Pargate: The Known Knowns

Celtic effectively played their ‘B’ team last night and scored five without reply. My tip for the runners-up spot to Celtic, Hibs, did likewise against Ayr United. I revealed exclusively on Twitter that Patrick Roberts will sign on for another loan period at Celtic. My source has a link to the CFC dressing room and access to a football agent. As he has proven to be reliable in the past I have no reason to doubt him.

However when it comes to what I have decided to call Pargate, sorting the wheat from the chaff is no easy task. In the 1960s Dunfermline reached the semi-finals of the European Cup Winners Cup. They were a force to be reckoned with. When one fast forwards forty years, to 25th May 2003, when the Rangers EBT juggernaut prevailed by one goal to win the title, they were a shadow of the proud team that took the field with honour in the 1960s.

I have revisited the highlights of this game. One can find a package on YouTube presented by Derek Johnstone. Derek is not exactly ‘slimmer of the year’ on this tape, but his days of being carted around the Radio Clyde studio in a makeshift wheel barrow are ahead of him. The stairlift is his faithful friend. No-one could ever accuse BFDJ of the same. Two children from affairs while a married father of four suggests that he is an accomplished liar and a serial adulterer. He is also not averse to driving while intoxicated. As a Real Rangers Man he won’t lack company and is probably shacked up with a former beauty queen who is now as old as cheese. BFDJ enjoys a quart of port with his cheese.

When one revisits this tape it’s evident that no-one in Dunfermline colours is prepared to make a tackle. They shadow the Rangers players without impeding their progress. On the one occasion a tackle is made they concede a penalty. The penalty was converted to win the title for the EBT juggernaut.

Dunfermline’s chairman has now released a statement which at best is disingenuous; at worst it’s downright duplicitous. He made a less than veiled reference to this site. Keith Jackson has jumped on the bandwagon to contain the narrative for Level 5. A cold dispassionate appraisal of the facts, the known knowns, is called for.

‘Sir’ David Murray is a crook. He is bent. A ‘wrong un.’ Readers of this site know that he acquired Lawerence Marlborough’s equity in Rangers with a one million dollar bribe; in addition to the six million pounds registered purchase price. Both the bribe and the official purchase price were loaned to SDM by Gavin Masterton at The Bank of Scotland.

Readers of this site will also know that David Murray arranged for lifelong Rangers fan, Jimmy Calderwood, to take over as team coach of Dunfermline using his influence with Gavin Masterton. This was revealed by Calderwood to Stuart Cosgrove on the latter’s satirical radio show. Calderwood also revealed that ‘they’ (Murray, Masterton & Calderwood) controlled Dundee.

David Murray therefore had de facto control of three football clubs. If Murray was an honest man, this authority would not have been abused. However we know that Murray is prepared to lie, cheat and steal from the exchequer while running a coach and horses through Scottish football regulations.

When one reverts to CQN, the Pars chairman’s statement about the timing of these revelations does not ring true. CQN first went to print on this matter one week ago. Keith Jackson, who is always one week late, may have just woken up to the developing story, but it was not timed to in any way derail tonight’s bare nipple bared knee extravaganza in the Argyll Suite. Nor to in any way upset the travelling Pars fans who have been unkindly described as ‘Huns without the bus fare.’ One of the three groups who are actively conspiring to assassinate your humble correspondent are denizens of The Kingdom of Fife. One can but hope that they follow the bum steers of The Lawman who has not got a fucking clue about me. He has his knickers in a bunch since I banned him from this site. He is making things up as he goes along to those too gullible to question him. Good luck with that Gullibillies.

Back on planet Earth, we find that CQN have handed copious amounts of incriminating documents to the SFA’s Compliance Officer, Tony McGlennan. Paul Brennan is not engaging in click bait. This narrative is nuclear.

Getting back to the known knowns, would it be fair to conclude that Jimmy Calderwood, who cannot currently buy a coach’s position in football at home or abroad, owed a debt of gratitude to David Murray?  Would this debt have been brought into sharper relief with the offer of managing Rangers? Would Calderwood have been tempted to lie down to Rangers as he did in September of season 2002/2003 when his team lost 6-0?

If the fix was in as many suspect, a number of players would have to be bought. The Pars players were in a jubilant mood after being trounced 6-1 in the Ibrox showdown. Champagne had been supplied in the team bath to toast their heroes and to launch into a lusty chorus of The Billy Boys. It was a win-win for Calderwood and his charges.

The SFA solicitor Tony McGlennan already has egg on his face. He was humiliated when hand ball cheat Josh Meekings was allowed to participate in the Scottish Cup final. ICT disproved the adage that cheats don’t win. McGlennan will be loath to intervene unless the evidence is compelling.

The difficulty in establishing the facts is exacerbated by CQN playing cat and mouse on Twitter. Dingwall Fandango’s ‘Follow Follow’ alleged that Mr. Brennan tweeted that Calderwood had an EBT in 2002/2003, prior to hastily removing this tweet.

If the players were in on this, their palms would have also been greased. What happened when Dunfermline went bust is a squirrel. With the greatest respect to Pars fans few of us give the square root of fuck all about Masterton’s ill-starred misadventure. We have long known that he is a bent as his old china David Murray.

CQN are sitting on an ICBM. They are not sabre rattling about Guam. Their target is the sixth floor at Hampden. The fallout will be devastating.


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27 thoughts on “Pargate: The Known Knowns”

  1. JJ

    I recall the week leading up to the game in 2003 very well. My offices overlooked Pitreavie playing fields where Dunfermline trained on weekdays. During the days leading up to the match, there was no sight of the Dunfermline team training. Unless they went somewhere else or trained at East End Park (albeit Pitreavie was their usual training ground throughout the seasons) I have to question whether they trained that week at all.

    1. One makes a donation on PayPal. It can be a one-off or recurring. When making a comment be sure to quote their confirmation number, then you will be good to go. If £20 or more I will write to you in person.

  2. I hope you are right about this JJ. Match fixing is extremely difficult to prove 13 years after the event.
    Donation on the way 2 days ahead of schedule.

  3. Small donation, as my situation allows, made
    Transaction id 44F74597M4195794U

    Keep the screw turning on this, someone will eventually break rank and talk.
    compelling reading JJ

  4. Sadly as long as there is no effect on their income streams,this will be ignored by the SFA.
    They are hardly going to do the right
    thing are they?
    Barefaced lying and brass necks are de rigeur at the SFA.

  5. Anything in the dossier to…..

    JJ: No contribution, no comment. I don’t mind being taken to task but I won’t waste my time on freeloaders.

  6. Another excellent article as informative as ever. I had the misfortune to draw the 2nd shortest straw at a Charity event attended the few great and the many gormless of Scottish Football and be sat two places away from BFDJ, a late substitute for a call off. The man is a buffoon. As you have said many times the man has no contacts or information from anywhere or anyone. His qualifications for Gossip and Untruths are simply he is seen as a RRM. At that stage he was still telling anyone who would listen that SIR David Murray put millions into RFC. His story of joining RFC is instructive – As both CFC and RFC made a play at his Dundee home within 15 minutes of each other for the 15 year old Big Slim DJ RFC, goaded by his brother, offered a new suite and carpet for his mum and money for the boy himself to beat the imaginary offer of a suite from CFC. BFDJ took the money.
    The revelations of Calderwood are explosive. I remember his appearance on Tam Cowans TV programme with Jimmy Nicholl. His answers to his image of himself behind his back on the TV screen were instructive when told by JR “You!” – “Protestant”? “Orangeman” Calderwood used to describe himself.
    I laughed at “he couldnt buy himself a job in football” – A real RFC Supremacist – Karma perhaps? And his muckers who bankrolled him? SIR David Murray and Gavin Masterton – Scottish Society never mind Scottish Football should bring those 2 crooks to justice for the damage they have done to every decent law abding citizen in Scotland -£900 Million and counting?
    People say the SFA is a closed shop of Corruption and a nest of Masonic and RRM old boys network. Would the Tony McGlennan you mention be the son of Andy “Mr Insurance” McGlennan former Queens Park officianado and best pal of Malky McKay senior, former President of Queens Park who was the driving force behind the SFA recruitment of his Rascist and personna non-grata son Malky McKay junior? Theres no way Tony McGlennan is a vested interest job for the boys guy is he? is he? is he? If he is he is in good company! 🙂

  7. There was a young chap who played in that Dunfermline team who was a Celtic fan, but he was far outnumbered by the fans of Rangers. His family and friends are talking about it in Seville. They knew then there was no point in Celtic even thinking about winning the title. The whole Dunfermline team were due to fly out to Spain on the Monday morning after the game. At best they were in holiday mode. At worst they were celebrating as the players and directors of Kilmarnock did in their own car park after being destroyed by Celtic that fateful day.

    The Celtic fan who played for Dunfermline who spoke out was punted

    1. Sorry JJ my comment above posted unfinished

      The ingrained bigotry in Scotland means that almost everyone would rather a Rangers victory than a Celtic victory. That’s why they all want to move on, aside from viabke threats to their safety.

      A cursory look back at some strange transfers, when Rangers purchased average players for exorbitant fees, after some much needed thumping victories would have one asking if anything underhand was at play?

      I’ll say it straight out. David Murray had almost everyone in his pocket. A total and utter sham was played out at his will in order to strike his ego and to attempt to keep the Tims down.

      They had to cheat to compete!

      To think the spineless wonders at Celtic Park sit on their hands and brush aside their shareholders, who clearly weren’t paranoid enough, is a disgrace.

  8. Just wondering JJ
    Do you have any understanding of the obligations of CQN at time of seizure? Were they caught cold? Did they have legal guidance and observation of the process?
    This “evidence” is all well and good but as we know there’s the added dimension of SFA being complicit here.
    Indications are that they have already engaged SMSM to control or at least obfuscate via an alternative narrative…essentially they can see CQN’s hand and play it to their best outcome.
    How long can they sit on this or bury it ?

    1. I’m surprised by SFA involvement and I don’t accept that anything has been seized. If on the other hand it does not involve Rangers and by osmosis Celtic, then why not punt it over the fence? However the leaks from the narrative suggest a silver bullet.

      1. That was my hope…rather than “seizure” it’s been a managed process of confrontation and disclosure on behalf on CQN.
        The head scratcher is what exactly would constitute a silver bullet? Especially in fair Caledonia…it’ll need to be a FMJ hollow point to have any impact with these feckers !!!

  9. The Dunfermline statement the other day suggested to me that two separate but confused narratives are in play. On the one, they’ve actively responded to an enquiry about their views on EBT and appetite to revisit (which is to be applauded for speaking even if it was only to recuse). On the other there’s a separate forensic piece that they’ve yet to feel the brunt of.

    That match stunk to high heaven. It’s telling that the suggestion of dishonesty surprises no one. It’s a matter of fact that Murray and Mastertons sticky fingers were in plenty of pies. Rangers stoked the fires by playing dirty with finances, then reaped rewards twofold when the stress gave them influence over the following pack. Who do the undisclosed EBTs belong to? What did Calderwood feel he had to do to get the Rangers job he himself said he was in line for? How much did the SFA know or wilfully ignore? Why the desperate movement to not have a full and frank examination? Does anyone still really think the SFA’s interest extends beyond how best to either bury this or use it as a smokescreen for not looking at the full picture?

    I truly hope this buries those in my the SFA more than anything else but fully expect them to exploit it instead.

  10. Moving on from the League Cup ties this evening. is the bet that RFC draw a home tie against the lowest positioned team left in the draw?
    I would wager RFC V Livingston ( Now think back to Jimmy Calderwood – Dunfermline /Livingston /Dundee. Could Dundee be awaiting RFC in round after next round? 🙂 )

  11. If you are correct on Patrick Roberts then our support will be delighted. Overcoming Astana becomes that little bit more certain now….if there is such a thing.

      1. good morning JJ,
        I’m not so sure about that.I seem to recall reading that teams participating in the Champions League are allowed one signing right up until the day before the first leg of any qualifying round.
        Then again,tthere’s a chance that I could be wrong,my medication is quite strong,after all.
        Hope you are well and staying safe,Irishboy.

    1. My source informed me that it was a done deal. I know his sources, which he inadvertently revealed, therefore the provenance was copper bottomed. However as it turns out it’s still a work in progress. My source has gone inordinately quiet. I anticipate this will be completed in the next 48 hours.

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