The Silver Bullet

There are a number of issues bubbling under in what passes for Scottish football governance at the moment. Celtic called for a review. The SFA maintained their stony silence. The SPFL read a ludicrous pre-prepared statement by Gerry Moynihan and decided no further action was necessary. It was all done and dusted in forty-eight hours. Neil Doncaster engaged in an interview with Grant Russell and blatantly lied. The latest event is Pargate. The CQN’s inertia on this does not bode well. If they had been told by the Judicial Review Requisitioners to keep their powder dry they would not have passed their information to the SFA Compliance Officer, Tony McGlennan.

A cynic might conclude:

Why would dust present itself to a vacuum cleaner.

Meanwhile the latest innovation by the squatter at Auchenhowie is to counteract the clamour for title stripping with a call to ‘add the titles.’  The titles won by Orange Ordure draft dodgers who claimed that they were members of the cloth. How the denizens of Ibrox can wear poppies truly beggars belief. If anyone ever thought integrity would break out at Ibrox, then think again. These individuals would mug their grandmothers to reinforce their deluded sense of supremacy and to get one over Timmy.

However there is one scenario in Pargate that could prove to be a silver bullet. If several former Dunfermline players have gone on the record to assert that they were told, or worst still bribed, to throw the game at Ibrox then it will be difficult for the SFA to finesse it. No-one expects them to act. If only one player volunteered information, he will be dismissed as a bitter fantasist, as was the case with Hugh Adam when he lifted the lid on Rangers cheating in 2002. Did the SFA intervene when the cheating was presented to them on TV? Of course not. The cheating continued for another nine seasons.

Jimmy Calderwood is a buffoon who fancied himself as a celebrity after overcooking his bloated body in a sun bed. He made not to put too fine a point of it, a total prick of himself. He would tell anyone that would listen that he would be the new Rangers manager. Did anyone actually anticipate Advocaat who bore a striking resemblance to Hitler, being replaced by the Pars answer to Eva Braun? The closest Calderwood got to managing Rangers was on Football Manager.

Yet the scenario of Murray dangling this carrot at Calderwood is not easy to dismiss. Calderwood was already beholden to Murray for his job at Dunfermline. Could he be further compromised by an EBT? Would Murray have him at his beck and call as was the case with The Gallant Pioneer of Tax Evasion, Campbell Ogilvie?

On the 25th May 2003 all Rangers had to do was to beat Dunfermline by more goals than Celtic could score against Kilmarnock. Chick Young, who at that time was pretending to be a St. Mirren fan but had to use Tom Tom satnav to find Love Street, was in his element. BBC Scotland only had one outside broadcast unit and the Hun loving Teuchters who run this Rangers-facing state broadcaster insisted that they set up shop at Ibrox.

Celtic fans were treated to a broadcast from a tin can. The party was at Ibrox, and the mantra was  ” Party Over Here, Fuck You Over There.” (Ice Cube lyric).

Rangers duly won by one more goal than Celtic with ten of their players, two substitutes and their manager all ‘imperfectly registered.’

This game should have resulted in a 3-0 reverse for Rangers but not in the corrupt fiefdom that is Scottish football governance.

Murray was a gambler with the Bank of Rangers’ money, but would Daddy have cut off his allowance if the lucrative Champions League was out with his grubby gift?  We know that Murray was prepared to bribe to get his way, so why not throw a season ticket at a tanning salon, or even better an EBT, Calderwood’s way, to ensure that his players engaged in an exercise in shadow football?

As I watched both games with the Celtic game’s picture being inferior to those that were beamed back from the moon in 1969, it was obvious that Rangers could score at will and would outgun Celtic. They even had the luxury of allowing Dunfermline to score from distance to give the impression that the fix was not in.

Murray must be exposed as a criminal. He must be banned from the game. His accomplice, Calderwood, should also be banned sine die. This is their JFK moment and should the SFA attempt to pin it on the patsy in the book depository I would anticipate some triangulated CQN cross fire from the grassy knoll.



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21 thoughts on “The Silver Bullet”

  1. Extra donation made JJ.
    Keep ’em comin…please.

    JJ: Noted and very gratefully received. My local Starbucks is seeing more of me than usual.

  2. By Auchenhowie do you mean MURRAY park? It seems to the outsider that the initial clamour from The Internet Bampots for a Judical review of SFA and SPFL and the non legally binding Nimmo Smith Commision in the wake of the Supreme Court decision is now, as expected, sadly receding. The Corrupt Cabal of SMSM Laptop Poodles and RRM, Regan, Doncaster, SIR David Murray and his Stooges as well as Peter “Every colour of Pound is welcome” Lawwell seem to have brazened it out. There will be no Titles asterixed, there will be no penalties or retribution to the systematic cheating, bribery and corruption of the Great Scottish Football Swindle. And we wonder why the cesspool of Scottish football is a magnet to the Crooks, Thieves and Spivs which inhabit it.

  3. I believe CQN were compelled by court order to comply with the SFA request and have not commented on the matter since for legal reasons. One would assume CQN took the precaution of making copies of the material and insisted on a detailed receipt.

    1. I was working in my taxi that day and listening to radio Clyde, the commentator said there would be 2 mins of added time at Ibrox; after about a 4 minutes and, with Celtic still ahead I was wondering when full-time would arrive but I should have known Rangers were awarded a penalty in the SIXTH minute of added time this fact was overlooked following Chris Sutton’s outburst I.keep playing until the huns score. Now I know that added time can be added to for any delays, but surely two mins cannot become six.

  4. Only in Scotland says:
    August 10, 2017 at 10:19 am

    i fail to see your logic you may be pissed off or may not be but your negativity is what one would expect in the SMSM. if you feel helpless let me offer a bit of advice, you do not have to perticipate in the game if you feel you are been chetaed.
    1. Boycott all domestic cups and back your team only in the league if you do not wish to punish players
    2. Cancel your BT or SKY and let them know why
    3. Do not buy one single paper or click any of their click bait the bloggers will inform you of anything worthy in the rags which is never
    4. Boycott the away games of clubs you know want to move on for greed
    5. When clubs and media begin to feel the pinch they will buckle everyman has his tyipping point and the institution is a fable, Regan and Doncaster will be made to resign failure to do so will require their brothers to defend them in lies but they will be blackballed for it when the dust settles and moved to pastures new through witheld scandals. Money is the root of all evil, but it certainly helps get a lot of things moving, you have the power in your pocket.
    Anybody who wants to listen to chick young ,derek johnson, tom english or any of the broadcasters needs their heads looked at Scottish dross for the gullible.

    1. You were almost there mate….but you would have to boycott every game.
      Couple of games will not make much difference but a total boycott will bring a result,don’t think the supporters have the knowhow are the sense to think it out so the corruption will carry on and the supporters will have the association the deserve.

  5. If Scottish football fans are happy to pay for a bent game,which it would appear they clearly are,nothing will change.
    I am just as bad as I pay for Skyports and BT whilst munching the occasional McDonald’s all cash streams to the SFA.
    If I could dump BT I would but because there is no alternative I can’t.
    If I could pick and choose what Sky sports I have, I would but there is no choice,all or nothing.
    Take it or leave it,sadly that’s the only choice available to Scottish football fans.
    How many are going to walk away?
    Sadly very few,and so the cheating will continue and the Ibrox mob will be emboldened thinking ,quite rightly rules only apply to the diddy teams.
    Not anyone pretending to be Rangers.

    1. If enough people cancelled Sky Sports/BT citing “SFA CORRUPTION” it would quickly be recognised. Sky use (or used to at least) a system that flags and captures cancellation reasons so that they can gauge opinion of their services from their client base.
      They will thereafter build win back campaigns via telesales/literature responses.
      If enough people do this it would quickly register, be assigned its own category code and at least be tangible to them.

      1. I currently work for Sky in Livingston and can confirm that they still capture and report reasons for customers cancelling or downgrading their subscription.

        Any high numbers would certainly make them take notice, but what they would actually do about is another story..

        At the moment, they are acutely aware of losing business to BT hence the recent “debundling” of sports packages to keep customers onboard.


  6. If TRFC fans want to look back in history, they might find that plenty of the loyalists that played at Liebrox suddenly found working in the shipyards preferable to serving their country. Oops..

  7. Dear Sir,It has taken me a wee bit of inner soul searching to say that I am A lurker,(fantastic words) . quite true in that sense:actually I have been reading your thoughts and words ; I.E rangers stock exchange: but Sir due to my circumstances where that I have no income whatsoever, due to the fact that my partner works over 25 hours a week I am deemed to receive no benefits,I am over sixty now having spent firstly many years in the Royal Navy,and for love of the sea and tranquility working offshore of which i loved ,alas the medical which I failed due to high blood pressure and 1 dodgy hip anyway enough of my trivual problems ,You Sir are a sign that only things Can get better, for years I have been waiting on some Bastion of Integrity to SPEAK well I think that Wee have found it, anyway if this is allowed on your very special Speakeasy ,may I suggest to Sexton Traynor get a Kodi box, These Electronic contraptions gets you whatever you desire hence NO NEED to pay for SKY or BT anyway please stand by for some very wierd or interesting news in the next 24 hours. We can all shout, scream,threaten,cast aspersions but its action that needs to be done not talk,,,, Action

  8. Intriguing material and, as ever, well researched and backed up with facts. It’s such a pity that the pitiful and cowardly Scottish journalists who read this site won’t touch this story. This has been a scandal which has shamed Scottish football yet the journalists up there are talking about Pedro banning players from wearing green boots. It’s an utter hoot. Spiers and Jackson are a disgrace to their profession.

    SDM had ALL of the Scottish journalists in his back pocket and corrupted the game entirely. He is an oaf, a buffoon and a bully who had no credibility in the City. He was viewed as a ‘chancer’, and a reckless gambler. But in Scotland, he had control over the press and the banks. Hell, he got knighted for racking up £875m worth of debt.

    Dear reader, I do have my faults, but I can assure you of this. Given a clear run, a firm handshake and a great calling card, I would be in line for an invitation to the Palace. Yes, really! Stunning stuff. He created fiscal havoc, drove his club into liquidation and received a knighthood for services to industry. Apparently, his fiscal vandalism doesn’t warrant a mention in the Scottish media. Nor the industrial scale cheating orchestrated by him. Remarkable.

    Your articles continue to inform and enthrall. Are you up for another award this year and, if so, in which category? You surely MUST be!

    Donation on its way to you on my return on Saturday.

    1. Kind words TM, thank you. I guess that given my enforced exile I would qualify for the international ticket. I’ll leave it to my readers to cast their votes should I warrant their support.

  9. JJ could you please inform sexton traynor that there is a way Not to pay these exoberant fees , I have been using kodi for over 4 years and have not spent 1 penny on BT or SKY and can get any football match that is being played ,Not only in Scotland,England but worldwide also any tv programme or any film new or old

  10. JJ…
    Am a tad disappointed … there is no Silver Bullet as annonced in the title.
    The main problem in this whole sorry affair (not just ParsGate) is that no one is willing to put their head above the parpit (sp?).
    We all know why.

    However,with the recent drip drip of pressure from all sides “The Levee’s Gonna Break”…

    More power to your pen !!!

  11. Peter. Thanks for the advice. I already, as a protest, refuse to support with hard earned cash any vested interest in Scottish Football who condones or supports the current corruption. My point is exasperation that, as The Mensch mentions, the media and the vested interests have stunted this story by their denial and their silence. Anywhere else this Scandal would be front page news never mind back page news it is only JJ and some other internet bampots who expose this and keep the issue in the public consciousness however, to prevent spreading my depression, I will sign off.

  12. Great photograph, but you should have told your readers if the rifle shown was the Manlicher Carcano 6.5 , the Mauser 7.65, or the Lee Enfied 3.03, which were all found in the Texas School Book Depository, on 22/11/63.

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