The Missing Article

Prior to my thesis on how the SFA/SPFL overlap is playing us for fools, I will take pause to continue a tradition on this site of reviewing the weekend action in the Scottish Premiership. In many ways it was a tale of two referees. One weak and one bent. The former was Kevin Clancy. Kyle Lafferty was playing like a headless chicken, committing fouls and diving with impunity. His style was a throwback to The Cheating Years when he was in his WATP pomp. Having received a yellow card after committing six unpunished fouls, he then dived in an act of blatant simulation. Did Clancy follow the rules and dismiss Lafferty? No he bottled it. In the final analysis even a weak referee could not stop a rampant Celtic from adding another convincing win to their unbeaten domestic run. If John Daly was hoping to use yesterday’s game to advance his case to be the manager of Hearts then he failed miserably. If Griffiths had not been so profligate CFC would have scored seven. The odds of 1/10 for CFC to win their 7th successive title seem generous.

The bent referee is former Rangers season ticket holder, Bobby Madden. When Lite went one up with a lucky opener which cannoned off two players on its way to the net, Motherwell must have known that they would have to score three goals to win this game. When Madden is in charge of a game involving his team, he will award a penalty should a defender sneeze in the box. Tom English, who seems to be suffering from Hun Stockholm Syndrome at BBC ScotHun,  described the award as predicated on a loose elbow. The linesman did not spot the ‘offence.’ No flag was raised. It was ‘a good spot‘ by Bigoted Bobby who was looking for an excuse to give Rangers an edge.

Later in the game Tavernier blatantly pushed a Motherwell forward in the back to deny him a clear header from three yards. He committed a professional foul to deny a goal scoring opportunity. He should have received a red card and a penalty should have been awarded. What did Madden do? He waved play on even though he had clearly witnessed the cheating.

Cheating by referees is going to be more prevalent this season. The referees can see as clearly as anyone that Rangers cheated to win titles and that their employer, the SFA, refuse to punish them. They can perceive that the Scottish game is corrupt. So why not subvert a game or two for fun when the SFA allowed Rangers to subvert the Scottish game for a minimum of eleven seasons.

The undischarged bankrupt that is Gordon Smith, who went bust owing £644,000 and change, was quick to opine that the EBT did not confer a competitive advantage to his former employer, Rangers. Radio ScotHun provided him with a platform to expound on his thesis. Helicopter Sunday was exciting in Smith’s considered opinion. Tell that to the Celtic fans who lost the title to a team of bent players who were all evading their social taxes. I would like to see Smith try to colour them excited.

Traynor is doing an admirable job of defending the indefensible by pushing individuals like Smith and RFC cheerleader BFDJ into the media limelight. When it comes to BBC ScotHun he is pushing against an open door.

When temporarily reverting to football one should note that Aberdeen made light work of Hamilton, as did Hibs who were the hosts to Partick Thistle. Ross County and St. Johnstone won away by the same margin, 2-1, at Dundee and Kilmarnock respectively.

I digress. I have a lot of time for Brogan Rogan Trevino (BRT) who writes eloquently about a number of topics. I was at one time accused of being him while masquerading as a Rangers supporter. It was of course nonsense from The Klan who have upped their game considerably since this wild goose chase. It was a backhanded compliment to be compared to someone as accomplished as BRT.

He formerly wrote extensively on the late Paul McConville’s site and continues to write for the Scottish Football Monitor. I’m sure he must realise that any Judicial review of the decisions made by the LNS Commission are time barred. I’m surprised that he seems to consider a review as likely while I unequivocally demur. We don’t always see eye to eye.

However he expounds on a thesis that I first encountered in CQN. The author of this thesis, who is known to me and privately corresponds with me, fears retribution by The Klan if he were to break cover. His anonymity is assured. BRT on the other hand is prepared to nail his colours to the mast. BRT makes the following incontrovertible  points:


1. Craig Whyte has already been personally convicted by the SFA for deliberately failing to pay taxes as and when they fell due under article 5.1 of the SFA rules.

2. No such charge has ever been levied against RFC — just against their CEO.

3. Not only did RFC fail to pay taxes as and when they became due under Whyte’s watch, they deliberately failed to pay taxes for a 13 year period under the stewardship of Sir David Murray. They did this by deliberately entering into two unlawful tax aggressive tax avoidance schemes which even their advisers warned them could only be undertaken at considerable risk to the club as the schemes were never guaranteed to be successful.

4. Those schemes were entered into so that the club could buy players they would otherwise not have afforded.

5. In furtherance of those schemes, RFC chose to deliberately withhold the full details of their contractual arrangements with both players and managers from both the SFA and the SPL when submitting their applications to play under licence and in terms of the rules of both organisations.

6. In each of the years concerned, RFC had to apply for both domestic and European Licences to play football, and it is the granting of these licences which allows any football club to play in structured competition organised under the auspices of, or with the approval of, the SFA or UEFA.

7. Each and every licence application as submitted to the SFA in the knowledge that key financial and contractual information had been excluded in furtherance of tax avoidance purposes, and tax, which has since been declared to be legitimately due and payable from 1999 onwards, was unpaid and remains unpaid.

8. The above processes and procedures are no different, and indeed are considerably worse, breaches of article 5.1 under which Whyte was personally convicted and fined.

9. Further, as part of the HMRC investigations into the use of unlawful tax schemes, RFC deliberately lied to HMRC, SFA and SPL about the existence of side letters and other contractual documentation. This is particularly so in relation to the annual application for a playing licence.

On 20th May 2011, HMRC, in relation to one of the tax schemes, wrote to RFC and accused the club of “deliberate and fraudulent” behaviour in relation to the continued submission of false PAYE and NIC returns over a period of years.

10. It, therefore, follows that each and every application for a football licence made by RFC to the SFA from 2000 onwards (at least) was based on falsified financial, contractual and tax information and was designed to mislead the SFA with a view to persuading them to grant a licence on misrepresented grounds.

11. Not only is the above a breach of article 5.1 of the SFA handbook, but any licence obtained by misrepresentation has not been validly obtained as it has been obtained by way of false representation and deception.

12. It is a pre-requisite of entry into any league competition that the participating club holds a valid licence to play football.

13. In the event that a club did not or should not have held/hold a valid licence to play, that same club is not free to enter structured competition or register players to participate in such competition. It also follows that any declaration of a result of 0-3 in relation to any particular game as a result of a rule breach (such as fielding an ineligible player) is of no consequence because the club concerned was not eligible to participate at all.

14. The Court of Arbitration for Sport has already been invited by UEFA to hold that any application for a licence or any other compliance submission, which is devoid of all necessary financial and contractual information should be treated as null and void and as never having been received.

15. The same Court has also held that any title, championship, award, record, reward or other benefit which has been gained as a result of an improper or prohibited process should not be allowed to stand, the records of the award etc should be expunged and the sporting records corrected accordingly.


To my mind this is the petition that should be pursued. The SFA’s continued failure to apply the auspices of Article 5.1 is a clear abnegation of their responsibilities as governors of the Scottish game.

Their failure to act must be subject to a Judicial Review. Regan and Doncaster are running a crooked game to avoid doing the right thing. They are both lying through their back teeth and hiding behind the skirts of the ceremonial gowns worn by QC’s. BRT’s thesis is compelling. It’s high time we took these mendacious jobsworths to task.


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13 thoughts on “The Missing Article”

  1. I believe it is time to hold a conclave of the Brains trust to agree on strategy to bring integrity to football. This would have to be a virtual conclave for security reasons. You presumably have contact details for all the key players on your side of the argument. You probably know a tech person to ensure anonymity. There will only be one chance to nail this home so it has to be the best argued case. There does not have to be a leader but at least an organizer. I hope it can be achieved.

  2. Is Tom English now going to interview all 80 odd EBT recipients for their point of view to supplant the continuation agenda? I think he should to appease all of Scottish football fans looking for a fair playing field. Nice one English.

  3. Anyone who has a vested interest in the continuation of the great Scottish Football Swindle needs a strong Rangers FC this season and it is time for all good men to come to the aid of the Club. It would be informative to see how many games Bobby Madden has refereed and how many penalties he has awarded his club during these games and how many games RFC have won when he is the referee? Also what are the odds in one club having such a consecutive run of home matches in all cups? – Would any Scottish Media source be prepared to comment on these damning statistics?
    Also how much oxygen of publicity are the BBC prepared to give to Craig Levein’s Message Boy on his spat with Brendan Rodgers? The “spat” was reported on National BBC Sport! There certainly seems to be an Agenda being played out by the Scottish sport Section of the Corporation there, paint the CFC Manager in as bad a light as possible, hound him out, it’s the only chance of getting rid of him. And don’t be too surprised if Craig’s Message Boy gets the job permanently. His fitness will be improved no end with him himself running upstairs to the stand to get his instructions from Mister Geppetto and then scurrying back to the dugout to carry out his masters instructions. Thankfully Geppetto will do the pre-match and half time team talks as the Message Boy hands out the strips and does the rubs.
    BFDJ and Gordon “Former CEO of SFA” Smith ( Only in Scotland! 🙂 ) and the never ending list of Buffoons extolling the merits of RFC proves that the amount of Money paid to the Squatter of Murray Park is money well spent.
    I think everyone is well aware that rules simply do not apply to The Establishment Club however it is beyond the pale that SFA and SPFL can get away with such blatant corruption by ignoring their own rules however they cannot be accused of not playing the odds and stacking the deck. The 5 year statute of limitations in Nimmo Smith and the Resolution 12 Licence was mentioned some time ago on this site. Regan and Doncaster knew if they could reach that point any opposition and appetite for justice would be moot. It has so come to pass though questions should be asked of Peter Lawwell of his inactivity and intransigence during that time. “waiting for the High Court judgement” was a smokescreen. The wee Tax case had already been done and dusted, charged and admitted and, anywhere else, would have been the defining guilty conclusion and led to punishment. What date was the massively unreported Sheriff Officers visit to Ibrox? As you say, Everyone in Scottish football was aware of Rangers FC dodging taxes and SIR David Murray running a tax dodging illegal entity. A list of Past SFA CEOs and Chairman will prove how long the fix has been in. The tragedy is that the sleight of hand that produced the “Neutral outsiders” of Regan and Doncaster was the smartest play of all. These 2 take corruption and favouring of Rangers toa whole new level! Surely now the biggest question, beyond their own tainted careers, is -– What exactly has SIR David Murray and by default Career Criminal Dave King and therefore Rangers FC actually got on the SFA, their board members and the SPFL that ensures their corrupt compliance to the maintenance of Rangers and their illegal practices? The Scottish Laptop Loyal Media are the old boys club of Partisan Supporters and are recruited from that cesspool specifically for that purpose but what ensures the obedience of Stewart Milne and the rest of Scottish Football clubs and more specifically Anne Budge in this cabal of corruption?
    It’s not looking positive for any Judicial Review of Scottish Football. It is looking as each day passes that the Corrupt cabal and dastardly duo of Regan and Doncaster have brazened it out. More of the same this season??

  4. Message to Mols, when you played for the team that was Rangers FC incorporated now defunct due to liquidatuion and forever in debt to HMRC ensuring no ressurecting may occur, were you aware your club had registered improperly to ensure your petrol money was never taxed and that the letter given to you was a promise note to ensure that the petrol money if queried will be dealt with by your employer now deceased. Based on this are you aware that your awards won are no longer valid due to your non tax payment s and NIC which would have enabled you to free hospital treatment and other benefits same as the working class who supported you, and further that the titles you won and trophies were won whilst your employer, your agent and yourself negotiated a deal to enable you to avoid tax and that t he side letter is no gaurantee of your payment been secured by employer unless it amounts to a promise which is a contract in Scottish law and therefore your petrol money has now become a dual contract.
    As Scotlands game as shown last year highlights that the new club now called The Rangers, were a poor third to Aberdeen and this highlights and contradicts your six title claims (gallery playing) of not been credible titles.were your titles credible when it has been shown your employer admitted guys like you could not be afforded hence the side pocket money and tax avoidance to attract you and your kind.
    Your rhetoric does not cut it and you have admitted you only came to Scotland for the money as it is obvious no foreign player would come for the g;lory of playing every week in a two horse race year in year out for the length of the contract, see mr Mols we see right through guys like you and the BBC who gave you the platform for the story and to put forwrad the myth about playing for the biggest club in the world in the Mickey mouse two horse race, jog on mr Mols you never payed your way like the working class man and for that you have lost respect and will forever be one of the cheats and a mouthpiece for the deluded. Question will the titles always be tainted for Celtic as the club you remember like Goughie and watty, Findlay and Naismith, Traynor amongst other sated is gone, finished,liquidated never to return history 1872/2012 (R.I.P).

    1. High probability that Mols was paid to do that interview. He didn’t exactly look as if he believed in what he was saying.

  5. Regards the sevco v Motherwell game, the Well were pretty unlucky not to get at least a point. Their new captain McHugh was a weak link for me and will never replace lasley.

    Sevco’s better players were Miller and Windass, if that’s what they have on show I would suggest they are a poorer team than last season. Their big CB will win most high balls so don’t play a high ball game and he is lost, he is a liability on the deck specially against, smaller more mobile players, he will be in a competition with big Laffable to see who gets the most reds this season.

    BR will need to find another striker regardless of what he says, he refuses to give young Ralston some game time even when 3 goals up, that says to me he is not comfortable with the young striker. Celtic do have goals all thru the team but as we saw in the Euro game there is no real alternative to having a striker on who knows that position. It doesn’t look like Paddy will be back. Hayes is a poor replacement, a man playing without confidence.

    If that showing is typical of sevco they will not finish in the top 3 this season.St J and Hibs will prove to be better fighters than this weak team.

    1. I concur. Rangers Lite have gone backwards. Had it not been for Madden, who excused blocking a cross with one’s arm in the penalty box and the professional foul by Tavernier, Motherwell would have won this game. As for CFC, with Jack Aitchison developing nicely it won’t be long until he makes his debut, particularly if Dembele’s suspect hamstrings continue to play up. As for Roberts, CFC could have bought him and not gone for the loan option. Why would any player turn down a chance to train on the Côte d’Azur and play against teams of the calibre of PSG? With registration for UEFA only hours away I get the impression that his loan to the French club is imminent.

      1. Hey JJ, I believe Wesley Sneijder has signed for Lyon and takes up the last European place, this may put a spanner in the works for Paddy’s signature.

        I agree about Dembele, maybe it is time Celtic cashed in there. For an important player to miss 2 months of a 9 month season more than once may tell it’s own story.

        For Ralston, read Aitchison, nice spot JJ, 4 weeks in hospital has put me back a little 🙂

        Motherwell over the piece will give Celtic a harder time this season than sevco.

        Celtic should maybe use the LC to bleed some of the young pretenders at the potential of not taking a treble balanced against improving the fringe players. BR talks up youth, maybe time to prove that.

  6. With reference to OiS’s first paragraph, I can state the following.
    John Beaton, Bobby Madden, Andrew Dallas and Alan Muir are all previous Ibrox season ticket holders.
    Last season these four referees took charge of 15 Sevco games (Beaton, 5; Dallas, 4; Madden, 4; Muir, 2), 12 of which were in the league. Post split, four of Sevco’s five games were refereed by Madden (Celtic and Hearts [red card after 25 min]), Beaton (Aberdeen) and Dallas (St Johnstone).

  7. Does anyone else just wish Wee Fergus was involved at Celtic Park just now ? He would make mincemeat out of that SFA mob.

  8. BRT has clearly laid out the salient points that lead to the inevitable title stripping if this were any other country in the civilised world. Scotland is Rangers. Obfuscation abounds. But Justice must prevail

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