The Supporters Direct Squirrel

If I could write this article in blood it would be apposite as I’m spitting it right now. The Supporters Direct Survey of an indeterminate number of fans, rumoured to be north of 13,000,  has concluded that Scottish Football could be better value. Stewart Regan will be delighted with this conclusion as it is not in any way  germane to the corruption at the heart of Scottish professional football. Regan will be all over this like a rash as it’s a bent administrator’s wet dream.

Let’s talk about value and change the agenda from cheating.

Regan will be cock-a-hoop that these misinformed fans have no idea about how the SFA/SPFL are running a rigged game to conceal their complicity in the systemic cheating by Rangers. A rigged commission. A rigged transfer of titles from one non extant club to a new club. The appointment of a bent, and by all means sue me Mr. Dickson, football administrator to the SFA Congress. The inertia on a review and title stripping. These are the real issues not a couple of quid off the price of admission.

What a perfect squirrel for the bent administrators.

I have never hidden my anathema for the individuals who run the Scottish Football Monitor. They allow bitter old women to have a go at me. They approve ad hominem attacks. However one of their contributors Easyjambo deals in facts and is worth reading. Then there is John Clark who met with McRae and at that time Darryl Broadfoot at the SFA; challenged Regan at Potter Row in Edinburgh; and wrote to the new chairman of the SPFL on the 12th July. He received the following response which he won’t thank me for reproducing:


AUGUST 22, 2017 at 21:20


I today received a reply from Mr Doncaster, on behalf of the new Chairman of the SPFL ( Mr MacLennan) to my letter of 12th July.

He encloses the SPFL’s media statement of 26th July, which contains the written advice from Senior Counsel Gerry Moynihan Q.C., and the the SPFL’s support for the calls which have been made for an independent review.”

He continues:

“We’ve all seen those already, so there’s nothing new. I will acknowledge receipt of the reply. And I will include in my reply a contradiction of what was put as a statement of fact in Question 4.2 of the list of questions on which the QC was asked to advise, namely, the statement that “in the case of Rangers FC, it was a member  of the SPL and it was owned and operated by Oldco until Rangerc FC became owned and operated by Newco”.

I will remind him that there was never a ‘holding club’ owning and operating Rangers FC of 1899. The only entity incorporated under that name was the club founded on Glasgow Green.

And it was the club ( that very incorporated Rangers FC) that in 2012 lost its entitlement to a share in what by then had become the SPL by suffering the Insolvency Event of Liquidation: in consequence of which it ceased to be entitled to membership of the SFA, and ceased thereby to be a recognised professional football club in Scotland.

It was not sold to a new ‘owner and operator’

Some but not all of the assets of the football club were bought by an individual/consortium. This individual/consortium then set up a new club which had to apply for the first time for league membership.

Only when that membership was granted ( finally, and with many objections) did it become entitled to membership of the SFA.

And it was much later before the new club, bearing its own brand new Companies House number was purchased by a ‘holding company’ which has its own (unique) Companies House number. The holding company that is Rangers International Football Club plc is the parent company NOT of the Rangers FC of 1872/99, but of SevcoScotland Ltd of 2012, renamed as The Rangers Football Club Ltd.

And I shall add that the deceitful use of ‘Rangers FC’ to imply that two quite different entities are one and the same has been and remains a hallmark of the deceitful and dishonest approach brought to the business of dealing with the most dreadful episode of sustained football cheating that Scotland has ever seen .

I will assert that as long as that deceit lies at the heart of Scottish Football governance, Scottish Football will deserve to be regarded as no more than a shady , shabby and unsavoury business to be involved in.”

I added the bold typeface and one word for emphasis. The core messages are untouched. Neil Doncaster is engaging in a lie. The lie of continuation. He is switching tack between the SPL and SPFL (the successor of the SPL has the same Companies House number) to assert that his hands are tied on the LNS recommendations as if they were written in blood as it suits his gameplan of Continuation. Doncaster does not wish to disappoint the blue horde with the facts and the bookmakers who prey on them.

But it’s a lie and no amount of lingual gymnastics will ever make it ring true. It’s not dry and boring Mr. Doncaster. Rod McKenzie has not covered it. Gerry Moynihan has not covered it. They are unable to do so because it’s a lie. You also know that it’s a lie Mr. Doncaster and we are never going to let you forget your mendacity. We won’t rest until your bags are packed and you are on the M74 heading south.

You and Regan seem to have enlisted the support of the BBC to present the EBT all-stars of yesteryear to add to your myth of continuation. Putting up tax cheats is an own goal Mr. Doncaster.

As for Jane Lewis of the BBC trying to make a name for herself in a tweet which challenged Celtic supporters for bringing up EBT on the night Celtic qualified for the group stages, we will not be seduced by the opiate of football until the titles are stripped and those complicit in the cheating are dismissed.

John Clark should ask Doncaster to justify his nomination of Andrew Dickson to the SFA Congress. Dickson should be behind bars for fraud, not propping up the corrupt SFA,



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24 thoughts on “The Supporters Direct Squirrel”

  1. Thank you John. Your donation is the only one received today. Is Scottish football of no interest to my readers? Perhaps I need to write about other topics which interest me. I might as well. If they are also of no worth, I might at least receive the succour of critical acclaim. I would happily down tools for the month of September and hope that my absence would make the heart grow fonder. Something has got to change and all options are on the table. Since I withdrew my archive I have published 87 articles. I will try to make the next 13 memorable. 100 would be a good legacy. As for the haters don’t bother writing in. No-one invited you to read so jog on.

  2. Dear John, you might want to have a wee lookie into the new signage at ibrox, it covers the stairwells. The wee glass windows on the stairwells are grade B listed. Any modification including erection of signage, without listed building consent, constitutes a criminal offence. The was no listed building consent applied for or granted before these signs went up. Furthermore, listed status requires the owner to carry out suitable upkeep and timely repairs to prevent damage to the building. If suspected this signage is being used to hide disrepair below, the fact repairs are not being performed now is also an offence.
    Glasgow city council are not currently carrying out enforcement.
    Historic Environment Scotland maybe aren’t aware yet.
    All the best.

  3. Having read your words for the first time, your description of what has gone on at Ibrox over the past few years is very compelling. I wish you well in your efforts to further expose their cheating and lying. And if I had any ” critical acclaim ” you would be showered with it .

  4. You have treated us to articles of sustained excellence which provide insights coupled with sharp wit. Meanwhile, over at Ibrox, the Scottish journalists seem to be obsessed by Pedro and whether or not he is about to be sacked. This is reminiscent of the Le Guen story whereby the Scottish players downed tools, went on strike and pushed the manager out the door.

    I would imagine something similar here. Bomber Brown and Kenny Miller will be agitating for change. Barry Ferguson, the ringleader in Le Guen-Gate, will be stoking the fires with delightful prose in his weekly Christopher Hitchens style essays for the Daily Record.

    And whilst this is attracting the attention of the media, no one mentions the scale of fiscal carnage and an absence of corporate governance at the club. It’s a huge story which no one is prepared to touch. SDM terrified Scottish journalists and had them whipped into shape. His malicious influence and control over the media continues to this very day.

    Off topic, you surely MUST be up for another award this year. Can we help in proposing you?

    1. Hi TM. It’s always good to hear from you. You have been with me since the beginning and indeed prior to the first ever blog on September 19, 2015. Almost two years. For the best part of the first year I ran this site for free. I gave everyone a free voice. My articles were informed and thought provoking. However they provoked a reaction from some dangerous individuals who to this day are pursuing me.

      In the second year I was informed by police officers that my address was known and that it would be relatively easy to pour petrol through my letter box in the dead of night and set my apartment alight. This put the safety of my neighbours at risk. I was apprised of police intelligence that three groups were planning to assassinate me. Someone who was with this site from the beginning – a Rangers man – came on to this site to confirm one conspiracy.

      When I attended the FBA Awards no-one could believe that a blog would elicit death threats. I’m not ‘heroically exiled’ which was a slur aimed at me by Phil Macgiollabhain. I am in exile as the threats are genuine. The police cannot ‘serve and protect’ me. I have tried to be as open and honest as possible. I’m constantly challenged to produce Osman letters and to put my life in danger. I receive the most vile threats daily.

      Part of me takes the Neil Lennon approach and gives them the literary equivalent of a ‘GIRUY’ but another part looks for support and seeks validation. I knew when I set out to write this blog that I would not make money and that it would require countless hours of sacrifice, but I did not anticipate my life being in danger and my former simple life being proscribed. If I were to return to my home town they will go after me and my parents. Stay away and my elderly parents are safe. This was imparted to my father by a family friend.

      Winning the Voter’s choice of new football blog was one of my proudest moments. It made me realise that this site is important to many. This year, if you and others are so minded, I would participate in the International category and if lucky enough to be on a shortlist I would solicit votes.

      I did not expect to win last year. Taking on those of the ilk of PMG would be analagous to a middleweight stepping up to box against a heavyweight. He has over 30,000 Twitter followers. I have just over 5,000. He is a LAY member of the NUJ and is at pains to tell you about it. I am just an internet bampot.

      I had only three guests at my table last year. I was fortunate enough to be looked after by individuals that no-one in their right mind would mess with. I was vaguely aware of their presence. I have little doubt that they were armed.

      I will make a formal announcement in my next blog.

      Thanks for your support buddy,


  5. Hi Jj
    Sent normal monthly contribution to fighting fund last night so you must have received this morning along with a paypal message?
    Please confirm as Im not a glory hunter.

    1. Buddy, I don’t doubt you for one second as you are one of my most valued contributors. It may have gone through yesterday as PayPal work on Pacific Standard Time. I will revert to you by personal message.

  6. BBC’s Jane Lewis was reminded whilst Celtic fans celebrate and party there are some who are not going to fall asleep whilst the dark arts are performed to brush aside whats coming down the road.
    The BBC have a vested interest to serve its public and any journalist wishing to make a name should have been schooled that the sign of a good journalist is impartiality, when you nail your colours to the mast and obscure the truth and avoid the big story you become a soup taker now known as a churnalist. The truth is out there and its in plain sight it only needs the skill of a trained journalist to reel it in pity no-one at the Beeb has these skills.
    Nice of Souness to remind SPFL their team flying the flag will not be succesful in Europe, too much money has made the SPFL too easy for them and they will not have enough competition to make them strong in Europe, is this the same as saying the 40 million every year will give them too much of a sporting advantage over others, surely not.

  7. What does this site mean to you all? Get behind it or the continuation myth may last longer than it’s excellent output. I’ve been unwaged at certain points in my career but always managed to spare a pound for a good cause. It’s the unwilling that have to take a look at themselves – you can make a world of difference to this globally read blog by supporting it at minimal cost. Come on!

    Hope the Aussie dollar is staying strong for you JJ.


  8. JJ, don’t give up, you are the only port of call who gives a true and comprehensive account of the corruption in Scottish football/Sevco.
    It looks like you are going to have to take the paywall route.
    My monthly donation is guaranteed which ever way you decide to go.
    Name and shame those who don’t donate to our excellent site. Ricky

    1. I’m not going to name and shame anyone, other than those who threaten me. Even if I was minded to do so they are unknown to me. I will inform everyone of my decision on a pay wall and my plans for the future in the next blog. I respectfully refer you to my response to TM in the meantime.

  9. JJ…Donation made xxxxx2354M
    Sorry I’m bit late this month….Anyway you’re output has been exceptional both in quality and frequency in the last few months ( coverage of close season )…I cannot fathom why we are still discussing the volume of readers versus the actual ‘ donaters’ …could understand if there was a correlation in regards to unemployed..etc, but it is clearly evident that the vast majority of readers dont give …either a f**k for your circumstances or worse turn a blind eye to it. Phew ..thats a big sentence..but you must truly be bewildered on what they expect for fuck all. Cut them loose , they dont deserve the ‘truth’ in this blog. HH….Paywall it is…

  10. Should you go down the paywall route then your regular financial supporters will come with you, of that there is no doubt.
    I am also sure the parasite hacks and “others” who feed off your output will also pay.
    But it will be the freeloading lurkers who I fear will be bemoaning, in Joni MitchellI’s words “You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.”

  11. Reading your initial comment today reminded me of your article titled “padlocks at johnjames” of a while back but after reading your response to The Mensch it sheds more light on the difficulties that you face. I would miss this site and could read it for free if I fancied but my conscience wouldn’t allow it. Take September off if it makes you feel any better but I’ll still send my usual monthly contribution on Saturday.

  12. Wee donation sent for a couple of expensive cervezas Transaction I.D …8109 . Keep up the good work . Remember ……. if all else fails you should be on the insight team at Sunday Times or the spotlight team at the Boston Globe such is the quality of your work and writing . Genuinely out of the top drawer wether you support the views or not . Firstandforemost

    1. You won’t have long to wait as I’m all over it. Ballantyne is in my sights. I have some details on his unconventional domestic arrangement to share. Rag and doll comes to mind.

  13. JJ, another outstanding article!! On the topic of a paywall, happy to support whatever you decide,

    On the subject of how we make progress re the corruption in Scottish football, I detect from a number of sites, a frustration bordering on a resignation, that we will never be able to land a telling blow on the football establishment.

    Dare I suggest it but are we now at a point where we need a coming together of like minded bloggers, yourself, RTC, Forrest, PMC, Video Celts, to pull together a chronogical, fact based timeline of all the evidence to include all supporting documentation and for this to be forwarded to all Glasgow MP’s, MSP’s, the Scottish Secretary, MSM, SMSM, BBC, ITV, Channel4, SkyTV Sports and BT Sport, requesting a Judicial Review?

    I appreciate this is easier said than done but I really do detect a growing frustration that despite the best efforts of all of you individually, progress appears to be agonisingly slow. Maybe this is why donations are disappointing, expectations raised but unfulfilled, a tailing off of interest.

    If this has already been proposed/tried, then forgive my blabberings!!

    Please be assured of my continuing support!!

  14. JJ don’t let the barstewards grind you down.
    Just made a suitably valued donation – same as Phil got.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    JJ: Noted and very gratefully received. Cheers buddy.

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