A New Season of Lies, Treachery & Deceit

When I started this blog I had an affection for the club that formerly played at Ibrox. I no longer have any affection whatsoever for the former club. When David Somers chaired what I refer to as Rangers Lite there was a glimmer of hope that the new club would live within its means and find its natural level in Scottish football. There was a somewhat naive hope that Scottish football governance would uphold the integrity of the game north of the border.

As we fast approach the start of a new season the pariah club led by a career criminal is still with us. This abomination is aided and abetted by individuals in Scottish football governance whom fervently believe that a strong Rangers, in any guise, is good for Scottish football. What about a strong Aberdeen? Or a strong Hearts or Hibs for that matter? Perhaps the most significant question is how far will they go to assist the club in Govan. The following list is from Veritas:

1. Rangers will always have home ties in Scottish cup matches.
2. Rangers will always have home ties in League Cup ties.
3. Rangers will always be granted a UEFA License.
4. All Rangers directors will be approved F&P no matter what, including allowing an unapproved director being allowed to act as shadow chairman.
5. From now on no Rangers player will ever be sent off.
6. No matter what position Rangers end up in the Scottish Premiership they will be deemed to have qualified for Europe.  

                                                                                                                                                         7. In the event Rangers are not winning at the conclusion of play in any particular match at least 10mins will be added to play.
8. Rangers will not require to comply with normal player registration processed required for the other clubs.
9. In the event the operators of Rangers are liquidated the Club will remain in the Scottish Premiership.                                                                                                                  10. Rangers fans will sing and chant anything they like with impunity and let off flares etc and there will be no punishment.

Facetious? Far-fetched? On 7th April 2005, a matter of weeks prior to Rangers winning the title by a point at Easter road with every player and the manager in receipt of an unlawful EBT,  Ian McMillan, The Group Tax Manager of  MIH Ltd, lied to HMRC. Flo had a side contract.

Campbell Ogilvie, Andrew Dickson and Douglas Odam of Rangers lied to the SFA about the true level of remuneration at Ibrox. These individuals were engaged in tax fraud. Let’s add number 11 to our list:

11. Any directors of a club that plays out of Ibrox can abnegate on their legal fiduciary duty to collect PAYE tax and National Insurance contributions from its employees. They can also avoid Employer NI tax.

Why not? Even when an overdue payable has crystallised, Stewart Regan will step up to lie that this is not the case and that negotiations are ongoing. Stewart Regan, in his desire to have a strong Rangers, is prepared to lie.

Then there’s Neil Doncaster. At a meeting between Mr. Doncaster and a deputation from Celtic Quick News, the former was challenged on the Continuation Myth. Mr. Doncaster was well prepared. He opened a flip chart and presented his case. However CQN were even better prepared. They presented the curious case of the Stefan Winiarski testimonial that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 25th July 2012.



The Fife Juniors side were scheduled to play The Rangers. This would have been a historic moment as it would represent the first match played by Charles Green’s confection of assets. The following is from CQN:

The old Rangers Football Club had been placed into liquidation and a basket of assets was sold to Green’s off the shelf limited company, which was called Sevco Scotland. The problem for Kelty Hearts was that their opponents for the testimonial match were just that, an off the shelf limited company that had no status to play football whatsoever. Also at this time a friendly in Normandy against Le Harve was cancelled. Whatever Charles Green had bought from Duff and Phelps, the controversial Administrators of Rangers FC, did not include any right to play football. This was simply not a football club but a new start business hoping to become one. There was no continuity from the club placed into liquidation and the start up business trying to use every influential channel open to it to become a football club registered to play teams like French side Le Harve, the Fife juniors Kelty Hearts and Brechin City in the Ramsdens Cup the next weekend. The latter fixture would represent the start of a new season and time was running out for Green. He had a matter of days to reach an agreement with the Scottish FA to allow Sevco Scotland to become a new football club and to compete in the professional game in Scotland in season 2012/13.

But for the Fifers, their game was off, they simply couldn’t play a club that didn’t exist.”

A senior Police Officer in Fife, who had active responsibility for policing the Winiarski testimonial match spoke to CQN about what had  happened and why the game was eventually cancelled, despite being a complete sell-out.

We ask him some questions relating to this cancelled testimonial.

What was your involvement in this match?

“I was handling this proposed testimonial match for Fife Police from a football intelligence point of view. Charles Green had a Testimonial fixture lined up against Kelty Hearts, but this had to be cancelled due to there being no membership attached to any club playing out of Ibrox.

Did you speak to their officials?

“I spoke to Head of Security, David Martin who confirmed there was “no club” and that is why the fixture was cancelled.”

Why did they agree to play Kelly Hearts if they weren’t yet a new football club?

“They hoped that a new club would emerge through agreement with the football authorities in Scotland but for Kelty Hearts, frustratingly, their game had to be cancelled as at the time there was no such thing as a Rangers football club, able to fulfil the fixture.”

Do you think that the facts have been distorted after the event?

“Yes, I do. This never seems to get mentioned now, but the facts are out there and the journalists seem content on reporting otherwise.

“The facts are that the new Rangers were unlicensed to play Kelty Hearts. Stefan Winiarski’s Testimonial was therefore cancelled.

“The new Rangers, as even the BBC called them, were unable to fulfill the fixture as the SFA had not approved their membership.”

But the people running Ibrox were preparing to become a club?

“Ally McCoist’s side have only played games behind closed doors at their Murray Park training ground as they are not licensed to play official fixtures.

“They were due to play their first game of the season, against Brechin City in the Ramsdens Cup, the following Saturday.

“But they were still in negotiations with the SFA, Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League about the conditions for membership after they were denied a place in the top flight and placed in Division Three.”

So can you summarise the situation you faced in July 2012 while handling this subsequently cancelled match?

“The Stefan Winiarski testimonial match between Kelty Hearts and the New Rangers was cancelled due to the SFA not granting the new Rangers a licence to play any matches, friendlies or competitive.”

CQN had Doncaster’s lie bang to rights. Did this lead to a Damascene volte face by the SPFL Chief Executive? Did he call his IT guru and ask him to take down the lies of the titles won by Rangers Lite? Of course not. Doncaster knew he was lying all along. Which leads to number 12 on our list:

12. When caught out in a blatant lie by social media, keep repeating the lie as the social media demographic is largely irrelevant. If tipped off that the narrative is about to break in the SMSM, call round the editors and have it spiked.

Should one stop at 12? No let’s go for a baker’s dozen by reverting to the discredited LNS Commission:

While there is no question of dishonesty, individual or corporate, we nevertheless take the view that the nondisclosure must be regarded as deliberate, in the sense that a decision was taken that the side letters need not be or should not be disclosed.”

13. When Rangers are caught out in an unlawful tax dodge, set up a commission and lead no evidence on the actual offences.

Finally if this fails, I give you 14.

14. If Rangers guilt has been established beyond any reasonable doubt, hire a QC to pretend that one is powerless to act.

One can but hope that Celtic are so far ahead next season that the cheating won’t derail their domestic ambitions. But what about Aberdeen? Stewart ‘Wiggy’ Milne is so desperate to avoid any backlash from prospective buyers of his new build homes  that he is prepared to accommodate the cheating. Should Aberdeen be denied a cup win by a cheating Rangers Lite, will he be the first to congratulate them?








38 thoughts on “A New Season of Lies, Treachery & Deceit”

  1. As my bills fall due tomorrow, I would like to believe that those who have not yet donated to our award-winning site this month will do their upmost to assist. Thank you.

    1. 19V30628D4647xxxx Donation for August. JJ, your recent articles have been totally stunning and I look forward to the JR- this state of affairs is simply intolerable and if you are in the driving seat I have greater confidence that justice is, and can be seen, to be done. GERRY

      1. I’m not one for pulling my punches but these despicable individuals love nothing more than the oxygen of publicity, so on this occasion I won’t be giving them a platform. Lawwell will knock them into shape even if he has to close the safe standing area.

  2. Transaction ID:6JK741591J515xxxx
    Sent from my integrit-e account.

    There seems to be a lot of chatter about a JR of the SFA and Spfl but not much action, I am sure that if a fighting fund is established and it’s running total published daily on here, the bowels of the governing bodies will loosen slowly to the point of collapse and they will cave in, and no doubt attemp a last grubby compromise, it would be great to see them squirm just before the legal button is pressed.

    Keep going JJ. Brilliant stuff.

  3. Just back from hols and monthly donation just made JJ (via F&F). A truly fantastic effort these past few weeks.

    What are you hearing, if anything, about the JR? I am gradually going from confident this will happen to much less so, there seems to be a bit of a vacuum on this. Perhaps I am just impatient but the bullets are clearly there, largely thanks to yourself, RTC and others – but who is going to load and fire the gun??

    Cheers, TS.

    1. I am. First of all thanks for your contribution which was gratefully received. A private prosecution of David Murray, Paul Murray, Dave King and Alastair Johnston apropos tax fraud is what I have in mind. More in tomorrow’s blog.

  4. I’m preparing to act. I have approached a middle man to establish what CQN and RTC are doing, if anything, as I do not wish to duplicate their effort. I will, unless otherwise advised, contact Paul Kavanagh to ask what can be done. Donald Findlay would be my choice of QC. A Crowdfund would be established to cover the cost of the initial consultation and any activity which followed. More in tomorrow’s blog.

  5. Thanks, JJ interesting.

    Do you really think DF would have the stomach for it? He was undoubtedly impressive in the CW trial but to my untrained eye did not always go for the jugular, so to speak; and he was of course acting within the usual lawyer/client relationship, where I guess the sole aim is to get the client off – acting within a Crowdfunded JR would be somewhat different, would it not? Not to mention his well now affinity with the OldCo.

    In saying that I can probably believe that he does not give a flying f**k about what people (or Ra Peepul, more accurately) would think of him and whoever it is, a very thick skin will be required. I think we kid ourselves on if the potential reaction from The Klan would not put a lot of potential candidates off (as you know only too well).


  6. JJ, donation made via PayPal.
    Keep up the great work and hope this donation helps.

  7. JJ I am getting a mix up in my account at paypal
    I have had 2 payments returned to my acc.
    I will try and sort out
    another excellent report on the SFA=SPL cheating
    true but totally corrupt please keep at them and play safe
    I will send on extra donation just as soon as arrange paypal

    1. hope you have received my extra donation this month of august
      for I had to send it to your email address hope you receive same
      stay safe as always

  8. It is interesting, is it not
    that Fred the Shred is no longer a Knight of the Realm
    despite his errors being reckless, rather than criminal…

  9. Fred the Shred destroyed a banking institution which had a reputation for corporate governance. He also destroyed shareholder value. Had this taken place in the States, he would be doing time and a life sentence.

    By contrast, SDM destroyed a small business based in Govan. This small business racked up eye watering losses under his stewardship and only a fool would have invested in that club which was a good friend of fiscal vandalism. Good corporate governance was always a stranger to SDM.

    His only real affiliation to Rangers was a calling card which represented an umbilical cord and which was attached to his ego.

    Good luck with your initiative.

    You can count me in.

    1. Tax avoidance is reserved for company directors who shouldn’t get criminal convictions against them. [unlawful].

      Tax evasion is for everyone else [illegal].

      Both should be called evasion and treated the same. Calling clear evasion as avoidance to protect dodgy people is rather a let down by HMRC.

  10. Hi JJ
    Been doing some mental gymnastics on this…my initial and overwhelming thoughts were that Regan and Doncaster would be the best targets for JR – there’s more than enough evidence there to nail those two and their corruption which has defrauded all of Scottish Football.
    The issue overall is that this whole thing should be akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Sooo much evidence, sooo many targets.
    You’re suggestion has got me thinking though and I reckon I can now see your intended flowchart of logic and rationale.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog!

  11. JJ just for completeness
    My number 11 which I forgot to add last night
    It can be your number 15

    Rangers stadium will always be deemed safe and secure. Any disastrous events occurring within the confines of Ibrox stadium will be the responsibility of Glasgow City Council and the Health and Safety Executive and not TRFC or the SFA

    I am sure your contributors could add a few more . Support and JR initiative obviously

  12. Another excellent article JJ, usual donation made. I would definitely contribute to crowdfunding.
    Stay safe.

  13. If and i know it is, but hey the haters are always in force to piss on the fire, the letter to the tax is real, this is fraud as Flo recieved £1.3 million and a side letter which indicates a dual contract.
    This clinches the deal without ebven going any further as you have shown in the letter 2005, no LNS enquiry yet, and no evidence led regarding this when the enquiry takes place.
    Also below this is what rangers feared and this is why the letter shows the lie when rumbled.

    Rangers are calling on the SPL to drop their investigation into alleged dual contracts at the old club. The SPL wants an independent commission to rule on whether the club broke the rules by paying players with “side contracts” during previous seasons.
    The club fears that if the commission – due to reveal its findings on August 10 – rules against it, trophies won during the period in question could be taken away.

    There is doubt the rules were broke and the lies on your letter to the taxman is fraud and the LNS enquiry is collusion. There is no way out of this.There is also is no time bar on this and double jeopardy will not apply we are not taliking about the same events now we are dealing with deception and an attempt to decieve and subvert justice in both the HMRC and the SFA/SPL.

  14. When PM David Cameron visited Scotland, He and First Minister Alex Salmond cosied up to each other on Rangers and asked the authorities (including HMRC) to help them out. It was illegal influence.

    Both these guys are out of all political offices but their interference endures and all agents (SFA/SPFL) believe they are bidding the establishments wishes.

    SNP formed a coalition with Conservatives on Rangers.

    The only authorities to bring politicians to heel are the Judges. Get it into court.

    1. There should be a Public Enquiry over this.

      There won’t be as the First Minister has to approve a PE and she dines with Sir David Murray. As Alex Salmond did before her.

  15. Transaction ID:

    Donation made using a good friend’s PayPal account (I don’t have one but he let’s me use his).

    Another excellent article JJ. Keep up the excellent work. Am guessing you’ll redact all but last 4 characters of the PayPal info.

    JJ: Yes I did. Thanks for making the effort buddy.

  16. Wee donation made – 7CK1343462400642X.
    Crackin’ stuff today! Keep it up JJ. So many people have told so many lies, it must haunt them now when they realise that it will no longer be kept under the establishment carpet.
    The vacuum cleaner (the fans), is about to hoover them up. We will have a clean game, eventually!

  17. 5BY465813J081xxxx VIA KM

    Keep fighting the good fight. The toP ten was spot on though I could see more being added!
    DF is a concern due to his allegiance issue… It reminds me of the braveheart moment when the Irish joined the Scots and it would worry me putting such trust in a guy who could play for both sides…

    All the best. A

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