Regan’s Checkmate

The following is an extract from an Auldheid article:


Nota Bene: During the initial meeting, prior to the AGM in November 2016 at which agreement with the PLC was reached to adjourn the resolution, we were advised by Celtic PLC CEO Mr Peter Lawwell that if we provided a “silver bullet” he would fire it. 

1. Application for a UEFA licence is required before 31st March and on that date in RFC’s published accounts they state they had a “potential” tax liability and “discussions are continuing with HMRC to establish a resolution to the assessments raised.” Neither was the case.

6. Stewart Regan, by way of a written letter in December 2011, informed the Celtic CEO that after the Licence was granted on 31st March, all discrepancies and matters of noncompliance were the sole responsibility of the UEFA (CFCB) monitoring team. It now transpires that Mr Regan in writing to the Celtic CEO:

6.1 Provided Mr Lawwell with the wrong date regarding the grant of the licence.

6.2 Failed to mention the licence had been granted on 19th April.

6.3 Failed to mention the grant of the licence had been intimated to UEFA on 26th May.

6.4 Failed to mention the SFA were responsible to report all licence breaches and other matters to UEFA before the end of season 2011/12.

6.5 Failed to mention during the season of 2011/12 the SFA determined RFC NO LONGER complied with the terms of the licence granted, offering no explanation or update as to when or on what grounds RFC eventually failed to comply.

I refer readers to point 6.5. When Messengers At Arms arrived at Ibrox in August 2011, Ogilvie, Regan and Dickson knew that the jig was up. Colour me surprised that they belatedly came to the conclusion that Rangers were no longer compliant. They were never compliant in the first instance,

When Regan approached Dickson and Russell looking for an ‘out’ he was informed unequivocally that if he released his proposed statement, the SFA would also be damaged. Did Regan defer to Dickson to get Rangers’ UEFA application over the line? Did Dickson falsely represent the situation at Rangers?

This on the evidence of Dickson’s testimony to the FTT, as released by the RTC blogger, would appear to be the case. Dickson admitted to drafting EBT contracts and misleading players on their tax liability. Dickson knew full well that the EBTs were instruments to disguise remuneration.

Dickson admitted to having a file containing all the information concerning DOS/VSS and its successor EBT.

This file went missing, presumed shred.

Auldheid’s article is indicative of Regan lying to a member club to cover his complicity in a fraudulent UEFA Licence application.

In his most recent correspondence to Lawwell, Regan asserts that there would be no point revisiting the systemic tax evasion as there would be no guarantee of success and that the tariffs for bringing the game into disrepute at that time would be limited.

However senior counsel capitulated on the fraudulent UEFA application and this has now been referred to the SFA’s Compliance Officer for consideration.

Regan admits that the evidence of Sir Bribe & Lie at Craig Whyte’s trial materially. contradicted their received wisdom at that time.

Regan should not be allowed to pin this exclusively on Ogilvie and Dickson. Regan is one of their concert party.

If the SFA don’t have teeth as Regan would have us believe, then they will fall prey to a beast much higher up the food chain, namely a Judicial Review.

The Resolution 12 capitulation is a sop. These corrupt individuals are on the ropes. I want a full knockout but I will accept a three knock down TKO. Blue Pound Apologists like Stewart Milne, pressed into action by Regan and with one eye on selling houses to The Klan, should be removed from office forthwith.

We can see right through Regan’s strategy and his use of Milne as a pawn.



15 thoughts on “Regan’s Checkmate”

  1. Hi JJ, monthly F&F contribution just processed (3593G).
    Interesting times are now upon us. There is now no hiding place for certain conflicted individuals and if only some other SPL chairmen and CEO’s would ‘grow a pair’ the genuine football fans among us can see fairness and justice final being applied to this whole sorry and shameless circus created by Sir bribe and lie. Keep the news coming, its intoxicating.

    JJ: Thank you.

  2. Through all the chaff thrown up by the SFA, is it too simplistic to summarise the real issue is… why if The Articles of Assoc state 2 x sources of player income are not permitted, then how in hell could OldCo have avoided this pretty unambiguous rule with all the very public evidence!?

    1. Go get them JJ…as you succinctly say, this is the endgame. Spent a very pleasant weekend in Glasgow. I was struck yesterday by the unusually muted sevconians even after a 4-1 win on the day of a Hibernian walk. They realise now the sickening truth. Time to start over. AFC Wimbledon set the precedent.

  3. Partially lifted my self imposed ban on Celtic merch after recent disclosures in the SMSM re PL taking the SFA to task. My SFA ban continues. It would be great to see all Celtic fans boycott the next SFA semi final that Celtic reach, and instead take up residence outside the stadium at the rear of the Celtic End. They could still support their team whilst making a strong statement. Hampden stewards and Police Scotland would have to deal with fans. Sky Sports and SMSM could not ignore the protest and the SFA would be at a financial loss and staring down the barrel of a gun. JJ Keep up the good fight. Scottish football will have to choose the blue pound or the green pound. Only one comes with excess baggage.

  4. The Grand Tax Crook, Sir Bribe and Lie is the root cause of everything.

    Sir Rod Stewart and Sir Billy Connolly are my kind of Knights. Talented guys.

    Sir Bribe and Lie was Knighted for Services to business in Scotland. How deeply ironic.

    He cheated multi millions that would have gone to nurses, doctors, hospitals, medicines, armed forces, law and order, councils…..

    Strip his dirty tainted Knighthood. The Most Unlawful Knight.

  5. Excellent analogy re three knockdowns. If the UEFA license grant sticks to the SFA then it opens the door to examining other misdeeds. Little surprise therefore that Regan belatedly realises he’s little choice but to get ahead of that issue.

  6. Is bribe and lie any more dishonest than any other knights of the establishment ?

    Sir traitorous haughey is up to his knee’ s in it, just like the rest of the greedy b…..s

  7. The bottom line is that Regan and his gang know that any independent review of the corrupt cabal will lead to criminal charges being made against those who planned the fraudulent licence apapplication and those involved in the subsequent cover up.
    Potentially CFC and shareholders have been defrauded of millions of pounds. Scottish courts take a dim view of fraud and there is no statute of limitations.
    The damning evidence is already in the public domain. A Police Scotland investigation would take 5 minutes to roll up the culprits.
    Who made the application?
    Who signed off on behalf of the SFA?
    Who has publicly lied to attempt to cover up the crime?
    Its bad enough that our football authorities will jump through hoops to protect the establishment team, they are however subject to the same laws of the land as the rest of us.
    There is no doubt that criminal offences have been commited, those responsible are still in situ……..only in Scotland with the Scottish media looking the other way!

  8. The evidence of malfeasance is accumulating and Regan knows that Lawell is tenacious. PL has bided his time till the final appeal was complete despite the scurrilous attacks on his motives by several posters here. I wonder if they will have the decency to apologise. A review is inevitable if not imminent. The publishing of the correspondence was a spectacular own goal and I see a pattern emerging of Regan leaving the signing of the 5WA and now laying the route to a review and exiting before the verdict. Regan does not want have his signature on anything contentious. His now public blustering is just PR to prove that he tried his best to avoid a review. None of this affects Sevco. None of their lower league titles are affected. This will be a momentous season for truth and justice. There will be tears and rage at Ibrox but this suppurating boil has to be lanced in order for there to be healing

  9. THERE SHOULD BE TEARS AND RAGE, but not at the ordinary supporter from the ibrox club although many of them have shed tears for the club they loved, but the rage should be for the men at the helm who took their club down the road to destruction. there should also be rage at the sfa and spfl who are charged with looking after the game and who have failed in their duty.

  10. I’ve read the communication thread…it’s time to stop dancing around the issue and pointedly accuse Regan…turn the tables and invite a libel or slander action. Call him a corrupt cheat and let him either swallow it (which he will) or take it to court and blow everything wide open.

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