The Great British McCann Robbery

This site, our site, gives a voice to the cheated and the oppressed. I choose my targets carefully, fully aware that one libellous slip could bring the curtain down on two years of daily articles. I am alive to the feedback of my readers and those who support our site. I no longer engage in political articles and there is outstanding correspondence from The Bears that remains unanswered. However I won’t cede editorial control under duress. If I have something to say on the corruption of Scottish football, readers know that I won’t pull my punches. As for the trial of Craig Whyte and others, this site provided exclusive coverage where other sites feared to tread. Charles Green, when we were introduced to each other, could not believe how well informed I was on his hearings. This site will always sail close to the wind to give my readers something unique.

I championed Ched Evans. I knew that he was not a rapist. He should not have served 30 months in prison for behaving badly. The outcry from the PC brigade when he attempted to earn a living was despicable. I received push back. I was castigated for supporting a convicted rapist. However he was fully exonerated as I was in supporting him.

Another injustice that caught my eye was the manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault of Lynette Daley. Lynette Daley was found dead on Ten Mile Beach, north of Iluka, New South Wales, in January 2011. The trial of the white trash who killed her commenced on 31st July of this year and is ongoing as I write.

A jury of seven women and five men on the first day of the trial heard that the 33-year-old suffered severe lacerations to her genitals from a violent sexual act involving the use of a hand or fist. Let me put this in layman’s language. Lynette, while intoxicated was violently fist-fucked to death by two white racist thugs who saw her as a piece of meat on which to act out their most depraved fantasies.

Crown prosecutor Philip Strickland SC told the court Ms Daley had lacerations in and around her vagina.

They caused significant bleeding — a significant loss of blood.”

When taken to task by the police the accused asserted:

‘Boys will be boys.’

We are not dealing with boys here. We are dealing with savage hyenas who burnt her body as it haemorrhaged to death to destroy DNA evidence.

Paul Maris, 47, has been charged with aggravated sexual assault in company and hindering the discovery of evidence. He told the court Ms Daley was “quite all right” with the sexual act which led to her death.
She didn’t say stop it, she was alright with what we were doing,he said.

But Mr Strickland told the court a post-mortem examination had shown Ms Daley had a blood alcohol level of more than 0.3 at the time, and either did not or could not give consent.

Adrian Attwater, 42, has also  been charged with manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault in company. The court was played an excerpt from his record of interview with police, in which he was asked how the situation had developed.

These things just happen, man,” he said.

“Girls will be girls and boys will be boys.”
The court was told Maris was seen with an apparently intoxicated Ms Daley at a supermarket in the area the afternoon before her death. The jury was told a witness would testify that Maris asked him:

Hey mate, can you do us a favour and drop this thing [Ms Daley] down the road for us?”

One can but hope that Maris and Attwatter are convicted and incarcerated for a minimum of twenty tears. If I had my way I would send them to a correctional facility where a majority of the inmates were Aborigine. However they are just as likely to walk free if the Crown cannot prove its case against them. I will maintain a watching brief.

In the future I intend to forensically examine the death of Stuart Lubbock who was found dead floating in Michael Barrymore’s pool. In a frenzied homosexual attack on a married man with an infant daughter, a pool thermometer was rammed repeatedly into his anus. No-one was ever charged with his manslaughter. The perpetrators have made a pact of silence.

Which inexorably leads me to the pact made by the Tapas 9 to conceal the circumstances that led to the demise of Madeleine McCann. In my previous article I acknowledged the sterling efforts of Richard D Hall. In this follow-up piece I am indebted to Anthony Bennet.

Mr. Bennet in his introduction to his article – 60 Reasons Why Madeleine Was Not Abducted –  sets the scene thus:

Amongst all the media hype and debate on the likely fate of Madeleine, and the claims of those involved, we have lost sight of the fact that little Madeleine, even if she was abducted, is no longer with us because her parents deliberately chose to leave their three children, all aged under four, unsupervised, so they could enjoy another night out wining and dining with their friends, over 100 yards’ walk away, unable to see or hear their three young children. Indeed, it is known that on one occasion, they were called back to their apartment by Mark Warner staff to attend to one of their children (probably Madeleine) who had been crying out in distress for at least an hour and a quarter, apparently pleading: ‘Daddy, Daddy’. Leaving their children unattended whilst out at the nearby Tapas restaurant with their friends is something they have publicly admitted to doing for either five or six nights in a row.”

Note the significance of the statement made by the staff of Mark Warner who ran the resort. Madeline was crying out for 75 minutes, yet this was not picked up by the Tapas 9 who claimed that they checked on the children every thirty minutes. I contend that they did not check on the children whatsoever. Having been called out on the distress of Madeleine, was she sedated so that the McCanns could continue wining and dining?

In the Madeleine McCann case, we have a truly extraordinary example of a couple, suspected of a serious crime against their child, not only being protected by our government, but also being lauded in the British press at the same time – and even, in the case of Dr Gerry McCann, receiving a ‘bravery medal’ at a police ceremony. Those who seek out information about the case, have used their minds to try to understand what might really have happened to Madeleine, and who have reached the conclusion that the McCanns and their friends are clearly failing to tell the whole truth about Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’, have been dubbed ‘McCann-haters’ or worse. These facts alone suggest that there are major issues surrounding this case that every British citizen should be aware of.”

For brevity I will only look at the most significant assertions that were made by Mr. Bennet in 2008. He has since been silenced by Carter-Ruck, acting on the instructions of the McCanns, and sentenced to three months imprisonment, which was suspended for one year, for Contempt of Court. Avid King watchers should note that the career criminal will soon suffer the same fate at The Court of Session.

We assert therefore that the British public is entitled to examine whether the McCanns’ claim of abduction stands up. You have been invited to give generously to find Madeleine. Many of you have done so, including some – like pensioners who donated their weekly pension – who could ill afford to do so. Many children gave up their pocket money for weeks to ‘help find Madeleine’. The British media have repeatedly promoted the claim that Madeleine really was abducted. Equally, and especially since the McCanns succeeded in winning over £1⁄2 million libel damages against several British newspapers, the British media have avoided printing stories that conflict with Madeleine having been abducted.”

Point 2: “The evidence from two highly trained cadaver dogs who found the ‘smell of death’ in several places in the holiday apartment where the McCanns were staying – and in a car they hired three weeks later.”

No matter how much one washes or scrubs clothes one cannot remove all traces of cadaverine. Kate McCann, playing the victim card, would clutch Madeleine’s soft toy ‘Cuddle Cat’ on every occasion when a TV crew was present. She would even remove it from her handbag to ensure that it featured in any video footage or photographs. However this was just for the cameras. When the cadaver dog caught up with the McCanns in their rented villa, Eddie made a bee line for the wardrobe, where the Cuddle Cat had been discarded. Despite having been washed by Kate McCann the cadaverine was still present. Did Madeleine die while clutching her Cuddle Cat?

We should note three very important things here. The dogs alerted to the smell of death/blood, separately, in exactly the same places in the apartment. Eddie the cadaver dog only alerted to the smell of death to the McCanns’ apartment, out of all the other ones he was taken to.

Similarly, the McCanns’ car was the only one in the car compound that Eddie alerted to. Let us be very clear about where the dogs’ evidence takes us. Records have been checked by the Portuguese police, going back years.

No-one else has ever died in Apartment 5A. No-one else has ever died in the Renault Scenic. There was a dead body in Apartment 5A. There was a dead body in the Renault Scenic hired by the McCanns.

That dead body could only be one individual – already dead – who could have been in both  5A and in the Renault Scenic. It must have been Madeleine McCann.

Kate McCann, claimed that the cadaverine could have been picked up on her clothes as she worked with corpses. She would have us believe that she took her laboratory clothes with her on holiday. She alleged that she took Cuddle Cat with her to the pathology lab.

Kate McCann is lying through her back teeth. 

When not lying Kate McCann just refused to answer questions, including all 48 put to her by the Poruguese police.

Question 41 piqued my interest. She was asked whether she had made arrangements for Madeleine’s legal guardianship to be transferred to a relative. Could Kate McCann, in a fit of rage, have murdered a daughter that so inconvenienced her ‘lush’ lifestyle?

Kate McCann, correctly sensing that the tide of public opinion was turning against her, agreed to take a lie detector test. However when presented with the questions that would be asked of her she withdrew her cooperation.

Then there’s the lie in regard to the sexualised photographs of Madeleine who was fully made up with lipstick and eye shadow. McCann claimed that her daughter had raided her cosmetics box. The makeup was perfectly applied suggesting an experienced hand. She was made up to look like a four years old Lolita. Dr. David Payne, who has a penchant for discussing how infants can be groomed to perform oral sex, must have been suitably impressed by Kate McCanns handiwork.

9. The McCanns’ false claim that the abductor had forced entry by jemmying open the shutters.

Within hours of this spurious allegation being made, both the Portuguese police and staff from Mark Warners, the holiday company with whom the McCanns and their friends were staying, had thoroughly checked the shutters. Their unanimous view was:

The shutters have not been forced open. There were no signs of forced entry’.

This led to a volte face by Kate McCann, who asserted that she may have left the patio doors open so that Madeleine could exit the apartment should it catch fire. When it was put to her that Madeleine could just have wandered off, she hastily reverted to the abduction narrative by stating that Madeleine was not strong enough to open the doors on her own. The lies upon lies told by Kate McCann suggests that she should not be believed on any matter. One might reasonably conclude that she is a glib and shameless liar. I have dealt with Jane Tanner’s fabrications in my previous article.

However the next revelation by Mr. Bennet was truly chilling:

“On 26th May, Mr Smith…described by Leicestershire police as a ‘decent’ man who was not looking for fame, came to Portugal to give a statement to the Portuguese police, and told them that he saw in a street in Praia da Luz a man carrying a child in his arms, with the child’s head resting on the man’s left shoulder. The man was 5’ 9’’ to 5’ 11” tall, 34/35 years old, with short brown hair, carrying a blonde girl wearing pyjamas ‘roughly four years of age’.”

Mr Smith then added these details: “The man was carrying the child with her head against his left shoulder and her arms hanging down alongside the body; she had bare feet, pale skin, blonde, shoulder-length hair, and was ‘wearing light coloured or pink pyjamas’.

The Portuguese police report continued: “On 20 September, Mr Smith once again contacted the authorities. He was ‘distressed’, explaining that when he saw the McCanns on the TV news on 9 September getting off the plane that had just landed in England, he said the way Gerry McCann was carrying his son Sean on his shoulder was ‘exactly’ the same way the unidentified man he had seen in Praia da Luz had been carrying the blonde girl he had seen.

He said he was now ‘nearly certain’ that it was Dr Gerry McCann that he had seen walking towards the beach at 9.50pm on 3rd May”.

A positive eye witness asserts that Gerry McCann was carrying Madeleine’s lifeless body towards the beach, ten minutes before the alarm was raised in regard to the alleged abduction by a gang of paedophiles.

There is also DNA evidence, from 15 out of 19 markers, that the blood found by Keela was Madeleine’s.

So we now have a suspicious infanticide and Dr. Gerry McCann committing a crime by concealing Madeleine’s body. Yet McCann received a medal for bravery.

There are suggestions that the ‘find Madeleine’ posters were created prior to the alarm being raised. None of the Tapas 7 engaged in the search for Madeleine. They knew that she was dead. Dr. David Payne admitted to the police that there was a pact of silence.

It was also surprising that the Pope, who blessed a picture of Madeleine, distanced himself from the McCanns in light of a confession made by Kate McCann to her parish priest. A priest is prohibited from revealing details to the public but this does not preclude him from informing his bishop, and up the hierarchy all the way to the Papal office.

Did Kate McCann confess to her part in the death of her daughter?

It’s also worth noting that the McCanns have disbursed north of £2m from their ‘Find Madeleine Trust Fund’ to a slew of unsavoury private investigators who have not found a scintilla of evidence to support the narrative of abduction.

I suspect readers will be asking how the McCanns got away with this charade. In simplistic terms, they were well advised.

Within hours of the alarm being raised the McCanns received the assistance of several lawyers who flew in from the UK. It remains unclear of how a cabal of solicitors could help find an abducted child. It has also not been explained who asked these lawyers to fly out to Praia da Luz and who paid for them.? Shortly after their arrival,  the McCanns received sufficient funds to afford the best legal representation money can buy in both Britain and Portugal.

As Mr. Bennet asserts:

The likely purpose of all these lawyers was not to help find Madeleine but, rather, to defend the McCanns, and possibly some of their ‘Tapas 9’ friends as well, from serious criminal charges. It suggests that from the outset the McCanns and their ‘Tapas 9’ friends knew they would probably come under scrutiny and investigation. When the McCanns were about to be made suspects in the investigation of their daughter’s disappearance, they rushed to hire the U.K.’s top extradition lawyer, Michael Caplan Q.C., who successfully represented General Pinochet when the Spanish government tried to extradite him to Spain for crimes against humanity.”

The McCanns went so far in their desire to propagate their mendacious narrative that they hired a Labour Party spin doctor, Clarence Mitchell, at £75,000 per annum. Mitchell claimed (on an Irish TV show) that it was ‘part of British culture’ to go on holiday and leave one’s young children on their own in their bedrooms, once they had gone to sleep, and then go off wining and dining without them. The McCanns have constantly excused and justified what was their conscious decision to put their own fun before their childrens’ welfare.

Mitchell wrapped Gordon Brown and Tony Blair around his fingers to exercise the local diplomatic community. He arranged for Gonçalo Amaral to be removed from the investigation. Mitchell also had links to the intelligence community who leaned on Mr. Smith to recant his eye-witness account. Under duress Mr. Smith agreed to a ‘watered-down’ statement. The spooks also had a go at the forensic lab that found 15 markers of Madeleine’s DNA. The forensics laboratory subsequently claimed that their findings had been compromised by their own DNA. The lab had been nobbled.

Ten years of lying has resulted in the McCanns being so independently wealthy that they never have to work again. As they swan around the world soliciting sympathy they can be seen giggling like schoolgirls in first class cabins.

The Great British Train Robbers made off with £2.6m and change. They were amateurs compared to the McCanns who made off with a larger quantum and have never been charged.







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19 thoughts on “The Great British McCann Robbery”

  1. I have one addendum to make to this article. McCann was seen heading in the direction of the beach but I don’t anticipate that Madeleine’s body was concealed on the shore. It was more likely to conceal her body in the apartment of a friend within ten minutes walk of the scene of the crime, in order that he could return and engage in the faux wailing and gnashing of teeth. It’s also worth noting that cadaverine can be detected after a minimum of two hours has elapsed since death.

  2. Your stunning forensics of the McCann narrative continue to make for compulsive reading. I have encouraged my chums in Luz to read your excellent article. Of course, no one who lives there believes for a single moment that Madeleine was abducted.

    The McCanns are widely loathed locally for, at best negligence, or at worst, murder.

    On the 100th day of Madeleine’s disappearance, the world’s press descended on this quiet town to release balloons and generally indulge in a McCannfest. I turned up with my four kids to take a look at this media frenzy. And I was not disappointed. Kate and Gerry walked down the hill to applause from hundreds of journalists and flash bulbs. Kate was of course clutching Cuddle Cat. They looked as if they were off to the Oscars. It was breathtaking arrogance and audacity. Here, on display to the world, were negligent parents being portrayed as heroes.

    I frequently saw Gerry on the beach. He looked like a man without a care in the world, clutching his bottle of San Miguel and enjoying reflected glory in the press.

    But make no mistake, no one here believes that child to have been abducted. And the police were desperate to have them taken in on charges of negligence and for the twins to be put into foster care.

    Gerry was loathed to such an extent that when he popped out for an evening drink at Kelly’s, The Bull or Beatie’s, he would empty the bar faster than a suspect package.

    One final point here. The McCanns, both qualified doctors, knew more than most the importance of DNA at a crime scene. Well, in the immediate ‘search’ for that child just after her disappearance, they allowed 63 folks from the Ocean Club to check under the bed, wardrobe, behind the sofa etc. Now then, this is a tiny flat. Like REALLY small. By the time the Portuguese site turned up, the McCanns had allowed the site to be utterly compromised.

    The disappearance of this poor child represents not only parental negligence in a most appalling way, but also an epic swindle.

    Chapeau sir for your excellent diligence with regard to this important matter.

  3. Great article, every person with half an ounce of common sense knows the McCann’s are lying through their teeth,if these people were normal working class people they would be in jail by now, because they were so called professional people they’ve been treat differently.what kind of professional person leaves their children alone to go on the piss? He controls her! get her away from him and she’ll crack and the truth will come out

    1. I’ve been saying the exact same things as you for years Paul. As a parent I wonder what my kids are doing when they’re in a different room. They are guilty of murder in my opinion but will never be taken to task. You would think that the media would be a catalyst for the truth rather than an impediment to it. Readers of this excellent blog know the latter is sadly the case.

    I read this a few years ago and listened to an interview with him , I found it interesting maybe you will too. As with solving any case it’s important to focus on the evidence rather than start with a theory and cherry pick the evidence to fit the narrative.
    Richard D Hall is an excellent investigator, I know from previous comments you dismiss the various conspiracy theories re 9/11, however you should mabe consider Richard D Halls take on this matter. I have studied all the evidence of 9/11 and the official story defies the laws of physics . I urge you to look at the work of Dr Judy Wood whose book , where did the towers go is a collection of scientific evidence that leads to a staggering conclusion. Her lecture approx 2hrs 24 mins long can be found on you tube . Richard D Hall agrees that she is the only person worth listening to on this topic.

  5. Strip away all the noise and you’re left with two supposedly well educated, high society individuals who were at best negligent. These individuals have failed three children. Madeline paid the ultimate price. What cost to the other two children who will now grow up knowing forever they have have lost a sister and that the individuals responsible for them are to blame for that loss. The Tapas bunch know the truth. British government know the truth. Society knows the truth. No amount of faux tears, cuddle toys or paid for press appeals will change what happened to poor Madeline. She died by the hands of her parents or someone close to them.

  6. You’re a better writer than many novelists JJ. Never stop mate. Regular contribution made a couple of days ago 9BL127528F660XXXX

  7. As many who read your blog will know, you (and you are not alone) completely misunderstand what lies at the heart of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (formerly known as Confession). If a person ‘sins’ it is not enough to go running to a priest for forgiveness. The ‘sinner’ is also required to make amends. For example if I were to steal money from you , it is not enough for me to ‘confess’ my sin to a priest. In order to be fully absolved of my sin I must also pay back what I have taken. Now if, as you speculate, Mrs Mc Cann ‘confessed’ to a priest, we must assume she was absolutely desperate for absolution , or why ‘confess’ to such an act. But to be given that absolution, for her to know she had truly been absolved, she would be unable to remain silent. The idea that simply confessing to a priest erases the sin is a popular misconception. Were it true, then Confession would deserve the ridicule it has attracted down through the ages.

  8. The fact that the McCanns were professional people does not explain why the whole government machine was put at their disposal. A surgeon and a part-time GP are of no consequence to the powers that be. There has to be something else at play here. Powerful people are protecting themselves. The same thing happened in the Dunblane primary school massacre.

    1. JW
      Some observations from me on your points raised.
      Why government “involvement ” ? One of the group was a neighbour of Gordon Brown’s brother and offered to speak to him to get his brother’s intervention, which duly happened.
      Was there MI5 involvement? The Portuguese lead detective thought so – but I think that is purely down the above.

      What’s being “covered up” ? Embarrassment that the UK govt and so many of it’s law enforcement agencies jumped on the Maddie bandwagon and were left with egg on their faces.

      CEOP profiled a Brit (Murat) with a 90% fit of being the bad guy. He was then fitted up by the tapas mob and won massive libel damages when the UK media (on the back of tapas mob behaviour and leaks from Mitchell) went too far , too confidently, too soon. The UK media eventually realised (IMO) that stories were being planted to subvert the investigation and divert it into dead ends on a pan Europe level (SO MANY false sightings for the Portuguese to investigate). On the back of this and the presence of Carter Ruck they decided it wasn’t worth the effort any more.
      So many govt ministers and agencies were involved it is/was incredible but IMO it’s straightforward – this was a good news story waiting to happen. They couldn’t help themselves and all wanted their share of the limelight. But then it became a bad news story. And worse : the National Police Improvement Agency (no laughing please) report detailed just how bad it was – reporting on a daily basis on up to 8 govt ministers/depts. A reference to” get in writing” anything you are asked to do – makes you wonder what they were asked to do ? The NPIA report doesn’t pull any punches about how bad this was handled – in short , there was no defined process, agencies came and went in terms of their commitment to the cause and Leics police couldn’t always get people to assist/respond.

  9. I remember The mother on her bike ride from Edinburgh to London,..
    In every photo, she’s grinning from ear to ear.
    If that had happened to my little daughter I’d wake every single day to extreme anguish, I’d never smile again.
    I dread to think what her and her husband have been part of.

  10. At the very least, the McCanns are 100% guilty of being negligent parents. Hadn’t they ever heard of a babysitter? Given that they’re are clearly educated people and are both Doctors holidaying in Portugal (ie most likely financially well off), how could one justify sparing such an expense? This fact in of itself, in my opinion, makes them guilty and deserving of criminal prosecution.

  11. In the beginning I believed the hype. Then reading more and more theories I just got confused. Your analysis really gets to the nub – they obviously are hiding something about how that child died. Anyone who backs out of a lie detection test because they don’t like the questions is guilty, end of. I can’t understand why the media and government protect them however.

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