Crouching Lawwell – Genuflecting Petrie

The SFA Board of Directors 2011

Chairman: George Peat ; Vice Chairman: Campbell Ogilvie; CEO Stewart Regan; Members: Alan McRae, Rod Petrie, Ralph Topping, Richard Shaw, Jim Ballantyne, John Gold, Tom Johnston and Sandy Stables.

 The SFA Licensing Committee 2011

Chairman: Rod Petrie;Vice Chairman: Ewen Cameron; Members: Michael Johnston, Alan McIntosh, Andrew Dickson, Andrew Waddell and Lachlan Cameron

Rod Petrie was the chairman of the SFA Licensing Committee which arrived at the conclusion that Rangers’ application for a UEFA licence was bona fide. The literal translation of the Latin expression is ‘good faith.’

As has become evident there was nothing good or faithful about Andrew Dickson’s controversial role in this committee. A committee that had to backtrack on its decision that Rangers were compliant.

Stewart Regan in his capacity as CEO approved the decision to grant Rangers a UEFA licence.

There was no ‘registrations committee’ per se. Sandy Bryson reported to the following committee:

The SFA Professional Football Committee 2011

Chairman: George Peat; Vice Chairman: Campbell Ogilvie; Members: Alan McRae, Rod Petrie, Ralph Topping, Richard Shaw, Jim Ballantyne, John Gold, Tom Johnston and Sandy Stables.

Note how the corrupt Campbell Ogilvie (EBT £95,000) and Andrew Dickson (EBT £33,000) are both represented on the PFC. George Peat was on his way out. His successor was Campbell Ogilvie.

If one fast forwards a few months one finds that Ogilvie with his £95,000 of disguised remuneration is both President of the SFA and Chairman of the PFC.

The Licensing Committee reports to both the PFC and the SFA Board of Directors. Andrew Dickson reported to his chairman Rod Petrie in his capacity as Chairman of the Licensing Committee, member of the board and a member of the PFC. Petrie, who is now the Vice President of the SFA, has just published the following statement in his capacity as Chairman of Hibs:

Hibernian supporters have contacted the Club directly, and via their two elected Non-Executive Directors, to enquire as to the Club’s position regarding Rangers, HMRC and the use of EBTs.

The Board has discussed the matter at successive Board meetings, and has come to a unanimous view. The Club had intended to make this known earlier, but a variety of factors, not least the need to focus on and conclude Hibernian business during the transfer window, delayed this.

Your Board fully understands the concerns of supporters regarding this issue, on all sides of the argument.

During the past six years, the matter has been interrogated by the highest courts in the land, by the SFA, and by the SPFL. In recent weeks, both the SPFL and SFA have taken extensive legal advice which does not support or encourage taking further action.

The lengthy and detailed explanation of the SPFL legal advice (July 26th 2017) makes clear that this matter has now been thoroughly examined by some of Scotland’s keenest legal minds, and their opinion is that – given the rules which applied at that time – no additional sanctions could be retrospectively applied. Similar legal views have been obtained by the SFA. Both organisations have looked at the issue and at potential sanctions, and have received strong and clear legal advice.

The SPFL – whilst accepting that no additional sanctions can be retrospectively applied – wants an independent review into how the issue was handled. The SFA has referred a specific aspect to its compliance officer. For all of these reasons, we also do not support the letter from the SPFL calling for a further independent review.

Your Board believes our game faces a choice. We either continue to spend significant sums of money and huge reserves of time and energy to challenge already lengthy and detailed legal advice. Or, we can focus on doing all we can to invest in the future of our Club and the wider game to improve our sport, and ensure there can be no repeat of the issues raised

We prefer the latter option – working to ensure that in the future our game is fairer and more open, and has the potential to secure greater commercial income to fund further improvement for the longer term.

Scottish football is finally emerging from a period of significant turbulence, which has damaged the sport, into a much more exciting future. While we know this is a divisive issue that will never be resolved to the satisfaction of all supporters, we cannot allow it to divert us from the future or to keep us mired in the past.

It is the view of your Board that we should focus 100% on a brighter future for Hibernian, and for the game. All of our energy will be used trying to bring future success to our own club, and to working together to create a future that all of our supporters can be proud of, on and off the pitch.”

That’s my proctologist over there Rod. His colonoscopy led to no concerns You can stick your nose in my anus with complete confidence. If we stick together there will be no blowbacks.

The highest court in the land, The Supreme Court, has ruled that Rangers use of EBT was an exercise in disguising remuneration to evade tax. The highest court in the land has decreed that Rangers did not pay their social taxes as they fell due.

The highest court in the land has decreed that all Rangers’ applications to UEFA for a licence in the period of 1999- 2011 should have been vetoed as they were not paying their social taxes.

Which inexorably leads to the fact that Petrie as Chairman of the Licensing Committee is responsible for the 2011 Licence fiasco.

With the two principal architects of the EBT fraud in positions of influence, what could possibly go wrong?  Not to mention the insidious influence of ménage à trois Ballantyne on the board. MAT Ballantyne conferred all the titles won by Rangers to Sevco Scotland. He’s a real stand-up guy.

These Rangers facing individuals are all severely compromised. Is it any wonder Regan does not want a truly independent review? Regan shoe-horned himself onto the LNS Commission and duly subverted its findings.

Regan refused to release the registration documents of the EBT All Stars, to Rod McKenzie, as it was evident that Rangers were declaring peppercorn salaries for some of the finest players in European football. Successive audits turned a blind eye to this anomaly.

Then there’s Petrie’s ‘clandestine’ meetings with Charles Green to apprise him of Regan/Doncaster’s attempts to force the SPL and the SFL to accommodate Sevco.

When one reverts to Petrie’s statement, ‘the potential to secure greater commercial income’ is shorthand for his worship at the altar of The Blue Pound. He has been genuflecting to the Blue Room since 2011. Was he invited to sup from The Loving Cup?





32 thoughts on “Crouching Lawwell – Genuflecting Petrie”

  1. The current level of support is not tenable. Should this site go under due to a dearth of contributions, I would recommend the output of Ewing Grahame at The Times. In our recent correspondence it’s evident that Mr. Grahame wants to clean out The Augean Stables as much as I do. The Times International Digital Pack is available at £5 per month.

    1. JJ – I subscribed – I love your stuff. However we need documentary evidence to take to the law- surely that can happen outside the SFA? The shredders will be grinding and gumming to a halt, memories being malleted then ‘acided'(?) . . . and hands shaken. And what do we do when you reach 15,000,000 hits?????

      1. We either continue to 20m or we throw in the towel. I have only received one contribution of £9.58 today. Should that level of support continue then my decision will be made for me.

  2. How is it possible that The CEO’s of the Clubs still don’t get it, there has been a ‘fraud’ carried out were Mr Green bought “A Basket of Assets”. With a quick switcharoo he stole another Clubs identity who was on a life support machine. Everyone should be behind bars who took part in the 5 way agreement, which was set up simply to ROB RFC Plc (IL) creditors as Duff and Phelps hoovered up, the lions share of the creditors money on fees. It would also appear BDO are playing the same game, as the creditors pot gets diminished. I for one will not let anyone take me as a fool, as I am in no way ready to’Move On’ until I see in my own eyes that justice has been done.

  3. ‘The highest court in the land has decreed that all Rangers’ applications to UEFA for a licence in the period of 1999- 2011 should have been vetoed as they were not paying their social taxes.’

    How can this even be possible when EBT’s used in the way Rangers did were only confirmed as taxable in 2017?

      1. If I may. In the Giannina case UEFA found 5 private agreements when investigating tax overdue payables that the Greek FA, unlike the SFA, suggested UEFA look at when providing a list if clubs granted.

        Whilst the Giannina appeal against not granting was thrown out because of their admission that before the 31st March of the relevant year they owed tax (as RFC did) UEFA also refused to grant because of the discovery of the private agreements which were in breach of an Annex to the financial Article (47?) that required “fair presentation” in the accounts submitted by clubs.
        CAS never looked into that aspect as overdue tax was sufficient to refuse a licence but CFCB thought failure to report private agreements nullified applications.
        So regardless of the unlawful use of ebts RFC, if Giannina case is a guide, should not have been granted a UEFA licence from 2001.
        Another BIG reason to avoid an investigation given European clubs would be asking UEFA questions.

      2. It doesnt matter when the EBT’s were ruled illegal, they were used to test and flout tax rules without the confirmation that they were legal. Thats how it works. Thats the chances you take when using non recognised tax avoidance schemes. Rangers new the risk, got greedy and should now pay the price. Unfortunately they havedestroyed Scottish football in the process. Celtic FC need to find a suitable country to display there fine culture and product. scottish football does not deserve Celtic FC. Let the rest of them rot in the cesspool of curruption that they have created.

    1. (Martin) “conformed as taxable in 2017” means they were always taxable throughout the preceding period. At no time whatsoever was the evasion of tax and the improper registration of staff legal or acceptable. It is clear to see that some payments were effectively bribes influencing the administration of the governing bodies following the perpretation of fraud.

  4. Petrie is peddling the same shite flavoured diversion as Regan. The ability to sanction should not impact the ability to look at what happened and consider whether it was honest and above board. You don’t need a QC to work out if learning lessons from a spectacular financial crime impacting all your members is a good idea. You need a QC to advise on covering up the stench with legal arguments. Petrie is as self serving as Regan and just another cheek of the same arse.

  5. There are just so many crooks in this cable!
    Hopefully once the first domino falls, they will all tumble from their lofty positions in the Scottish.

    We donation made, JJ.
    Going for 15million today…?

    JJ: Thank you. The 15m is a distinct possibility.

  6. So as Mr Regan continues his PR offensive I see he is declaring Mr Campbell Ogilvie as a bastion of integrity and honesty as Mr Ogilvie recused himself from all matters relating to the Nimmo Smith pin prick enquiry even to the extent of not offering any insight or evidence. The man who had his hands all over the whole thing never asked about anything.
    This is Campbell Ogilvie we’re talking about- Ogilvie makes Berlusconi looks honest!!
    You honestly couldn’t make it up.

  7. Ogilvie did give testimony to LNS but never made the distinction between DOS (wtc ebts) and the BTC ebts having instigated the former and benefitted from the latter.

    LNS should have been commissioned by the SFA as it was a registration issue under examination and SFA hold the registrations.

    CAS could have been the court of appeal rather than SFA. Stitch up.

    1. If I recall correctly, the SFA recused themselves from looking into it because the SPL was doing its own investigation. Why the SPL should be the body to look at whether the SFA procedures were followed makes no sense unless Doncaster was part of the stitch up (who changed the dates looked at?).

      The scope was restricted to make it only an issue of whether the registrations were valid without the side letters on the assumption that use of the EBT’s and DOS (because no distinction was drawn) were legal. That is true of neither and at the time some of the former and all of the latter were shown to be illegal and not open to all clubs. It’s akin to having an investigation into whether Tyson Fury should be allowed to box on the assumption that Cocaine was not a banned substance. Its an irrelevance aimed at a predetermined conclusion because whether there’s a rule about it or not, its illegal and brings the sport into disrepute! In this case it also clearly gives an unfair sporting advantage as a result of illegal activity too as David Murray repeatedly said.

      Despite all that it still needed someone from the SFA to actually stand up and tell arguably the greatest unsubstantiated, unsupported and unprecedented fib of them all. Congrats Sandy on “imperfectly registered… but eligible”. There doesn’t need to be a rule for it, precedent for it, support for it from anywhere else. We make the rules and there you go SPL enquiry.

      Its an absolute shambles. Regan may well end up bearing the brunt but we’ve been here before with Farry. Its the whole sordid organisation that needs root and branch surgery to be made fit for purpose and nothing less will suffice. Otherwise we’ll just keep seeing another cheek of the same arse.

  8. Petrie was an active conspirator in the conspiracy and cover up regards the cheating of the deceased Rangers 1872-2012 and the basket of assets purchased by Charles Green that now claims 54 titles – including those won during the 6 year illegal tax scheme and hidden side letter false registrations. Shameful and spineless yes man.

  9. Regarding the advice from the QCs, would they have been briefed in the same way as Lord Nimmo Smith? Told what way they wanted the final response to unfold?
    SPFL = Scottish Professional Football Liars

  10. It took to 2017 because the real Rangers “Hid the side letters”. The way RFC used the EBT’s right from the START made them illegal. It is NOT HMRC responsibility to make sure the proper Tax Returns are made. Rangers cheated not only football teams, but every person Man, Women and Child in this country and I’ve not heard an apology since, only them whingeing about how hard they’ve had it.

    1. @Schooh71,

      just to clarify, the Supreme Court ruled that the use EBT’s were always illegal as they are “disguised remuneration” and are given to the employee / footballer as earnings and are therefore taxable.

      This is regardless of Rangers use of them or how they failed to register these payments with the SFA.

      Applying the law to the facts, the Court concluded that “the sums paid to the trustee of the EBT for a footballer
      constituted the footballer’s emoluments or earnings.” Although the senior executives had no contractual
      entitlement to the discretionary bonuses before they were awarded, the Court, perhaps surprisingly in light of
      bullet 3b above, concluded that “that does not alter the analysis of the effect of the EBT scheme. The fact that
      bonuses were voluntary on the part of the employer is irrelevant so long as the sum of money is given in respect
      of the employee’s work as an employee.”

      A decent and brief summary here ..

  11. Auldheid,
    Would it therefore be correct to say that irrespective of the overall tax evasion and outstanding tax demands ( crystallised or not) the simple fact that the existence of side letters ( which by definition were done illegally on the QT) means that ( despite Sandy Brysons new turn of phrase) the facts are that Rangers fielded ineligible players ( as these players had separate, dodgy undeclared contracts – ” side letters” ) and as such every game those players featured in, were those games not played in Scotland, would therefore be declared null and void and a 3-0 result recorded for the opposition?

  12. I read today’s Scottish edition of The Times. Michael Grant (who reads this site) has two pieces on the call from the SPFL for a call for a review. The first piece is a factual commentary on the position of Hibernian and specifically the position of Rod Petrie, Chairman of Hibs and vice-president of the SFA. The second piece is a Q and A with Regan. Nine questions in all. Nine bland answers.

    There is absolutely nothing from Grant by way of an opinion, analysis or insight. It is gutless, timid, cowardly and pathetic writing posing as journalism.

    These spin writers should take a look at Rottweilers like Martin Samuel, Samuel Wallace or David Walsh or indeed Oliver Holt. These highly paid English journalists start with a story or interview then shred it and present a cohesive conclusion. An insight. An opinion based on diligence and analysis. And, just like this site, it makes for compulsive reading.

    But, no, not in Scotland. The biggest Scottish sporting scandal has come and gone and apparently everyone (apart from Celtic who have been conveniently isolated) wants to move on and start again.

    Well folks like Regan, Petrie, Milne and Budge should hang their heads in shame. (Incidentally, my dear Scottish business partner did some advisory work for Budge a year ago. He described her as dull, dismal and thick as a post.)

    But the Scottish media have been utterly complicit in this corrupt narrative. These journalists have been part of the collusion.

    And the reason that they write for Scottish editions of quality newspapers is that they are not good enough to mix it with the real players who write for the daily editions in England.

    Hopeless and pitiful.

    1. And there you have it. I doubt we will see a more concise and to the point summation of the role, or complete lack of it, of the SMSM in this omnishambles. Although I would say gutless more than hopeless TM, but I guess it all amounts to the same thing.

    2. TM
      Great point on the quality of our media
      You could argue the media failure is the worst part of this entire affair .
      It was only when the US media doyen Walter Cronkite on his national evening show backed Ben Bradlee and his Washington Post team that Watergate went national and globally viral .
      Had we that quality here this all would have been solved 5 years ago
      The Spiers English Grant’s ( and they are our best) are at their very best in media terms Partick Thistle level players and would never get a job even with Derby County never mind Liverpool in media terms . That is your point and you are spot on
      The biggest scandal in Uk history is way way above their capability and that is the best of them .
      Jackson , Jack, Murray and all the others just grub around the gutter playing pathetic Wee boys Rangers supporting games
      As I intimated yesterday and I know you agree if the SFA get away with this scandal and hiding this corruption our media failure will be a huge contributor to this

      1. Brief postscript on the quality and relevance of our media .
        I briefly switched on to Radio Clyde a few minutes ago
        In the midst of this scandal and on the evening of a mega CL occasion they are having a big discussion on the pros and cons of their emerging TRFC superstar Morales
        Tells us all what matters in Scottish football .. just keep the bears happy
        Jesus Wept!

    3. There are a few Scottish journos who pen stuff in the daily editions in England.
      However, they have no appetite for the story and to tend to whytewash the whole affair.
      Poodles not Rottweilers… alas.

  13. I think we should all wait till tomorrow. No way is Pistol Pete going to detract from tonight’s CL game with big announcements. Give it some time and Pistol will come out with all guns blazing. Is it any wonder Regan chose this time to go on the offensive? I’ll bet he’s praying for a positive Celtic result tonight in the hope we all get deflected. Let me be clear: Celtic 1 PSG 0, or multiples thereof, changes fuck all. We will not rest.

  14. Another brilliant analysis of the pathetic attempts to defend the indefensible. Chapeau on a stunning series and providing the ‘go to’ place to find out what is really happening, the SMSM having succumbed to the ‘blue pound’ in the era of succulent lamb. Congratulations also to the erudite contributors to this blog who continue to provide further material relevant to what must be the biggest scandal in British sport.
    As a supporter with Aberdeen FC sympathies one can only be embarrassed by the pathetic forelock tugging of Milne who is losing credibility with supporters by the minute. I trust the Red Army to show their displeasure and hasten his exit. Supporters of Hearts & Hibs certainly do not share the meally mouth posturing of their respective boards which will end up damaging their clubs through alienating their customer base.
    While respecting the way Celtic has been run as a successful business, I am not a supporter of the club. Nevertheless ‘the enemy of my enemy (in this case those running football’s governing bodies’ is my friend’. Those of us who want football to be run on proper grounds have to be grateful by the stance taken by the Celtic board in order that the corruption at the heart of the sport to be rooted out. JJ has already exposed many of the ‘guilty men’, past and present, but there are others complicit with the gerrymandering rife among those running the SFA & SPFL (and pre-decessors). All need to be held to account for their actions and, where found guilty by an independent review, banned sine die.

  15. i have to say i hang my head in shame the way MY club has went about its business. the statement sent out yesterday most certainly does not reflect the emotion that is pouring out by the majority of hibs supporters ate this time. it looks like celtic will be left to do the necessary. small donation sent JJ.

    JJ: Thank you.

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