A Five Way Omnishambles

The late Paul McConville compared The Five Way Agreement to The Holy Grail. He would have loved to have deconstructed it in his own inimitable fashion. The twists and turns that led to Charles Green signing the final 6th draft can now be exclusively revealed for the first time. I have been liaising with Charles on this topic over the past few days as I wanted to put it to bed once and for all. The following in bold italic typeface is reproduced verbatim:

The whole story of the 5 way agreement is in my book and there are pages of it, starting with meetings at Hampden followed up with 3/4 meetings with Rod Petrie at Hibs , Hampden and Edinburgh Airport hotel. Rod (McKenzie) had been nominated by the SFA and the SPL to try and get me to agree a settlement.The man is a slime bag and Ally McCoist nearly hit him ( the only time he ever supported me). On the Friday the 5 way agreement was signed it was like an episode from the keystone cops.

The meeting started in the morning at the lawyers office I didn’t go until late afternoon early evening. I had two representatives present.I knew that the first few hours would get nowhere and I had huge problems to resolve at the club. When I arrived in reception waiting for the lift to go up to join the meeting Stewart Reagan came out of the lift . He had to leave early to get back to Yorkshire for a special occasion. Incredible really Scottish Football is about to go bust and he has a more pressing appointment in Yorkshire. The final document was signed around 10 pm, I understand SR left a signature page with his lawyer to attach on behalf of the SFA.”

As much as we eagerly anticipate Mr. Green’s books he has given us some scintillating takeaways. McKenzie is a slime bag. In fact I would go so far as to remove the bag. Note how the SFA and SPL are using the same counsel to twist Green’s arm. There can be little doubt that the Conveyancing Consigliere Gerry Moynihan is the man behind the SFA’s inertia and the SPFL faux review.

As for Stewart Regan leaving a critical meeting to attend an ‘occasion’  one could not make it up. If his wife had just gone into labour or there had been a death in the family his absence could have been excused. Did he have a pressing engagement at a barbecue at Yorkshire Cricket Club? Or was it just a pretext to save face given that he  could not shoehorn Sevco into the SPL or SFL 1? As for title-stripping, with fifteen titles up for grabs in draft one and draft two, this was no longer on the table. I can also confirm that there was no side agreement or addendum guaranteeing that titles would not be stripped. Charles, prompted by my questions, responded:

Re title stripping! me paying cash to be divided between the other SPL clubs to mitigate their financial hardship was an early proposal from Rod. Andrew Dickson was present at two of the meetings when this was tabled, however he is such a snake. I only ever signed one document the final version in Biggart Bailey offices. There was never any chance of Rangers being shoehorned back into the SPL . The Rangers fans and management were vocal and the other clubs fans were putting their directors under pressure not to waiver. At one meeting an interesting comment was made that if a Director of another SPL club voted to put Rangers out of the league he or she could be in breach of their fiduciary duty knowing it would not be in the best interest of his company.”

Note the suggestion of a lump sum to be distributed to the SPL clubs. Does Rod McKenzie have no shame?

The final point is instructive. Was this the last throw of the dice by Regan and Doncaster to bully the SPL Chairmen into submission? As for Andrew Dickson, who is snaking his way up the greasy pole at the SFA, I cannot envisage a less suitable individual to participate in any governance committee; or the administrative procedures which provided Rangers with a UEFA licence in 2011. Are the SFA not aware that he took over the mantle for tax evasion and registration malfeasance from Campbell Ogilvie? How on God’s green earth can someone as corrupt as Dickson be given a prominent position at the SFA? Does he know where all the bodies are buried and must be kept close? I can think of no other rationale for retaining Dickson whose lies and obfuscation at the First Tier Tribunal are well documented. Dickson engaged in an unlawful tax avoidance scheme. When side letters were issued the avoidance became evasion. Playing Jerry to HMRC’s Tom might be well received on the 6th floor at Hampden, but had Salmond not intervened Dickson might have been prosecuted.

On a final note I take pause to have a look at the campaign to add the wartime titles to the total won by the former club. It’s our old friend Sevcon 1, the squirrel, deployed by the squatters at Auchenhowie. The titles won during the war years were not national titles. They were regional titles. They were won in tandem to the most blatant cheating by referees since the  systemic subversion of the Struth era. Rangers were awarded a penalty in each and every game that was close.  They received more spot kicks than the fourteen converted by Waghorn in his first season in Scottish football. If the refereeing had been as biased in the present day the £250,000 player would have been a contender for the Golden Boot award. This award would have been the perfect riposte to some teenagers who noted that Waghorn’s fundament was bigger than his head. Waghorn will be joining his fellow fire-sale colleague Joe Garner at Ipswich.







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19 thoughts on “A Five Way Omnishambles”

  1. This is evidence of corruption and collusion. We also have tax avoidance and match fixing. Conspiracy to conceal and destroy documents. In any other jurisdiction this would involve criminal action and jail time. Scotland should be ashamed at the cowardice of the media who refuse to speak any ill of any version of a Rangers. This will either be swept under the carpet or will bring Scotland into the 21st century. The forces of resistance are strong but I reckon they underestimate the power of the resistance. The next few months are crucial in this uprising. The Supreme Court ruling is final. Consequences have flow or Scotland is doomed to domination by the blue hordes.

      1. So you can’t provide it then? That’s all I needed to know.
        You’ll be hearing from Mr. Green’s lawyers.

      2. No I won’t imbecile. You are a blowhard who cannot keep your word. Mr. Green and I have been in touch for months. You on the other hand have nothing of value to add to this forum. Now jog on to Follow Follow and mind your knuckles as you go.

    1. Fairfields also deserve a mention…fit young men ‘working’ as storemen, a job for old guys or blokes who had been injured working in the yard.
      I met one of them in the late sixties still working in the yard.
      When I see Sevco having an armed forces day it makes me want to boak.

  2. JJ

    Its been a while since I made comment and you know the reasons for this.

    I have read all your articles in this period and what strikes me is the high level contacts that provide you with the market intelligence that no other person comes any where near you for insight

    To get Green to disembowel and spew is a coup and provides us all with a insiders view of what actually happened back in 2012. I hope you manage to illicit more diatribe from Mr. Green who is not free of culpability in wrongdoings

    Keep up the marvelous work

    Vulgar Vandal

  3. A terrific exclusive. Why on earth does anyone up there buy a newspaper for sports stories when we have this. The award winning Scottish sports journalists who read this site must cringe with envy. You have contacts which they have no access to.

    I note with interest the veiled threat by the SFA to directors of clubs for potentially being in breach of their fiduciary duties.

    Well, I did actually laugh out loud. Over at Ibrox, there are three of them. Yes, three directors of Rangers who failed in their statutory duties first time around. Dave King, Paul Murray and Alastair Johnston failed in their fiduciary duties which resulted in that club ending up as a set of working papers, held together by paper clips and with a post it sticker marked FOR LIQUIDATION.

    These gallant pioneers of tax evasion, cheating and rampant fiscal carnage are back at the helm.

    The Rangers fans seem to be quite content that this new club is in the hands of RRM.

    Equally remarkable is the fact that this goes entirely without comment in the Scottish press.

  4. Excellent piece, and one which depresses me greatly as it seems there is no one in the upper echelons of the sport who is not compromised and, ergo, who will not fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo in our tattered and sorry game. And I do mean no one, or are we to believe that while this tawdry affair was in progress the people at my club, CFC, were simply sitting twiddling their thumbs. They were all in it, and for the basest of reasons.

      1. Check out Diane Birch. Anyone who can take an Aretha classic and nail it, and then feature her own compositions that reminds one of the sublime Carole King, has a big future ahead of her.

    1. That was good til they started singing, who could have thought that darkest deepest Dundee could be so funky. 🙂

      It was good to read, which would stand up in a court of law, that No Title Stripping wasn’t in the 5 way agreement. What a snake Regan is or maybe fly, that he can deny all culpability regarding it.

  5. So, Mr Regan left a blank sheet with his signature on it? He effectively didn’t care at that point what the agreement was, just as long as there was one?

    He has not taken too kindly to my describing him as a likeness to George from Rainbow and has ceased any online “chats” we once had!

    The corrupt lisping prick

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