The Nuts & Bolts of a Barefaced Lie

no evidence was led to the Commission by Harper McLeod, and no statement was made, on the competitive advantage Rangers Oldco enjoyed which effectively ruled LNS from considering it.” Ralph Topping,Chairman of SPFL. on LNS

Neil Doncaster to Grant Russell of STV on question as to whether the Wee Tax Case was covered by LNS stuttered:

The nuts and bolts of it were covered by Rod McKenzie earlier. I don’t want to go into that. It’s boring and dry. It’s covered. The three players that were covered by that The Wee Tax Case were ultimately dealt with in Lord Nimmo Smith’s decision.”

So forgive me Mr. Doncaster when I incontrovertibly assert that you are a barefaced liar. It’s unfortunate for you that I had exclusive access to the minutes and correspondence from an SPL interim meeting to discuss whether to appeal the disproportionate fine handed down by LNS.

Topping’s e-mail was marked “Private & Confidential.” This e-mail was sent to Mr. Doncaster. Topping clearly states that Rod McLenzie did not lead any evidence to LNS on the competive advantage enjoyed by Rangers.

Of even more import in the LNS whitewash fiasco was the decision by Neil Doncaster to change the timeline and scope of the commission to exclude the unlawful DOS/VSS scheme from consideration.

So where is it covered Mr. Doncaster? How about some nuts and bolts from a QC that you prepared earlier?

This individual, the CEO of the SPFL, is prepared to lie to defend the discredited LNS commission. Doncaster must be taken to task.

One won’t be sitting down for a cosy chat to discuss ‘our misconception’ Mr. Doncaster. We will have you in the witness box and invite you to repeat your lies under oath.

The corruption is never far from the surface when Doncaster makes any statement,


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15 thoughts on “The Nuts & Bolts of a Barefaced Lie”

  1. I awoke this morning to one insight in my email inbox but nothing whatsoever from PayPal. Yesterday I received two modest donations. I wrote two articles. I’m getting tired of appealing to the freeloaders to do the right thing. Or maybe we should call the whole thing off and take our info from the SMSM. One more weekend like this one could have terminal consequences.

  2. Put your money on Doncaster and Regan resigning either through choice or coercion before this hits any kind of court, with a healthy pay check obviously.

  3. Doncaster can easily fool Grant Russell but his comments are merely evidence of his pathetic attempts to keep his job. The Judicial Review will skewer him. He thinks he can bluff this out but he is very wrong.

  4. Your exclusives continue to be stunning. You are putting folks in the dock who appear to be bullet proof and haven’t taken a single shot from the Scottish media. What a shower of cowards. Craig Whyte was the easy but wrong target. And when the Scottish journalists finished riddling him with bullets, they reloaded and reset their scopes on Charles Green, the Easdsles, David Somers, Brian Stockbridge…….it’s quite a list of targets. The sort of pop up target shooting that we see at a funfair.

    But in this frenzied shoot, their sights were never once focused on the RIGHT targets. Folks like SDM, King, Paul Murray, Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster. Hell, these rogues should have been culled when this story first broke. But, nope. The Rangers rogues are, incredibly, BACK AT THE HELM AT IBROX. This cast of villains played a crucial role in the demise of Rangers. Every single one failed the fans and shareholders by being negligent in their statutory duties. This is not worthy of a mention in the Scottish media who have swallowed the line from the SFA and helped by member clubs such as Aberdeen and Kilmarnock that everyone needs to ‘move on’ for the good of the game. (Ms Budge at Hearts has been a disgrace and fallen in with the party line. What a disappointment she has turned out to be. Shameful. She has let her own fans down badly as did Milne.)

    Meanwhile, over at Hampden, Regan and Doncaster are still in their posts. Covering up a murky audit trail which frankly has shamed Scottish football.

    And again, this story, the biggest scandal to hit Scottish sport doesn’t warrant a mention in the media. Not a thing.

    A courageous and enterprising journalist could have made a huge impact in a relentless search for the truth and in exposing the guilty parties who allowed cheating at Ibrox for more than a decade. But in Scotland, apparently that is too much to ask for.

    What a shameful cover up.

    Incidentally, I read Spiers on Saturday. This lazy journalist (an award winner there) is just back from his vacation so for the past few weeks he has been unavailable. (Can someone please explain why a journalist on holiday can’t pen an article from ANY part of the world these days?) Anyhow, one of his articles yesterday touched on the coming season in Scotland and a ‘season to savour’. Dear reader, I put down my morning glass of fizz and re read his article. A season to savour? Well, whilst he has been away, Aberdeen got knocked out of Europe by a Cypriot side. Aberdeen are Scotland’s second best side. St Johnstone got knocked out by a ten man team from Lithuania. St Johnstone are Scotland’s fourth best side. And just before he went for his break, and gave us a break, Rangers got knocked out of Europe by a part time team from Luxembourg. If that doesn’t spell MEDIOCRITY, then I don’t know what does.

    Oh, and Celtic are 1/10 to win the league again.

    One of Spiers’ recent articles commented on how he finds the title stripping debate boring. As ever, he misses the point. The title stripping debate is about cheating and the search for integrity in the sport. This award winning journalist stood by and never ONCE touched on the narrative, insights or exclusives which JJ treats us to.

    This scandal has many participants. Many of them remain where they were when the scandal broke. That includes the journalists who simply looked away.


    Donation on its way when I return later this week.

  5. Banner advertising is the way ahead to generate income for such a well informed site. If the site’s moderator is interested in such an idea then I know a couple of potential clients, so an email could start the ball rolling.

  6. Have you every given the thought of trying to do a Pod Cast, as I for one would like to hear the views of Charles Green, the Easdsles, David Somers, Brian Stockbridge and even Kieran Prior, hell I’m that obsessed I’d also seek to hear the view of Mr Custard the clown. πŸ™‚

    1. If invited onto a CQN podcast, I would accept and provide my views by telephone from an undisclosed location. As for producing my own podcast, I would be keen to do so if the cost was not prohibitive. The worst ever weekend for donations truly concerns me. I get the distinct impression that the majority of my readers attended live games and spent all their disposable income. Which disappoints me as I was true to them for the entire close season, giving my unique insights into the Craig Whyte trial, the SPL leaked minutes, The Supreme Court and much more.

      1. As a fully fledged technophobe and as I understand it, you could use Skype while redacting yours and guests faces. Anyway just a thought that would also allow the use of advertising space within.

  7. The SMSM are at the ready with white wash and brush in hand.
    In another note Celtic no penalty,Lafferty no red card, no penalty for Motherwell today Madhun was the ref and of coarse a yellow for broonie welcome to the new season of honest mistakes no doubt Lennon will haves flaykie at ibrokes next weekend πŸ˜„

    1. Andy Walker called Rangers penalty “a good spot” by Bobby Madden. On the contrary it’s the exact opposite…
      A referee’s job should be to OBSERVE the play, the difference with Madden is that he was LOOKING for something…a subtle but very distinct difference.
      Corner kick/penalty box action ? – heck you could give a penalty (or defensive free kick) at every one depending on what you were looking for.
      I also remember the Jorge Cadete goal years ago being chopped off and BFDJ saying in defence of the the linesman that he must have “thought he saw something” ?!?!
      Tip to all readers…next goal method normally sees a penalty at circa 10-12/1…however when Rangers are playing and either drawing or losing in the 2nd half I’d suggest that the odds on this are somewhere between 6/4-3/1. Subject to referee and home advantage.
      Methinks this will be prevalent this season

      1. When Rangers Lite score an early goal it is common knowledge that it will take three to beat them as they are guaranteed a penalty if Bobby Madden is in charge. It’s blatant cheating and he keeps getting away with it. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the SFA desire a strong Rangers? I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

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