Unexploded Ordnance from 2003 Title Race is about to ignite.

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With up to 40,000 readers on any given day, many come on to my twitter page to share insights. To set the scene for what could be an explosive story, one reverts to 25th May 2003. The following is from BBC Sport:

An injury-time penalty by Mikel Arteta clinched the SPL title for Rangers in an amazing afternoon at Ibrox. Rangers were 5-1 up as the match entered the last few minutes, but with Celtic 4-0 up at Rugby Park and still playing, they knew the championship was not yet theirs.But when Arteta stepped up to slot the ball past Derek Stillie after Neil McCann had been brought down, the Ibrox nerves were finally settled. Michael Mols had given Rangers the lead, Jason Dair equalised, before Claudio Caniggia, Shota Arveladze, Ronald de Boer and Steven Thompson put Rangers on the road to the title.”

The Rangers side which won the title on goal difference was riddled with tax cheats:

Rangers: Klos (£2m EBT); Ricksen (£684,225 EBT); Moore (£1.1m EBT and DOS/VSS tax cheating); Amoruso (£639,000 EBT); Numan (£510,000 EBT); Ferguson (£2.5m EBT); Arteta (£674,703 EBT); Caniggia (£1m EBT substituted by Neil McCann £500,000 EBT); de Boer (£1.2m EBT and DOS/VSS tax malfeasance); Mols (£260,000 EBT substituted by Thompson £485,000 EBT) and Arveladze whose tax arrangements are unknown.

They were managed by Alex McLeish who received a £1.7m cash bung. Chris Sutton asserted that Dunfermline had laid down to Rangers to allow the EBT juggernaut to win the title. He was banned for six games, which was reduced to 5 games after appeal.

One then fast forwards to 2015 to this narrative from Chris Sutton:

“Jimmy Calderwood wants an apology from me. I’m afraid he is going to be disappointed because it’s not going to happen.I must admit I was surprised when I read in yesterday’s Record Sport his demands for me to say sorry for insulting his Dunfermline side in 2003. The first thing that struck me was why had it taken so long for him to come out and say this?Perhaps he has a bit too much time on his hands these days and hasn’t got anything better to do but I found it laughable. To dredge it up after 12 years is pathetic.When I accused 
Dunfermline of lying down to Rangers I said it from the heart in the heat of the moment. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I clearly touched a nerve questioning fellow 
footballers’ integrity. I was angry, felt cheated and my blood was boiling. It was my opinion at that time in the aftermath of a weak and puny performance by Jimmy’s team.”

Chris Sutton is still convinced Dunfermline lay down to Rangers to allow them to win the title in 2003.

However it now seems that Sutton was on to something. David Murray arranged for Calderwood to be appointed at Dunfermline via Gavin Masterton. Both Rangers and Dunfermline were heavily indebted to the Bank of Scotland. According to Calderwood in a radio interview, the plan was for him to find his feet in the smaller club before taking over the EBT Juggernaut.

With this in mind, did Calderwood throw the game for Rangers?

A number of documents have recently come to light. These documents have been handed to the SFA for scrutiny. Did Calderwood receive a £1m EBT from Rangers in a pre-contract deal that was swept under the carpet after Rangers won the title in 2003?

What about the Dunfermline players? Were they also on the take that day?

These incriminating documents might well lead to one title being stripped in 2003 and much more besides.









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38 thoughts on “Unexploded Ordnance from 2003 Title Race is about to ignite.”

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  1. CQN have proof of match fixing and hand this proof to wait for it……..SFA, I remember day well arrived home Seville that afternoon nothing wotmake me happier but ole file that one under nonsense. Not saying it isn’t true but nothing will come of it.

  2. Explosive stuff but I can’t help feeling that they’re throwing the fans a bone of stripping one title to distract from the wider campaign.
    That said this allegation takes the corruption to another level, the dam surely has to burst under the pressure.

  3. So another squirrel is let loose to deflect from the true story here. A feeble attempt to appease the fans? When is someone in the media going to run with the true narrative? I would guess never.
    Are Celtic going to step up or are they addicted to the blue pound as well.

    It appears to me that all hope of justice is now lost and it truly makes me sad that they did it, everyone knows they did it but nothing is going to be done.

    The only saving grace is that their team is still shite, with a shite manager and even with the collusion of the SFA, the SPFL, bent refs and a subservient media they will still win the square root of fuck all.

    I loathed them before and I loath them more now.

    Will donate again, as soon as payday rolls around.

    1. I can assure you this is not a squirrel. The source is CQN – Chapeau to Paul, David and their investigative agent – and is live. I should add that the incriminating documents were ‘seized by the SFA’ which is suggestive of a court order and the fact that they are taking this seriously. If they attempt to bury it, CQN will bury them.

      1. Thanks for the clarification JJ. It’s just beginning to get right on my tits now. Pure frustration does not lead to rational thought in my case.

        Stay safe.

      2. I hope CQN have alerted the authorities in London. Match fixing if suspected is a crime they should be investigating as well as the SFA.

    2. Imagine a scenario where a group of people, with delusions of cultural superiority, want to win so much, to prove said superiority, that they cheat on an industrial scale!

      To make matters worse everyone knows they cheated but nobody says or does anything. If anyone told you this was in a despotic banana republic in the 70’s or 80’s no-one would be surprised. For it to happen in one of the oldest footballing nations in Europe in the 21st century beggars belief. It’s both terrifying and hilarious at the same time. The “Emperor’s New Clothes” comes to life in Scottish football and shames the SMSM, the footballing authorities and politicians.

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  5. Just when you think they can sink no lower, they find another level to plumb the depths.
    We need to ensure that this is given full scrutiny in the cold light of day and not suppressed by the SFA.
    Btw another great article JJ addition donation on its way.
    Well worth every penny ( are you listening Lurkers?)

  6. Hi JJ,keep up the good work it’s much appreciated,just made monthly donation,can donate any day of month if suits better,when bills fall etc,just let me know,wish freeloaders would pay their way as you deserve to be covered for your time & effort,keep safe Liam

  7. When you think that the ends are more important than the means then the rules no longer stop you. We have evidence of lying , hiding, obstruction and tax avoidance and serial rule breaking and now bribery and match fixing. This will make a best seller book. That sound you hear is the death rattle.

  8. Some fantastic articles of late JJ and at usual prodigious level of output. I haven’t commented for a while as I’m disillusioned with the apparent lack of action with regard to title stripping.

    The SFA, SPFL, SMSM and club boards seem to think every football fan can be treated with contempt and nothing will change. I don’t expect much from the stenographers but the BBC have been a disgrace. The EBT recipients should only get airtime on BBC to discuss their tax avoidance or after paying their social taxes. Their opinions on football are neither relevant nor welcome on a public service broadcaster until they meet their obligations. On the above basis I’ve committed all the intended football cash for this season towards other activities and I don’t envisage returning.

    That said today’s article has piqued my interest. Even the Klan will struggle to keep a lid on this if true.

  9. This WILL open the floodgates of the evidence stands up. Think about it …. any pretence at ‘no competitive advantage’ is blown to hell if EBTs were used to actively remunerate the opposition.

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  11. I’ve sent another £20, my fourth (none acknowledged). I did say that I would give no more after your attack on James Doleman, but I am susceptible to occasional bouts of fairness and I would be sorry to lose contact with this blog. And, as usual, I’ll give Phil MacG a matching sum.

    On the unexploded bomb … do you know that it’s Dunfermline? The CQN clues were

    “… an old shipwreck of an East Coast football club that had somehow managed to make it back on to dry land?

    Discoloured, creased and unframed pennants of a bygone era when your beloved club was a European force…

    Old stained photographs of legends who would turn in their graves on account of the underhand dealings that brought their club to its knees…

    Frayed, unwashed, matchworn jerseys – embroidered with famous Scottish Cup final appearances under a crest that once graciously adorned the chest of 1960s icons…”

    Sounds more like a club across the River Tay from Fife: European Cup semifinalists: Fairs Cup semifinalists: losing postwar cup finalists three times; 1960s Scotland and Spurs centre forward, 1960s Scotland, Arsenal and Manchester United centre half, 1960s heroic battler against the scourge of diabetes …

  12. If this is true then it just further emphasises what a cesspool of corruption and illegality Scottish football was and is to this day.

  13. I’m thinking evidence of EBT’s via side letters? Maybe their end of season holiday bill picked up by an arms length company?
    Each and all very timely?

  14. For your information if you dont have already. Collusion? Corruption? Think back to that Dunfermline game! Bet your hat! 🙂 –
    soundcloud.com/celticresearch/longer-off-the-ball-interview-with-jimmy-calderwood?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter …

  15. Good afternoon jj another great post. Can you confirm you received my donation last week via paypal: 49X18100RX502-xxxx

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  16. Wouldn’t it be just like the thing if Masterton introduced Murray to EBTs. Oh dear, what a twisted web we sew.

    If cqn are fobbed off, would they be in contempt by publishing. I assume they have copies

  17. Wee bit of shitting themselves going on over by:
    sevco fans and whataboutery.
    Follow follow
    Re: Match Fixing
    Paul Brennan/CQN claiming Jimmy Calderwood had an EBT during the 2002/03 season.
    14 Hours Ago #15
    No to Indyref2
    Join Date
    Re: Match Fixing
    Kenny McDowell , Davie Moyes and I think two other Rangers supporting st mirren players ran they’re guts out for 90 minutes whilst others went through the motions ..I’ve heard that so often that surely that needs investigated.
    Ha Ha surely with 4 bluenoses and a goalkeeper making 5 players (St. Mirren’s goalkeeper Jim Stewart, who had once played for Rangers) which is now half a team and Hearts playing in a game they only needed a draw with a self-confessed Hearts supporting ref

    And from Sandy Clarke bluenose playing for hearts and could not score and expecting the obligatory pen.

    “Crombie was to wave away a strong penalty claim in the game after Clark was tripped by Colin Hendry and the striker insists there was a conflict of interest which added insult to injury.”
    “Everyone knew Bill was a Hearts fan. It put enormous pressure on him and it was all so unnecessary.
    “I can’t speak for Bill but it certainly looked like he was uncomfortable refereeing that Dens Park clash.”

    I love when an SFA plan falls apart, aye sandy the only pressure that day was on the Hearts manager hoping a pen was giving as he knew you were a fucking coo.Only a draw was required Albert Kidd scored two goals that crombie had to let stand as kidd skinned the whole fecking team and for the Celtic result Stewart the ex rangers keeper was the ex for a reason he was fecking shite.

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