Yours is no disgrace

Yesterday’s international results seem to have buoyed those who turn up at Hampden to watch an inferior product manufacture improbable failures. In making this sweeping statement it would be remiss of me to add one caveat: the Celtic core of the team are far from inferior. However Celtic have a team that combines the Scotland stalwarts with the best of French and English youthful flair, buttressed with Slavic/Scandinavian strength.

They have Sinclair, and back by popular demand, Patrick Roberts. Prior to reverting to the international scene I take pause to consider the latest piece by Gordon Parks in the Sunday Fail. If this Trinity title continues to haemorrhage readers at an annual rate north of 14% per annum, it won’t be with us, at least in its present form, much longer.

Parks asserts that Patrick Roberts’ decision to join Celtic for another year’s loan smacks of a lack of ambition.

Is this the ranting of a bitter, jealous Hun who realises that Rangers Lite are doomed to another season of abject failure? The WhatsApp crew are not playing for Primark Pedro. There is a schism in the dressing room. There is a bitterness and envy apropos the salaries being paid to the recent imports, some of whom as is the case with Pena think that training is optional. There is a blatant disregard for Primark’s tactics. There are those like Miller who deride Caixinha on a daily basis and call him ‘banger.’ He has probably been called worse after being dismissed at Qatar. There are even suggestions that he should book a course at Largs and learn how to coach.

Is this the backdrop to Parks’ mean-spirited piece? Is he appealing to the blue demographic in the style of his colleague Gordon Waddell? Or was it a cheap shot to set up a video debate with Darren Jackson to appease Trinity Mirror’s mandate to engage with the Instagram/WhatsApp video generation. My money is on the latter.

Roberts will be playing against the most expensive, and second most expensive player, in world football; namely Neymar and Mbappe. Paris Saint-German, in taking the latter on a season’s loan with an option to buy, thought that they could avoid FFP sanctions. They probably thought that UEFA had no FFP teeth. I would like to think that they will soon be disabused of both notions and that the Mbappe permanent deal will be spiked.

A PSG player Edouard is now on loan at Celtic. Does Parks believe that PSG would loan their player to Celtic if there was no prospect of development?

In the case of Roberts, what better showcase for his talents than the group stages of the Champions League? His agent would have advised him that if he stands out in these matches the world will be his oyster.

Roberts’ decision to rejoin Celtic is nothing if not ambitious. Brendan Rodgers is highly respected. He can make a good player great.

The coaching team behind Bayern Munich will be able to observe Roberts at close quarters. If he twists their defenders’ blood a move to ‘Hollywood’ might be in the offing. Using Celtic as a stepping stone to bigger clubs is a long-established policy at Lennoxtown. To quote Jon Anderson of Yes: Yours is no disgrace.



When reverting to the National team, the headlines may have been dominated by the England result and the lacklustre win at Hampden, but I would caution not to ignore the Slovenia result as it puts them in the mix. The remaining fixtures are as follows:


5 October 2017

England v Slovenia; Malta v Lithuania; Scotland v Slovakia.

8 October 2017

Slovakia v Malta; Slovenia v Scotland; Lithuania v England.


Should England continue to do Scotland a favour by securing their Russian berth with a win at Wembley, the Scotland v Slovakia game will be in sharp relief. Scotland managed to recover from a three goal reverse at Wembley to fashion a 2-2 draw at Hampden. Can they do same, or better, against Slovakia?

If not the game against Slovenia might be a dead rubber. However if they do earn an improbable win the sting might be in the Slovenian tail.

I remain unconvinced that the National team will participate at the World Cup Finals in Russia. I would like to be proved wrong. It would not be the first time.





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11 thoughts on “Yours is no disgrace”

  1. Monthly PayPal donation sent this morning JJ. Keep up the good work!

    JJ: Thank you buddy. Gratefully received and much appreciated.

  2. The Trinity Mirror group – inc the Record – is staring into the abyss. The hard pressed hacks are indeed having to upload all sorts of banal video/ mobile phone fodder for the youth demographic, but at the same time its freelance budget, which once brought in a steady crop of stories and features, is now practically non-existent. Meaning more churning and easy knock-off pieces from the last-remaining galley slaves.

  3. Hello JJ, I’ve been following your study on the MCann’s with some interest and wonder if you can verify any part of this comment from the poster ‘MyImmaculateQueen’ on the YouTube video in the link below.

    ‘I can’t watch this couple without feeling physically sick.
    In honour of Madeline I will state a few facts.

    1. Gerry McCann was placed on the precursor of the sex offenders register, the CATS system in 2002. Here is his reference number: 19309.
    2. Gerry McCann was charged AND convicted in 2006 with posession of over 2,000 paedophile images of children being raped and murdered. He was caught during operation Yewtree.
    3. Gerry and Kate McCann visited paedophile child rapist Sir Clement Freud TWICE in the weeks after Madeline’s disappeared.
    4. Gerry and Kate McCann were on holiday in Portugal when Madeline disappeared. This holiday was organised by their convicted paedophile friend David Payne whom they allowed to bathe their children.
    5. Gerry McCann is a Knights Templar Freemason.

    So, to recap. Gerry McCann has been convicted of a sexual act against children, convicted of posession of child pornography, was on a holiday organised by a convicted paedophile and visited a paedophile. All just a conicidence? I think not.’

    More power to you..

    NB, you do NOT need to publish this comment, I only thought it may be of interest to you.

    1. No I will publish your comment. As points 1-4 are well documented and established. I’m less sure of 5 but as he is being protected by some powerful establishment figures I would not be surprised.

      1. Incredible that points 1-4 could be so well documented yet the public knows nothing about them!

        This is obviously for the same reasons why the Yewtree investigation spread outwards to 84 year old patsies rather than upwards, where the first investigating officer was following it before being removed from the case.

        The consequences of this entire affair would not only bring down the government but would rip the entire fabric of British society apart, if theres anything left to rip, of course.

  4. As someone who is a self-classified techno-dunce could you please use your good offices to find an answer to the following: I was only now just listening to Sportsound on BBC Scotland ( aka Radio Rangers) and thought I heard someone called Daryl who had something to do with the SFA, say that he was tasked with “fun things’ like the child abuse investigations (presumably on behalf of the SFA). If I heard correctly should this individual not fall on his sword? I have never heard the like!!!

    1. I did not hear the episode but it was probably Darryl Broadfoot, now ex Head of Communications of the SFA, having jumped the fan before the arrival of the shit.

      One of his little jobs was not to inform STV’s Grant Russell that his report on Resolution 12 had two glaring omission when quoting Andrea Traverso Head of club licensing.

      At the time of publication Broadfoot would have had for over a week a copy of the UEFA response to Res12 lawyers that said.

      To sum up, as a consequence of decisions taken in 2012 as well as the administration of the club and the events/measures that followed (including the new club/company being ineligible to apply for a licence to participate in UEFA competitions for three seasons), there is clearly no need for UEFA to investigate this matter any further since the club was not granted a licence to participate in the 2012/13 UEFA club competitions, the new club/company entered the fourth tier of Scottish Football and it was not able to play in UEFA competitions for the next three years in any event.

      but reported by STV and others as:

      “As a consequence of decisions taken against Rangers FC in 2012 as well as the administration of the club and the events and measures that followed (including the club being ineligible to apply for a licence to participate in UEFA competitions for three seasons), there is no need for UEFA to investigate this matter any further since the club was not granted a licence to participate in the 2012/13 UEFA club competitions, the club entered the fourth tier of Scottish football and it was not able to play in UEFA competitions for the next three years in any event.”

      By seeing that the new club/company reference was erased from the public record, or failing to correct what was published, Darryl saved the SFA having to confirm or deny that they were in conflict with UEFA FFP Articles in transferring Rangers FC SFA membership to the new club company as part of the Five Way agreement that the SFA were signatories to..

      So job well done by Darryl at the cost of his and Grant Russell’s integrity on social media.

      PS: in spite of that report in June 2016 to kill Res12 dead, the Traverso letter provided other information along with other research that means Res12 is still alive and kicking.

      The UEFA Licence grant in 2011 is but just one piece of a wider attempt to cover up the extent of dishonesty at play since March 2011 by the football authorities and Scottish media to make sure there is a team called Rangers playing at Ibrox.

      1. A wee update on Darryl’s career.

        Mr Broadfoot left the SFA in January to become a Partner of Frame, a Marketing and Public Relations agency from March. In June Frame announced a couple of new clients. One was the SFA.
        So, previously Mr Broadfoot worked for the SFA (mostly defending/promoting “the Rangers thing”) and he got a salary. Now Mr Broadfoot works at Frame for the SFA (mostly defending/promoting “the Rangers thing”) and he sends the SFA Fee Notes.

  5. Another of my occasional donations. 03A83235CY030XXXX

    ‘Get Carter’ was a good film, film debut of Alun Armstrong as I recall; I once read he was a half-brother of Hywel Bennet but I’ve never seen that again.

    I note in passing, that the Scotsman is carrying the story about Celtic and their demands today.

    Harking back to the decline in Scots football though for a minute. Teachers in the 70s in Scotland were not well paid and, to be fair, many were sick of “teachers should, teachers must, teachers ought to” etc. and the continual denigration. So it was no surprise that so many walked away from after-hours activities.

    More importantly, two social trends came into play. The death of tanner-ba’ football in the streets and parks until too dark to play had an impact on the diminution of skills acquired from hours of practice on a variety of surfaces. Children just don’t get that level of practice these days plus, open spaces are disappearing with people no longer tolerant of children playing in streets (even if traffic was not a problem).

    Other activities took away people who preferred not to be outside in the cold, wind, and rain with heavy leather balls. I can only speak from my own experience where so many of the lads who played football were more likely to be hewers of wood and drawers of water than captains of industry. Quite a few of us gravitated to rugby where the ethos, camaraderie, and social aspects of rugby culture were more appealing. You can argue how much that affects performance of modern teams to your hearts’ content.

    From there we’ve gone to the plethora of choices that modern children have and it is clear that, for many, football is not an appealing choice. You only have to look at the number of ‘gamers’ and users of computers amongst the young, not to mention cooler activities such as skateboarding etc.. The smaller the pool of talent, the smaller the cohort of able players you have to draw upon.

    Perhaps there should be no surprise that so many footballers come from poorer countries where every opportunity to get on is taken, including football.

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