Boycotts & Bullshit

The latest Press Gazette figures for average sales in July make grim reading for the Daily Record and its Sunday spin-off. The new lows, of 143,635 and 152,892  respectively, are unprecedented. They represent a drop of 13.78% year on year for the daily title, with a drop of 14.3% for the Sunday Mail.

I cannot envisage how this dying patient can be revived. A newspaper insider has informed me that should sales continue on their death spiral to less than 140,000 the blood will be on the walls. With a boycott of the title now being implemented by Rangers Lite supporters it does not bode well.

Will these titles be missed? Probably not. At one time the Daily Record was the working class bible. You would find it in the shipyards and construction sites. There was something for everyone, with a challenging cryptic crossword and an award-winning comic strip in ‘Garth.’

I must admit that I have never bought either title. I have always read The Guardian and The Sunday Times. However I have filled in a survey or two to access their online sports copy.

James Traynor was an obsequious Rangers-facing SDM lickspittle of the highest ordure. A creeping Japanese knotweed of a man who almost single-handedly killed their sports desks. He continues to undermine both titles in his capacity as an Auchenhowie squatter. When he met Charles Green he told him that he had the power to make or break him. It was an audacious statement by a man whose intellect and influence is in inverse proportion to his burgeoning waistline.

Traynor also has an affection for Airdrie who were put out of business by Sir Bribe & Lie. It was not too much of a stretch for him as they sang from the same hate-filled anti-Catholic hymn sheet. He seems to have a penchant for dead clubs; or in his deluded mind did he break them? When Charles Green hired him he changed his position from Rangers died, RIP,  to Rangers Then, Rangers Now, Rangers Forever, so quickly that describing this transformation as a Damascene conversion would not do it justice. If you paid Traynor enough he would support Celtic.

His protégé Keith Jackson would be a loss to our site. His reportage on the Australian Open from his south side living room was so cringeworthy that it deserved the media equivalent of ‘The Raspberries.’ However in the dead pool that is the SMSM he is what passes for balance. He is loathed equally by the Celtic and Lite support. He is banned from Ibrox and Celtic Park. The latter was due to his tendency to give Ronny Deila a good kicking. But as we have seen in the transformation in Celtic’s fortunes since the advent of Rodgers, was he right all along?

I have been excoriating in my criticism of Jackson since he jumped in on a twitter spat between me and his wet sports editor, Darren Cooney. Cooney threatened me with legal action when I asserted that his reportage was bought and paid for by Dave King, via James Traynor. I continue to await his missives.

Jackson’s coverage of the aftermath of the 2016 Scottish Cup final, where 200 Rangers Lite thugs were deemed to be defending their players, was both inaccurate and irresponsible. Was Jackson watching ‘300’ when he received the call from Traynor? He night have well gone to print in Ancient Greek for all the sense it made.

However I have a sneaking admiration for a journalist who despite being loathed by both sides of the divide continues to scoop the top awards in his field. I salute his indefatigability. One can but hope that Murray Foote gives Twitter addict Cooney, who would be missed as much as a tub of lard with a Bluetooth keyboard, the bum’s rush and uses this cost saving measure to retain Jackson. Few journalists make me laugh more. Who needs Garth when you have Jackson?

I digress. The thrust of this article is the fake news in regard to the new retail deal at Ibrox. It was spun as a great victory for King and the phalanx of supporters who boycotted Sports Direct.

I contend that this a lie. A big hairy audacious lie.

The prosaic facts of this matter is that both Puma and Sports Direct want fuck all to do with the toxic board at Ibrox. They have walked away. Puma, in their last year of the contract, have been screwed one time too many by the career criminal. So much so that no replica kits for this season were manufactured. They’re out.

As for Sports Direct their relationship with Puma is much more important to them than with the piss ants in The Blue Room. If there is no manufacture it follows that there is no retail. The purported one year deal was probably no more than a grace period to shift the ‘laughing stock.’ The Gullibillies duly obliged.

Then there is the impending Cold Shoulder to consider. Both of these listed companies will choose to distance themselves as much as possible from King. Sitting across the table from King at Rangers Retail was untenable. The have both slammed the door shut behind King.

It’s now more than two years since the career criminal took the reins at Ibrox. Since then no NOMAD was prepared to touch him with a barge pole. The listing on LSE AIM has gone and if it had not gone immediately RIFC Plc would have been suspended as soon as The Cold Shoulder was implemented.

So now Lite have no retail revenue whatsoever, no retail infrastructure and no supply chain. No stock listing and no credit facilities at the bank. If King was a Celtic-facing criminal mastermind who set out to destroy Rangers Lite he would be lauded. However he is purported to be a Real Rangers Man. Did he need satnav to find his way to Ibrox?

Unlike Oscar Wilde, King is not in the gutter looking up at the stars. He is face down looking at the abyss.




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13 thoughts on “Boycotts & Bullshit”

  1. You have been at the top of your game for a few weeks now JJ, keep it up and stay safe.
    Donation made ID 19882781MW669xxxx

  2. Looking back, with a cynical slant. Did Traynor move to The Record,with its bigger readership to further Murrays message?
    Dressed up as the next logical step for the most respected,hard hitting sports journalist in the land.

    Am I completely wrong or was it in plain sight?

  3. Another great article, exposing the so called journalism of these bigoted low life liars. How they get away with inventing lies over decades is beyond comprehension, says it all about the state of all forms of media in our country.
    Thanks again John, keep shining the light on these scumbags, usual monthly donation sent, take care.

  4. As the end of the month approaches and a decision will have to be made on a pay wall, I would like to respectfully make a suggestion to the gentlemen who have ventured quanta of £1, £2.50 and £3 on a recurring monthly basis.
    Now as everyone knows I am the first to champion the unwaged and disadvantaged. If this quantum is all you can afford gents then please retain it. If on the other hand you are of the view that my prodigious output is only worth 25p per week, then I cannot hide my disappointment. Going forward could readers be so kind as to venture a minimum of £5. Thank you.

  5. JJ, can you confirm you received my donation from yesterday? Thanks! T.U.D.

    JJ: Confirmed. Gratefully received.

  6. JJ just in and read the above and your request in consideration of minimum amount – I’ll always pay more to be near to ensuring you are paid, properly and to ensure you are paid your worth! You always give honestly and my preference is to pay for your 1st Class Service and to attempt to ensure, you keep your family safe!
    Cheers Mate!

    1. Thank you John. I received some ugly feedback from someone who goes by the name of David Bissett:

      He’s evidently from Klan central and thinks he’s watching the same team that was formed in 1872

      He had audacity to tell me to fuck off and call me a beggar. Needless to say he will be banned from the site.
      Readers who contribute are paying for a service. I have decided that this service is worth a minimum of 33p per day, or half the cost of a Daily Record. Bissett might disagree but no-one forced him to read my site. One can but hope he desists from reading the site for free, begging for insight.

      1. Definitely one of the “low IQ’ers” JJ, only spoiling for their bile to be seen by others!
        Stay Safe My Friend!

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