Crouching Corruption – Hidden Judicial Review

In a couple of hours time the curtain will raise on another season when Celtic host Hearts. My thoughts turn to predictions. My thinking has been coloured by an excellent analysis by Matt McGlone and Ally Beg in A Celtic State of Mind podcast on CQN. They ran their rulers over how Celtic and Aberdeen will measure up. There was much to agree with, but I will strike a note of discord with my prediction that Aberdeen will finish third this year.

Will Rangers Lite be runners-up to a rampant Celtic? This is highly unlikely as there is a schism in their squad. The WhatsApp  group could be renamed WhatsLeft, with  Kiernan being the latest departure, rocking up at Southend for a mere £75,000. Would it be unkind to suggest that they were robbed? Rangers will be harder to beat now that the centre half pairing of Kiernan/Wilson has been replaced, but lack bite upfront. Kenny Miller will be 38 on December 23 and to exacerbate matters refuses to talk to Caixinha who wanted to ship him out. Miller refers to the Poundstretcher’s Mourinho as “Banger.” Bringing in second tier foreign journeymen on higher salaries has upset the WhatsLeft group. Wallace was forced to cancel his honeymoon to prepare for the Progres humiliation. Lite will do well to finish fifth.

Showing solidarity with Pedro’s Engine Room Subsidiary – Speedy Gonzales FC.

I’m tipping Hibs to make a stunning return to top tier football. Lennon will have them well prepared and as we saw with their Scottish Cup triumph of 2016 they don’t know when they are beaten.

As for Celtic I do not anticipate another unbeaten season. The away leg of the play-offs against Astana will be a logistical nightmare. A domestic upset after a European tie is more than likely. With Aberdeen exiting the Europa qualifiers only Celtic will be carrying the Scottish standard in Europe. The domestic teams with a full week to prepare and no disruptive travel will be waiting to pounce

In short my top 5 are:

1. Celtic

2. Hibs

3. Aberdeen

4. Hearts

5. Rangers Lite.

As for cups the SFA will continue to cheat to provide Lite with home ties all the way to the semi-finals stage. Is this a condition of their contract with William Hill?  However I anticipate Aberdeen posing the biggest threat to Celtic’s defence of the trophy. I cannot see any further than CFC for the League Cup.

It will be another good year for the bookmakers who will find even more creative ways to make one bankrupt and usher in warrant sales. The English FA have outlawed the gaming succubi, but in the corrupt backwater of Scottish Football the bookmakers will continue to exact their ounce of flesh. Children will go hungry as Dads bet in play to feed fat cats like Ralph Topping.

Does Topping honestly believe that Moynihan’s fantasy rebuttal will survive Judicial scrutiny, or was he trying to sell inordinately poor goods? The real action this season could be at the The Court of Session where 17 tainted titles are up for grabs.

With twenty titles to be contested it should be an interesting season.


7 thoughts on “Crouching Corruption – Hidden Judicial Review”

  1. Sorry JJ but I think your forecast might be just a wee tad out in regard to rangers, I have a feeling its all going tits up at ibrox and between pedro and the glib guy they are going to fall flat on their faces starting tomorrow, no football team worth their salt can survive in house acrimony wether its the players arguing with each other or the manager not getting 100%, the whole thing falls down .
    Maybe its just wishful thinking.

  2. May one ‘Posit’ that Mr Moynihan’s a TRFC fan and he was employed by the sfa/spfl to “COACH” them on the sly, so they were well prepared for the ‘INEVITABLE’ when TRFC lost at the Supreme Court. Only my opinion.

  3. You have got two predictions bang on celtic first and the bookies getting fatter with children’s food money from their parents compulsive gambling as a former one I know to my kids sorrow that I could not stop for many years

  4. I must disagree with your prediction JJ
    The jump from the Championship to the Premiership is not a small one as The Rangers discovered to their cost last year. I believe Aberdeen will again finish second with Hibs third (a great result for a newly promoted side). Hearts in turmoil will do will to make the top six lest they appoint a manager who hits the ground running. They did, after all, have the second lowest points tally of 2017
    Luckily for The Rangers the rest of their peers appear weaker than last year so fourth should be a given.

  5. My prediction is Celtic 4 Hearts 1,one “honest mistake” when Celtic player gets shirt nearly ripped off in penalty box resulting in no award of penalty.Kyle Laugherty to be a total tosser and taken off before having to be sent off despite booking and altercations/fouls/warnings.Plus Mrs.Budge,I’ve heard some guys are working on your “new” stand that believe in sporting integrity,I sense a little delay……

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