Piss Poor at Ibrox

How far would you go to support your team? Would you endure the supporters at The Citadel Of Recidivism revelling in wading in the blood of your ancestors? Would you recoil at The Famine Song and its underlying message of ethnic cleansing? If you are a Hibernian or Celtic fan heading to Ibrox one should be prepared for a more palpable threat. You will literally be pissed on, and spat upon, by the two-headed snakes in the upper tier above you.

Do not take children to this game as they will cower and cling desperately to your legs as they are attacked in the queue for the turnstiles. The Hibs fans had a reception committee waiting for them. A group of circa 50 of The Klan set about them. Had it not been for the speedy intervention of the police the Hibs fans would have been slaughtered. The Klan don’t care if you are women or children. If you are dressed in green you are ‘a fucking taig who needs to be reminded who is boss.’

A Saturday pastime? A pleasant afternoon out with the family? Think again. The support of the pariah club know that at Ibrox they can literally get away with murder. Is that what it will take to arrest these criminals? Criminals like Sandy Chugg of The Sons of Struth and the hardline Union Bears.

Of course none of this will be reported in the odious SMSM. They feed the blue horde with stories about how their new recruits received a haircut and how Pedro WATP Caixinha banned the use of green boots.

However the Hibs Chief Executive, Leeann Dempster, has now been apprised of the situation and is being pressed not to accept any tickets for any games at Ibrox. Would Peter Lawwell be minded not to accept tickets for the next visit of Celtic as he cannot guarantee the safety of his supporters?


11 thoughts on “Piss Poor at Ibrox”

  1. The arrogance of the klan is mind-numbing, apparently you can use every disgusting phrase in the English language to beat Neil Lennon into submission, but when he responds to their ` banter`, I use that word loosely, the klan talk of getting Police Scotland and the SFA on to him. You couldn`t give these people a red neck with a blow lamp. If NL is taken to task by either of these organisations then questions need to be asked of their top men as to why religious hatred is allowed to take place Ibrox unimpeded by the authorities in Scotland.

  2. This is why Micheal Francis O’ Halloran is playing with ease back at St johnstone and not what BBC sportscene claim he has been given back his confidence, and he was out of his depth at a big club, fuck off, the guy sussed out this shite.

  3. There has been a direct threat made to Neil Lennons life on follow follow tonight, check out the Celticblog or James Forrest’s page for info.

  4. The racist bile that spews from these knuckle draggers is appalling and criminal yet is totally ignored by the police most of whom would join in if they were able. A private prosecution would fail in a Scottish court due to the bigot on the bench. Enough is enough. The stadium must be closed or games played behind locked gates. You cannot abuse blacks,Jews,gays or any other group but you can freely abuse Irish Catholics with impunity at Ibrox. I’m fairly sure this breaches Scots law. I wish some football official would stop the game and a message be broadcast that another racist song would mean the abandonment of the game. That might awaken the English press to a story about Scotland’s shameful cowering to the Klan.

  5. Their so called fan sites should be shut down and the owners prosecuted for disseminating hate. Nothing but a shower of bigoted scum that equate to the lowest dregs of Scottish life. 1872 is surely the number in the crumbling ground that are not singing about the Pope or wading in Catholic blood. Hibs should heavily restrict their number at Easter Road in Decemeber. No more than 1700 should be allowed in. Keep the filth out. Their team is still Craig Whyte btw, did anyone notice? They will be lucky to get top 6. No online petitions crying about referees not favouring Sevco are going to magically turn their mob into winners, or save them from liquidation. I enjoy their tears and snotters all the same. GGTTH.

  6. Clubs should not take tickets for this Bigot Dome, they are disgusting scum , for the good of the game in Scotland let all the fans off every club get together, and put them to the wall for good, where is the new Turnbull Hutton.

  7. I agree that clubs should not go to the bigotdome after all this would speed up their demise as they need everyones money to survive.Every single person who goes there is helping to fund their bigoted sectarianism.Surely if as they all say they hate them and everyone connected with them then they will not miss going there.

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