A Gutless Fraud

Stewart Regan is a gutless fraud. Stewart Regan sits at the helm of the most corrupt football association in Europe. He is an ignorant man, a man of little character, a man of no discernible skill whatsoever. His existence is pointless. He is a joke.”

James Forrest – The Celtic Blog

Prior to my focus on the corrupt cabal that run Scottish football, there was a swing of two points to Rangers Lite relative to Celtic at the weekend. Two goalkeepers were instrumental in that swing. Craig Gordon, a great stopper not noted for being comfortable with the ball at his feet, gifted St. Johnstone a point that their play did not warrant. As for Scott Fox of Ross County, what on earth was he thinking when gifting Rangers Lite a goal? Lite were abject yesterday. Ross County made them look better than they are. If Fox played for Celtic, and on yesterday’s evidence he is a million miles away, Rodgers (who can be ruthless) would banish him to the reserves. One wonders if Gordon will face the same fate.

As for BT Sport why do they need two failed managers in Butcher and McCoist to lead the cheer for Lite? Ally McCoist looked like he had been at an all night party the night before and had not been home. Was he out partying with Pena?

Colour me surprised but these inept coaches turned pundits believe Primark Pedro should be given more time. Many Celtic fans share this belief as Caixinha is comedy gold. When one thinks of Primark the image of a Robin Reliant towing a caravan comes to mind.

Craig Sutton took cack-handed Caixinha to task on his assertion that he had the best squad in Scottish Football. Sutton inquired as to which member of the Celtic squad would not get a place in his team? However Primark’s belief is as ephemeral as the belief that the liquidated Rangers continue to this day.

Sutton made the point from the home dressing room that Primark Pedro had an inferior record to that of Paul Le Guen. However I was left with the impression of how far BT Sport will go to get closer to the action?  Will they ask their pundits to join the players in the team bath and provide an exclusive on who had beans on toast as their pre-match meal? Or perhaps conduct interviews through glory holes as the players have a dump? Did BT Sport miss a trick when not signing up Richard Gough who is a past master of stall architecture?

The current bitter crop of Lite supporters were up to their fishermen’s waders in Fenian blood. Has BT Sport given up the ghost on silencing the most odious supporters in British football? Will the SNP introduce ‘Strict Liability’ and make Rangers responsible for these fans? It would be relatively easy to sell tickets exclusively to season ticket holders and ban them from Ibrox should they offend away from home. Maybe Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland – a man who incredibly has lived in Somerset and Bath since 1991 – can agitate for change from his vantage point south of the border. Campbell should have his own entry in the Urban Dictionary under H for Hypocrite.

I digress. I have never hidden my admiration for the work done by James Forrest and Paul Brennan. One would like to venture on the Rangers Lite boards for a balanced view of events, but balance and their supporters’ recidivism are at opposite ends of their sectarian spectrum.

The CSA Posse that met up with Doncaster and Regan included the inimitable Mr. Brennan. He solicited a number of takeaways, including one that I have referred to in jj passim:

They were also asked about the new club issue. Rod McKenzie said they were same club because ultimately they (the SPFL) wrote the rules. They were dismissive about even debating the issues ‘We’d never agree’ and treated it as a debating point rather than a fundamental belief of many fans. When asked for a description that could be written down and would stand up in court, they talked about it being “a feel” an “emotional attachment”. When pointed out this “feeling” would not stand up in court, RM responded – ‘Anyway this is not really relevant to the discussion.’

Which is germane to my assertion that one of the most striking aspects of the corruption in Scottish football governance is the decision to confer Rangers’ historical titles to Charles Green’s basket of assets under the umbrella of Sevco Scotland Ltd. Asserting that it’s their rules and their continuation construct just does not wash. The sole shareholder of Sevco Scotland, Charles Green with his two £1 shares, has had his perspective – that he did not buy Rangers per se and that Rangers had no legal personality –  articulated by his counsel in the Inner House of The Court of Session. Rod McKenzie’s assertion may have weight in the SPFL trade association, but would have no traction in a court of law. On 19 July 2013 at an Upper Tier Tax Trbunal hearing in Edinburgh, the judge Colin Bishop stated:
Before coming to the detail of the case it is worth making a preliminary observation. I have referred to the strong feelings of many football supporters. Perhaps because of such feelings, professional football clubs are often regarded as having a special status. In some respects that may be the correct view; but it should nevertheless not be overlooked that a modern professional football club is not a ‘club’, in the sense of an unincorporated association of members who join together in pursuit of a common purpose, but a commercial enterprise whose function is to generate profits for its shareholders. From that perspective it has no special status, and there is no reason why its tax affairs should not be as open to scrutiny as those of any other profit-making organisation. The players, too, have no greater right to conceal their tax affairs from public scrutiny than any other taxpayer. The fact that they are in the public eye is irrelevant. Any application for privacy, anonymity or redaction of detail must therefore be supported by the same type and quality of evidence as would be required of another taxpayer, and will be granted only for the same reasons.” 


This commercial enterprise, Rangers Plc renamed after CVA failure as Rangers 2012 Ltd, is being liquidated. One cannot continue a commercial enterprise after liquidation, unless all creditors are repaid and it is ‘sisted’ from liquidation. Even Dave King was aware of this important point. However with the price of sisting coming in at circa £168.6m it’s a non-starter.

McKenzie’s spurious assertions must be shot down in a Judicial Review.

Stripping titles from a club that no longer exists would, in my opinion, have little attraction. UEFA balked at punishing Rangers as they no longer exist. However Ballantyne’s, Longmuir’s, Regan’s and Doncaster’s artifice, with McKenzie and Moynihan holding their coats, has been exposed. They are grubby little men who believe that Scottish football is  a Punch & Judy show. They are the puppet masters who ensure that Punch is never arrested for his domestic abuse of Judy.

Should one accord Doncaster and McKenzie a modicum of respect for having the cojones to front their fallacious assertions to the CSA? Probably. However one cannot accord the same respect to Stewart Regan, who is crawling around like a gecko in his well appointed Hampden office, with its high desk to accommodate his requirement for extra leg room.

The Supreme Court Ruling was final. Title-stripping has been on the agenda for two months. Regan is in hiding. He will turn up next Monday evening at Hampden surrounded by the most stupid football fans one is ever likely to encounter – the so-called Tartan Army – who specialise in supporting mediocrity. How much bang will they get for their £20-£30 buck against the minnows of Malta? Even Rangers Lite, a team that cannot beat the fourth best team in Luxembourg, would put six past this team. A good Junior’s team would prevail against Malta. What a waste of money as everyone knows that the National team won’t qualify for the World Cup finals yet again under the stewardship of Regan. Everyone also knows that results against Malta would count for nought in the unlikely event that Scotland was runners-up.

Trickle Down Corruption

James Forrest reports that Celtic have made a formal written request for a review of the LNS recommendations. The SFA can curry favour with their SMSM lapdogs, particularly the BBC in Scotland, but it won’t change the fact that a member club, backed by other SPFL clubs is demanding a review.

Regan reacted to Celtic’s first call for a review with rhetoric which claimed that they had an agenda. Regan hoped to build a consensus that Celtic were the agitators in an off the field Old Firm drama.

Regan is a dangerous bastard who will do anything to stop a review of his corruption.

However if he dismisses a formal request for a review, Celtic will escalate the matter to The Court of Arbitration in Lausanne.

Regan would then not have the scope to subvert the inquiry as he did in the LNS whitewash. It’s high time that his failures in Scottish International Football and his bent stewardship of The Scottish Cup was taken to task.

He has failed in all the key performance indicators of his remit at the SFA. He has been active and complicit in corruption. He has sold the Scottish game to bookmakers to earn a bonus.

Don’t let the degree in American history fool you. Regan is cut from the same cloth as the career criminal Dave King.





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23 thoughts on “A Gutless Fraud”

  1. It has been a difficult month for our site. I appeal to my readers who are paid at the end of the month to give what they can in support. I will continue to solicit banner advertising and attempt to offset costs by publishing a book. I can only do so much on my own.

    1. Mea Culpa. I seem to make a habit of confusing my minnows. I have duly altered my piece and added that in the unlikely event Scotland are runners-up the games against Malta won’t count, so turning up at Hampden on Monday would be an exercise in futility. Of course should they lose to Lithuania on Friday the Malta game will be a dead rubber.

  2. Scotland playing next Monday was a suprise to me so to find they also play on Friday was an even bigger one, but the real bit is that l used to care and now could not care less, this just shows how much this rabble have murdered Scottish football.

  3. Regan is the roadblock to justice. He will obfuscate but the determination of Celtic is clear. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  4. So Stuart ‘Stonewall’ Regan will know that this is a Lost Cause of the Confederacy of Dunces then,

    Drummer in a Celtic top!

  5. Hi JJ, an additional top-up (63W28374AA5XXXXX), over and above my regular monthly contribution left with thanks, for your top class work over the last few weeks. The more details you unearth through your own sources and research combined with the analysis and summary of comments from the other respected bampots, the more incredulous and insidious this whole corrupt mess appears to be. The only way for Scottish Football to come out of this with any modicum of respect is surely a full independent enquiry with a remit to include SDM taking possession at Rangers. I would back an organised and transparent crowdfunding JR appeal, but I would hope to see that you would be openly invited to sit as part of that organisation. I would like to see the likes of you, James Forrest, Auldheid and Paul Brennan all working together on this as I could be certain the right questions would be asked, with due legal authority and recourse and the SPFL/SFA challenged without allowing questions to be brushed aside and dismissed. JJ keep up the good work and stay safe.

    1. Thank you David. I would be happy to liaise with all three. I regularly communicate with one of this trio via personal messages. I have in the past liaised with two of the three.

  6. Small donation made JJ. Confirmation number: 9MC43537GG922xxxx
    Keep at them!
    A definite feeling that the #stripthetitles campaign and pressure is growing, but we must also not lose sight of the fact that a New Club were handed all of these historical titles. In my mind it is just as important that this ridiculous situation is remedied. I’ve often thought that Celtic should legally challenge Sevco’s advertising when they claim to be “Scotland most successful club”.

  7. Regan and Doncaster need to go, as there can be NO moving on with them still at the reins, BUT the blood of this ‘Scottish Football Cluster-Fook’ stains ALL of the jerseys of every Club who stood by and done Fook All. I wonder if the transfer of the RFC Plc (IL) titles to TRFC was in the 5 Way Agreement, maybe Mr Green could inform us internet bampots to the TRUTH, as previously he stated he had paid £1 for the history, which is total nonsense and he should be asking for his 100 pence back.

  8. How do I donate?

    I have asked you this on numerous occasions. You obviously don’t want or don’t need my money?

  9. Firstly, thank you for not making financial considerations the sole arbiter for access and commentary.
    Secondly and worth re-stating is that it should be deeply disturbing to anyone living in Scotland that their residency depends on the publication of their findings or their view. The corruption in football is intrinsically linked to the corruption in society. As we have seen over the last decade it isn’t just the mindless street thugs (say, the blue shirts) that are responsible for the greed, injustice, poison and violence but the industrialists, commerce, judges, police, journalists who facillitate social fascism, as well as men and women of supposedly good standing.
    Equally so, the fight to clean up Scottish football will become, when it inevitably and eventually succeeds, an ongoing movement to clean up Scottish society.
    To this effect your forensic vigilence in the face of palpable malice will be part of that history. Police Scotland should take note the likes of events surrounding Hillsborough.
    Viva Danilo Dolce ! (‘Fire Under The Ashes’ by James McNeish).

    Of football matters that come to mind, surely any specific issue excluded from the Lord Nimmo Stitchup is ipso facto remaining legally open for due inquiry. The ‘judge’, so to speak, has not taken all the charges into consideration. And when they do come up there is the somewhat significant matter of ‘perverting the course of justice’. Frankly, where there is fraud that is a legal matter. Inappropriate inaction and cover-up may come back to haunt those who are now complicit. They would be well advised to blow the whistle.

  10. 73B44508YH883xxxxx
    Off down the Costa Blanca, for a month JJS update maximum once a day in McDonalds
    I strongly support the no surrender pursuit, particularly on the Regan mollusc,. As I often said my e-banking card is ready, but promise that if funding is not needed for a meaningful flail attack, you will benefit.

    JJ: Have a great vacation. Thanks for your support buddy.

  11. Well ill not be giving the corrupt sfa my money im not buying any cup tickets league cup our Scottish cup why pay into a corrupt game if you cant evening trust a ref and the state sevco are in the sfa are doing the best toget them money at every turn home cup games for starters just wish the rest of the fans would boycott hampden and cup games hurt they corrupt bastards in the pockets come on lets get back at the corrupt sfa.

  12. PayPal 7JB7781821879XXXX small donation made. The myth of continuity and the non binding status of Lord Nimmo Smith’s ‘report’ need to be exposed. Keep going at them.

  13. Great article again jj. Agree re Regan in hiding and kpi’s..
    Wondering what Doncasters angle is meeting them??? Trying to look innocent, finding out what they know… Hes just as bad…
    Both are a cair of punts. Cheers A

  14. A wee extra contribution to your costs was made on 14th August in addition to monthly contribution. Extra contribution Ref. ****9620JU5509939.
    The consistent content of your articles is terrific and worthy of much backing by all who can manage even small amounts. I doubt that anyone can ill afford the odd fiver as they’ll be paying for internet access etcetera but some are just so fucking tight…..Grrrr.
    One disagreement; I think it is ESSENTIAL that the SFA/SPFL apply their own rules and amend the record books to reflect what old Rangers truly one. Call it title-stripping if you will but it’s an emotive term. BTW, the SFA/SPFL applying their own rules is NOT punishment. It’s a result of CHEATING and is to be highlighted to put others off attempting to cheat. Illicitly registered players is against the rules; just ask Albion Rovers. The penalty for the rule breach is a 0-3 loss. It really is THAT simple.
    In addition, a Judicial Review MUST put to death the nonsense of same club and it MUST be made abundantly clear with the media being compelled to correct their previous lies.

    1. In my considered opinion the bigger fraud was the decision to confer Rangers’ historical titles to Charles Green’s basket of assets; and the SFA licence of the former club being accorded to the renamed Sevco Scotland. This was a concerted conspiracy that, when fully exposed, takes all of them down. This is my primary focus. Stripping titles from the discredited club is a secondary consideration.

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