Stripping Brass in a Banana Republic

Prior to a detailed discussion on next steps I would like to take this opportunity to thank readers for their contributions to our site in July. With vacations and other factors such as the prosaic fact that we are still languishing in the close season, addressing my debts as they fell due – keeping a shoe box over my head, with broadband – was touch and go. My faithful readers did not let me down. I cannot thank you enough.

Yesterday I announced on Twitter and our site that I was preparing to act. I contacted a Crowdfund provider and was preparing a letter to a solicitor. I was told in no uncertain terms to back down. The Orwell prize winner, who is an outspoken critic of our site, has decided to run with an unnamed consortium (probably his old chinas at the SFM)  but has yet to establish what petition they can take to The Court of Session. They complain about the SFA/SPFL keeping them in the dark while acting in their own in camera silos.

I will keep my powder dry until such time as I see the Crowfunded appeal. If this is kicked into the long grass out of deference to Peter Lawwell, and he dupes them yet again, I will go into bat in September. They have one month to convince me otherwise.

I personally would not give the RTC blogger the matter out of my eye and I would contend that I have significantly more legal experience than he does. He couches all his statements in parentheses and uses ‘allegedly’ often. He disingenuously invites readers to draw their own conclusions having led them in one direction. He does not write like someone whom has had any legal training whatsoever.

However his Orwell prize evidently trumps my New Football Blog Award so we move on in the greater good. But if he crashes and burns this petition I will be excoriating in my criticism. There is only one chance here. It’s no place for plucky losers.

First of all one should be informed that no Lord Ordinary will force the SFA/SPFL to revoke any titles. A judge might arrive at the obvious conclusion that the titles Rangers won were unsound and that Rangers gained an unlawful competitive advantage but unless he orders the former directors and their compromised executives to make restitution for the pecuniary advatage that they gained through deception, then what will be the point? To embarrass the SFA/SPFL? These compromised inordinately corrupt bodies, with proven liars at the helms of both, don’t do embarrassment.

My approach would be as follows:

1. Raise a private prosecution of David Murray, Paul Murray, Dave King, Martin Bain, Alastair Johnston, Campbell Ogilvie, Messrs Dickson and Odam. The petition would allege fraud – gaining a pecuniary advantage through deception.

2. Indict Regan and Doncaster for conspiring with Gary Withey in discussions apropos a pre-pack administration to the detriment of  creditors, notably HMRC.

3. Boycott all Scottish League Cup, Scottish Cup and Scottish International matches for one season. One is no longer prepared to accept their lies and Banana Republic whitewashes.

If the SFA and SPFL want to reduce Scottish Football to a sham, let’s boycott and give them a fucking sham.

4. Raise a vote of no confidence in Ann Budge and have her ousted for her part in a sham review which clearly consisted of a paper written by Gerry Money-in-Hand and a 48 hour period to consider whether it could be sold to supporters. Does Budge think the Hearts fans came down in the last shower?

If all the directors of Rangers and Rangers Lite were convicted of fraud, then Regan and Doncaster would be exposed. There will be no title stripping while these corrupt Rangers-facing bastards are at the helm.




43 thoughts on “Stripping Brass in a Banana Republic”

  1. Short, Sweet (….well not really but you know what I mean) and to the point. A great summation . We shall see.

    As always JJ, a great effort.

  2. JJ, you regularly produce top class insights, filling the monumental (is that a freemasonic term?) gap left by Scottish Main-stream Media, which includes, well, everything in Scottish media; print, radio, terrestrial TV, et al.
    I applaud your consistent efforts.
    I’ll try to find a top-up to my usual thing.
    Hope all’s well with you, and yours.

  3. Hi JJ,

    Another month of superb blog entries, fully deserving of
    Receipt No: 5159-4290-4716-xxxx

    Sadly, no matter how ‘bang to rights’ all the various parties seem to be, they seem prepared to say nothing and ride out the storm – knowing that the gory details will not appear in the mainstream.

    Keep chipping away. As an Aberdeen fan, I need to be able to help in bring Stewart Milne onto the side of justice, but as with many others, he would appear compromised and pressured.
    But who wants to actually hurt their club?
    The only tactic that actually worked during the entire debacle was the Diddy Revolt in 2012 where the club owners and chairmen definitely got the message.

  4. Celtic fans have the chance to boycott the game against “let’s do moving on” Kilmarnock in the League Cup.A few tasty banners put in the empty seats would send a message to certain persons.As for former/present directors of two different clubs being “done” for fraud,sadly,in Scottish society,not a hope in hell.

  5. Usual donation made on 4588-7378-0518-xxxx
    Outstanding month for your work. Top drawer stuff.

    Not such a good month for Ann Budge.
    Failed to challenge Sevco participation in Europa League.
    Failed to challenge corrupt officials following EBT ruling.
    Failed to sack a manager who makes Pedro look masterful.
    Reputation in tatters, while yours goes from strength to strength.

    Keep safe, jj

  6. Donation made when I was on holiday JJ. I don’t have the transaction code I’m afraid.

    I’m delighted to see a steady trickle of money coming your way JJ. The lights won’t stay on without electricity. I’ve come to the conclusion that Peter Liewell does not have the appetite to up the ante with regard to lite, Doncaster, regan and the SPFL. Me? I have been boycotting the sponsors of the Scottish game (including betfred who offer some of the best markets in online betting) and I won’t be joining my new supporters club. My green pound is being withheld as a result of the lack of action from other clubs in this huntry.

    I certainly won’t be attending any domestic cup games either although I will be reading CQN in order to keep up to date with the opinions of Liewell and the Celtic board. The latter is far more comfortable attacking our own support than they are at challenging those guilty of widespread financial doping in our game.

  7. JJ, Monthly donation made under 3408-3237-2919-XXXX

    Now is the time for people to step up to the plate and contribute, no matter how small.

  8. When an ostrich sticks his head under the sand then you can see more of its arse than it’s brain. So to with the SFA doing SFA. A legal action has to take place and a brains trust has to be found. Cast aside your differences and hurts. You have a common and powerful enemy. A united front has more power and time is of the essence. The Supreme Court verdict has been ignored and a preposterous legal opinion is just an opinion. It needs to be over ruled.

  9. A terrific summary.

    Why on earth is the RTC award winner so critical of this site? This award winning site has consistently led the way with insights and analysis in outing corruption and collusion in the Scottish game.

    Moreover, why would the RTC individual and his consortium not ask you (this site) to join them to add much more weight to the project? There are, I suspect, more qualified folks on this Speakeasy who could make a tangible contribution than the RTC gang.

    As you point out, Ann Budge has played a stinker. She has trashed her fine reputation and has shamefully gone along with the ‘moving on’ storyline.

    I really did think that, as a new face at the table, she would have shaken things up and been a force for good. Alas, no.

    1. I too am disheartened to hear that you appear to be at odds with RTC;- I also get the impression that there is little affection between yourself and Philmac…it seems at times as if you couldn’t agree on the colour of shite.
      As other contributors and events clearly point out…we face a powerful and resourceful enemy…a bunch of lying corrupt idiots but ones who nevertheless stand shoulder to shoulder.
      They can and should be easily defeated BUT it’s important that our “A team” is aligned…Phil, RTC, JF and yourself need to put any differences aside and focus on the overwhelming synergies and strengths of your collective.
      Do that, pool your resources and they don’t stand a chance.

      1. First of all there is no antipathy towards Phil Macgiollabhain. He has not used his platform to denigrate this site. On the contrary he actually came on this site to congratulate me on my award which was gracious of him. The RTC blogger has had a go at me, which is not surprising since many of his fellow travellers at SFM cannot wait to put the boot in on this site. The SFM allowed their contributors to play the man and allowed Jimbo to tell tales out of school which threatened my security. I duly responded. Why should I take unsolicited criticism lying down and who the fuck are they other than guys desperately holding on to the RTC blogger’s coat tails? I have no problem with James Forrest either and enjoy his work. So think again before having a go at me.

  10. Hi, as always, excellent article. Donation made via PayPal: 9VP05706S8208xxxx. Also made a donation in July, did you get it – 1R391968M0730xxxx?

    JJ: Mark I don’t know whether you’re intentionally pulling my chain or not, but if you redact the last four letters how could I possibly check?

  11. If Charles green never signed into the 5W agreement then this creates a problem in that the only authorised authrority to attempt an agreement is SFA SFL SPL, as RFC would be in liqidation without an operator, this becomes a 3W agreement, this turns would i presume turn things on its head, 3 organisations have agreed to shoehorn a team guilty of dual contracts and failing to pay social taxes, all 3 know this is the charge against the liquidated club.
    SFA are thereby ignoring their rules and it is they and the two who are legaly authorised making decisions against their own rules. The SFL and SPL would be bound in decison making to follow the same protocol if a decision is made therefore the rules are the same for all organisations at the time, this defuncts the agreement as two will be non negoitable, Sevco and RFC.
    Sevco and RFC are automatically out of the occassion as RFC have no mandate their assets are now the property of Sevco and without Sevco who are the operators the only decision maker is the operator. Who signed on behalf of RFC, could not have been an operator, therefore it is 3 way agreement.

    1. What is this ‘operator’?
      The club was incorporated as a company in 1899.
      The two became one flesh, in one body.
      When the company went bust so did the company,
      for they were two names for the same thing.

      1. Exactly it is SFA talk for we want to split the two into seperate entities, if they wish to speak with forked tongues then trip them up with their own speech. We know Duff and Phelps signed for RFC and Chassa boy for Green and White but thats for another day.

  12. Great read as always and have been enjoying your posts in July would be great if got Donald Findlay QC to fight the case as he has all the information to prove corruption and cheating titles ..might be a conflict of interest there ..donation made be safe and keep up good work

  13. JJ – not having a go at you at all…more the situation so apologies if that was the way it came across.
    For the record I count your site and commentary above all others and it frustrates me to read some of the stuff you allude to here on twitter and SFM;- I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone with an awareness of the “Rangers/SFA” narrative would take issue with your commentary….You probably also know that I’ve defended you on occasion and taken some abuse for doing so.
    I genuinely wasn’t aware of Phil congratulating you but I do recall what seemed to be a veiled and in my opinion underhanded swipe at you, (heroically exiled or words to that effect) and you having a retort along the lines of you both sticking to your respective sides of the street etc. Apologies if I’ve misread that situation too but just to set the record straight, my overarching point here is that I’d love to see everyone aligned against the true enemy.
    Best regards

  14. Donation made, lets see what transpires in the coming months?

    Budge has been very dissapointing, felt someone with the track record of success in the business world would have been more ballsy. Unless of course she has been pressured into silence, as for PL, don’t get me started on that Charlatan!

  15. I believe that this situation has gone beyond business and is now personal. Lets get Doncaster and Regan to defend their position at the Court of Session as they both need to cut down a peg or two. Our game has gone backwards under these two Scrotum’s stewardship. They have to GO.

  16. There should be no need for Bloggers. The Scottish-Pish-Stream-Media should have had investigative journalists all over this.

    I’m sure they’ve been all over Celtic looking for leverage.
    There is nothing to stop different groups executing different Judicial Reviews.

    1. Go after SFA and spfl
    2. Go after SDM and Cronies for fraud.
    3. Go after Doncaster and Regan for corruption and fraud.

    I suggest CFC take 1.
    JJ takes 2. And
    RTC/SFM takes 3.

    There’s enough love out there to go around.

  17. Be sure to get Mr Bill Nimmo-Smith into court as a witness.

    Get him wriggling with pointed questions. Did you ever have private audiences with Mr Stewart Regan? With Sir David Murray? What was discussed?

    Get all their texts and emails.

  18. Why are you being sidelined JJ ? Need all the top men on this, taking you out is silly, are they gonna replace you with someone like ‘Matt Leslie’ that’s like replacing Messi with Kevin Kyle

    1. I can but speculate:

      1. I’m not a Celtic supporter (although my sneaking admiration has been enhanced by writing on our site).
      2. I’m not in the Resolution 12 milieu.
      3. At less than two years old our site is still the new kid on the block.
      4. There are those who wish to assassinate me. Would involving me make their team more vulnerable to attacks?
      5. I don’t rate the retired beaks at the SFM
      6. They don’t rate me.

      1. JJ,

        It’s important these days to belong to a tribe. It’s plainly social intelligence.

        Particularly if you have a tribe mustering against one.

        I suggest you become a fully fledged Celtic supporter or join freemasonry or something else. SMSM?

        You ARE Scotland’s foremost investigative Journo.

        An action against one of the tribe is an action against all of the tribe.

  19. I see the police have arrested 12 people for “sectarian banners” and I note the written press suddenly full of “hooligan” Celtic supporter stories.

    JJ: Make no mistake that there is a propaganda war going on to blacken the CFC support and undermine their moral upper ground on title stripping. I won’t pander to Traynor’s campaign.

  20. The game changer here (with regard to media and opinion shapers) would have been for a good English investigative journalist (like David Walsh) to take the lead. That really would have shaped the narrative. It would also have shaped the outcome.

    Unfortunately, Scottish football is held in such little regard, it is not worth the column inches. Rangers getting knocked out of Europe by a team from Luxembourg gets a few lines of derision. Celtic losing one leg game to a team from Gibraltar, ditto. Clubs such as Motherwell, Aberdeen, Hearts and St Johnstone routinely thrashed in European qualifiers warrants a few lines.

    Alas, the greatest scandal in Scottish sporting history doesn’t warrant a mention in the English press, largely because the game there is viewed as mediocre at best. A bit like the Welsh league. That, frankly, is how it is perceived.

    I have tested the water down here for enthusiasm for running with this story and with seriously good contacts. No one is interested. No one.

    The Scottish journalists could have lit the flame in the pursuit of integrity. But they didn’t. And the view down here is pretty much along the lines of…..’if the local journalists have no interest in this story, neither do we’.

    I can’t think of one single Scottish journalist who has pursued this scoop of a lifetime.

    But, as a regular contributor regularly states, Only in Scotland.

    Shameful stuff.

    1. TM

      Is the Scottish MSM’s failure to address the whole fiasco not actually a part of the story itself? Which should be seized upon by the English / London based media? Or a I being naive, does the wider media just tend to stick together?

      Between this and the – thus far – lack of meaningful action by CFC, I am becoming quite depressed about the whole thing and I think there’s a real danger things will peter out. I’m still up for contributing to a Crowdfunded JR mind you.


  21. I suggest bringing up a London QC expert on sports integrity to sit with the Scottish QC in court.

    All previous examples of title/ medals stripping in all sports needs submitted in evidence. Olympics, gymnastics, athletics, World Cup, champions league, Europa league/ cup, national associations, cricket, rugby, hockey, European championships, golf, F1 racing, all motor sports, sailing, horse racing, etc……

  22. Outstanding as usual JJ reference number is 2X209331H0438xxxx . I fear a split campaign is exactly what our enemies want, sometimes for the greater good getting in bed with those you have no time for is necessary?

  23. JJ
    This story just keeps on rolling – vicariously, I’m very excited by your defending the speakeasy & skewering the haters – keep it up, no more honourable thing than being true to yourself & your principles

    I applaud you

    Let me know who you sanction to move forward, I will send them $$


    1. Jessica Ennis appealed and won (rightly) a gold medal, upgraded because of her rival’s cheating; 6 years after the event. Why didn’t she just move on?

  24. You make a good point TS. But the media guys certainly don’t stick together. It’s as cut throat as it gets. First to the post with a story. The Scottish journalists are dismissed as cartoon characters. Comics who are as short on insight as they are on a decent education. If they had any credibility, they would be writing for The Times, Telegraph or perhaps even the Guardian. This Scottish sporting scandal had no legs in England and award winning journalists like Graham Spiers (who reads this site) have behaved shamefully.

    These Scottish journalists ducked THE MOST IMPORTANT SCANDAL TO HIT SCOTTISH SPORT.

    I find SDM’s tenure at Ibrox despicable. I find the collusion with the governing bodies despicable. But the Scottish press, collectively, have betrayed the truth. And in doing so, have betrayed the paying punter.

    Now THAT’S a story.

    But no one will run with it.

    1. I can understand the attitude of the print media titles, who are circling the drain. Their main demographic is now Rangers fans so they’re not going to alienate them with investigative stories.

      What is unforgivable is an organisation like the BBC, paid for by public money, turning a blind eye to corruption, failure to enforce the rules and cheating. If the Scottish based sports & business journalists are reluctant to expose themselves to the backlash then use BBC journalists based in England.

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