Walking The Plank with Primark Pedro

Caixinha really should keep his own counsel on Rangers Lite. His excuses and justifications are pulling up as lame as some of Lite’s play. He opines on Hearts showing his team respect. Nothing could be further from the truth. Daly set his team up to mute the 49,000 crowd, keep a clean sheet, and leave with a minimum of one point. Mission accomplished. If he wants to see them playing more expansively he will be given an opportunity when he visits Tynecastle (or Murrayfield if the seats don’t arrive).

I’m growing tired of his whining. He is lucky to be in a job after the shocking Europa Cup first qualification round exit to Progrès Niederkorn. What a way to make your first bow in Europe. And not to put too fine a point on it he can be dismissed immediately with only ninety days severance pay. Those claiming it would cost Lite too much to sack him are misguided. I exclusively revealed his notice period on this site.

Traynor has taken to filming journalists who ask difficult questions of Primark Pedro. The only question to ask is how will he spending his time when he is hooked after the next embarrassing result? The consensus to replace him with a Real Rangers Man is building. How about the Incorrigible Tax Cheat Barry Ferguson? He could do with a bob or two. Primark’s team is unbalanced, lacks invention and continues to rely on Kenny Miller who is a few month’s shy of his 38th birthday. When Daly took the same tactics to Celtic Park his team were routed 4-1. It would have been 4-0 but for a Gordon error; and this from a team without Dembele and Patrick Roberts. The latter’s imminent arrival on a one year loan deal is now being reported by Chris McLaughlin. The BBC radio journalist is still banned from Ibrox for reporting on the support’s canon of anti Irish/Catholic invective.

The Gullibillies are now beginning to realise that they have been sold a Portuguese Pup. The team sheet may have a more exotic ring to it but the stark reality is that these players were out of contract for one simple reason: they were just not good enough.

However try telling that to BFDJ who has never been in the loop at Ibrox. He knows as much about what’s happening behind the scenes as he does about the two children he abandoned and refused to acknowledge or support. This despicable glutton should not have a voice. He was a half decent journeyman centre forward/half three decades ago. He is hardly the Sage of Omaha. He is not even the sage of Lesmahagow. One might even suggest that he has gout of the mouth. Derek Go-Lightly thinks that the hate-fest at the Sectarian Speakeasy should continue. But when did he ever speak with any authority other than to deny his responsibility to the CSA? Is it not high time that the SMSM stopped soliciting the views of this tub of lard?

Celtic by contrast, who invested in a Rolls Royce of a manager and not a washed-up old banger from Qatar, continue to go from strength to strength and have extended their unbeaten domestic run to 52 games. Rodgers rotated his squad and gave many of us our first sighting of Miller and Benyu. They both looked like they have never been out of the team. Ajer was sound and Ralston continues to impress.

Rodgers, who will be buoyed by Armstrong signing on for two years (as exclusively revealed on this site one day before the announcement) will be keen to avoid last season’s cliffhanger at Hapoel Be’er Sheva. If the Israeli team had scored one more goal Celtic would have missed out on the CL group stages on the away goals rule ( 5-2; 0-2).

Astana don’t have that cushion. If CFC play their normal game they will score and put qualification to rest. The £365,000 solidarity payment to Rangers Lite will be but a drop in the ocean to their deficit. I guess howling at the moon does not come cheap.

Aberdeen and St. Johnstone both prevailed and are now five points ahead of Rangers Lite in sixth. My tip for runners-up this season suffered a humiliating 3-1 defeat at home to Hamilton. Lennon will beast the shirkers at Monday’s training in East Mains. Motherwell put their first points on the board with a home win against Ross County. Rangers travel to Dingwall next Sunday. In the highly unlikely scenario that Lite lose, Primark Pedro will be a Ped Man Walking. But then surely they’re used to dead men walking at the beleaguered new club?

Willy and Billy are sporting replica shirts and scarves from our Retro Laughing Stock Collection.”

The opiate of ‘The People’ has done nothing to assuage the clamour for title-stripping and regime change. If Regan comes out to congratulate Celtic on achieving a CL group stage berth, having denied them their rightful place in 2011, he should be next to walk the plank after Primark Pedro.


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13 thoughts on “Walking The Plank with Primark Pedro”

  1. Has King and the three Bears done anything right since their hostile takeover, I’m struggling to think. The seasons only started and there is so much JOY being a Tim and with the darkness over the other side of the city only helps to enhance it. 🙂

  2. How very dare you associate our fine company with TRFC.Primark are a lovely part of ABF group and we legally made over £7 billion pounds up to April 2017. I suggest that you compensate Rob(one of my bestest friends) for the slur and the bookies scandal,you bounder. Charles Sinclair(Chairman).P.S.Rob told me Stokesie scored yesterday so stop acting like the SMSM and report the truth you utter cad……

  3. Hi JJ, great articles of late. The high quality of your steady output cheers up my mornings no end. I can’t see TRFC surviving this season. Off the field, and on it, they seem to be staggering from one calamity to the next. But, they seem to struggle on! This titanic battle between life and death is a fascinating and entertaining sub plot to the league (which I no longer pay any money into due to the rampant corruption).

  4. I am looking forward to lite’s relegation battle ,if they last that long.
    Surely they can’t chap the door of their local Maserati dealer looking for funds again?
    Is there not laws against extorting cash from pensioners?
    Surely some no win no fee scoundrel would take Douglas Park’s case on for him.

    The vulnerable in society need protected,doesn’t Mr Park have a named person looking out for him.

  5. Good morning JJ,
    I have just sent my usual monthly contribution for you to replenish your supply of batteries for your very bright torch,..ref …..52W317118V456xxxx.I’m not sure if this covers me for your impending paywall so could you please advise.
    Could you also please tell me why Kenny Miller refers to Pedro as “banger” and does BFDJ reside in Lesmahagow because I always thought he was a product of Jute City.
    Thanks in advance and I hope you are keeping well my friend.As ever,stay safe,Irishboy.

    1. Thank you buddy. As one of my most valued contributors you will always have a warm welcome on the Sitonfence Speakeasy. As for your specific points BFDJ lives in Argyllshire to my knowledge. It was just a metaphor i.e. not even the smartest in a very small town. I believe Miller uses the term as shorthand for headbanger.

      1. Good evening JJ,
        thank you for the kind words,it is heartwarming to know that I am held in such high regard by yourself.
        With regard to the home address of BFDJ,I suppose one could agree that his physical presence is an inhabitant somewhere in the west of Scotland……On which planet his mind resides is another matter altogether.
        As always,stay safe,Irishboy.

    2. I believe it’s from the colloquial term for a sausage. Kenny Miller was amazed by his large enchido. An entirely fictitious ibrox insider claims Kenny is infatuated to the point of visiting exotic food places to view foreign sausage examples and getting a bit fiesty if they don’t measure up.

  6. ahhhh the old 4-2-4….. o’hallaron, waghorn, garner and mackay, somebody said they all scored yesterday surely not, would have had sevco up there challenging, young kenneth to come on as sub as well……. the europa league money would have been as good as in that Metro Bank Acc too……. oh’ ordinary one’ what have you done……….

  7. Rangers lite are not the same as the EBT Rangers. They are just a basic team with a crowd of racist fans who hate the Irish. Changing the manager is irrelevant without a momentous change in their squad. Not a single one could grace the Celtic squad.

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