Walking On Hot Coals

The compromised corrupt cabal that is the SFA were warned in advance of Ewing Grahame’s article in The Times. Darryl Broadfoot, who now works for a two-bit third party PR operation – Frame – is the account manager to the SFA. As opposed to drawing a salary he now issues fee notes.






Broadfoot’s  fingerprints are all over the SFA’s decision to write to all 42 member clubs of the SPFL. The two takeaways from the letter are:

1. “After careful consideration, the board of the Scottish FA has declined the invitation to participate in such a review. The image of the game in Scotland can only be damaged further by ‘raking over the coals’ of everything that has happened in the last six years for a further lengthy period of time. No-one is complacent or insensitive to the issues. It will be impossible to satisfy every supporter, every club official and every member club. Nevertheless, the board of the Scottish FA is resolute. It has acted with integrity and in the best interests of Scottish football at all time.”

2. “The court testimony of two former directors of Rangers Football Club plc might have implications in the context of the Uefa licence granted in 2011. This matter has been referred to the compliance officer for further investigation following receipt of information of a written opinion from senior counsel.”

Regan’s unedifying spat with Pie & Bovril is indicative of a man with his head in a vice.

The reason why Regan does not wish to rake over the coals of the last six years is that he is front and centre on the panel of the LNS Commission Whitewash. A commission that arrived at the conclusion that since EBT were legal instruments, all clubs could have availed themselves of their tax efficacy, ergo no competitive advantage.

This was the desired result for Regan as it extricated the SFA from engaging in title-stripping. I have no doubt whatsoever that this was Regan’s handiwork as the LNS had the narrow focus of registration irregularities.

As I exclusively revealed Regan excused himself from the meeting that resulted in an  agreement being signed that gave Charles Green’s basket of assets a berth in the SFL. He claimed that he had to attend a social function. This was a pretext. Regan merely saw an opportunity not to sign the document, made his excuses and left the meeting as Charles Green arrived to do the actual horse trading.

Regan has steadfastly refused to address the circumstances in which a UEFA licence was granted to Rangers in 2011. However sworn testimony by Rangers Finance Director, Donald McIntyre, revealed that the £2.8m apropos the DOS/VSS illegal artifice had crystallised in March. There were no ongoing discussion. A fine of 50% of this quantum was levied.

Even when Messenger At Arms, instructed by HMRC, visited Ibrox in August, the SFA refused to act. How Regan can claim that the SFA acted with intregrity at all times truly beggars belief. Ali Russell and SFA Council Member Andrew Dickson are also in the frame if both knowingly lied to the SFA as Regan would have us believe. But the prosaic fact of the matter is that Regan lied in regard to the date when the debt had crystallised. He is both complicit in this UEFA fraud and an active participant in the cover-up. His position is untenable.

When Regan asserts that the SFA acted in the best interests of Scottish football, this is shorthand for the best interests of Rangers and its successor club The Rangers ( Rangers Lite). The Punch & Judy Rangers v Celtic games underpin the broadcasting deals and sponsorships.

The SFA, to recreate this cash cow, transferred the former licence of Rangers to Sevco Scotland, and for good measure allowed Longmuir and Ménage à trois Ballantyne to confer the former titles won by Rangers to the new club, including the fifteen that they had identified as unsound in drafts one and two of the Five Way Agreement.

Regan does not want to rake over the last six years as they inevitably lead to the period of 1999-2011 where all titles won by Rangers must be declared null and void.

Not wishing to participate in a review, as requested by the SPFL and Celtic, as they are compromised, is an outrage. Who could ever believe in the SFA if their decision is allowed to stand?

Celtic must go over their heads and take this to CAS in Lausanne.

A judicial review that goes over their heads must also proceed.

Celtic are going after Regan and the SFA. One can but hope that they go all the way.



21 thoughts on “Walking On Hot Coals”

  1. The Celtic letter is from 2012 and made perfect sense pre-LNS. If this were still 2012 or even 2013, I’d agree that Celtic the letter suggests Celtic were going after Regan and the SFA.

    But this is 2017: what evidence have we seen recently that suggests Celtic’s 2012 blood is still up? I wrote many things in 2012 that are water under the bridge in 2017.

    1. In the context of this letter now being publically available I think you could take the recent call from Celtic for a review of the matter (http://www.celticfc.net/news/12873) as confirmation that this has not been dropped. Also the Resolution 12 guys (who are much closer to the decision makers than most) seemed pretty confident all along that this would be the case following the conclusion of the Supreme Court case.

      As for the article – I could not agree in stronger terms. Doing the deeds is one thing, stonewalling it another, but waving a bare arse at the clubs you are supposed to be serving has to be the catalyst for their own downfall. Aside from all of this is you look at the “four strategic pillars” of Regans 2020 plan….

      • Perform and Win
      • Strong Quality Growth
      • Better financial returns
      • Respected and Trusted to Lead

      … he’s dismally failed on all accounts – most spectacularly on the last. By his own performance standards he should walk never mind this particular web of seedy dealing.

  2. The arrogance of Regan and the SFA is truly something to behold.

    Integrity of the game? Is he taking the piss here?

    This will inevitably be left to Celtic to act but what are the options. Is a fan funded judicial review really going to happen?

    I am exasperated with all of this now. My heart is heavy as I can see the villains escaping with the proceeds of the crime here.

    Celtic should start the squeeze on the SFA now. Don’t make any of our players available to the national side, withdraw from the Cup, find another league or federation that would welcome us and our traveling support and give notice to quit Scottish football.

    As my old Granda used to say “fuck em”

  3. Perpetrating a fraud is a criminal offence, covering up a fraud is also a criminal offence.
    Where potentially millions of pounds are at stake both become serious criminal offences which Scottish courts take a dim view of.
    Anyone charged and found guilty of such offences can expect serious jail time.
    There is no statute of limitations.

  4. I’m astonished that a sporting governance organisation can simply say ‘no thanks’ to an inquiry into what is ultimately fraud and corruption. How, in any way, is this fit for purpose in a professional sport?

  5. I disagree. To my mind Celtic FC are simply, by covert means , sustaining the view that they are working behind the scenes to right the wrongs of 2011 and 2012. Other than the letter from 2012 and their Media Statement following SC decision what have they actually done?

    1. Do you mean apart from rekindling the fire that Regan did not want raked as he knew beneath something was still burning. You have to sit tight Celtic are a company and resposible for their stakeholders,when the stakeholder brings forth the evidence and demand action it kicks in.
      At this point in time articles are emerging that are picking through the lies and deciet of a coverted media set up to hide and distort, we are lucky we know of this, the masses are still in ignorance and simply see the media as fools, they are not fools they are meticously regimed in their thinking and protection, the walls are coming down but you have to sometimes pick away until you reach the cornerstone and then the whole house will come tumbling down.
      It is no accident we have clowns like jackson and Jack every institution had its clowns to distract the crowds attention away from the real stories. Stick with the blogs and yes patience is a virtue.

    2. O.I.S, you should make the same point, which is absolutely correct in my view, but it’s the Celtic FC BOARD who are doing nothing whilst pretending to be taking action. Celtic FC includes the supporters, the team, the footballing staff etc., don’t taint them by association with the Board.
      We’re NOT the same thing, and one day I hope to be part of a movement that will get rid of the self-serving hypocrites who make up our current board and replace them with honest, decent men. Until that time I’ll do everything I can to bring to light everything and everyone involved in all the cheating asnd lying that hides under Scottish football and all its tentacles.

  6. Having followed this since the start the cynic in me says nothing will happen. We live in a society that protects the high, the mighty and the establishment. When abusers from Parliament to entertainment to the Royal Family are free to do what they wish unpunished then nothing is going to change our corrupt football. I wish it were not so but there is no appetite for change, too many noses in the trough. Where is the outcry for change, an end to corruption? Our clubs are quite happy to accept what is unacceptable to most fans as long as the blazers get their money and place at the table. It sickens me but what sickens me more is that it isn’t going to change.

    1. Who was it who said, ‘when good men do nothing, evil prevails’ ? Things have to change, justice must prevail and wrongdoers have to pay the cost.
      I think the gloves are off now and the bungling SFA and their cronies in the media are simply no match for Celtic and hopefully the other clubs and their supporters. This is long overdue, this boil will mutate into a malignant cancer unless it is lanced. Honesty, integrity and justice must prevail.

    2. Mike, it saddens me to say that with attitudes like yours, your cynicism will be ‘proven’ correct.
      A self-fulfilling prophecy.
      So, FFS change your attitude and get behind those who WILL do something for change, something really positive for which integrity in Scottish football is screaming out.
      I’ve said it from day 1, ALL those responsible, and we KNOW crimes have been committed here, regardless of affiliation MUST be dragged out and punished. It is not beyond reason to suggest that if all of the evidence is collated between all the different parties who have taken a stance here for truth and integrity, and with prima facie evidence in hand, that we go into Hampden and anywhere else that’s appropriate and make Citizens Arrests.
      I’m up for that or any other intelligent and rapid course of action. They’ve ALL had plenty of time, far too much time and all that does is give them the time to invent more defensive tactics.
      They need to be called out without delay and made to pay heavily for their crimes.

  7. Celtic will not let this rest. Regan has chosen to ignore them. He has unwoken a sleeping giant. Lawell does not do walking away. He will not rest till title stripping and reallocation takes place. In the meantime the current version of a Rangers will struggle to survive.

  8. Jj

    The SFA have always wanted to present any initiative on governance as a Celtic v Rangers issue.

    So no surprise if Broadfoot is at it again.

    Would he have been so quick to correct Grant Russell’s report on the Traverso new club/company letter or to produce the unpublished letter from HMRC to postpone collection of wtc liability he told David Conn of The Guardian that the SFA had in their possession (clearly not) he might be in a position to defend his integrity.

    He is part of the problem and has a very personal interest in there being no enquiry.

  9. To the cynics:

    Celtic are the other club who wrote independently to the SFA (about 8 weeks ago?)

    That followed the SFA announcement on 5th July when the SC ruled on ebts.

    The advice given to Celtic last December when Res12 was passed over to them was to wait for both court cases on ebts and Craig Whyte to end. The latter was followed closely by a number of interested parties in football.

    From then Celtic have made their current position clear and presented a case that has resulted in the UEFA licence of 2011 being put before the Compliance Officer and no one knows what that outcome will be based on the evidence that has clearly been given the once over by an SFA QC.

    There is no doubt the status of the wtc liability was misrepresented by Rangers on 1st April which allowed the Licence to be granted on 19th April.

    There is no doubt the status continued to be misrepresented in subsequent submissions under Art66 and Art 67 of UEFA FFP.

    What is uncertain is the role those working at Hampden either as Commitee members or officials played to keep UEFA at bay.

    E mails of Sept and the well known one of December from Regan the day after he spoke to Andrew Dickson about the Licence issue require questions to be answered, for example why did the Ramsay chap think publishing Regan’s statement might cause SFA problems?

    Finally what was Regan and Ogilvie told in the meeting that did result from his e mail at the Hotel de Ville?
    What was he told that satisfied him nothing should be published which dictated SFA policy on UEFA licence thereafter?

    So Celtic took on board the advice to wait and have very much acted after 5th July on Res12. It was always going to be so. There is an AGM in a few months and the club are accountable to shareholders but it must be obvious by now they are dealing with folk of no integrity whatsoever who are prepared to lie or conceal as a matter of course.

  10. Dear JJ

    Firstly, an Apology. I have been one of the Lurkers on your site since the very early days. I believe I have submitted 1 comment since you started. However I have read every article and comment since the very first. I was never in a position to contribute financially to the upkeep of this award winning blog. However, now after almost 3 years of financial struggle, I am reaching the end of the long dark tunnel. Come the 2nd week in November, the vultures will have been fed and the Tally Man will have been satisfied. From that day I will pay my dues to the Speakeasy and add my voice to the crusades.

    Secondly, your articles, regardless of content are eagerly awaited each day and your sterling forensic dissection of the lies, whitabootery and obfuscation are second to none.

    To the point at hand. I cannot fathom why Doncaster et al believe that they are Teflon. The evidence presented here and at the many court cases that we have witnessed, surely must have been viewed by them? How in the name of the wee man can they believe they will not fall?

    On the Maddy stuff, keep at the bastards that should be serving time for their horrendous activities and neglect of the child they allowed to be “abducted” by the Bogey Man


  11. Scottish football will stink to the heavens if justice does not prevail,and will hit hardest on celtic and our support if and when sevco/rangers become champions again 《god help us 》

  12. Unless I have misunderstood the Football regulations, but is it not the case that it is the Clubs Boards of the Teams in SPFL who are in charge of both The SFA and the SPFL. Therefore the SFA’s MORAL stance is falling on deaf ears, for their opinion mean Jack Shit as they try to cover their back tracks. The SPFL/SFA have brought ‘OUR’ game into disrepute and as it stand now will never leave this insidious state. Only my opinion.

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