The Truth of A Lie

Scotland’s convincing win against Lithuania should not be an inducement to attend Hampden Park on Monday evening.  The England v Slovakia game on television should be a bigger draw. If England win, and frankly I’m not convinced that they will, and the bounce game against Malta inexorably leads to a Scotland win,  Scotland would go into their home game against Slovakia on the 5th October knowing that they had to win.

As Slovakia’s last World Cup qualifier is against Malta on the 8th October, a draw at Hampden would not be good enough. In the corresponding away fixture Scotland were convincingly beaten 0-3. Of course even if they were to win this game their last game is away to Slovenia who may also have designs on the runners-up spot.

As I have stated on a number of occasions, I cannot envisage Scotland prevailing on 5th October and on the 8th October. Slovakia have a real chance of automatic qualification from this group. If they fashion a win at Wembley, they will anticipate six points from Scotland and Malta and will set about securing accommodation in Russia.

I urge the Tartan Army to keep their powder dry until the 5th October and in the unlikely event of a win, pack their bags for Slovenia. Do not fritter away £20-£30 to ensure that Stewart Regan has more leg room on the flight to Slovenia. There is nothing crucial about Monday’s game. Scotland are 1/16 to win. Malta 28/1.



Those not interested in the Madeleine McCann case should look away now. For my latest piece on this, how shall I phrase it – miscarriage of justice – my research led me to the translations of the Portuguese Police’s analysis and rogatory interviews with the Tapas 7.

The McCanns have made a small fortune by suing the Express Group Newspaper Group for libel. The Express Group settled out of court and in an unprecedented move printed page one apologies to the McCanns in The Daily Express and Daily Star.

One wonders if they would be so keen to settle and apologise given Gonçalo Amaral’s  book – The Truth of The Lie – on his investigation and the release of the Portuguese police’s case notes. The McCanns were determined to quash the publication of Amaral’s book. They squandered millions taking their appeal all the way to The Portuguese Supreme Court. They sued Amaral for libel. They petitioned for his imprisonment. Yet despite their overwhelming litigious might, they failed to silence him. Their appeal was thrown out. The initial print run of 200,000 copies sold out within days. It has been translated and published in several European countries.

However their £75,000 per annum spin doctor, former Labour Government Advisor Clarence Mitchell, had the book banned in the UK. It has been translated online by Anna Esse.

What is established from the rogatory interviews was that David Payne was the last person other than the McCanns to see Madeleine alive and well. He dropped by at 6.30 p.m. on the evening of the 3rd September. He remarked on how healthy they all looked. A tribute to their parents as it were.

As it takes two hours for cadaverine to be detectable from a corpse, Madeleine who according to the PJ died in apartment 5A, must have died two hours prior to the eyewitness account of Gerry McCann carrying her lifeless body at 9.50p.m. Kate McCann, if we are to accept Payne’s statements, was left alone with the children from the time of Payne’s departure at 6.45 – 7 p.m. until the time Gerry McCann returned from the tennis court due to failing light. The presence of Madeleine’s blood in the apartment is a concern.

In the PJ report it is stated that:

The circumstance that the Parents were the last known persons who had been with Madeleine, alive and traced, a circumstance that in itself made them subject to investigation. On the other hand, there was information, which was not confirmed afterwards, that the McCanns, while focused on stating an abduction theory, had contacted the British media (Sky News), before calling the police authorities.”

Confronted with these elements, namely the possibility of the existence of a cadaver in the apartment and in the vehicle that was used by the parents, founded suspicions of their involvement were raised.”

As they were summoned to depose again, while there was no plausible explanation for those situations and as they were to be confronted with the dogs’ findings and with the lab information, which were susceptible of rendering them responsible as authors of crimes (at least, of neglectful homicide and of concealment of a cadaver), they were, obligatorily and inexorably, made arguidos.”

We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.


Pamela Fenn, who resides on the residential block’s first floor, above the apartment that was occupied by the McCann family, clarified that on the 1st of May 2007, two days before her disappearance, at around 10.30 p.m., she heard a child crying, which from the sound would be MADELEINE and that she cried for an hour and fifteen minutes, until her parents arrived, at around 11.57 p.m. This shows that the parents were not persistently worried about their children [and] that they didn’t check on them like they afterwards declared they did, rather neglecting their duty to guard those same children, although not in a temerarious, or gross, manner.”


The following is from the Portuguese penal code, clause 227

1 – Whoever places another person’s life in danger,
a) By exposing her in a location where she is subject to a situation from which she, on her own, cannot defend herself against; or
b) Abandoning her without defence, whenever the agent had the duty to guard her, to watch over her or to assist her;”

This legal type of crime is only fulfilled with intent, and this intent has to cover the creation of danger to the victim’s life, as well as the absence of a capacity to defend herself, on the victim’s behalf. Even if, hypothetically, one could admit that Gerald and Kate McCann might be responsible over the child’s death, it would still have to be explained how, where through, when, with what means, with the help of whom and where to they freed themselves of her body within the restricted time frame that would have been available to them to do so.

The report by the PJ has now been archived. The investigation by Belgravia police, which has recently received additional funding is a whitewash that will skirt round any McCann culpability. They are on a wild goose chase looking for Jane Tanner’s fabricated sighting.

On a final note one can see why the McCanns and Mitchell wanted Amaral off the case.


Joana Cipriano disappeared from the village of Figueira, near Portimao, on 12 September 2004 and was later assumed to have been murdered, though her body has never been found. She was eight-years-old.

The investigation into her disappearance ended with the conviction of Leonor and Joao Cipriano, Joana’s mother and uncle, for her murder.

The prosecution claimed that Joana was killed because she saw her mother, Leonor Cipriano, and her mother’s brother, Joao Cipriano, having sex. This was in accordance with the testimony of the stepfather of Leandro Silva, the common-law husband of Leonor Cipriano.

The PJ inspectors were working under Gonçalo Amaral at the time of the alleged incident. There were allegations that Leonor Cipriano was tortured.

The trial of the PJ inspectors revealed many attempts by Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer to discredit Gonçalo Amaral, both professionally and personally.

The trial concluded on 22 May 2009 with Gonçalo Amaral receiving an 18-month custodial sentence, suspended for the same length of time, for the misrepresentation of evidence.

Amaral had a fierce reputation. Despite being discredited no-one could ever accuse him of not going the extra mile to nail a suspect.



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19 thoughts on “The Truth of A Lie”

  1. JJ should people not want to read your articles on this area just let them scroll on. I find it very interesting.

    Any idea where I can pick up That book by Amaral, preferably for kindle?

  2. I would ask readers to check out duper’s delight,eyes of a killer and McCann’s ‘Ask the dogs!’ interview.One day,hopefully,justice will be delivered.Poor wee girl.

  3. Well I’ll definitely be going along with many others on Monday. Its only £20- £30 and is walking distance from my house. A win on Monday, coupled with an England win or draw will guarantee a sell out for the Slovakia game.

    1. Support of the SFA’s footballing wing is a thumbs up to the SFA turning a blind eye to financial doping.

      I wouldn’t watch that lot if they were playing in my back garden and most Celtic supporters should feel the same.

  4. Absolutely Riveting JJ, looking forward to more of your analysis of that poor weans disappearance.

    All the evidence John has provided about the absolute corruption from the, SFA and the whereby to publicise it your dismissal and “I will be going pish” is downright cheek.

  5. All journalists who covered the McCann cover up should hang their heads in shame. And that’s a lot of journalists. You have covered ground with regard to this topic which no one was even prepared to question.

    When we were overrun by journalists in Luz all those years ago (they were resident for months), we asked them why they didn’t report one of the few available facts. The first and obvious fact is that Madeleine had disappeared (not abducted). The second fact was that she had been left alone by her parents which makes them negligible.

    There were few other facts at the time. No journalist was prepared to run with the story that the parents had been negligent. Their absence from their children was always couched in terms that they were at ‘a nearby tapas restaurant’. It is ALWAYS the nearby tapas restaurant to give their negligence validity. Well, it’s not nearby and a watering hole which they frequented, Kelly’s, is a ten minute walk. That is out of sight and out of hearing distance.

    This has, to this day, never been reported. Not once.

    The evidence which you present is comprehensive and compelling. If the British media and judiciary had adopted similar levels of diligence, both Kate and Gerry McCann would be serving time in jail and the twins would be in the safety of a foster family.

    1. Mensch

      You mentioned previously talk of , shall we say, parlour games of a very adult nature. What was the basis of this ? I have read a blogger at length who hangs her hat on this but have never seen anything on the net that substantiates this – and I know the Portuguese expressed their belief in this too. Did it happen on the Ocean club site or elsewhere ?

      One of the many things I’ve refused to believe about this bunch is that they had a hard earned spring break in the Algarve but spent the entire week eating bloody tapas , EVERY single night that week while eschewing the delights of the PdL nightlife. Are you able to elaborate on Kelly’s/Chaplins or any other establishment they may have frequented that week ? Did the locals see them on other bars that week ?

  6. Weird saw Goggs out walking with the young Broon’s the other week and thoughts turned to his involvement in the dark side of the McCann ‘ Abduction’……….

    Is anyone else getting issed off at all these EBT Pundits on TV, funded fee wise, in the main by those of us that have paid our due taxes. Surely following the supreme court ruling its not too much to ask that they wear a Badge on screen with their name on and either EBT Tax Paid or EBT Tax still outstanding, then those of us that cant afford that goodnight out in Glasgow can make an informed choice of whether we are listening to a fully paid up UK tax payer or not and switch off if we so desire, where the tax still remains outstanding.

  7. A lot more people I know support the theory that the McCann’s had some sort of involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance, than those who believe they didn’t. If this pattern were to be repeated across the UK, then a substantial number of UK citizens believe that Maddeleine was killed in her apartment, and her corpse concealed, and later moved to a more secure location. Yet to voice this belief is considered libellous as there is no evidence to support this. Yet it is obvious that there is more evidence to support the theory of her death and concealment, than any suggesting abduction. A huge spin has been put on the McCanns being victims, yet they continue to solicit huge sums of money from the British tax payer, in the pretence of “finding Maddie”. Were Ben Needham’s parents afforded the same luxury?

    Many, many questions remain unanswered, and the McCanns continue to be feted by the British press and broadcasting organisations, who peddlethe same ludicrous stories time and again. But Maddie’s death aside, it is staggering to see that Kate and Gerry McCann have been shielded from allegations of the glaringly obvious neglect they showed towards their childrens’ welfare.

    And at the end of it all, an innocent little angel lies in an unmarked grave, a victim of her parents’ neglect.

  8. Thank you for getting in touch about Sportsound broadcast on 20 August 2017.

    Our guests, including Ronald de Boer, discuss issues relevant to the football matches and sporting issues being covered in our programme.

    We chose to interview the players because we considered this to be of interest to our audiences to hear from their perspective what happened at the time, how they might have behaved if they had known then what they know now and what their view of the consequences being suggested in various quarters.

    Your comments have been fully registered on our daily audience log. This internal document is made available to all our production teams and senior BBC management.

    Thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact us.

    There you go the BBC think we are interested in the opinion of tax cheats who played for a financially doped club.

  9. Very interesting read jj (I do sub monthly even if it’s minimal; unwaged I,m afraid)
    Decided to have a look at the police report myself and it’s quite franky mindblowing how they got away with. That is until you go even further down the rabbit hole so to speak and when you see how many 33 degree freemasonry members including US Vice President Joe Biden (you-tube footage is blood chilling), US Congress Members, Senators, Prince Andrew and his history and associations with known predators as well as Prince Charles relationship with a certain Jimmy Saville, who was not only protected by the BBC Heirachy but given a terrority to prey in. Operation Yewtree yielded many more known T.V faces. The Catholic Church is well documented for it abuse of children and when you throw in Hollywoods Pizzagate, where Corey Feldman (Stand by me, The Lost Boys fame ), tells us he was surrounded by Paedophiles. Then there is Charlie Sheen. A one man case of corrupted demonic deviance for all to see in the flesh.
    I have seen the numbers and statistics of kids that have disappeared around these predators and that it is not only paedophilia but also, and can surely only be and in what percentages i cannot answer accurately , satanic ritual sacrifice. These people are monsters who see us as cattle, yet continually the elite of this subhuman collective have managed to dodge accountability. A Luciferian Reign indeed. For now.

  10. JJ

    Did not pay much attention to the McCann case until I read an article of yours a few months ago. I more or less accepted the authorised version of events.

    However your most recent posts caused me to do a bit more reading over the last few days and I came across a very disturbing, though convincing, video dated 25 Nov 2016 by Richard Hall on you tube where a US statement analyst, Peter Hyatt, gives an unequivocal opinion on the McCanns. It is a long one and you can find it in three parts of which this is the address for the third (

    If you haven’t seen it it is unmissable and I found it totally convincing.


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