A Stage-Managed Simulation

I have written a number of articles about the death of Madeleine McCann. I made the decision to withdraw these articles as I wanted to spend more time to research the subject. Circumstantial evidence is often used by police to sway juries to convict a defendant. However one will need much more to undermine a ten year campaign to exonerate the McCanns of any wrongdoing.

Prior to my considered thesis it’s important to note that the McCanns have used a significant proportion of the millions that they have raised to ‘find’ Madeleine to silence individuals who have pursued the truth.

One of the more disturbing aspects of the staged abduction is the statement by one of the so-called Tapas 7 Jane Tanner, who reported that she saw a strange man carrying a child from the direction of the McCann’s apartment. At the time Gerry McCann was apparently chatting to Jeremy Wilkins, however neither McCann nor Wilkins saw Tanner in the locus or during the timeline of their chat. Tanner was lying to support the abduction thesis. The Portuguese police’s investigation was subverted by a rogue witness.

Tanner’ statement was deemed to be a fabrication due to a major inconsistency in her narrative. She claimed she saw the man from five metres away. Both McCanns stated on a televised broadcast that Tanner had informed them that she had seen the ‘suspect’ from 50 metres away. The roadway was poorly lit yet Tanner claimed the man was wearing footwear that made him ‘fleet of foot.’  She was quite the liar. Was she hoping for a payoff from the British media as the last person to have seen Madeline alive? Tanner should have been charged with perverting the course of justice. Did she conspire with either of the McCanns to wrongfoot the police? The police who were increasingly looking at the McCanns as suspects?

Tanner’s evidence was so evidently a mendacious and flawed construct that the police did not issue a photo-fit. However Gordon Brown then became involved. After a call to the McCanns, in which they impressed upon him that the Portuguese team were suppressing details of a ‘suspect’, pressure was applied to the investigators to release the McCann/Tanner abduction squirrel.

Is a conspiracy to fabricate a suspect indicative of guilt? Can this conspiracy be dismissed as circumstantial?

Richard D Hall has produced a number of documentaries on Madeleine’s death. He makes the following points:

1. Madeline McCann died on or near 29th April 2007.

2. Madeline McCann’s corpse was concealed and then disposed of.

3. A hoaxed abduction was orchestrated on the 3rd May 2007.

4. UK security agencies assisted in the cover-up of her death.

Mr. Hall looks at four scenarios that could have had a causal link to her death:

A. An overdose of sedatives or other drugs.

B. A freak accident when the McCanns were present or neglectfully absent.

C. An unprovoked assault.

D. Death at the hands of a paedophile that she had been passed to.

The Portuguese Police report of 10th September 2007 asserted:

There is strong evidence that the crime scene was altered, and some furniture was moved around. Those changes are indications that the abduction was a stage-managed simulation.”

The following in italics is from a statement made by Kate McCann to the Policia Judiciaria (PJ):

She now presumes that they were under the effect of some sedative drug, that a presumed abductor administered to the three children in order to abduct Madeleine, a situation that Kate refers to being possible.”

Kate McCann called the PJ liaison officer to request a toxicology investigation of the twins for signs of sedation. Gerry McCann, when apprised of his wife’s call, called the PJ to cancel the request.

However the McCanns did agree to a toxicology test in the UK, five months after their stage-managed simulation. The results showed no indications of sedation. Were the twins actually present in the room when the staged simulation was in full cry? If they were not sedated they would have woken up. They had evidently been moved to another apartment prior to the ‘discovery.’

It only takes 200 hours for all traces of a sedative to no longer be discernible in the body. There was no evidence of sedation by the phantom abductor or the McCanns.

Scenario B is given credence by the PJ report which states:

The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia Da Luz on the night of 3rd May, 2007. At this moment there seems to be no strong indications that the child’s death was other than the result of a tragic accident.”

Both the cadaver dog and the bloodhound identified an area behind the couch where Madeleine could have died. If this had been a tragic accident, why did the McCanns not contact the emergency services?

Were they out on ‘the lash’ having left Madeleine and the twins unattended, and having returned to their holiday rental in the wee small hours, had rigor mortis already set in? The McCanns seemed to be inconvenienced by their children. They placed them in a day creche during the day and abandoned them every evening.

However there is a more sinister possibility that cannot be discounted. A picture of Madeleine in full make up might be dismissed as a playful diversion common in girls of her age. Or at least it would be had it not been for the presence of  Dr. David Payne. When it was disclosed in the local media that Payne was one of the Tapas 7, Doctor Katerina Gaspar, who with her husband had previously been on vacation with the McCanns and the Paynes, contacted Leicestershire police and made the following statement:

I was sitting between Gerry (McCann) and Dave (Payne) and I think both were talking about Madeleine. I can’t remember the conversation in its entirety, but they seemed to be discussing a particular scenario. I remember Dave saying to Gerry something ‘she’ meaning Madeleine ‘would do this’

While he mentioned the word ‘this’ Dave was doing the action of sucking one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth, while with his other hand he was doing a circle around his nipple, with a circular movement around his clothes. This was done in a provocative way. There seemed to an explicit insinuation about what he was saying and doing. I remember being shocked by that.”

Her husband Sergio confirmed that he had not only seen Payne inquire whether Madeleine at two years old had been groomed to give blow jobs, but that McCann had been making similar inquiries about Payne’s daughter. As the men had established a routine where they would bathe all the children, Katerina and Sergio kept a close eye on McCann when their daughter was being bathed.

Leicestershire Police, who claimed to be assisting PJ, held on to their statements for six months, only passing them to PJ when Gonçalo Amaral had been removed by UK government pressure from the investigation. It was a line of inquiry that Amaral would have pursued. Had he pursued this line of inquiry it might have led to Clement Freud and his attacks on young girls. Is that why the security services were keen to keep a lid on her death? Could one of their assets be in any way involved in Madeleine’s death?

At the outset of this piece I stated my terms of reference and a desire to only engage in speculation where necessary.

All we know for certain is that Madeleine is dead and that her corpse has been moved from its initial hiding place to another location at the direction of the security services. Her corpse will never be found.

As for the McCanns, would you let Gerry McCann anywhere near your children? What was Kate McCann thinking of when making up her child in a sexualised manner? How can fathers of young children be allowed to openly discuss grooming their children to perform oral sex? Why did Leicestershire police not interview McCann and Payne?

Why have Leicestershire Social Services not pursued the McCanns for neglect? Surely they should have a duty of care to the twins and a commitment to safeguard them from a father who thinks nothing of grooming an infant for sex.

Was makeup applied to Madeleine as a precursor to paedophile activity? Is there a causal link from this activity to her demise?

The Portuguese knew from the outset that Madeleine was dead and that the McCanns had staged a simulated abduction. The McCanns have failed to silence Gonçalo Amaral who had their measure right from the start. Kate McCann’s claim of working with corpses to explain the cadaver dog detecting death was disingenuous in the extreme. She is a liar of the first ordure.

Read this article while it remains published. Take a screen shot. Carter-Ruck might soon demand that it’s removed. As we saw with Mr. Bennet, the McCanns will stop at nothing to subvert the truth.





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16 thoughts on “A Stage-Managed Simulation”

  1. Sorry JJ but I come on here for FOOTBALL and CHEATING SEVCO/SFA stories.
    I do not want to read your other posts, I do agree that the McCanns should have been charged for the very least of neglect if not more. But please put these type of articles on a different page and let your readers choose what they want to read.
    You comment elsewhere about it being a “slow week” because of the international break, then why do you not take a break also.
    My £23 donation this month will be witheld, as this is my only way of protest, I will donate next month again once the football related stories return

    1. I am truly astonished by your attitude. But go right ahead and withdraw your support. Keep withdrawing it month after month and then jog on to a site where you can dictate editorial policy.

    2. I am astounded that you pick up on a single article you do not agree with as a justification for withholding your subscription. Surely you can recognise the vast bulk of work done by JJ as being exactly what you are looking to read. You get that here and only here in such measure.
      You are unfair to JJ

    3. timalloy67 – What a disgusting attitude. If no one knows what the McCanns have been up to or how it is all being covered up then how do you expect them to be brought to book for what they have done or any of the people or organisations who have been helping them cover this up.

      The same goes for all the other fraud, corruption and paedophilia that every single political party is involved in and involved in covering up along with the mainstream media. If people like JJ and many other bloggers and online independent media etc that are the only ones putting all of this out then nothing will be done about it and the people who are helping these corrupt scum in getting away with all of this and covering up for it are you the very people who are not interested in any of it.

      Sorry JJ I would donate to you but I am in the same state plus having to deal with one of my cats having a tumour in her stomach – I have her on Essiac Tea just one of many cures for cancer such as Cannabis Oil, gcmaf, Bloodroot, Baking Soda etc etc etc that our corrupt governments and political parties are covering up oon behalf of the drug companies who stand to lose £hundreds of billions every year if they admit to these natural cures that they cannot patent. Touch wood my cat is doing great and looking the best she has ever looked so far. Google alternative cancer cures and watch the documentaries about these on Youtube and you will see how the governments shut any alternative cures down such as Run From The Cure – The Rick Simpson Story and the videos about Dr Simoncini who was curing people of cancer with Baking Soda – again all of this happening because of people who dont want to know or who are only interested in football corruption.

  2. I have followed this story for a long time. This is a immeasurabley bigger wrong than Sevco’s transgressions.

  3. JJ,

    its your site, if people don’t like the content then thats entirely up to them.

    Personally, although my main reason for supporting your site is because of your analysis and insight into Rangers and its historic cheating and current mismanagement, I also enjoy your other articles which are well researched and structured even if I don’t always agree with them.

    What I also like about your site is the comments from other readers, such as the comment the other day about the untimely death of Willie MacRae and suspected foul play. These give the curious reader a channel to read and educate themselves on other topics which may have gone unnoticed.

    Please continue shining your light on other subjects such as the McCanns who would prefer to remain in darkness.


  4. JJ, I’m not a fan of your “McCann” articles as I find them disturbing, however, it is your site and your right to choose the topic(s). I have the choice to read or not read but on balance I think it’s better to read and be aware that there are disturbing aspects to this case. Do monies raised for the hunt for Madeleine need to be accounted for and questioned if large sums seem to be spent elsewhere? Donation for Sept made.

    1. Thank you for your contribution. The answer to your question is that the McCanns have unfettered access to the millions raised to ‘find’ Madeleine and can do with it as they please. When will they be brought to book for perpetrating a multi-million pound fraud?

    2. Smiddy

      Do monies raised for the hunt for Madeleine need to be accounted for and questioned if large sums seem to be spent elsewhere? In response , the fund , despite its original assurances about operating in opennesss and transparency soon reverted to making only the minimum disclosures required by UK law. It is far from clear where the money goes although a huge amount was wasted on Spanish private detectives (who cannot operate in Portugal. Go figure) and a bloke who ripped them off for £500k.

      Good to see your post on this subject. There’s a missing , probably dead child, in a case which has been running for 10 years and MSM won’t go near it with a barge pole. No one in the media wants to talk about it, anyone critical of it is silenced. I’m not a troll or Mccann hater but I want to see justice done. For Madeleine/Maddie/Margaret McCann.

      Keep up the good work. On all fronts.

  5. Richard Hall’s work on this matter is exceptional.I would point people towards Tony Bennett’s 60 reasons why poor Maddie wasn’t abducted.Disturbing and further shining of the torch.I note the mother of the decade has recently taken up a medical position.What a couple and the Tapas 9, I won’t use the descriptive words,industrial would be miles off the mark.
    P.S.Strange that people feel uneasy about anyone questioning this saga,very strange……

  6. Small donation sent to cover the loss .

    Like others I normally read for the football content.

    However , these pieces allow people to read/ inform themselves with views and information you won’t get in any main stream media outlet.

    Rather than blast the piece ? Just don’t read it , if it’s not to your liking . No need to blast jj for publishing his views ! After all this is a speakeasy site is it not ???

    Keep up the good work m8

  7. Jj I will donate £23 for that lump of wood tm67 .

    Please keep on with these excellent articles.
    I have always thought there was something dodgy about McCann
    and you have by your courage to print this opened my eyes.

    JJ: Thank you. I’m currently working on a follow-up piece with some devastating revelations.

  8. As a speakeasy this site is an appreciation of proper journalism, including football, politics and mccanns. Timalloy – your stance is so narrow minded like the ordure… This is great supposition derived from investigative journalism at its best. Whilst JJ cannot guarantee all is rubber stamped truth, the facts raise some pertinent questions posed. Our shameful media hide facts from its people and pervert to suit political allegiances on a daily basis. Only such questions or digging will question the narrative or set the story straight. From other comments,
    I personally don’t like discussing monthly fees though you literally can’t buy this perspective for the cost of the daily ranger, who will gladly pull the wool over your eyes, if you allow it.
    Great article.

  9. My god, that’s put my theories out of the window. I honestly have believed for years that this was a sedation accident and have wished the police would force the pair of them to complete the lie detector but this is some disturbing information which potentially has some truth to it, my opinion only which everyone is entitled to. I agree with most of you if you don’t want to see or hear about this subject don’t read it. Simple! Unfortunately I don’t think the truth will come out in my lifetime and there’s about 30 years of that left

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