Double Standards at Sectarian Speakeasy

Brendan Rodgers’ decision to play Nir Bitton as a Centre Half with Forrest as his number 9, whether real or false, is not working. Should he continue with this experiment Astana will punish Celtic. One can understand Rodgers’ rationale. Sviatchenko is a good stopper but does not have the skill to build attacks from defence. Van Dijk is that kind of player but is now commanding up to £50m in the overheated transfer market that is The English Premiership. Friday evening’s game against Partick Thistle was poor box-office as the hosts showed no ambition whatsoever. It was hardly ‘Firhill for Thrills.’

As for the penalty claim, only in the fevered imagination of Robert Grieve, the hun with a laptop who infamously asked Brendan Rodgers whether he was having a mid-life crisis, could Miles Storey be described as an ‘Ace.’ The Jags journeyman was not in possession of the ball, stuck his leg in, did not touch the ball, and then dived theatrically when Bitton tried to hand him off. It was simulation. Thistle deserved nothing from this game.

I’m not convinced by Ntcham who hit a nice volley which would not have been net bound but for a Brown deflection. Hayes is a shadow of the player that he was at Aberdeen. I was informed that Patrick Roberts, whose genius can unpick teams like Thistle who put ten players behind the ball at home, would sign on Tuesday. I trusted my source. I will be more circumspect in future. I’m no longer convinced that this deal can be done. Celtic will be a much poorer prospect if Hayes is his permanent replacement. Ntcham should not be keeping Armstrong or Rogic out of the starting lineup.

In the final analysis Celtic stretched their unbeaten run in domestic games to 51. Are they awaiting a Van Dijk sell-on premium to source a centre back?

My tip for second place, Hibs, did nothing to undermine my prediction. Lennon sent out a 3-4-3 formation at Ibrox. No-one could ever accuse him of showing Rangers Lite too much respect. Ambrose was commanding at the heart of defence and showed a composure that Celtic clearly lacked on Friday evening. Lennon knew that Alves’ best days are behind him and that the speed of Stokes, Murray and McGeouch would show him up. They also twisted the blood of Ryan Jack who assaulted McGeouch, acting as peacemaker, to get to Stokes.

It was a red card all day long but Caixinha pandered to the one-eyed gallery by stating that they would appeal. Always cheated never defeated seems to be the Poundstretchers’ Mourinho’s mantra. I grew tired of claims that Alves was Ronaldo’s mate. Alves was sent off at Euro 2016 for a head high tackle on Harry Kane. He was only in the team due to an injury to Pepe. As he is a few months shy of his 36th birthday he won’t be Ronaldo’s play mate for much longer, if he ever was in the first place. Alves arrived on a free transfer. He was surplus to the requirements of an average Italian team who only recently gained promotion to Serie A.

Did Jack’s dismissal tip the balance towards Hibs? Probably, but Hibs inventive forward play looked good enough to prevail against any 11 in the Lite squad. Caixinha who is a devout practising Roman Catholic had the audacity to assert in his summing up that ‘We are the people.’ Is that all it takes to excuse a home defeat? Is playing to the deluded bigoted supremacists his get out of jail free card? His ‘people’ on this showing will do well to finish fifth and despite the best efforts of the SFA will win nothing this year. Will they still be ‘the people’ when they call for your head at Xmas, if not before? Another cash injection is now urgently required. Buying Walker for £1m is pie in the sky.

Motherwell and Dundee, who are already shaping up to be the whipping boys of the SPFL, both lost by three goal margins to St. Johnstone and Hamilton respectively. However as Motherwell finished the game with eight players, with three sent off, their reverse was hardly surprising.

There were six sending offs and eighteen goals across the full card of six fixtures. Scottish football may be a corrupt backwater but it does not lack excitement.

The pick of the Championship’s games was Morton’s win against local rivals St. Mirren. I can confirm that The Buddies lifelong fan Chick Young was not present to see Morton prevail with two converted penalties.

Readers of this site will know that I’m an ardent advocate of Junior football. Hats off to Largs Thistle who fashioned a three goal win at Dalry.

The last word goes to Neil Lennon who is apparently going to be reported for the following gestures. Is celebrating goals by opposing teams proscribed at The Sectarian Speakeasy? Was the fenian blood not high enough for their tastes?



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43 thoughts on “Double Standards at Sectarian Speakeasy”

  1. Football is a distraction to the finances. Celtic play a game on Wednesday and if over 180 minutes in a week they prevail, then they are guaranteed another $30,000,000. If they do not they get the lesser $8,000,000 from the Europa league group stages. If just one higher seeded team loses in the playoffs then Celtic are also guaranteed to be in the third pot at the Group stage draw. Every win or draw in the group stage earns even more money.
    Rangers lite are not in Europe. Beaten by the 4th best amateur team in Luxembourg. No European income. Beaten at home by the newly promoted team, and in dire need of emergency ‘loans’ to reach the end of September as all the season money revenue has gone. 3 points behind the Invincibles after just two games.
    Anyone care to guess which club will still exist at the end of the season?

    1. All true and very well put.
      You are right when you say that this tie at Astana could just be a wee tad out of our reach and it only reinforces that theory of the old Celtic board mentality is well and truly still lurking at Parkhead

      1. Nonsense!

        The Celtic club is run very well and never again will it be run the way it was pre 1994.

        The Roberts deal is complicated, it’s not just about the fee. His remuneration package has to be structured in order that it doesn’t upset the entire squad. All those heroes in hoops would all throw their toys out the pram if a young boy was brought in on £30k + per week when the current maximum is £26k (gross figures pre tax).

        These same sums apply when looking for a play making defender or any other potential new signing. It’s not just about buying a player. Look at Celtic just now, that squad is a team. It takes skill, planning and a slice of luck to get that kind of harmony together so quickly with a squad that was at odds with the previous manager plus a few additions.

        I’ll take the Celtic we have today, run the way it is today thank you very much.

        If total dominance with some thrilling performances with the odd nail biting game doesn’t excite you then perhaps you may wish to play with that nugget Laurie on Supersnoreboard.

      2. So Astana may be beyond Celtic? Surely you aren’t being serious. We are much stronger than we were at this stage of the season in 2016 and Astana haven’t improved. If we don’t beat a team from khazakstan then we don’t deserve to be in Europe full stop.

        We will be in that CL draw irrespective of the negativity emanating from certain quarters.

  2. Nail on the head with regards to why Bitton is back there. Composed picking of passes from the back is an important part of top teams these days as they are often the only players afforded time and vision on the ball. It’s an area neither Boyata, Simunovic or Sviachenko excel.

    I think you maybe need to look at it more as a matter of team ethos though. VVD wouldn’t have prevented the goals Liverpool lost yesterday. Chelsea get away with Luiz (equally a potential liability in defence) through high pressing and closing of passing lanes. Barca can play with Mascherano in defence (smaller than Tierney as a point in note) as they excel at making it difficult to make height and strength a telling factor by pinning teams back. Button can play there if, like against Thistle, the game is high pressed with everyone pulling their weight and there is effectively a spare man at the back. Playing with Bitton in that role would be more effective in a 3 at the back with high pressing wing backs as has become de jour down south. With Celtic struggling for centre halfs right now that’s not really possible. Also Lustig hasn’t really got the legs for the athletically demanding wingback role which demands incredible fitness. Still it’s interesting to know Rogers is preparing his team for tactical adaptability.

    I also think it’s a little early to judge Ntcham. He deserves time to come good same as each of the other midfielders you mention (plus Brown) took before hitting their stride.

  3. Correct about Hayes.Never wanted him.Lost money betting on Roberts signing( totally your fault), shall expect a refund as you have wealth off the radar.Dave ( the very quiet GASL) told me.Is Lenny to be reported to the bar staff at the Louden? As Angel states,Celtic are falling into bad practices and it looks like being extremely costly.As stated before,Pedro is a really nice guy,surrounded by sharks,trying not to agitate the waters.He is well aware/ informed of the odious nature of the Sooside Sectarians.

    1. I have wealth under the radar. I am as nonplussed as you are about the Roberts false dawn. It was the same source who provided the Dembele insight one day before Rodgers announced that he was out until September. He is still insisting that the Roberts deal will be done.

  4. I have decided to conduct a survey of our readers to solicit their views on what monthly paypoint they could commit to if a paywall was introduced. I received one donation today. All comments on this matter will be confidential.

    1. Wealth under the radar sounds a bit Barry Ferguson (allegedly).Your months money is in the bookies(just kidding).My lawyer,well known to you as Mr.Money in hand will be dealing with my refund so I’ll probably be liquidated before any competency at all from him.Have you heard anything about GASL? Strange,very quiet,not a good sign…..

      1. As I have stated previously, King will disappear in a cloud of asbestos dust shortly before the roof caves in — literally.

    2. jj,

      I am quite happy to continue to subscribe at £11 per month to ensure you receive at least £10 after paypal costs. That will continue whether a paywall is erected or not(unless you significantly increase the minimum). My only note of caution is that you will have a much smaller audience for your insights and that even if many do not contribute they add to the wide debate and awareness of these scandals within the general populace. I don’t really want to be one of the cogniscenti I want to be one of the massed ranks railing against these injustices

    3. Currently £5 directly, with extra donations when I can, John, but could possibly stretch to £10 at a pinch every month. Maurice

    4. Being on a pension, I would struggle to match some of my previous donations. On a good run of income, I might manage a single-figure donation each month. I can manage sporadic donations. The alternative to both of these options is for me to disappear from this site, much though I really value it.

    5. I am happy to commit to £10 a month and always do, occasionally upping it.
      Realistically if it meant you doing your stuff or not I would do £20 a month.
      Not sure if this is what you want to hear but thats my best offer at the moment.
      Kindest regards


    6. It wd seem to me paywall or some other such mechanism is the obvious way fwd for you.
      What is needed I wd guess is some sort of way for you to assess your fiscal situation-top ups and irregular donations cant do that.
      It may be that commitments will not be sufficient to keep your site up and running-I would hope not but at least then you would know your real situation.
      As I have mentioned before I have refrained from recurring donations exactly because of uncertainty over whether you will continue to keep site running.
      As to the amount -up to you. Id suggest 10gbp per month (I could if pushed go for more)
      The amount is critical a number of ways -you have to live and in exile at that so you need some income .
      The things I expect you have to consider are in this order
      1-how much do I need to live on
      2-how much each would you need from current donor support to achieve that
      3-at what level-assuming you get enough recurring donors to ensure 1 and 2 -is too high to attract new donors-these you do not wish to deter from support going forward.
      4- It might be repugnant to your sensibilities but maybe you could just let us all know how much per month is needed by you to keep going?
      14 milion plus hits is encouraging but Id expect a minisicule percentage of that factoring in repeat visits by people wd amount to fiscal supporters so the question is wd that support if regular be enough?

    7. A bit late in the proceedings JJ, apologies. As regards the paywall, I am relaxed about this as I suspect my continuing monthly donation will be in excess of the amount you finally settle on. I am certain it’s the way to go though. Cheers, TS.

  5. Another great article and fair overview of the current starting line up. Loved the ‘one eyed gallery’ line!

    Re paywall. I’ll still contribute the same ten / month, which is probably low though I support other sites too…
    August on its way.
    Cheers A

  6. You’re never gonna go the paywall route you fuckin nonce just keep the way you are & be grateful for what your given sick of reading your shit about money.

    1. Thank you
      You are now barred from this site. The paywall removes the detritus like you from the intelligent individuals who call this site their own. The keyboard warriors would not pay to abuse me. If any readers want to take issue with Mr. Stevens he has helpfully provided his e-mail address.

      1. You do realise that sharing someone’s email address online is at odds with the Data Protection Act?

        You’re not making a return to these islands any easier for yourself.

      2. Outrageous,but then again,Paddy Roberts,bookies(happy),me(not so).Donald,remember,You are the People! A proper Catholic says it,so you must be delighted.C’mon Pedro’s RCs,keep it up.

  7. I don’t contribute too often on here by way of comments compared to others but the 1st payment I make when I get paid is to this site. Build your wall JJ. I will still make my monthly contribution. You mentioned something on a previous post about sponsoring someone who visits these pages and is unwaged and therefore can’t donate, can you elaborate on that please? My next monthly contribution will be with you on August 26th. Wishing you well.

  8. JJ
    I would welcome your introduction of a paywall. I’m happy to continue with my recurring monthly donation of £20 but get pissed off by freeloading bypassers

  9. I’ve only contributed a small amount a couple of times (apologies) – but I would have no qualms about you using a paywall (for a reasonable amount) a good idea I think.

  10. Mr Steven’s colourful rant gives us the briefest of insights with regard to the thousands of abusive comments which JJ consigns to trash on a weekly basis. This site of excellence thrives because of the stunning articles, terrific exclusives and has been claimed as ‘our Speakeasy’ by regular contributors. Indeed the many measured contributors to this site not only provide unique insights but raise the bar.

    This site doesn’t do rubbish, either in the form of comments or contributors.

    Folks like Mr Steven are certainly not welcome here and merely devalue the many thriving discussions.

    But I do have a simple message for this fellow. If you want to find out about the governance of Scottish football, you will find it here. If you want to find out about cheating and collusion in Scottish football, you will find it here. If you want to find out how Rangers cheated Scottish football, cheated their own fans and avoided paying taxes, you will find it here. If you want some facts on how the former club called Rangers ended up as a set of working papers awaiting liquidation, you will find it here. And if you want details of a total absence of corporate governance by the directors of the Ibrox club, who are also called Rangers, you will find it here. The directors at Ibrox are failing in their fiduciary duties, running the club into the ground and should not be allowed to play a governing role at that club. If you want to know why, don’t buy a newspaper, but you will find it here.

    No doubt the hearty chaps at the Loudon Tavern and award winning Scottish sports journalists will spin you a different story.

    But if you want to understand the REAL narrative backed up with facts and insights, and if you want to understand the scale of chaos at your club, then you will find it here and nowhere else.

  11. I donate up to £NN per month and do so willingly – I do not like paywalls. I realise there are freeloaders but I think it is important that you get your message about the corruption in Scottish football across to as many people as possible. Of course, I understand your monetary needs and would ,perhaps reluctantly, view your site through a paywall. That said, I would rather a paywall than those bloody ads.

  12. A man has got to do, what a man has to do, as regards funding.

    At least Boyata has escaped your lore this ‘SEASON’ so far, although he is injured again. 🙂

  13. JJ. I am happy to continue at 20 a month. The price of a daily paper is fair i think. What ever you decide I will support. I am sure it will get rid of the pricks like Mr Stevens

  14. JJ, Your voice needs to be available to be heard by the masses. You will wither on the vine if you go down the paywall route and will be regarded as an irrelevant talking shop for an imagined intelligentsia of Celtic sympathisers. Do the ads stuff instead. We can ignore the accompanying clickbait. I will make occasional contributions as I value your site but I value others too who don’t ask me to contribute to the upkeep of their sites.

  15. JJ I have already given my views today via paypal comments privately, I hope your survey gives you the answers you are looking for to maintain your income stream
    Now if I may can I comment on a few things about yesterday’s Hibees win.
    Firstly I see that Club 1872 are placing ALL the blame on poor Neil Lennon as usual, he “provoked” the new club’s fans by LAUGHING at them as they sang their bilious, racist, sectarian songs, how dare he, A Northern irish Roman Catholic manage a team that beats “ra peepil’s team” I also see a petition has been started with 4,000 signatures so far, to present to the SFA over “biased referees against the new club” It would be comical if it was not so farcical, once again playing the “everyone is against us card”
    I heard also they want the police to intervene and find something, ANYTHING, to charge him with. Well if the SFA, SPFL or Police Scotland DO come upwith “charges” we should all contact the Chief Constable of Glasgow and ask WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO UPHOLD THE LAW AND ARREST ALL THE BIGOTS AT IBROX

  16. JJ, I’ll be continuing my contributions at the current level of £25 per month irrespective of the paywall. Maybe you could find a way to leave teasers out there for each article and a Pay per Article option? That might elicit some contributions from the lurkers…

  17. JJ, as stated before I am happy to contribute 20 quid a month but I think sponsorship or adverts accesses a wider readership. With 14 million hits you are “marketable”. In fact the Scottish media are green with envy. Incidentally, did anyone at SMSM complain about Pedro’s manic provacative shenanigans at Firhill not so long ago? Thought not. Then there was the bushes incident in the Grand Duchy. Belay that.

  18. JJ – You know my feelings and insights on Paywall and it’s appropriate level (£5).
    Happy to elaborate on this again but it was based on a commonse rationale based on volume of visitors, conversion rate, value for money, growth and risk avoidance.
    You also need (or presumably want) to avoid abuse or accusations of arrogance so all things considered
    £5 with additional contributions- trust me.

  19. ####payment JJ, I currently pay £20 per month which obviously has the PayPal deduction. If need be I could increase it so that you actually receive the full 20 and could increase a bit more. I cannot express my gratitude enough for your unstinting efforts but am not so sure others will have my view on your needs and what you deserve for great efforts. I would be gutted if you were no longer publishing and digging. Thanks again. Brian

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