The Pantheon Of The Corrupt

Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, features a feud between the Montague and Capulet families; a feud that ultimately led to the star-crossed lovers’ demise. It spawned the phrase ‘A Plague on Both of Your Houses‘ which continues to resonate to this day.

There is no feud between the houses of Ibrox and Hampden. The SFA and Rangers have been hand-in-glove for generations. However there is a plague which answers to the name of Andrew Dickson. In the pantheon of the corrupt Dickson wears the laurel-wreath.


In Dickson’s sworn testimony to the FTT he admits drafting the contentious EBT side letters. Side letters that he had previously claimed did not exist. Side letters that were approved by Sir Bribe & Lie in his capacity as the £500,000 per annum (paid via an employment benefit trust) EBT consigliere.

Dickson’s remit included the offer of tax-free remunerations as inducements to join Rangers. Rangers, via systemic tax evasion, were able to sign players that they could not have otherwise afforded.

The preceding words in italics text are not mine. Their author, in sworn testimony at the Craig Whyte Trial, is none other than Sir Bribe & Lie.

David Murray paid Lawrence Marlborough a $1m cash bribe to secure his equity in Rangers. Murray was corrupt from the get-go. Murray attempted to put Celtic out of business by convincing his cronies at The Bank of Scotland to foreclose on CFC’s overdraft. Murray some time later put Airdrie out of business.

Neil Doncaster expounded, to the CSA, that Murray would probably no longer be welcome in Scottish football. He should be banned sine die. However despite Andrew Dickson’s many years of corporate malfeasance, Doncaster and his new SPFL board voted him on to the SFA Congress.

One of the most corrupt men in Scottish football, the successor to arch criminal Campbell Ogilvie, has been given a leg-up on the greasy pole.

Dickson under the tutelage of Ogilvie successfully concealed the true quantum of the contracts that had been signed by the players. His actions, which were almost certainly of a criminal bent, defrauded HMRC and every other Scottish professional football club. Dickson subverted the registration procedures to conceal his malfeasance.

How on God’s green earth can this poacher, with a track record of tax evasion and corporate fraud, be accorded the position of  SFA gamekeeper? This SPFL decision is one of slack-jawed stupidity.

Dickson has been given the keys to the SFA Council. You could not make it up!

Dickson is on record as stating that he misled players to secure their signing.

‘Don’t worry about the £1.4m cash bung Mr Mols. Consider it petrol money.’

Dickson’s sworn testimony to the  FTT included this nugget:

The Trust was explained to the player at the time and the Trust — sorry, the player understood the situation regarding the Trust, in terms of we could not give the many guarantees about them being paid the money.”

How disingenuous. The side letters that Dickson drafted gave guarantees that a tax-free cash bung would be paid as part of the player’s remuneration package. Dickson signed up 55 players on this basis. The cheating from 1999 -2011 secured seventeen titles. Seventeen titles that were won by tax cheats who were not eligible to participate in Scottish professional football. Title-stripping does not go far enough. Dickson should be indicted on fraud charges.

Dickson, who continues in the employ of the house of Usher, a.k.a Ibrox, was on the SFA Licensing committee that on April 19, 2011 granted a UEFA licence to Rangers the day after he gave his testimony to the FTT that he knew nothing. Dickson was fully aware of the overdue payable of £2.8m which had crystallised in March. One can safely conclude that one or both of two scenarios were extant at that time:

1. Dickson, in the full knowledge that the social tax overdue payable was a clear breach of FFP regulations, misled his fellow committee members.

2. Dickson was pushing against an open door to Rangers-facing committee members who would have awarded Rangers a licence on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Dickson perpetrated a fraud to the detriment of a PLC, namely Celtic Football Club PLC. CFC should have taken their rightful place in the CL qualifiers once the Rangers application had been vetoed by the SFA Licensing Committee.

Dickson’s fraud cost Celtic millions of pounds. If I were in Peter Lawwell’s shoes I would go much further than engaging in a Judicial Review.

I would petition the Court of Session to disqualify Dickson from holding any executive office and initiate a private prosecution for fraud.





27 thoughts on “The Pantheon Of The Corrupt”

  1. Morning JJ

    Another fantastic article it’s getting difficult to work out who is the worst in all of this! The narrative seems to be gathering real pace from all areas now. Do you honestly think justice will be done. The amount of information you and others have put out can’t be ignored forever surely.

    Have a good day

  2. Fraud collusion and corruption. The stench of criminal action can be smelled from NZ. I can sense that the levee is close to bursting and it will swamp the lives of the liars. Next month will be interesting

  3. He should indeed but those in charge of prosecuting him would make such a pig’s ear of it the trial would collapse. Friends in the right places eh!

  4. The number of times I have quoted Mercutio !

    As the house of cards collapses, we can only hope that criminal charges are brought for the tax evasion. Let’s also hope that there is full restitution for all of the egregious sporting foul play.

  5. Scottish Football’s ‘High Noon’ moment has finally arrived .
    Effectively we have our own big guy equivalent to Will Kane deciding to stand up against our very own Miller Gang . ( Rangers , the Hampden cohort, the media ,the full Rangers supporting establishment ) .
    Will he be supported by his colleagues (some of whom were punching the air 3 weeks ago on now receiving £700k over two years thanks to CFC euro endeavours) OR are they really cowards and in reality also members of ,or scared of ,the gang ..and will thus leave him on his own?

    In Corporate governance terms The SFA biggest stakeholder has just handed its CEO a letter of NO CONFIDENCE .
    THe board and 41 clubs need to back Lawell or they face the risk of CFC blowing up Scottish Football
    REgan Dickson and all Rangers facing staff should stand down immediately until they are cleared or convicted ..with all records emails etc frozen until a Non Scottish independent enquiry goes through the major transactions blow by blow to find out if the SFA etc were either completely negligent and incompetent in the various dealings with Rangers or whether in fact they actually conspired at both the executive and intermediate levels to defraud the tax payer and their members .
    Leaving the obvious UEFA license fraud question aside I find it impossible to believe that staff at Hampden would process peppercorn contracts for international stars without probing the details of those contracts . They must have known what was going on re side contracts and ignored them OR actually assisted RFC in processing them . Either way they were party to fraud .
    Hampden needs fumigated from top to bottom and everyone knows it . They are like the Ceausescu regime in its final death throes and they too know it if a review goes ahead
    I posted long and weary on this site that this subject would never be addressed until the CFC board decided to take on this poisonous crew probably in their own and so it has come to pass …well done to them . If I doubted them I apologise .
    CFC with their massed ranks of Global Celts have the wealth to take this all the way and probably be supported by other club fans with crowd funding etc so this issue is finally and for certain not going to go away
    This also has the potential to get very bloody .
    Finally The MSM also as we know have seriously underestimated and studiously avoided this scandal to their utter shame . They have one last chance to redeem themselves . Walking on eggshells a la Tom English and Spiers won’t cut it .
    Do they now stand beside the sheriff on the side of truth and justice or will they continue to toady up to the Miller Gang as they have done so far ?

    1. Veritas, what the MSM will do do when the dam burst is to flood us with exclusives, telling us how they were first to break the news, also some of them will receive awards for their ‘brave’ journalism.

    2. Veritas, absolutely superb. What a read,this is simply the go to site. Detractors must be crazy to not realise /admit this is the real deal.

  6. The CIA have a tactic known as a ‘limited hang-out’. It comes into play when any of their many, many, many, acts of skullduggery around the world are uncovered, and it means sacrificing some low -pay -grade- menial for the greater good of ‘The Company.’ I sense Mr Dickson may find himself being the subject of a ‘limited hang-out.’ If I were him I would be very wary of approaching buses.

    1. Surely it was Bryson? The rogue SFA employee, with his ridiculous imperfect but viable nonsense.

      The rogue employee at the SFA who did it all. The scandal to be exposed by the SMSM is that shock horror he’s a diehard Sevco Rangers fan and was in cahoots with Dickson.

      Bryson the patsy in the book depository on the top floor.

  7. has anyone thought to as nimmo smith that in light of the further evidence that has came to light may his original verdict be flawed

  8. If it can be proven that the SFA were either complicit or negligent in the wrongful UEFA license issue or other matters to the detriment of Celtic (or others should they stand up to be counted) then the consequences are huge. The SFA and their employees can be held jointly and severably liable for losses incurred – and unlike Rangers (IL) they can pay. The SFA would then be left with a valueless claim against Rangers (IL). If they were mislead and not negligent then the SFA are in the clear. Is it any wonder therefore a review is being stonewalled while the SFA dig out a sacrificial succulent lamb?

    1. You are right!
      Exactly why they are terrified of any review .
      I suspect a lot of evidence has been shredded but a lot should be on back up servers etc .
      Given the scale of transactions where top players were ostensibly and ‘ officially ‘on lower wages than their ‘lesser’ teammates at the very very minimum SFA staff deliberately didn’t do their job and at worst were actually an instrinsic part of the process of fraud and cheating
      To McKeans point above on MSM . Jackson this morning isn’t just admitting he is on the side of the ‘Miller gang ‘ he has started firing their bullets with Regan being set up to do more strafing this evening on radio.
      He apparently will be ,and is , claiming that true to past form the chairs of the other 41 clubs are siding with the gang . so big nasty Celtic versus poor wee victims SFA and Rangers
      He needs to be reminded eg in the case of Aberdeen ..the fans are the club not Stewart Milne

      They are all gambling on the fact that 90+ per cent of fans have absolutely no idea of the scale of the deceit ,corruption and cheating as the full Detail of the scandal and cover up have been largely hidden from view. They know that the media toadies will join in the attacks on CFC and continue to hide the facts from view .
      This is war now!
      If in this war the media to a man ,and that includes the Richard Gordon’s of the world , stand beside ,or run away from ,this odious gang it will be the biggest journalistic failure in the history of this country

  9. Soon celtic will know where they stand in relation to the other clubs in scotland.
    Do they side with rangers and the SFA or are are they on the side of truth and justice.
    Two clubs have already declared. The chairman of Aberdeen believes that is just fine for rangers to knowingly, deliberately and systematically break SFA rules over a prolonged period. The chairman of Aberdeen believes it is just fine for rangers to pay their players in brown envelopes stuffed with £100 notes thereby ripping off the UK taxpayer to the tune of £100m. It is time for Aberdeen to get a new chairman.

  10. PL is a businessman and he’ll know money is leverage. Don’t forget the Rangers FS pre 11/12 license contained a misstatement re the crystallisation of the liability and Grant Thornton have deep pockets too. That avenue could turn up some tasty info on what they were told too.

  11. Excellent stuff and enthusiastic comments today.

    I am in glorious Glasgow today and eagerly anticipate tomorrow’s CL game against PSG. I am fortunate to be a guest of PSG via our Paris office and expect a thunderous atmosphere as well as a somewhat close result.

    I have taken a few of the Scottish daily papers and am amused that some of the sports journalists are now covering, belatedly, the title stripping story. Well, many of these so called journalists read this site and have had facts, analysis and insights from JJ for two long years. Yet they wrote next to nothing at all. At the weekend, the award winning Spiers said that he now welcomed a review but had ‘no appetite for title stripping’. Really? Why not?

    As with previous comments, top English journalists would have ragdolled this story and the guilty parties including SDM and the SFA would have been hung out to dry.

    By comparison, these Scottish sports journalists are timid and cowardly. CW was an easy target for them but alas the REAL target, INTEGRITY, was never in their crosshairs.


  12. The SPFL should just follow through and have the review anyway as the corrupt SFA will only try to subvert it as they did with LNS. What the objective of any review should be, will we push for a Judicial Review or take it to CAS or even my preferred option, Hit them with both. We the fans can force this through if we are not prepared to be fobbed of by the SFA and our clubs once more. They are a corrupt institution who are prepared to put their freedom at risk to keep the ‘FRAUDULENT LIE’ that Rangers never died. I wonder if any creditors who lost out because RFC lied, the SFA tried to cover up liquidation and the SPFL outrageously presented the new Club with Trophies from before the Club had came into ‘EXTINCTION’ So what I’m trying to say is that the creditors should be imploring to BDO to seek remuneration from the SFA against monies due to TRFC. SAME CLUB pay your debt, simple.

  13. In the nest of vipers that is the SFA I always thought that Campbell Ogilvie was as low as anyone could go. Andrew Dickson has proved me wrong. It really does seem to be a real crooked cabal where no depth of corruption and criminality can not be be ploughed.
    And talking of which I do think Stewart Regan has played this rather well–

    His first tactic was to dismiss and publicise as an “Old Firm” thing this looking to unite all else against Peter Lawwell and Celtic. And well done his namesake Milne for coming to the aid of the cause like a good brother should.
    He now, as he espouses moving on for the good of Scottish Football, quite rightly points to the new rules and governance which have been set up and set in stone that, under no circumstances can the Great Scottish Football Swindle of DOS, EBTs, UEFA Licences etc ever happen again. It’s history, it’s happened, it won’t be allowed to happen again. Let’s everyone move on for the good of Scottish Football.
    Me myself, I find myself reassured. That’s fine Stewart. We move on safe and comfortable in the knowledge it won’t happen again.
    The crooks and thieves and tax dodgers who got away with it that time. Well by Jiminy they bloody well know they won’t be able to get away with it again!!
    The fact that they have and some are even back doing it again at the same club / company seems to have been missed by that nice man Mr Regan. Unbelievable!! Absolutely Unbelievable!! Only in Scotland, honestly, Only in Scotland!!

  14. If I were a Rangers fan I would want to know why/how the relationship between Rangers and the SFA contributed to the liquidation of the club as more evidence now points to this, with more to come.

    A full inquiry is a necessity and their supporters groups should state that they back this, not playing the victim, with the usual blaming that goes with it.

    Off topic, but copies of Goncalo Amarals book can be viewed online and also purchased on ebay as a pdf ebook.

  15. I’ve just noticed that Doncaster has singled out Celtic FC and Peter Lawwell in particular as being the only ones to have asked for a review, silly silly man just raised the game to another level and Doncaster does not have too many levels left, he’s about to be chewed up and spat out. And the sooner the better.

  16. An outstanding game being played by all.

    The clubs, the SFA and spfl won’t be involved in stripping titles. No long term bad blood with Huns after the process.

    QCs will argue it out in court and (a) judge(s) will decide. Everyone will need to accept legal ruling.

    Celtic are being given no avenue but the courts. Which is where everyone wants it.

    Surely Jabba and King can muster a press release 30 minutes before kick off against PSG as per previous Group Stage years?

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