Primark Pedro’s Caravan of Love

I have just watched the Mayweather v McGregor fight. For eight rounds it looked like a man making his professional boxing debut was going to edge it on points. McGregor was using his better reach to niggle The Money with his right and throw his opponent’s combinations off. When Mayweather clutched both gloves to his face McGregor’s strategy began to unravel. Mayweather’ superior punching began to show. McGregor, who has a good chin, was taking too many head shots in round nine. In ten the heads shots were landing unimpeded, prompting referee Robert Byrd to call an end to proceedings. It should be remembered that Mayweather has held word titles in five divisions and will retire (again) undefeated.

Mayweather will be inducted in the boxing hall of fame, but he’s not even close to the best pound for pound fighter of all time, Sugar Ray Robinson. I would also back Duran and Leonard to beat Mayweather if they had gone toe-to-toe in their prime. I have never been overly impressed with Mayweather who when in trouble will hit low or catch his opponent on a break. McGregor was wise to his tricks and on balance was significantly dirtier than Mayweather. The former will bank between $30m – $100m. Not bad for a kid from the wrong side of the tracks in Dublin.

The Celtic Park faithful, who came out in support of McGregor, will be disappointed by the result. They will also be disappointed at dropping two points to St. Johnstone at home. Celtic left it late, finding it difficult to unpick a St. Johnstone team playing Catenaccio. The home side’s relentless second-half pressure eventually paid off in the 79th minute when McGregor equalised. On balance Celtic should have won this game. Maclean should have been sent off for a forearm smash, that McGregor would have been proud of, on Kieran Tierney. The young Celtic full back, one of the brightest prospects in the Scottish game, is not being protected as he should be by referees. Rarely a game goes by when he’s not assaulted by an opponent that he has dominated and outclassed.

Aberdeen won a seven goal thriller at Firhill to go top of the table by two points. Many observer thought that the Dons would be less of a force this season with the unseemly transfer of Ryan Jack to Rangers Lite and the altogether more gentlemanly transfer of Hayes to Celtic. Having won four league games on the bounce McInnes seems to have done some excellent business in the close season. Chapeau.

Hearts, in what could prove to be Daly’s last game in charge, lost away to Motherwell. I was tipped off two weeks ago that Pressley would take the reins but my source asked me not to publish it. I would be surprised if he did not take over in the coming week.

Hamilton did well to come back from being two goals down at Kilmarnock, but there are those who cogently contend that the award of a penalty in the 88th minute to Hamilton was on the soft side.

Hibs travel to Dundee today hoping to shake off last week’s home defeat and get back to winning ways. However the media spotlight will be on Primark Pedro’s caravan.

The dogs will be barking on the A9 if his charges don’t do the business in Dingwall.

I’ll give the last word on this piece to The Housemartens:

Every woman every man
Join Ped’s caravan of love
(Stand up) stand up
Stand up
Everybody take a stand
Join the caravan of love
(Stand up) stand up
Stand up

So are you ready ( he’s coming )
Are you ready ( he’s coming )
Are you ready ( he’s coming )
Are you ready ( he’s coming on the caravan ) “


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7 thoughts on “Primark Pedro’s Caravan of Love”

  1. Could I just state that I thought boxers fought boxers.Imagine McGregor having to fight someone after playing for Celtic earlier on.He’s a nice wee guy as well.Mind you,he’s picked up a few bob,Peter will be ragin.That’s why wee Gordon couldn’t put him in the non-qualifying squad,cos he’s from tracks in Dublin.Still would fancy Ali or Tyson in their prime to beat up that guy( not Peter) called “The Money”.This piece comes to you from the SMSM(boxing expert wing)…..

  2. 4 Aug: Airdrie chairman Jim Ballantyne hires coach Willie Aitchison.
    13 Aug: Ballantyne tells fans: “Stability was the first aim, and that has now been achieved … The club now moves on to stage two. Onwards and upwards.”
    19 Aug: Sacks him.

  3. It seems obvious to me that Brown and Ntcham shouldn’t be playing in the same midfield…in Scotland at least;-both essentially playing the same holding role with the result that both only half as effective. Celtics most fluid footballing performance this year was against Kilmarnock when Ntcham played in the holding role.
    By playing both they sacrifice additional midfield creativity. They improved significantly yesterday when the change was made at halftime.
    The elephant in the room though is that much as I like Brown, Ntcham is a better player BUT Brown is team captain. A definite political dilemma for Rodgers.

  4. For the record Caravan of Love was released by the Isleys in 1984 with a cover by the Housemartins in 1986.
    I believe it was written by Isley Jasper and Isley.

    On a serious point I believe CAS is the best route to take the title stripping debate. No one in Scotland will touch it. I don’t see a judicial review having any impact either…unless someone can explain to me the remit and scope such a review would take and what sanctions such could impose. I may of course have misunderstood the role of Judicial Review in Scotland. CAS is the place to go in my view, but happy to be proved wrong and for both routes to be pursued.

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