Double Jeopardy

The latest release from the Rangers Tax Case blogger is instructive.

When one looks back on twelve years of cheating with a minimum of 17 tainted titles to choose from, the events of Helicopter Sunday on 22 May, 2005 come to mind. The Rangers EBT juggernaut had also won the title on the last day of the season in 2003, 2009 and 2011. But nothing screams ‘cheating’ more than the team that took the field that day at Easter Road, all of whom were in receipt of an EBT bung; as was their manager who received a ‘loan’ on the ‘never never ‘of £1.7m.

The fix had been in since September 1999 and continued in a new tax evasion  vehicle all the way to May 6, 2011 when Whyte took over.

The SFA/SPFL authorities say that they are powerless to act. They assert that they cannot revisit the LNS advisory group’s findings, that have no weight in law, due to the tenets of ‘Double Jeopardy.’

It is of course bullshit of the first ordure. Did Moynihan and those who instructed him actually believe that they could wrap his analysis in quasi legal jargon and pass it off as credible?

One can but hope that they are all promptly disabused of this notion.

How will the governing authorities respond to this threat to their governance hegemony? Perhaps Jim Duffy can be wheeled out by Radio Clyde to insist that Moynihan should have the last word, before fielding a call from Big Jock New in Paisley who wants to discuss child abuse at Celtic.

As the Scottish champions travel to a very tricky tie to the clamour of ‘paedos’ at Glasgow Airport, spare a thought for the blue horde without a neural synapse to call their own whose only excitement is watching on in the hope that Celtic lose.

I hope Celtic win. I will pass on Aberdeen as my desire to see Wiggy’s nose out of joint is greater than my support of Scotland’s second best club.


32 thoughts on “Double Jeopardy”

  1. 8SW09906120310841
    Small donation sent. Beginning of month I believe😀
    Things are happening though I was pessimistic but worrying is a few sites starting up crown funding. Wonder if it’s just crooks or level 5 stirring it ( crooks too?).

  2. I am only contributing when one of JJ, Phil or James Forrest say so, hopefully it will all go to the same pot for united action by all the bloggers and public.

  3. A snowball has started rolling down a mountain. It is getting larger. The avalanche that ensues will sweep away the nihilists of the SFA and SPFL and the ill-gotten titles of Oldco. They think that distant rumble is just a nuisance but the cacophany is the harbinger of their doom. I will be in Scotland in three weeks time. Perhaps I will witness the avalanche. I doubt it. It’s not the crime that does you in , it’s the attempted cover up. No one can stop this snowball from becoming an avalanche, I know not when it will strike but it will be transformative.

  4. Who takes James Forrest seriously? I sometimes get to the 2nd paragraph of his articles and give up the will to live. I’d rather have James Forrest as my number 9 tonight than read some of his namesakes turgid blogs.

    I more than hope Celtic win tonight. It’s a huge game in the context of the season at such an early stage.

    1. If you have a confirmation number it went through. If not there is no possibility of a successful transaction. This is binary with no grey area. I have nothing from your moniker or email on this site to go on.

  5. Monthly donation made, JJ. CC- 2014
    Still think paywall is best way to guarantee you an income from this site. Keep up the great articles. My guess would be the CFC are paying the legal costs at the present preliminary stage.

  6. Hi JJ
    Ref 5k63242u1161****
    Brilliant work again, as you suggest it is better everyone keeps their powder dry until single “Pot” is set up and acknowledged by everyone.
    We don’t want to dilute the firepower when we turn the Big Guns on SPL SFA, Doncaster, Regan, Topping et al.
    Can’t wait for your green light to start contributing to crowdfunding as at last we may see justice done, a level playing field for the first time ever in my opinion, and “Rangers ” stripped of their titles AND Regan & Doncaster sent homewards tae think again.
    Our time is coming,
    Fergus would be proud

  7. Any initiative in pursuit of the guilty parties will only fly if it is pursued with vigour and a single coordinated vehicle. Before opening my wallet to support this venture, I would want to see a clear strategy, timescales, cost estimates and options with regard to potential outcomes. This is an important initiative. Unfortunately, club owners in Scotland don’t see it that way in their rush to ‘move on’.

    I do expect Celtic to prevail comfortably tonight. I also expect a dose of karma tomorrow night and Aberdeen to get knocked out in Cyprus. Stewart Milne’s disregard for the views of Aberdeen fans was quite shameful. Ann Budge joins him in the Hall of Shame. But, then again, it’s quite a long list.

  8. Transaction number unknown.

    The vast majority of Aberdeen supporters do not agree with Stuart Milne, some like myself have written to him to say so, however, unlike yourself we want Aberdeen to progress in Europe, it’s a shame you would want a team to fail and fans to suffer because of the stupidity off it’s chairman.
    Have the Celtic board made any official comment on their intentions? Their attendances dropped dramatically when Rangers disappeared from the premier league, is it possible that they do not want to rock the boat?

    1. Fans attendances dropped due to an appalling product; crap football and as a response to the LNS Whitewash and governing bodies stating sevco were RFC with all titles.

      Morale was very low. There then came a promise of action once EBT guilt was finally declared.

      How long must Celtic’s long suffering fans endure 12 years of being cheated and ripped off by Rangers, the SFA, the SPL/ SPFL and by the bookies before Justice is served?

  9. Feels like the quiet before the storm right now. Would be great to hear from Celtic post SFA/SPFL statement but I guess unlikely until next week given European priorities. It’s disconcerting that no one is asking fans representatives of other clubs directly for an opinion and little drive to measure public opinion. Would love to see responses to the direct question….then gauge it against chairman actions/follow up questions with chairmen.

  10. It’s important that the usual ex RFC and current Sevco acolytes, especially King realizes that Fans will pursue legal options to utter finality just like them.

    They go all the way to the Supreme Court, so can we. Fans have the tenacity, the will and the resources.

    Well done RTC on their swift out the blocks legal instructions. Get the best team together money can buy. You need to field a legal Real Madrid. Don’t just go for one local QC.

  11. Thanks your offered gating service, agreed.
    No sign of govan crowdfunding interests on “open market”, only on usual suspects sites.
    The dominant ebt acronym is not the one we’re interested in, it’s “electronic banking transfer”
    Never mind, standing by money at the ready.

  12. Is RTC only getting after the RFC cheated titles? Or the same club myth also?

    Will they destroy the same club myth?

    When will the SMSM report on solicitors instructions have been given.

  13. J J. Have donated all be it small amounts through pay pal over a period of a few years and just looking at the last post and now wonder if you have been receiving them. Could you explain how i would get a confirmation number. Thanks.

  14. “…….Wiggy’s nose out of joint is greater than my support for Scotland’s second best club”

    Ironically, they are only Scotland’s second best club due to Celtic loans and transfer business.

    Sevco under Warburton was in second spot last year until CFC loaned Aberdeen Ryan Christie, who made an exemplary difference. Including scoring against Sevco.

    This summer celtic gave Milne £1.5m for one player, received £150k for MacKay Steven and loaned Ryan Christie. That’s great business for Aberdeen and its fans.

    The £1.5m guy hasn’t made an impact in CL qualifications. Has Rodgers made an error there? His boy needs to show up strong.

    1. – Aberdeen have been Scotland’s second best team over the past 4 seasons since McInnes took over and righted the ship (long before last season’s half season loan from Celtic).

      – Christie either played minutes from the bench or stayed on the bench at the beginning of last season’s 6 month loan spell. When he scored against Sevco (in the 37th League game) the Dons had already clinched second.

      – The deal to sell Aberdeen’s best player (with a year remaining on his contract) included a payment of 1.3M and a year long loan of Christie (where AFC were pushing for a permanent move).

      – GMS was surplus to Celtic’s needs. If he is able to contribute at Aberdeen, then good.

      – Celtic must be pleased about how Christie is developing at Aberdeen, and if it turns out that the Dons get the better of the deal in 2017-18 then that’s just the way the ball bounces sometimes.

  15. Great site JJ, first time on the Sitonfence Speakeasy, keep up the good work. Donation made. 2S768505X3859xxxx.

    JJ: Welcome.

  16. All reasonably minded people of all supporter persuasions, other than the Establishment Club, can hope that the spoken about Judicial review will gain traction, impetus and finance and have the desired result of holding those responsible for the Great Scottish Football Swindle to book. It would be a fantastic Victory if this were to come to pass. An initiative that everyone in Scottish Football could be proud of.
    It is truly Shocking that, in this day and age, Scotland is a small inconsequential country ruled by a Laptop loyal Media and a corrupt and self-serving Governing Body. The Mensch made a point that as far as the English Football and Media is concerned Scottish Football is seen as an inconsequential backwater. I agree however I would balance that somewhat with the view that English Football and English Media see virtually every other country as inconsequential as they lie there in their Sky TV bloatedness believing that their Premier League is the best in the world. Its certainly, after today apart from PSG, the most overpaid league in the world!
    In Scotland we have the sad situation that for many years now the Football Industry has been controlled by Crooks, thieves and Vagabonds aided and abetted by a currupt self serving media. The litany of SFA presidents and CEOs has been a rogues gallery with the exception of John McBeth who was fired from FIFA for calling Jack Warner corrupt!! ( Come back John, world football needs you! 😊 )
    The current incumbent Stewart Regan is as corrupt and myopic as Campbell Ogilvie and only goes to show that the SFA can bring in an outsider and quickly convert him into one of their own as a self-serving little old yesteryear committee member of Brechin and Forfar whose dyed in the wool blueness and resistance to good practice and corporate responsibility knows no bounds! 🙂 Regan has gone beyond Ogilvie for corruption and illicit practice.
    The Vice like grip of Rangers FC on Scottish Football allowed the so far not Convicted Tax Evader David Murray to carry on his illegal practices and awarded him a Knighthood for his services to business where his business had a multiple of 5 times its turnover in debt! Only in Scotland! Nowhere else in the capitalist world would such a situation be allowed. Murray must know where the bodies are buried for the inglorious Banking fraternity of old Edinburgh Town. How Fred Goodwin must wonder how SIR David got away with his crimes where Fred was stripped of his Knighthood due more to his Ego and his bumbling than illegal activities. The succession of Crooks and thieves atop the marble staircase since SIR David are simply looking to benefit from the same scam so adeptly executed by SIR David by fleecing the blue hordes of their bigoted blue pound. They know the rules don’t apply if you are Rangers FC and they can take advantage of this and extort their ill-gotten gains. Spivs such as Whyte and Green didn’t happen upon Rangers by chance and Dave King has found the only place in the world he can get away with his criminal behaviour.
    Likewise it has been shown that Neil Doncaster is yet another Spiv and Vagabond on the make, having found his overpaid Nirvana in the black lagoon of Scottish Football. His double dealing and support of the same club myth via a myriad of non-truths and manufactured facts and compliant Media and nonsense of Nimmo Smith having some legal standing just goes to show you what a magnet for corruption Scottish Football is.
    On the other side of Glasgow we have the Country’s top football club sweeping all in Scotland before them, both on and off the pitch. It will continue for some years if a level playing field is in operation however what price their small mindedness that tonight they may exit the newly re found riches stream from last year due to their parsimony in the close season. No strikers, or a half fit striker, for a Champions league qualifier ? Oh dear, what cost a striker Peter? Celtic were a model business under Fergus McCann, substantial funding and a concrete business plan. The Sheehy’s and the Quinn’s were blue chip men of the City with the banking fraternity at their fingertips or on the end of a phone. Same as SIR David Murray had, in a different sort of way in the 90s and noughties! 😊 Peter Lawwell was a very highly regarded corporate manager who has done an excellent job there however once an accountant always an accountant if he wakes tomorrow to the Europa League. These days Celtic is in the complete control of a billionaire who’s mantra of “Self-sustaining model” and zipped up pockets must count Celtic as one of the unluckiest Football clubs in world Football!
    What a fantastic opportunity the current corruption scandal offers to the Green Brigade to mobilise themselves and the rest of Scottish Football Supporters to vote with their banners and their feet and boycott the grounds of the corrupt Football clubs and their chairman who are now with their supercilious smiles and telling everyone to move on!! Forget your Irish Politics of yesteryear guys your relevant and upwardly mobile enough to be in the now! Take a leaf from the Aberdeen supporters who demonstarted agains Regan and Doncaster and see what publicity you generate then and be a positive power for change!
    What a fantastic time it is at the moment if we were to see Supporter Power bring to justice the corruption so evident in Football!! We can but hope that it comes to pass and Scotland is seen as a movement where the fans through their own power righted the wrongs of the corruption of their self serving Governing Bodies!! Ok, rant over. My apologies JJ, there is no need to publish this post, your readers deserve better than wasting their time on my waffle!!

    1. OIS
      Very good!
      Your point about Murray knowing where the skeletons are with the establishment is very apposite
      Explains why he is dining with Nicola … and Anne Budge😉😉
      In the same way that King with his Fakes tapes can blackmail the SFA etc all day long he too probably can blackmail all sorts of mega QC types etc
      I will financially support 100% the JR effort but this IMO needs a public enquiry to succeed

  17. A fine post Only In Scotland. A thoroughly good read. And, yes, the English game is full of ridiculous money. It is indeed self obsessed, but, it is watched worldwide because every single game is unpredictable.

    I really enjoyed reading your excellent post.

    Thank you.

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