Ogilvie, Regan & Petrie’s legacy of corruption

Should we just ‘Move on’ from the the EBT scandal?”

Yes 36   15.52%
No 196  84.48%

The online poll on Hibs.net on the thorny issue of ‘moving on’ is overwhelmingly negative, albeit a relatively small straw poll of 232 votes. Fans for Justice have north of 13,000 signatures.

Despite the consensus to deal with the issues the most corrupt man in Scottish Football governance, Stewart Regan, is throwing bread and Slovakian circuses at us to avoid an inquiry as he is compromised up to his bald pate.

On the question of retrospective punishment for the club formerly known as Rangers, Hibs.net were informed by a fan rep that the issue had been discussed by the board and that a statement would be forthcoming. That was some considerable time ago. Did Rod Petrie, whose fingerprints are all over the Five Way Agreement and the creation of the Frankenstein club, spike the response?

Petrie is compromised. He is part of the inner three at the SFA who want Rangers cheating to stand and the trophies won by the former club to continue to be conferred to Rangers Lite, including the seventeen won when engaging in systemic tax evasion and cheating.

The bombast of the Rangers supporters must be arrested. The cult of ‘We Are The People’ supremacy must be cut short.

Supremacy built on a web of cheating cannot be allowed to stand.

As we have recently discovered two die-hard Huns with a capital H, Ménage à trois Ballantyne and David Longmuir, decided to add the final touches on the continuation lie by conferring the titles won by the former club to Rangers Lite.

This naked corruption must have had the buy-in of Regan and Doncaster, and Rod Petrie, who was the SFA’s conduit to Green.

Petrie’s brief was a simple one:

Rod we are stitching up football for the benefit of Green’s basket of assets. Tell him to accept the transfer ban and we will make sure that all the titles that were won by Rangers will be in the gift of The Rangers.”


Is it any surprise that Petrie is keeping shtum?

If Hibs.net want to effect real change the first thing they should do is to petition Leeann Dempster to sack Petrie. He is one of the principal architects of the cover-up.

Petrie’s head on a stake is a minimum requirement.


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24 thoughts on “Ogilvie, Regan & Petrie’s legacy of corruption”

  1. JJ,
    Like many people, I am keen that action is taken against these individuals and that the EBT years receive due attention and restitution for Scottish football, but other than us discussing these outrages amongst ourselves I have lost the plot with regard to who is taking any constructive/proactive action to get this moving (other than taking surveys and seeking names on petitions), or indeed how the vast majority of us can help those spearheading the charge. Any summary and advice would be welcome.

    1. My understanding is:

      There is what might be called a feasibility study being conducted by a law firm already funded for that purpose. That is necessary to establish if there is a case for a JR, on what grounds, chances of success and consequences either way.

      A review itself will require crowd funding if the foregoing is positive.

      The JR has no connection to Celtic, who along with the SPFL clubs, are pushing for an internal enquiry on handling of Rangers insolvency, but are being resisted by the SFA who would be hung out to dry if the terms of reference are proper.

      Then there is Res12, which was left with Celtic last December to handle once the court cases were over in 2017.

      In 2013 Celtic’s official stance to Res12, before an adjournment was agreed, was that Res12 was unnecessary.

      At of before the next Celtic AGM, we should know if that is still their position in light of what was confirmed following the Craig Whyte court case and what has been done since 5th July when Craig Whyte trial ended.

  2. “Supremacy” is just another myth for them to believe in. The majority of them will have seen Celtic be more successful in their lifetime .

  3. Hi JJ monthly donation made transaction 3790-5057-3225-2370 as always great articles especially about the McCanns always thought there was something wrong there.

    JJ: Yes a pair of wrong’uns. Thank you.

  4. Hi JJ- another fine article.
    I must admit though this is driving me insane.
    In terms of this situation you (and a few others) have served it up boiled, poached,scrambled and fried.
    Despite this I see little to no progress in action towards the judicial review. Even the silver bullet alluded to previously ref DAFC ? All quiet there too. Ithought it significant that in the almost immediate aftermath timely news of poor JC suffering from Alzheimer’s hits the newsreels throwing a protective shield around him.
    Is anyone any further forward on this or are we just consigned to eternal frustration?

  5. Donation made JJ if a little belatedly 4WF80398FN4xxxx

    No significant comment to make so I won’t. Just waiting for the Levee to break.

    Stay safe and keep it going.

    JJ: Thank you. Have a look at Auldheid’s comments for an update.

  6. I think Celtic fans are concentrating on the C.L at the moment, packages selling out etc. They will also pay extra for tickets to watch a 5 year old team.Not for me, thanks. WE need guys like you to continue this fight for integrity.

  7. I too,am becoming disillusioned about this whole circus.There doesn’t seem to be any appetite for looking back and going for title and cup wins to be removed from history.Many Celtic fans are interested in the C.L.(understandably) but also can’t wait to play a 5 year old club,paying extra to purchase tickets for the pleasure.No wonder Peter and the board can sit back,count the cash and not pay too much attention to the convoluted problem.Thankfully,you’ve not given up and when awards are,er,awarded,I know who bloody deserves to win.

  8. I have no intention of ‘playing the man’ but WHO are these chaps holding a “Feasibility Study” and where have they been these last 5 years and furthermore how on Earth do they attempt to raise Thousands of pound, when there is no face put to the “Feasibility Study”. Is RTC about to ‘Stand Up’ like the Pied Piper and lead us on a merry dance. Forgive me Auldhied, how it can’t be clearer that CFC Plc took a giant ‘DUMP’ on The Resolutioner which would have and should have made THEIR position untenable (The Boards). Sorry but I have NO FAITH in the CFC Board of FREEMASONRY as it tangibly appears they care more for the Blue Pound than the GREEN that is taken for GRANTED. Only my opinion.

    1. The term feasibility study is one I alone have used. Call it exploratory investigation or even getting ducks in a row, it is an essential step that began in Spring 2016 using a law firm who have been privately funded.

      Since then much more has emerged to strengthen and so direct the case but the devil will be in the detail and I have no idea what will emerge from that exploration.

      It is an essential step before crowd funding. I’d be happy somebody has taken it on, not being critical of the silence.

      As regards Res12 – sticks n stones – it was and remains a smoking gun Celtic have in their holster.

      See latest on videocelts for Celtic’s position on the enquiry they requested two months ago and associated Times article.

  9. The wheels of Justice grind slowly but surely. There can only be ONE Judicial Review so all the evidence has to be assembled before the assault. Then you will see fire and fury like never before. We will never sit at the back of the bus ever again.

  10. I’m a Hibs fan who didn’t vote in that poll, so add in another No vote. We need to put pressure on Petrie and Dempster to represent the fans wishes but I’m not holding my breath. Sevco will die and Sevco2 conferred 54 titles before that happens.

  11. I have not been too happy about our mr petrie not making the so called comment on this debacle of a club. he has had an easy time this past few seasons with us winning the cup and gaining promotion back to the spl. the plaudits should and rightly have been laid on Leeanne Dempster, she is the one that has breathed new life into our club, as i have already said mr petrie has had a very quiet two years as far as pressure from the fans, so come on mr petrie are you going to make a statement or not. GGTTH. JJ haven’t been able to make donation this month but will make up for it later. FJ.

  12. Keep ’em coming JJ, we are in for the long haul on this.. those of us who truly love Scottish football for the timeless values of competition on a level playing field will see it through. Call it natural justice. It will happen eventually. The truth is funny, that way.

    1. I could not narrow it down to a finite number. Regan will jump before he’s pushed. If a judicial review proceeds Petrie will also be in the crosshairs. Ogilvie will survive.

  13. I would have thought given your ‘experience’ and your ‘endeavours’ to seek justice without skirting the main issues, why weren’t you introduved into “pishing outside of the tent camp” from within. One can only hope that us who are being urged/targeted to fund this Judicial Review and in the meantime we are all still in the dark. The RES 12 situation has certain parallels, namely, Divide and conquer were the ‘custodians’ of our Club would be out on their ear.

    1. I don’t know who has been urging you to contribute to a crowd fund for a JR, but I’ve seen a specific message saying keep your powder dry with the same explanation I provided. It is a sensible step.

      Such an invite to enter the tent was never issued and as it could have been counter productive to getting the answers that will lead to SFA reform, would never have been accepted.

  14. Keeping your powder dry only means something if you have a loaded weapon and I see no smoking gun being held at our administrators heads. There was nothing proved as in regards to Res 12 cloak and dagger tactics. There was no reason to keep the meetings with CFC private which helped foster a them and us melodrama and keep the focus away from the SFA shanahanigans. Thanks for replying but I will have serious thoughts about any crowdfunding initiatives and who will be in control of the money and I’d like to nominate your goodself, if the Res12 issue hasn’t left you dumbfounded to the lack of CFC Plc’s contribution of obfuscating it.. I for one would like to thank you for your efforts on shining a light at the Blazers Hampdump who hold every football fan in contemp.

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