The Duel

The following comment is from long term contributor to this site, Auldheid:

” Celtic are the other club who wrote independently to the SFA (about 8 weeks ago). That followed the SFA announcement on 5th July when the SC ruled on ebts. The advice given to Celtic last December when Res12 was passed over to them was to wait for both court cases on ebts and Craig Whyte to end. The latter was followed closely by a number of interested parties in football. From then Celtic have made their current position clear and presented a case that has resulted in the UEFA licence of 2011 being put before the Compliance Officer and no one knows what that outcome will be based on the evidence that has clearly been given the once over by an SFA QC. There is no doubt the status of the wtc liability was misrepresented by Rangers on 1st April which allowed the Licence to be granted on 19th April.

There is no doubt the status continued to be misrepresented in subsequent submissions under Art66 and Art 67 of UEFA FFP.

What is uncertain is the role those working at Hampden either as Commitee members or officials played to keep UEFA at bay.

E mails of Sept and the well known one of December from Regan the day after he spoke to Andrew Dickson about the Licence issue require questions to be answered, for example why did  Ramsay (acting in a PR capacity)  think publishing Regan’s statement might cause SFA problems?

Finally what was Regan and Ogilvie told in the meeting that did result from his e mail at the Hotel de Ville?

What was he told that satisfied him nothing should be published which dictated SFA policy on UEFA licence thereafter?

So Celtic took on board the advice to wait and have very much acted after 5th July on Res12. It was always going to be so. There is an AGM in a few months and the club are accountable to shareholders but it must be obvious by now they are dealing with folk of no integrity whatsoever who are prepared to lie or conceal as a matter of course.”


The desperate attempts by Regan to save his ‘career’ as a football administrator and his latest actions to inculcate the mantra of ‘moving on’ will backfire. There has been some push back on my unshakeable belief that Grahame was briefed by Broadfoot/Regan. Even if it came through a more circuitous route there can be no doubt that the SFA are behind this.

Celtic have kept their powder dry. Testimony at the Craig Whyte trial blew a hole in the ‘crystallised’ defence of a corrupt decision.

Stewart Regan is on record, to Alex Thompson, that EBT were legal. This was the same conclusion reached by the LNS commission that he shaped and guided to this end. The Supreme Court confirmed The Inner House ruling that EBT employed by Rangers were instruments in disguised remuneration. Regan’s attempt to justify the tax evasion and cheating by Rangers fell on deaf ears. Hugh Adam informed anyone who would listen that Rangers knew that they were cheating in 2002.

However this did not prohibit Campbell Ogilvie from ascending the SFA greasy pole, or his successor in crime Andrew Dickson being elevated to the SFA Council. The same Council that paved the way for Rangers to unlawfully gain a UEFA licence.

The LNS Commission was a predetermined sham. A slap on the wrist for eleven seasons of systemic cheating was an outrage. As I exclusively revealed the SPL called an interim meeting to discuss appealing this inordinately lenient outcome.

They decided not to rake over hot coals. Colour me surprised.

When reports began to surface in the SMSM in regard to the SFA’s complicity in a UEFA stitch-up, Regan wrote to Rangers asking for their permission to release a statement which would exonerate him. Rangers vetoed this.

Allow me to restate this for emphasis. The Chief Executive of the supposedly independent body that is the SFA had his  policy dictated by a member club.

In a meeting hosted by Doncaster, Rod McKenzie asserted that the SFA would not release the player registration details and other documents. The SFA were not prepared to cooperate with the LNS Commission.

How far does the corruption go at Hampden?

The latest salvo by Regan and Broadfoot is the last throw of a regime that has been caught bang to rights. If Celtic have been keeping their powder dry it’s high time to fill their muskets.

The honour of the game has been traduced by the grubby machinations of the SFA. Will Lawwell and his seconds demand justice?










22 thoughts on “The Duel”

  1. The house is about to crash down over 2011/12 season but history has repeated itself this season , under the ffp the new club should not have been given a licence to play in Europe, everyone is looking the other way again, for the good of Scottish football

  2. It was both quality input from Auldheid and a sterling article. It strikes me that the most important thing that can be done outside of the clubs right now is to make sure that the supporters of all clubs are heard and are united in voice that all should be laid bare. To make sure it can’t just be painted as a ‘west of Scotland’ thing to quote Regans own brush off of John Clark.

  3. Just to confirm donation in usual amount yesterday. Sorry it was late but I had forgotten it is no longer recurring and needs to be done manually each month so you get the F&F benefit.

    Superb output of late and some great comments. I don’t see the levee lasting too much longer now, the bubble Regan, Doncaster et al have been living in all this time has clearly stripped them of any sense of reality and just how ridiculous they have become. The juggernaut that is the desire for change I believe is now unstoppable. Cheers, TS

    1. Your contributions are a beacon in a dark sea of apathy. Only one donation today after three informative and I like to think well-crafted articles. If it was not for your support TS, and a handful of other like-minded souls, I would have packed up my tent long ago. I’m limping to my second anniversary when I should be skipping.

      1. The lack of support is genuinely a mystery to me JJ. I have no problem in financially supporting something I consider to be high quality and informative, which this Speakeasy most certainly is. I lose track of the latest view on paywall, ads, etc, but is it not time to at least trial something different?

        Incidentally, what’s happening with the book? I appreciate it must be difficult to keep up with everything Litewise, but I think you were looking at a Nov/Dec release? TS

      2. On the McCann cover up,I notice that the “loving parents” have refused to take part in a forthcoming Netflix documentary about the situation.Would you not want every avenue inspected to find your “missing” daughter?How long before the truth emerges?I know an ex-professional interrogator that states,give me 2 mins with her and 5 with him and hey presto,the truth.

  4. The mills of the gods grind slowly but exceedingly small.

    Scottish football either sorts out its own mess or CAS/Uefa will do it for them. No matter what your coterie of consistently handwringing “Celtic-supporting” trolls continually claim, Celtic are on this and have been from day one.

  5. Regan said to Alex Thomson Rangers were disputing a tax bill and on due diligence they accept the recommendationd from the club that all is above board. It is not above board these two statements alone confirm lies, and the lies come from Rangers men who came into your employment. Therefore if the public knows this , it is emquiry time, there is no time bar on corruption and lies. The tax had crystalised, this broke UEFA rules and Craig White had a seven year ban this was hidden as he was the only patsy available to take this scam on to cheat the Rangers fans and blame someone else. SFA have to do what is expected of them, they have to show leadership and it starts within their own corridors and rooms. No ifs or buts corruption has been established do your duty now.
    This on top of dual contracts which was the way the tax was been concealed makes it it a football matter as without this you do not have the above two points, do your duty now as it is now in your mandate and your court no more we dont interefere with companies business the contracts are football business and link the rest deal with it or clear out.

  6. War has been declared on Celtic in particular by the SFA . Regan believes that his refusal to permit a review will be the final word. This will go to Europe very soon. It will also go to Court. Celtic have gathered all the ammunition that they need for Europe and a Judicial Review. Lawells next move will be decisive. Regan will soon be looking for alternate employment. It’s not the crime that gets you, it’s the attempted cover-up. Heads will roll and titles will eventually be stripped. The evidence of malfeasance and corruption is clear to see. The SFA exist not to serve Scottish football but to serve any version of a Rangers.

  7. Good afternoon John,

    Two monthly donation made as promised. Your output recently has been both prodigious and of very high quality. I really can’t understand the position taken by the SFA in this matter, I find their lack of adherence to the principles of good governance in sport to be astounding. The quicker this matter is referred to UEFA and if necessary CAS the better, as the current situation reflects very badly on everyone involved in sport in this country.

    Keep on keeping on.

    The Colonel

  8. Donation sent JJ.

    The levee is about to burst. Lawell has played a blinder and waited for his moment in the sun. He has kept his powder dry but now he must stamp on their throats and not allow them up for air. The crap being spouted by Regan is the last groans of a dying man. Phil is hinting at him jumping to another position before it hits the fan. I want him squirming like the snake he is.

    Times like this we could do with the bonnet. With lawells cunning and Fergus’ tenacity, those amateurs at hampden wouldn’t have a hope. We must continue to question and trip them up with their own lies. This must go independent to be free from the Masonic hand rife throughout Scottish life.

    This could be the final last breaths of that corrupt entity from Govan. I can assure you that I will party when they go, as I did when Thatcher popped her clogs. I have waited for this day and to think it was done by he hand of their hero, Minty Moonbeams. Oh the irony.

    JJ: Thank you.

  9. The Rectum has the Celtic v SFA Correspondence published.

    I believe the story being published in London, in the times, was a landmark action.

    It is surely now time for a vote of no confidence in Regan and the SFA by the spfl.

    It is surely time for CAS AND the court of Session by CFC.

    Well done to the Auldheid crew on the 2011 ffp UEFA license malfeasance tenacity. More dogged determination is required as ffp was broken for every Rangers UEFA license 1999-2011.

    The SevcoRangers UEFA license this year, in 2017 was also wrongfully awarded.

  10. Even attempting to read the SFA reply made me feel sick to the core. So I didn’t 🙂 It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest that Beady Eyed Pete came away with the statement “we tried and done all we could”. This needs to be taken out of Scotland and be presented to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and only then may we even begin to think about moving on.

  11. Confirmation number: 26D53110NW904xxxx

    A bit late JJ

    God Bless

    JJ: Better late than never buddy. The latter being the case for the majority of our site’s readership. Thank you.

  12. Celtic have effectively been told to keep quiet and ignore the collusion and cheating and corruption. I do not believe that Celtic will accept being told that their opinions should be ignored. So then what? Well that’s a strategy question for Celtic. They will not tolerate being ignored and they will keep going till the crimes have been addressed and punished.

  13. that wee dutch guy that stuck his finger in the dyke, wouldnt have bothered if faced with this deluge that is engulfing the SFA………..

    regan’s reply is factually wrong to state LNS said ” no sporting advantage” he didnt, he said ” no UNFAIR sporting advantage” which to a full Claphan Omnibus means there WAS a sporting advantage………. go and ask Billy Nimmo Stewart why he put the word unfair in there

  14. Possibly naive in legal matters but my thinking is that a potential catalyst could be to turn the tables and publically accuse certain individuals of the “known knowns” in order to force THEIR hands…openly invite a slander or libel action that can be easily defended and that exposes the facts and evidence as public record.
    It would take balls but we all know it should be a slam dunk.
    They KNOW that they’re guilty and fatally compromised so they either take it and lose all credibility which not even SMSM could spin, or open themselves up to legal scrutiny which they would be loathe to do.
    The rock and hard place becomes theirs.

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