consider them to be truly tainted as opposed to the league titles won by Celtic FC in the seasons in which newco did not compete for them as they were otherwise engaged in scratching their way to the top division but it could be argued that awarding them to the runners up is a moot point.
      I consider it to be right and just that it should be recorded that it was PROVEN that Rangers FC were found to have cheated in these years so that future generations will be aware of Oldco’s history,and by association this will be transferred to newco,the raison d’etre being that their supporters are so adamant that they are the same team !!!
      Just think,their murky,sordid past stuck to them forever more.I would wager it would be hilarious to hear them try to explain that one away.As the saying goes,Karma is a bitch.
      As ever stay safe , Irishboy.

      1. JJ,”What is also instructive is that Sevco Scotland Ltd was the club that was eventually authorised to participate in the third tier of the SFL.”
        I’m not being pedantic here; it’s just essential that the Truth comes out in every way.
        Sevco Scotland Limited was not a “club”; no football history whatsoever. It was an off-the-shelf company incorporated in 2012 as part of a huge scam which is still being played out 5 years later.
        However, with your regular exposing pieces, which I’ll forever applaud and thank you for, and some steel amongst Scottish football supporters, the Truth WILL out and all the horrible, lying scum associated with “rangers” will be fucked…totally fucked.
        And hell mend them. For this I truly cannot wait.

        Rob, Irishboy, and all, the only way to approach the cheating is to APPLY THE RULES.
        Stop the use of “title-stripping”, it’s too emotive and infers punishment. IT’S NOT.
        Every game played with ineligible players results in a 0-3 loss. It really is that simple.
        I agree the cups are more difficult; the application of the rules means they must be removed from the dead club/company’s history. We have ‘administrators’ being paid huge amounts for doing SFA; let them come up with THAT answer. An asterisk against those cups stating they were not won and why may well be as good as you’ll get here.
        Long way to go though and it seems to me that it’s imperative that all like-minded fans come together, pledge some readies and crowd-fund whatever legal action is best.

  4. It’s my understanding that the terms of the 5 way agreement were voided when the new club were placed into the 3rd division. Charles Green had been reluctantly prepared to accept the terms as long as Sevco were placed into, at worst, the SFL 1st division (although he fought vigorously to minimise any sanctions, hence the 6 different draft variations). But when it became clear that wouldn’t happen, because supporters refused to accept the new club into anything other than the lowest tier of Scottish football to start again, Green effectively ripped up the 5 way agreement, refusing to sign it. So it was never officially ratified, as in a fit of pique, the new club refused to be bound by its sanctions. How unlike them.

  5. Paypal – 0UC537317E191xxxx

    Hi JJ,

    Small donation made today (unwaged)
    Can’t get enough of the site. Hopefully over the coming weeks and months i will be in a position to increase this.

    Keep up the good work.


  6. Well done JJ
    I had no idea that the trophy removal had been rendered so specific in drafts of this agreement and that Doncaster had signed these drafts
    I had always assumed the final 5 way had been signed albeit I believe it as an illegal agreement that wouldn’t withstand scrutiny in a court of law
    So it hasn’t even been been signed ? It is therefore worthless.
    Thus means that the only remaining arguments for them to attempt to hide behind are LNS ( which we know is a joke)
    and their own rules?..but given they had already been prepared to strip the trophies then there is clearly no case they can defend even on their own rules
    You have them game ,set and match!

    1. It remains mens rea, that their minds were set at that point that titles should be stripped. They had formed a knowledge of Rangers tax scam and player wrong registrations and had formed an intent to strip. It was a slam dunk.

      So the five way is useful evidence in this respect and many other respects as evidence.

      The presumption they needed Green’s consent to strip titles is preposterous. They weren’t his titles and no club gives permission. They bottled it due to Salary McCostly going public and energising the klan to civil unrest. They’re trying that move again. They need to wise up that won’t work. It’s now legal questions for courts of law and judges won’t be influenced by street bad behaviours.

      1. PB you are right .
        I believe 5 way is worthless as a defence but is, to the contrary as you point , completely toxic for them and very valuable to those who would seek to drive a double decker through their pathetic attempts to avoid stripping these trophies .

        Another point that struck me dumb is ..and I may be very slow on the uptake here …if CG never signed the 5 way Does that mean that There is no actual basis at all for Rangers being in the Scottish football set up ….given they had no history ,auditable finances et etcetc how were and are they allowed to play ANY Games? are they here with no enforceable terms associated with their presence ? that is mind blowing . No wonder that final 5 way is under lock and key
        Is that really the case ?

        It is clear as a bell to me now that the authorities can and will do nothing about all matters Rangers , same club ,54 titles crap ,stripping titles ,sectarian singing, illicit UEFA licences on and on as they are all clearly terrified of Offending them given
        ….. King and his staff can blackmail them all day long as he has the Fakes material which will show their complicity and corruption ….AND
        …..Rangers key staff probably can demonstrate that Bryson and co were up to their eyes in illegal registrations for nearly 20 years …AND …. of course they would be almost certain to be subjected to Personal attacks by the Wound up extreme element of their fan base
        What a nightmare!

        Would love to know how Anne Budge ( or going forward potentially Peter Lawell ? )can even begin to justify In her mind (or his) support for this amateur hour corruption farce and also allowing this diabolical situation and cancer at the heart of our game to persist

      2. The titles belong to BDO. If D&P or BDO agreed to strip old Rangers in Liquidation of the titles then that is all that was or is needed.

        An agreement between SFA, SPFL and BDO (or D&P back in 2012).

      3. Veritas,
        The Daily assertion at Ibrox that they are Rangers with the history is a fraud.

        Every game they have run out in for five years in a Rangers strip is a corrupt lie. It breaks UEFA and FIFA football rules it breaks corporation law and claiming old RFC titles breaks criminal law.

        They required three years of football operational life and accounts (good accounts) to be allowed into the SFL Div3. They didn’t have that.

        They shouldn’t exist.

        What they are is the unclean spirit of Rangers dead. A ghostly memory haunting Scottish football and Scottish society. Some, like Budge and Milne are scared of ghosts. I don’t believe in ghosts.

  7. Did Celtic say nothing about the five way agreement in case they did not get their £40,000 back and what date did they receive their payment. looks like hearts Aberdeen also ,where awaiting payments

  8. You have given us stunning pieces with regard to this Scottish sports scandal. You have also led the way with facts, analysis and insights which have gone UNREPORTED by the Scottish press.

    This murky story of corruption, cheating and collusion could have been a once in a lifetime scoop for an enterprising journalist in search of the truth.

    But, alas, no. The award winning dullard Graham Spiers declared, a few weeks ago, that he found the title stripping debate ‘simply boring’. Boring ? Peeling away at the onion ring of lies, as you have done, isn’t boring, it’s meant to be part of his job. And if he and his fellow cowardly journalists had done their job, the would have provided a massive service to the paying fans. SDM would have been exposed as a cheat, as well as King, Paul Murray and Alastair Johnston. And properly crafted investigative journalism would have highlighted the corruption within the Scottish governing bodies. The leaders of these governing bodies would have been forced to resign.

    But, it would appear, these matters are handled differently in Scotland.

    The press, club chairmen/women and the governing bodies have made it abundantly clear that they want to ‘move on’ from this scandal. And in doing so, they have taken the fans for fools.

    Scottish football is in the ditch at club and international level. It is, on the whole, short on quality, short on sponsorship, and short on leadership. Pitiful.

  9. “Regan and Doncaster should both be summarily removed from Scottish Association Football”

    I believe they should be arrested and charged with fraud and corruption. In the USA add racketeering. They have been running a racket.

    Longmuir was always the less guarded with his pro RFC and pro Sevco positioning. He appeared to love pronouncing positive decisions for Sevco and fancied himself as a hero and legend of the Gullible.

    It looks like the five way Agreement buries the SFA and SPFL same Rangers artifice. Get it into court.

    Moynihan WC’s whole straw man is founded upon the assumption that there’s three entities; RFC (Oldco), TRFC (Newco) and Rangers FC (the club, which is an idea in the public’s mind and has no legal substance, but can be operated and owned and is immortal).

    Destroy this absurd trinity assumption and you destroy most of his other nonsense built upon this.

    There are clearly two versions of Rangers; the original Rangers FC 1873, now in Liquidation since 2012 and Charles Green’s new club The Rangers FC Ltd (formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd, founded 2012). And that’s the legal factual situation. There is no fanciful ethereal entity.

    Moynihan is postulating that the incorporated oil company BP isn’t a company but an idea in the public’s mind owned and operated by a company. Ditto Mercedes, BMW, Shell, Microsoft and Apple. This is his argument for Rangers continuation. He has traded his legal integrity for short term cash gain. It’s bullshit.

    Finally the five parties or any parties to any agreements were presumptuous of powers they did not have. They did not represent the most important Stakeholders, club fans and club shareholders in the game. They were cutting unlawful deals crossing rules, regulations and laws without power to do so.

    Rangers died and awaits cremation. Sevco splutters and coughs on titleless.

  10. The fact remains that national football association governing bodies are supposed to stop new clubs or Phoenix clubs from using the names, badges, colours and brands of defunct clubs or clubs in Liquidation.

    This is to uphold integrity in the game and prevent abandonment of debts. Thus delivering Financial Fair Play / Financial Integrity.

    If you go bust and no cva then your club is dead. It’s a company and you blew it. No other club can pretend to be the shameful dead club.

    In Scotland The SFA and SPFL would never do that against Rangers as they are corrupt institutions and part of the Rangers mafia.

    The SFA and SPFL need to be Judicially Reviewed as to why they allowed Green’s new club to call itself Rangers, to wear the badges, to wear the same colours, and sell itself as original Rangers. It’s a massive fraud on the general public. They had a duty to insist on a new name, badges and colours.

    UEFA and CAS should sanction the SFA for this. And order changes to Sevco identity.

  11. There seems to be a general assumption on the part of the “let’s move on” brigade that the SFA and the then-SPL, aided and abetted by the SMSM, covered up the shenanigans to protect the Rangers brand and, therefore, Scottish football as a whole. This benign interpretation of events no longer withstands scrutiny.

    It is now clear that Doncaster and Regan, perhaps even Rod McKenzie, were complicit in the actual planning of a fraud on the creditors, perhaps criminally so. In addition to what we now know about the secret meetings, nothing else adequately explains the absurd lengths to which they are going to shut down inquiries into what is a simple case of cheating having been exposed.

    McKenzie’s attempted exculpation of Rangers for not notifying the authorities about the side letters because they didn’t think they had to is ridiculous beyond words. Would Spartans have escaped expulsion from the Scottish Cup had the secretary told the SFA they didn’t think a second signature was necessary?

    The whole thing is a house of cards. One judicial puff of wind is all it will take to bring the structure crashing down. But who will step up to deliver it?

    1. C C
      Very well articulated..
      we don’t need Rangers as they are …they are a horrible cancer.
      A good , decent , compliant and contrite Rangers ? I buy and support that 100%
      it beggars belief that not even one journalist in this country will take this subject on.
      This scandal could fill pages for months if they could pluck up the courage to address it
      I guess they like the authorities are too scared of the personal attacks and threats
      If that is really what is holding back this scandal from being fixed …time for our First Minister to step into this shambles

  12. Having only recently stumbled upon this astonishing blog I find myself now making several visits per day. It is mind-blowing, eye-opening, gob-smacking, and terribly addictive.

    More power to your pen JJ

  13. JJ
    I think we should summarise now where the integrity of Scottish football now stands

    Having concluded successfully on the recent minor EBT issue the SPFL board with the support of the SFA wish to announce that their bosses at Ibrox have now insisted that 10 new rule updates are put in place

    1 Rangers will always have home ties on Scottish cup matches
    2 Rangers will always have home ties in League Cup ties
    3 Rangers will always be granted a UEFA License
    4 All Rangers directors will be approved FFP no matter what including allowing an unapproved director being allowed to act as shadow chairman
    5 From now on no Rangers player will ever be sent off
    6 No matter what position Rangers end up in premier league Rangers will be deemed to have qualified for Europe

    7In the event Rangers are not winning at the conclusion of play in s partivilar match at least 10mins will be added to play
    8 Rangers will not require to comply with normal player registration processed required for the other clubs
    9 In the event the operators of Rangers are liquidated the Club will remain in the Premier league

    10 Rangers fans will sing and chant anything they like with impunity and let off flares etc and there will be no punishment

    This all will be the subject of a mandatory 42 way agreement

  14. Each time you delay posting I wonder if you have been assassinated. Your depth of information is truly breathtaking. This is not a blog where someone spouts his opinion. This is a blog where evidence is produced and explained. I assume that it is read by the very people that you rightly castigate. My belief is that there has to be a goal and then a strategy developed to reach that goal. The goal should be to return Scottish football to integrity. That means acknowledging the cheating that occurred during the EBT and DOS years and making restitution. There is an obvious reluctance by Regan and Doncaster to follow the rules of their own organisations. Thus we are at an impasse. Progress towards the goal requires some intervention but what intervention is best for progress to occur?

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