Bush Whacked

I was given pause by a Rangers Lite fan who has faithfully attended Ibrox for 34 years, supporting both clubs. Our site, which many Lite fans love to hate but cannot ignore, does not attract contributions from many of a light blue persuasion. I could count their donations with the pinkie of my left hand. However when Iain stepped up with his PayPal confirmation he had every right to make a comment. He made a comment that resonated.

I receive unsolicited abuse every day. One charming individual, taking his cue from my articles on Madeleine McCann, threatened to kidnap my infant daughter and bury her alive. His e-mail was of the ‘burner’ variety. I could approach the police, but which police would I choose as I’m now living in enforced exile? Would I choose Police Scotland who passed on details of my address to one of the hit squads? Or do I merely add this account to the many who skip my inbox and automatically revert to spam?

According to Iain this insidious hatred and the death threats have resulted in a slew of negative articles about Rangers Lite. However they are such a basket case that it’s hard not to take aim and fire.

Perhaps one should bear in mind the fact that the Rangers fans did not ask SDM to cheat his way to 17 titles. They had teams which featured the spine of the England first eleven, with players as good as Laudrup putting in a shift. Those who cared probably assumed that Murray was bankrolling the club, or that the funds were being borrowed on the ‘never never’ from The Bank of Rangers. It was a giddy time of nine-in-a-row and Ibrox playing host to the cream of European football. They were posting operating losses of north of £60m year after year but no-one cared. Murray just accommodated this debt in his burgeoning MIH credit facility. He then decided to cheat and invited Scottish journalists to eat lamb that melted off the bone, washed down with the finest Bordeaux. Roddy Forsuth and Graham Spiers, who wore their support of Rangers on their sleeves, were advised not to look under the bonnet but to gently kick the tyres. They both had the intellect to cause trouble. Others such as Jim Traynor were as thick as Cornish clotted cream and would do as they were told.

There are those who perceive Scottish football as a see-saw. You will find many of this ilk on the sixth floor of Hampden. As Billy Big Baws was cheating his way to 17 unlawful titles, wee Timmy was in the air, flailing his arms and legs at the injustice of it all. Timmy was dismissed as paranoid and obsessed. He was invited to bow in deference to the EBT-fuelled juggernaut and laugh at Helicopter Sunday.

Hard cheese wee Timmy, better luck next season. Just remember that We Are The People. Now take your seats at the back of the bus.”

Fast forward to the present season and one will find that those who were once at the back of the bus are now driving it. They are informed and they have a voice. They have had enough of Doncaster and his lies about continuation. They have had enough of those who hide behind the bastardised LNS commission. They have had enough of the well-polished turds that were defecated on demand by Rod McKenzie and Gerry Moynihan. They have had enough of the slippery shoulders of Stewart Regan.

I am one of their number and make no apologies for it. Rangers cheated ergo the titles must be stripped. There are no ifs, buts, maybes or whatabouts. It’s a binary choice. We either accept the cheating and move on or we challenge it.

As Iain will note as he has been with me since the beginning, my true loves are the so-called ‘Diddy’ clubs. I played for one of them at a decent level but I did not enjoy myself as much as I did playing three games per weekend for school, amateur club and county. When I was not playing or training for these clubs one would find me playing street football. When my local professional club knocked on my parents door to offer an ‘S’ form my father advised them that they had passed me playing in the street. The first team manager and his assistant then sat down on the grass behind the jacket goal posts to watch me play.

I’m not going to lie down to the threats Iain. I will call it as I see it and it will always be truthful and grounded in facts. I have lost any affection I once had for Rangers. My sneaking admiration for Celtic has grown as I have read, and listened, voraciously about them to catch up. No Scottish Football blog worth its salt would discount its champions.

I digress. The statement by Club 1872 was at worst libellous and at best a breach of the ‘utmost good faith’ covenants in SFA regulations. Club 1872 must be punished.  Which leads one to the vexed question of who are these people who claim to represent the club? Are they just heads on a stick that do King’s bidding or are they pressed into action by Traynor to deflect from a reverse, or as I suspect both of the above?

Are their press realeases wtitten by the ubiquitous conveyancing consigliere, James Blair, and published via the shadow operation that is Supporters Voice Limited (SVL)? It’s almost as if they want to earn praise for and solicit contributions to 1872, while leaving any fallout to SVL.

As 1872 only have a 10% holding in SVL they may form the view that they can get away with malicious statements apropos the manager of a member club. When John Daly took Brendan Rodgers to task for his tacit support of Ian Cathro, it was an open man-to-man exchange of views, not an attack By James Blair with SVL-issue tights over his head. If Blair, who is the company secretary of TRFCL, did not pen this release, did he in his capacity as a director of 1872 and SVL sanction its publication?

Blair should be hauled before the beaks to establish his role in this malice aforethought. If Traynor is using 1872 as a squirrel then he too should be exposed. I  invite the press to film Jim, who has the body of an obsese platypus, on their next visit to Murray Park. I recommend a wide-angle lens to capture Traynor in the raw.

The last word in this article is the preserve of Celtic who face a tricky tie against Astana to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League. One might argue that Rodgers’ recruitment of players during the current window is predicated on qualification.

Rodgers favours a Goliath ball winner at Centre Back coupled with a skilful ball player. A Vidic/Ferdinand type combination if you will. Simunovic might pass as a poor man’s Vidic but would one accord the Ferdinand mantle to Nir Bitton?  Tierney could put in a shift, but Celtic would lose his threat on the left flank. Lustig who has lost a yard, could be drafted in. As for Ajer, is he now discounted at this level?

If Rodgers persists with Bitton his charges might concede an away goal. I would start with Lustig in the centre and Gamboa to his right. I would drop Ntcham as Rogic has more to offer. The uncertainty over Armstrong is a concern as he could have added value this evening. Griffiths should be restored to the number 9 spot with Forrest on the flank.

It will be an interesting encounter. All eyes will be on Celtic Park this evening.






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24 thoughts on “Bush Whacked”

  1. JJ, you write: “The matter will go to Uefa. It will go to government. It will go to media in England and beyond. It will go to court; those turning their heads today will be called to account. It cannot and will not be accepted. It will not go away.
    There will be no cover-up to protect the guilty.”
    It is both devoutly and acridly to be wished that you turn out to be right but I can’t help wondering how any of this will actually happen.

  2. Donation of 20 pound made jj ,have a cold beer or three whilst watching celtic tonight . I too agree with you about Biton but on the whole think celtic will just have enough to take a two goal cushion to the second leg. I think the key player will be forest who has all the pace in the world but needs to improve his final ball .
    Keep up the good work and stay safe

    JJ: Thank you Brendan. Very kind of you.

    1. Brendan, clips from both last year’s games against Astana are on Youtube. They are no mugs and I read somewhere that they are unbeaten at home over 14 ties in Europe.
      Craig G made bad mistakes in both games last time, so maybe we can look for him being keyed up to do well tonight but he won’t be as keyed up as me.
      I’m superstitious so hopefully it was OK for me to say that.

  3. I am confused regarding Armstrong. He was in the wilderness under Ronnie, going nowhere. He becomes a different animal under Rodgers, I would argue player of the year last season. All of a sudden he is out of the team, lost form and regressing.

    Obviously there are contract discussions at play. But surely the best negotiating tactic he has is to show Rodgers he is invaluable to the team. At best he gets his new contract, at worst he’s in the shop window for other clubs.

    I was really looking forward to seeing him take the league by the scruff of the neck this season and cementing his place as Brown’s long term replacement, but as they say, it’s a fickle old game.

  4. I see Lennon is today being informed his actions could have resulted in a repeat of the Hearts assault. Are grown men really so blinded to see that this is no different to the whole ‘she was asking to be raped as she dressed provocatively’ school of ridiculous justifications. If your fans cannot be trusted to not assault someone (or commit any other crime), the blame does not lie with the victim. Sort out the real problem!

  5. “An attack by James Blair with SVL-issue tights over his head.” Superb JJ, if a rather disturbing image, and worth a wee top up donation on it’s own (I will sort just shortly). I can actually sympathise with Iain, I have many friends like him, whom I suspect are the majority at Ibrox, but unfortunately they are the silent majority. It is quite clear the more unsavoury elements have the run of the place and it is impossible to see that changing any time soon, especially with the current dysfunctional regime in place. And if their recent antics are anything to go by, should their season again fail to live up to exaggerated expectations, then I expect their behaviour will become worse. As think I said before, there was a perfect opportunity in 2012 for this to be addressed which was not grasped, thus Neil Lennon for one still has to contend with a disgusting level of vitriol in what is effectively his workplace. The Mensh’s recent insight into the mindset of some also gives me no cause for optimism.

    Anyway, on the other side of the city we have CL action tonight and I for one am confident of a victory over the two legs. Won’t be easy but we should have enough.

    Cheers, TS

    1. The tail is definitely wagging the dog at Ibrox these days. What cannot be condoned is the silence of the ‘silent majority’. Their lack of condemnation of the fruitcakes on the board and on the terraces damns them. The excesses of the Green Brigade have been rightly criticised by mainstream Celtic fans. Have mainstream Rangers fans ever done similar to those bringing discredit on the club? Loyalty is all very well but at some point where decency and standards are under threat fans of whatever club need to take a stand. The longer the nutters are in charge and setting the tone in and around the club the harder it will be to restore cordial relations across football, and between clubs and supporters.
      There are a number of toxic issues hanging over and suffocating the club. How the board haven’t already taken action against ‘Cold Shouldered’ King and defenestrated him from the Blue Room says it all about the calibre of those providing ‘leadership’ and direction.

      1. Eloquently put HB. I was also going to draw the distinction between CFC/GB & TRFC/lunatic element but I actually don’t think you can compare the two, and I say that as a critic of the GB’s recent nonsense. But your comment about restoring cordial relations is nail on the head – it is really very hard to discern a willingness anywhere within Ibrox, on the part of the Board or the fans, for this to happen. All and sundry seem far more interested in revelling in the disdain which, as far as I can see, everybody else views them with.

  6. Voice 2012 was defo a squirrel to deflect from the result and to play down the sectarian abuse that goes on in the stands towards a particular guy they love to hate.
    Had there been an inflamatory charge against NL then the whole book would have to be thrown at the accusers. They knew this PR exercise on time wasting (Phantom city Council land accuser) would come to nothing but hoped to score points with the deluded.
    The deluded are conned into thinking they have a fans voice outlet, the biggest outlet they have are turning on them, they were recieving free advertising from the SMSM and blew it. You do not have to claim WATP to have them eating out your hand, tell them you are buying them orange tops, you are putting WATP on the walls or tell them Celtic and their board are the tax dodgers not us and they will believe it all and hand over their readies, it is ingrained into them, they cannot escape it, they are hypnotised into a false none sense about popes and conspiracies and brotherhoods, the thing is none of this shite keeps the wolves from their door they have to go and live their life, they are not given anything for this loyalty, and they are terrified to speak out, how cool is tha tto be able to fleece them at will.

    Police Scotland are fed up with this shite and have nipped it in the bud as they would be forced to investigate every incident and this would have snowballed into time wasting on a grand scale, if the deluded would wake up they may discover,
    They have no vioce this is a company starving them of their pocket money
    This is part of an organisation which was made up of crooks previously
    This is the organisation that had major fall outs with political members and the RT
    When you have people in place doing the bidding for the pocket liners upstairs of course you are going to be riducled and laughed at.
    They put out statements after statements which become all the more ridiculous than the last. We have had its alright to sing the Billy Boys as it is better than fighting and GIRUY been an incitement to cause a riot but for our restraint.
    You would think a fans voice with the best interest at heart would be wanting to distance itself from golf ball throwing, piss pouring, monkey chants and running onto attack players, incedently the last incident with Scott Brown; would it have been justified if Celtic fans had come on and took over the situation in defense of the player as reportedly happened at an incident in Hampden.
    Now that the deflection has been exposed and to football matters, it seems Waghorn is banging in goals, Garner, McKay and O Halloran are also scoringin goals, anyone wish to investigate the appearnace of Pedro and his Band of brothers, if i was a 2012 tribute fan i would be looking at the deals done and ask why have these players left and waht deals are the banditos on. Probably will never be asked, looks like an early Christmas might be on again

  7. I am a pensioner but have managed to contribute 2 small amounts. I will not be able to afford a paywall. I think a paywall would alienate a lot of your fans and we would miss out on your fantastic contributions. In my opinion you should go down the advertising route as other sites have done. Your figures for hits would surely be attractive to a number of advertisers. Any of your users who do not want to see the adverts could use adblocking software. My only worry would be that advertisers would be worried about any adverse reaction from the WATP brigade.

    1. I had a discussion about this at the FBA awards. To own and maintain my intellectual property, my URL, I had to pay circa £1500 to build a new site, or they would do it for free but own this site. I did not have £1500 and had no intention of working for the advertisers.

  8. Hi JJ donation made 6J744779PA05xxxx. In my opinoon start a paywall at £10 per month and see how it goes. If it provides enough income then good enough. The lurkers have had enough freebies, it’s time to see what your actually worth to the paying public. Good luck bud.

  9. Just read the report by the Celtic Supporters Association on a meeting with Doncaster and McKenzie. There’s a little more added to what was already publically stated, but they are sticking to the ‘LNS was final and can’t be revisited’ stance. Maybe someone can help clarify for me though….. if the LNS report only considered registration of players and not the illegal use of unfair means of paying players or whether it conferred an unfair advantage, why does it need to even be revisited to open another enquiry into illegal payments and resultant impact? If the SPFL can’t at least rescind their own trophies then what purpose are they really serving other than a layer of obfuscation for inaction?

  10. Donation made early this month JJ 5NG15679AC647XXXX.

    Some astounding output of late.

    A wee question, (well 4 actually) if i may. When is the Cold Shoulder likely to kick in and what will be the ramifications to Sevco. What is this likely to do to them and to what extent.

    It seems as if CCK flaunted the TAB ruling months ago and he has continued to “trade” without any question, particularly as to the source of the funding required for their new players especially given the quantum of Alves wages, £32,000 – £35,000 per week (he must be the highest earner in Scotland).

    For how long will he be allowed to flick 2 fingers at legally enforceable and binding verdicts.

    Stay safe.

    1. One awaits the formal statement in regard to The Cold Shoulder but informally it’s already in play. I don’t know why it’s taking so long to take King to court. He is probably avoiding the summons. Maybe that’s why he slipped into Ibrox and out without the usual fanfare,

      1. If it’s already in play then it seems pretty impotent. It doesn’t seem to have had any effect whatsoever on them and their ability to spend/commit themselves to contacts etc. So begs the question. What was the point.

      2. It is not impotent. The effects are being hidden from our prying eyes. I would drop your cynicism on this topic as in time the effects will be clear for all to see. I may draft a letter to the TPE. Watch this space.

    2. I expect the cold shoulder works like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hillside. At first nothing much seems to be happening but, as it rolls merrily along, it picks both speed and mass until eventually all the snow on the hill is descending – along with boulders, scree and a whole lot of other shit besides. If you are underneath that, you are in trouble.

  11. Paywall at £10 per month sounds great value to me, if that’s the road you want to take

    I hope all decent Scottish football supporters will be behind Celtic tonight
    They are after all carrying the flag ito Europe for Scotland and our national sport.

    There’s nothing to be gained by anybody who loves the fitba’ in Auld Scotia.
    At the end of the day, there is a cash drip-drip effect to the SPFL if Celtic gain entry to the CL proper.

    Enjot the match one and all !!!

  12. Just to give my sincere apologies for my sense of doom re the Celtic board not giving out the funds to go forward. But how could you argue with a 5-0 win in the first leg tonight .
    All of Scotland should be proud tonight but we all know many won’t.

  13. After a 5-0 first leg it seems safe to assume that Celtic are just 90mins away from the $35,000,000 minimum riches of the Champions league. Whe VVD is transferred thats another $5,000,000 at least. The gulf between Celtic and all the rest will grow even more. The only way to prevent 10 in a row is to persuade Celtic to join some other league. The only question in Scottish football is who will finish second and will the gap be more than 40 points.

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