Controlling The Narrative

I must admit my disappointment that Pedro Caixinha reached for the WATP  epithet to deflect from an opening home league reverse to Hibs. A reverse in which Ryan Jack was dismissed for a headbutt. He could have been sent off for throttling McGeough seconds earlier, but decided to be red carded for a sheep rather than a lamb.

The one-eyed gallery who signed a petition denouncing what they perceive as anti-Rangers refereeing should think again. Should one have expected more decorum from the revolving door directors of Club 1872 and the ubiquitous James Blair? Maybe the latter was prompted to draft something to celebrate a rare visit by the Transvaal Trimphalist, career criminal Dave King. The Cold Shoulder is already in place. Other directors will be feeling the pinch. One would not be surprised if Graeme and his father were somewhat parky.

We are the people!

I digress. I have added bold type for emphasis in the Club Tropicana statement:

” Club 1872 would like to commend the restraint of the Rangers support following a clear attempt by Hibernian manager, Neil Lennon, to incite trouble at yesterday’s game at Ibrox. Rangers and Club 1872 are always keen to remind our supporters of their duty to act as ambassadors for our club but that duty is not one that applies only to Rangers supporters. Mr Lennon has previous for abusing and goading both Rangers staff and supporters. He seems completely unable to control himself at Ibrox. We can only speculate as to why. His actions in the dugout yesterday – where he made various inflammatory gestures to the supporters sitting directly behind the Hibernian dugout – were not becoming of any football manager, never mind one who likes to play the victim when things do not go his way. It is inexplicable that the fourth official chose to take no action against him at the time but, against the backdrop of possibly the worst refereeing performance ever seen at Ibrox, perhaps we should not be surprised. Mr Lennon has been extensively quoted in the media as saying that he “didn’t make a gesture”. If that quote is accurate then he is not only irresponsible but a liar. Had a Rangers supporter reacted to Mr Lennon’s actions yesterday then we would no doubt have been treated to further dramatic headlines about the persecution he has to suffer. Instead we have seen several media commentators make jokes about Lennon’s conduct. It is only because of the good sense of our supporters that they are in a position to do so.Police Scotland categorised this match as high risk due to the behaviour of Hibernian supporters at the Scottish Cup Final in 2016 when Rangers players were attacked on the pitch. Neil Lennon knew that and he knew he had a responsibility to act in an appropriate manner. He shirked that responsibility and reverted to type.
We hope that Police Scotland will speak directly to Mr Lennon over the coming days and at the very least give him a warning over his future conduct at Ibrox. We also expect the SPFL to take action against Mr Lennon over his failed attempt to incite trouble.

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company.”

It’s a one-eyed masterclass. How ‘restrained’ were the Lite supporters who rained down Bovril cartons of urine on the Hibs supporters on their lower tier enclosure?How ‘restrained’ were they in spitting on the Hibs support and throwing coins, lighters and golf balls at them? How ‘restrained’ were they when they threw their rolled tabloid makeshift catheters at them? How ‘restrained’ were they when fifty of their number attacked men, women and children as they queued at the turnstiles?How ‘restrained’ were they when singing that Lennon was a ‘Sad Fenian Bastard?’

As for the ‘worst refereeing performance ever seen at Ibrox’ Club 1872 should be connoisseurs having seen so many matches decided in Lite’s favour by dodgy refereeing decisions. If Ryan Jack wants to play football like a fighting cock one should not be surprised when his headbutts have consequences.

In reference to the ‘dramatic headlines’ there will be less of those as the entire press pack walked out of a Murray Park press conference as they took exception to being filmed. Keith Jackson, our award-wining journalist who is banned from Murray Park and Lennoxtown, summed it up accurately when he wrote:

There is a sinister sub text to all of this. Ask anything too difficult and the club reserves the right to put it up online in order that the support can act as judge and jury. This sort of intimidatory tactic would be right up Jong-un’s street but it does not reflect well at all on those who are making decisions on Rangers behalf. It resulted in a mass walk out of football writers from Caixinha’s pre-match briefing ahead of Saturday’s visit from Hibs and it will most likely happen all over again when the media are ‘welcomed’ back to preview this weekend’s lip smacker of a match up with Hearts.”

As for Police Scotland responding to Hibs supporters, not one of whom was charged with assaulting a Lite player, 1872 conveniently ignored the 200 or so Rangers Lite thugs who invaded the park intent on violence. The Hibs fans were intimidated by the presence of Police Scotland cameras as they filed off their buses and trains for another urine-soaked matchday experience at The Ibrox Pissoir.

There was, on balance, one ‘GIRUY’ gesture by Lennon, as he raised his right arm and cupped his right bicep with his left hand, but this is as nothing to the tsunami of vile bigotry he was forced to endure on the touchline. Everyone saw Lennon being attacked at Tynecastle. Everyone read about two former public schoolboys knocking him unconscious when he was out for an evening with his partner. Then there are those drawn from the Rangers support who were jailed for sending bullets and bombs to Lennon. Some ‘enterprising’ Lite supporters on social media suggested that Lennon should be ambushed on the way home and shot. How ‘restrained’ of them.

Club 1872’s attempt to incite a police response is built on sand. They should take a closer look at the vile sectarian behaviour in their midst before castigating any response to it. It would seem that the headless chickens at Ibrox are not the exclusive preserve of those wearing light blue on the park.

Traynor’s sledgehammer approach to controlling the narrative has piqued the interest of the slippery shouldered Stewart Regan, who makes a habit of taking a vacation or attending a social occasion when real leadership is required. I make no secret of my admiration of the oeuvre of two of my peers, namely James Forrest and Paul Brennan. The latter wrote the following piece on Celtic Quick News:

Yesterday, the SFA’s Professional Game Board met to discuss the SPFL’s request that they hold an inquiry into the goings-on in Scottish football, following The Supreme Court’s ruling last month on the legality of Rangers EBT use. The League, which represents all 42 senior clubs in the game, wants the national association to investigate the most serious governance events in the sport’s history.

You would think the SFA would be obliged to investigate, right?

Instead, the SFA are getting the band back together. They will sit down with Darryl Broadfoot, now the Association’s external PR, to calculate whether they can carry enough media support to get away with doing nothing at all.

Apparently, the SFA would rather solicit backing for inaction than carry out the wishes of their professional league. This is Scottish football in 2017. It is actually happening, right now.

Governance standards are non-negotiable. No national association can ignore the will of its professional clubs, on an issue as serious as governance, without major repercussions. If the acute situation we have witnessed in recent years is not bad enough, this lack of action puts the SFA on the verge of complicity and cover-up.

Some of the recent most senior office-holders of the Association itself are implicated in the scandal, both as administrators and financial beneficiaries. The question before members of the Professional Game Board isn’t just, ‘Do we do the right thing?’, it’s ‘Do we expose some of our friends and colleges to scrutiny? And if so, how far does the contamination spread?’ Those watching from within the game know, once Pandora’s Box is open, the actions of many others could be open to scrutiny. Don’t think evidence presented to Lord Nimmo Smith was not thoroughly rehearsed and approved by ‘the band’ before being put to the SPL Commission.

The SFA will instruct a cover-up in the coming days to protect their cronies, and in doing so will become complicit in the subversion of the level playing field in Scottish football.

The stink goes as high as the recent past-president of the SFA, Campbell Ogilvie, who worked with those on the Professional Game Board, and had administrative responsibility for contracts and licensing at Rangers during their EBT period. He was also a financial beneficiary of an EBT. The SFA will refuse the request of the SPFL to investigate these matters and attempt a cover-up.

When you have prima facie evidence of a governance issue, presented by your own league, involving your own past-president, you are obliged to open up to independent analysis. Failure to “promote and protect ethical standards and good governance” put the Scottish Football Association in breach of their duty as a member association of Uefa.

Fans will not accept anything less; clubs will not accept anything less. The matter will go to Uefa. It will go to government. It will go to media in England and beyond. It will go to court; those turning their heads today will be called to account. It cannot and will not be accepted. It will not go away.

There will be no cover-up to protect the guilty.”

Is it any wonder that a judicial review is required to rid our sport of these corrupt office-bearers. It might be easy to control the tabloids and build a consensus to move on, but sites such as this one, CQN and The Celtic Blog/On Fields of Green, with a collective monthly hit rate of four million, will take them to task.

I reserve the final word for the Rangers supporters who are boycotting The Daily Record due to their decision not to print the previous delusional diatribe from Club 1872. If this boycott is effective it will lead to the death knell of this title. The Celtic support have long abandoned the Record. They get their fix online. If the boycott does not control the narrative at Central Quay our award-winning journalist might have to throw his hat in at Clotted Weir’s Herald Group and write for Chris Jack’s Rangers Fanzine. Jack, who pulls in about £16,000 per annum for his haircut exclusives and his public interest feature on Bruno Alves paying his ‘leccy’ bill, might baulk at Jackson’s eighty large per annum. His empathy with the Lite WhatsApp group who rail against the inflated salaries of Caixinha’s signings might well be borne out from personal experience.



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33 thoughts on “Controlling The Narrative”

  1. The response to my survey on a pay wall has been mixed. I urge those who ordinarily support our site to step up, and lurkers who don’t want a pay wall to follow suit. Thank you

    1. A paywall will leave you preaching to the converted, and those detractors who do not wish you well will be glad to see an open forum, such as this, disappear. I think you know this.

      An added point, once you do disappear behind a paywall, and news is not getting out, your sources will dry up. I’m sure you know this too.

  2. Morning jj
    Mid month payment sent I will send same amount before end of August pay pal no 45C91550UX53xxxx
    We’re do we start with the shenanigans over the weekend !
    Do the decent supporters of Rangers lite not realise that by standings by & doing nothing they are effectively watching the new club go the same way as the old club
    Surely when the lunatic element of there support start singing inappropriate songs the rest should drown them out with boos & singing of football songs . The arrogance of this new club is really astounding & for there manager to come out after a defeat & spout his rubbish saying we are the people is laughable & lacking in dignity which is ironic as the hierarchy are always bleating on about how dignified a football club they are

    Please keep up the excellent work on calling out Reagan &Doncaster or dumb & dumber as they should be widely known

    If the Green brigade are checking out your blog
    Tomorrow night guys support Celtic with your witty imaginative songs but don’t give anyone any excuse to turn the focus away from what’s going on at Hampden & Ibrokes

    Stay safe jj & I hope your well

    JJ: Thank you GB. Sincerely appreciated.

  3. Bloody good !

    JJ: Brian as I don’t have an eidetic memory, a PayPal confirmation number is your passport to approval. Once known to me your comments will fall or rise on their merits.

  4. Life in tax free police state.

    Rangers will have EBT nights, where they show glorious matches on the big screens of Natcho et al. Guaranteed full house, scribes can indite the revelations of the exalted ones. Stewards can hand out skwere sausage (remember the canopy’s are dodgy) and the brothers are balmed by…. well just by being themselves,
    House band DK and his hoodwinkers keep the songbook strictly trad, Dave’s on lyre.
    Anyone got a vhs?

  5. Transaction ID – 5EU97928JH5250xxxx

    Another good read this morning JJ. Your site, and others, continue to highlight how Rangers Lite have effectively painted themselves into a corner, aided and abetted by the SPFL/SFA. The collective actions of their owners, management and sections of their fans have created a poisonous environment that no self-respecting person/investor/sponsor would want to be associated with.

    As far as the “indignation” expressed in the Club 1872 statement is concerned my response would be straight forward. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. To abuse the Hibs manager relentlessly then “spit the dummy” when he gives it back is ridiculous as Neil Cameron’s article in today’s Herald points out.

    At the Refrewshire derby at Cappielow on Saturday a very healthy away support contributed to a great atmosphere ( Well done St. Mirren fans). Yes there was some chest beating, particularly when young Cammy Smith scored a belter of an equalizer for St. Mirren but nothing that could be construed as negative and while the St. Mirren support no doubt left disappointed, nobody peed on them or threw golf balls at them. Any balanced, Inverclyde based Rangers fans, particularly those with young family, might want to consider Cappielow as an alternative day out to Ibrox.

  6. It’s comical that police Scotland and the SFA are looking into Neil Lennon’s conduct yet the SFA have kept quirt on the racist abuse Scott Sinclair received at the final derby game at ibrokes last season also the golf balls, lighters batteries and coins thrown at Griffith’s and boyata after celebrating their goals. Police Scotland use the excuse that they can’t arrest thousands when the lite sing the billy boys well arrest as many as you can yet we all know that most of police Scotland are singing along with them. Are uefa sitting on their hands regarding Regan and Doncaster as the corruption is plain to see at the SFA yet nothing is being done by the governing body of European football they’re quite happy to false advertise the champions league which allows teams that finish in 2nd,3rd and 4th to qualify yet some teams that win their league having to qualify is a total joke. Donation made will try and add one next week also keep up the great work JJ. 5518-0663-5122-xxxx

    JJ: Thank you buddy.

    1. If the SFA or police were in any way serious about preventing the sort of singalongs that wouldn’t be out of place in Trainspotting 2 then it could happen. Easily. Most of Ibrox is season tickets with names attached. The place is full of cameras. Police – Lift a few on match days and chase the rest after the fact. The remainder will soon get the message. SFA – insist on an action plan being put into place by the operators of the engine room subsidiary with clear punishments for transgressions. Apply them with increasing severity and the club/fans will be motivated to stop. One can only assume there is ‘no appetite’ for application of protected human rights since neither do anything.

      To be frank though, this is all symptomatic of the much deeper problem that infects Scottish football – an utter lack of governance, oversight and respect for fairness in sport. That’s the real armageddon that faced Scottish football and Stevie Wonder could have spotted it before it hit Doncaster and Regan on the posterior. Livvy, Gretna, Motherwell, Hearts, the Pars…… Scottish football was spending money it couldn’t afford. Even Celtic (now a financial behemoth in Scottish football) sailed close to the edge before shaking off the fog. Rangers may be the cartoon villain of the piece with flagrant tax scamming and ludicrous leveraging but they were far from the only team that was looking at fiscal good sense in the rear view mirror. Its those responsible for safeguarding the reputation of the game that should have protected Scottish football from the excesses of boom and bust capitalism. Its the same clowns that are allowing it to happen again under their nose without a whisper.

      On the paywall – £10 a month or 99p an article seems reasonable to me, but agree that maybe if its not too technically demanding a few free views per month from an IP address can protect you from losing prospective new readers. Similar to what the Harvard Business Review, New York Times etc do online.

  7. Hi JJ,

    re the pay-wall … sad that its coming to this but that’s free-loaders for you.

    I’d be happy to continue to pay my ongoing £10pm or up this to £12 to cover any fees and charges.

    With your volume of regular contributors and readers that should generate an income.

    The downside being that you may alienate the free-loaders and lose readers. So the ability to pay per article would be advantageous.

    Best regards


  8. Hi,
    I contribute a small amount each money through PayPal. I can understand your frustration at the lack of funds, if this in your only income. However, I think that going behind a paywall would mean you readership would fall dramatically.
    A suggestion, which may well be too much for one person to administer, is that after three free visits to the site, to get anymore, you must pay £??, to get access to the full story.
    Just a suggestion.

    Good luck


    1. I really don’t know why, save a few exceptions, that donations have fallen off a cliff edge of late. I expected a tough close season, but not such a difficult August. I have been flat out to cover every angle but only a select few, to whom I am eternally grateful, are willing to support our site. Your idea has some merit.

  9. JJ
    I contribute £10 monthly to support the site, and your work which is highly valued by myself. I am a pensioner. I know nothing of paywall or other terms that I read on the site. I know that you cannot reply, but I hope my humble contributions are getting to you.
    Many thanks for your herculean efforts in keeping these matters in light. I will continue to give my support
    I am not sure if or what my site name is but my latest donation is tagged 1VH99844KE802xxxx

  10. I get so angry with regards the inaction from those whom we should expect more. I don’t just mean Peter Lawwel and Anne Budge. I mean each and every chairman or woman who has seen their club harmed financially by the corruption emanating from the marble staircase, aided and abetted by the incompetent suits who are supposed to be overseeing the machinations of the game we love using probity, truth and unbending loyalty to the paying customer.

    What have we got in its place. Two eejits with no clue of how to run an operation, witnessed by their idiotic ramblings since the fall and ultimate death of one of the big two. ‘Too big to fail’ should have these two clowns mantra towards the club who died in 2012. If truth had been a welcome visitor to their plush offices, they would’ve faced down successive sevco chairmen and said, ‘tough titty boys but I’m afraid it’s curtains.

    Now let’s look at how we can help you get back on your feet using a new title without rangers in it. You can start at the bottom behind any newcomers waiting for their chance. You can play in the colour blue but must be distinct from the dead club and counted titles ceases from now. After the court ruling from the highest in the land, if guilty, all affected titles and trophies are gone. No same company or club as they are not distinct from one another. If you don’t like it, do one.

    If this was instigated then, we wouldn’t have to put up with all this palaver one minute longer. More power to your pen JJ. Donation made last week. Keep on keeping on.

  11. A terrific read and I am always taken aback by the scale of the verbal abuse at some of these games. I have heard a lot of bad things down here, particularly when Liverpool play Man United, or Leeds against Man United. The Milwall fans can get overexcited at times. The Chelsea pre Abramovitch were truly shocking. But it is many years since I have heard sectarian or racist abuse, thankfully.

    I just don’t understand the sheer scale of the vitriol directed at Lennon.

    But I have something to share with you. The following is a transcript which was sent to me by my dear Scottish chum (and fellow director of mine) following the game at Ibrox on Saturday. The message was shipped out by the Rangers Fans Channel.

    It could have been writtten by Kim Jong-Un or any communist propaganda architect.

    Here we go (I am trying to brighten up your day…….my comments are in bold).

    “Let’s step back and put things in perspective. We were relegated to the bottom tier. We started again. (YES, AS A NEW CLUB.) We find ourselves back in the top flight. How many teams in the world could do this? (WELL, LOTS. RANGERS PLAYED IN THE LOWER DIVISIONS AGAINST PART TIME PLAYERS AND WITH HIGH EARNING FULL TIME PLAYERS. HELL,THE MANAGER WAS ON £800K A YEAR.)

    The HMRC AND EBT saga is over. (NO IT CERTAINLY IS NOT.)

    We are making money again from merchandising. (!)

    We have investment from a very successful businessman. (IT IS A CHINESE MONEY LAUNDERING EXERCISE.)

    These guys wouldn’t be investing if we were a financial risk. (REALLY?)

    Dave King has played his part very well. He has refurbished Murray Park, created jobs again, and got rid of Mike Ashley. (THIS POINT DOES NOT WARRANT MY RESPONSE.)

    There have been ups and downs


    Gazza said that in this league, he had to be 100% or he would get punished. Sometimes even he underperformed. (THE POOR SOUL WAS SOAKED UP MOST OF THE TIME.)

    There have been great improvements. We have money in the bank again. (REALLY?)

    We have a young manager and an exciting group of players. (THE PLAYERS SHOULD BE IN A VETERANS SIDE.)

    The manager is learning. (WHY TAKE ON AN INEXPERIENCED MANAGER?) The players are learning. (PLAYERS OVER 30 ARE PAST THE LEARNING STAGE.)

    We played a good Hibs team with 10 men. The ref ruined the game. Nothing went in our favour. Everything went in their favour. The ref will be reprimanded by the SFA.

    Financially secure. Young team. Exciting team. Young manager. Exciting manager. (NOT A SINGLE POINT HERE IS ACCURATE.

    Bring on Hearts!”

    So, there you have it. All is well at Ibrox. King has apparently seen off Big Mike, created jobs and instilled a level of corporate governance which we have all missed!

    Reading this missive did make me giggle. I guess that some folks actually believe this garbage?

    Meanwhile, Dave King’s very own Deathly Hallows, the Cold Shoulder, is about to hit him hard. Anyone who is closely associated with him at Ibrox now needs to think of the serious implications for the club.

  12. I was a lurker , but I feel it’s better to actively contribute to the debate in some way rather than to be passive and just take stuff and use it in the pub or at work. I replaced buying a magazine every month with a contribution to this site.
    I’m happy to continue with what’s decided regarding a paywall, waged/unwaged etc. This needs to be clear to anyone visiting the page.

    I would also like to hear from more Rangers supporters regarding their club, Club 1872’s voice, as this isn’t really represented here and would be welcome.

    Something needs to be done regarding ‘the temperance movement’ section of Rangers fans wasting the authors time, so that would be up to the lurkers to step up.

    It’s a doddle.

  13. John Beaton does not give a fuck who the tribute act think they are to him they are supporters and if you think thug life he will intervene and assist, hats off to the ref. For the 1872 brigade this is the ref who never gave penalty stonewallers in Celtics favour.
    Maybe his and Donald Findlay’s ludge know something 50,000 deluded fans don’t know yet but is coming round the corner soon. YNRA (since) 2012.

  14. Hi JJ, I have contributed in the past, not large amounts, but I am long past retirement stage now so my income would not enable me to contribute regularly. However, I enjoy your site immensely and I would hate to be without access to it. Please keep up the excellent work.

  15. Transaction ID: 42896685YT639xxxx
    JJ I’ve read you from your very start, stood up for you countless times thro’ the years, thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the truth of the situation at Ibrox being laid bare, marvelled at your knowledge, since daily reading this site I haven’t been on another forum, don’t read the papers, for me this was where accurate information and comment was available, loved the humour articles, saddened and frustrated at the the threats you and your family have had to endure. Been going to Ibrox since I was eleven, nearly 60 years, sat in the same seat for the last 34 years, am I a Lite supporter as you put it ? Over the last few weeks your comments attacking the ‘Lite’ have started to hurt, I can’t fully understand what being threathened actually does to you, but your writing has changed, I look at your posts and see almost all ‘green’ ones, on Friday you drove me away, first time in years I didn’t open your site until now, today I thought, I bet you there will be the same tone, and sure enough the same wild accusations against Lite are there, I sit in the Govan front three seats away from the away support, I know I didn’t watch the away support all the game but not once did I see any objects being thrown at them, and as far as the women & children being attacked at the turnstiles, you have positive proof that this actually happened ? No wonder your contributions are dissapearing ! As in all walks of life and groups there are numptys, but there are decent people out there as well.

    1. Interesting comment Iain. I think the death threats have had a marked effect as I know some of these individuals have killed before. I was contacted by a fan of Aberdeen today who also complained about the incoming. The attack by 50 or so thugs was real but was quickly thwarted by the police. I’ll give it some considered thought. I was always known for my hard tackling in midfield (and great finishing). I never once went over the ball. I remain in touch with many of the former principals at Rangers Lite, for want of a better term. Sevco or The Rangers don’t float my boat. I guess the unashamed hubris and reticence to do the right thing on cheated titles sticks in my craw, as does the WATP supremacy. I’ll try to inject more humour but The Bears and The Secret Diary of Mark Warburton were not as well received as I anticipated. Some loved them, some loathed them. I have some correspondence from Teddy that I might share with readers for a bit of Lite relief.

  16. I do think that, given the quality of your articles, £25 a month is not too much to ask. Or, for those who only want to read, say, £5-£10 a month. Contributors pay more for the dialogue. Just a suggestion. You have a terrific and eclectic following here and it would be a shame to dilute that.

    Everyone wants a freebie, but excellence like this is rare.

    I check in to other Scottish sites. I never contribute and they are mostly poorly moderated which keeps me away. I stick to this site for football and a few political blogs which get me going.

    Terrific stuff here.


    JJ: I received your latest most welcome contribution with my sincere thanks TM.

  17. Hi JJ,
    I have just made a donation with the last few digits being 58635G, this was my third todate.
    I read your site daily but don’t comment often. I live in Canada and don’t depend on the papers for truthfullness but the bloggers like yourself, JF, Phil etc. Your articles these past few weeks have been outstanding.
    In regards to a paywall, I would suggest the 10 pound a month.
    Stay safe

    1. Hi Lady Tim,

      I responded to you personally however I mistakenly thought that it was your first contribution.
      My apologies. Thank you for your kind words and most welcome donation.

      Kind regards,


  18. This rather sinister filming of journalists has been done in the past by the BNP and the Scientologists. Says it all really about the mentality at Ibrox these days.

  19. JJ, Whatever you decide about a paywall, I will continue to support you at the level which I currently do, which should safely see me over any wall. Beyond that, however, I cannot advise you. You have the reader numbers. I don’t. You know your costs. I don’t. I wish I could be more help, but there it is. Stay safe.

  20. JJ, I for one, think your output during the “close season” has been prodigious and enlightening. Your dogged determination to expose the level of corruption in Scottish football would be acclaimed in the highest regard in any other country but this is Scotland, one of the most corrupt and bigoted countries in the western world.”Where are you SNP?”, as Delia would no doubt be saying!
    Keep up the tremendous work you are doing, sooner or later, you will enjoy he fruits of your endeavours and when that happens, we will all owe you a very big thanks for your personal sacrifices!

    Stay safe,

  21. JJ

    Having just returned from a 9 day trip back home, I can confirm that in many respects Scotland is still in a time warp – part of that is what makes Scotland so lovely and part is what makes it so stubbornly infuriating, especially in the west of Scotland – a taxi driver (nice man, incredibly died in the wool rangers) was dumbfounded at some of the nuggets I was feeding him on our drive – the references to Kim Jong Un could not be more apt

    Shock therapy is the only thing that will work – luckily table top mountain man seems hell bent on delivering shock #2 to the Ibrox faithful in the not too distant future – then the argument will be which “Rangers” should be the subject of stripping etc

    A drop in the bucket was sent a little while ago JJ – as it’s summer some Rose and Charcuterie would be my advice


  22. The blowtorch must be kept on the SPFL and SFA till they agree to title stripping and reallocation. Who actually holds the blowtorch or is is just metaphorical? Fine articles here are explaining the perfidious nature of the attempted cover up, yet the stubborn refusal to follow the rules of football continues. We seem to be at stalemate. Who will cross the Rubicon first?

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