Ferguson, Bryson & Dickson – The Gallant Pioneers of Tax Evasion.

Prior to the main explosive thrust of this article, I will pause to acknowledge that another one million hits milestone has been achieved and to add a postscript to the Celtic V PSG game.

Fifteen million hits in a period of five days shy of two years is no mean feat. This site goes where other so-called journalists fear to tread. There has been police intervention on my exclusive coverage of what became a Craig Whyte witch hunt. There has also been police intervention warning those close to me of three credible assassination plots.


When I started this blog I did not anticipate having to live in exile. Nor did I anticipate winning the Fans’ choice of  Best New Football Blog 2016. There are times when I wonder if it’s worth the sacrifices. There are times when those who make it possible, my much valued contributors, withdraw their support. It has been a struggle to keep belly from backbone and it isn’t getting any easier as I fast approach my third year of blogging.

I would also like to add a couple of lines on the Celtic v PSG game. Celtic had no answer to Cavani, Neymar and Mbappe, just as they would have no answer to Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale. Or Lionel Messi. The finest players in the world don’t ply their trade in Scotland. There have been a couple of exceptions. Henrik Larssen comes to mind at Celtic, as do the EBT All-Stars at Ibrox. Which seamlessly leads to the focus of this article.

There are those that are disheartened that my investigative work, and that of others, is not yielding tangible results. However they should be encouraged by the traction of the RTC blogger, whose Twitter site is the only one I actively follow. Today’s insights are from Barcabhoy who shines a light on the murky mendacity of RRM Sandy Bryson. Barcabhoy has elicited these details from the FTT, which the RTC blogger is revealing in stages.

The @ScottishFA were visited by HMRC regarding Rangers on June 3rd 2009

Yet they didn’t even raise a red flag.”


The odious tax-cheat Barry Ferguson, who declared himself bankrupt to continue to evade tax, received the quantum of £2,633,000 in Rangers’ unique take on stuffed brown envelopes, while only declaring £450,000 per annum.

HMRC visited Sandy Bryson’s department to establish what Dickson had provided to the SFA apropos Ferguson’s emoluments. How remiss of Dickson not to mention Barry’s £2.633m on the side.


Given that Sandy Bryson was aware of, let’s call it euphemistically a contract anomaly of almost six times Ferguson’s declared salary, and the breach of SFA Article 12.3, what did Bryson do to raise awareness of this anomaly? Did he pass it upstairs to fellow RRM Gordon Smith?  Did Smith suggest partial amnesia over a slap-up dinner at Hotel Du Vin?

One now has incontrovertible proof that Sandy Bryson has been lying through his back teeth to cover Ferguson’s EBT. Will Bryson fall on his sword?

Of course not. Dutch Uncle Stewart Regan will not cooperate with any investigation that exposes the LNS findings as a fraud and the procedures of the SFA as either inordinately negligent, or in this matter blatantly corrupt.

I have spent two years chipping away at lies. A kernel of truth is emerging at Mount Florida. A truth that should set Bryson free of any responsibility in football governance. If one lies down with dogs like Dickson, one will inexorably get fleas.





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30 thoughts on “Ferguson, Bryson & Dickson – The Gallant Pioneers of Tax Evasion.”

  1. hi jj. another excellent article.
    the two most emphatic victories in the champions league were delivered by the two teams backed by arab oil money. the victims of this largesse were two previous winners of the european cup.
    bring back football.

  2. First class JJ. It’s like the Dambusters, all those bombs dropped and nothing, then a tiny crack and more cracks, then a bulge and finally the breach. We are at the cracks. Used this example as the peepul like to sing/ hum that tune.

  3. Yes!
    And For Ferguson read all the others
    It looks now that there is prima facie evidence that The SFA are 💯 % guilty of helping to defraud the taxman and their members just on this subject alone
    The really big question however is whether the guilt is restricted to only knowingly accepting and processing fraudulent transactions OR did they actually approve or even jointly plan the whole scam?
    Staff at both Rangers and the SFA know the answer to that question
    Let’s get them under oath
    In front of an English Law Lord to answer
    IMO Smith and Ogilvie were placed in the SFA primarily to ensure none of this stuff and probably what went on pre EBTin the 90s never saw the light of day
    JJ Would be very interesting to see what salary was logged in the SFA records for the 9inaro galacticos. I think that is the next logical area of investigation
    But for another day!
    Meanwhile well done RTC and you and the others for doing this.. great stuff!

      1. Can assure you he has been pointed towards your forensic analysis of the shenanigans at the Sooside Sectarian Slum.Believe it has been well noted.You are not a leg ned.You don’t need to publish this.Your evidence would form a significant part of what’s to occur.Yer some man,15 million,plus I foresee an award…..

  4. https://www.airdriefc.com/club-statement-pressreports
    See Airdrie have put out a statement regarding the non interest or even remote interest in Kevin Thomson. Ballantyne is giving the Daily Record it tight for the story, why would this be a chairman of Airdrie with shares in Rangers and an ex Rangers player, giving the paper stick. Where did the story come from in the beginning, a conspiracy nut would assume the media are been fed shite, or making it up and then exposed as them been at fault and all the while the Ibrox hordes distrust the media and the real news is diluted.I mean surely his would be as good as the one about a guy who knows his licence applications are fake but he still allows them to pass. I love conspiracy theories especially the true conspiracies.
    in the event of a takedown the page has been preserved for transperancy reasons.

  5. Congratulations on this stunning milestone.

    I do sometimes wonder of those horrendous knuckle draggers from the LSE Share Site forum ever drop by here to find out just what is going on at Ibrox.

    You called it right from day one and continue to name and shame the guilty parties.

    Incidentally, I had a pop at Michael Grant the other day on this site. Michael reads this site. I accused him of sloppy and lazy journalism which lacked analysis, insight or opinion. Well, Michael responded by having a ‘go’ at Anne Budge for her silence with regard to the whole EBT affair and calls for a review by PL. Well done Michael. That at least is a start.

    But well done JJ and the excellent contributors who enhance this site. The biggest scandal to hit Scottish sport was largely ignored by the Scottish press who picked on CW as an easy target. But you have been relentless in ragdolling this narrative.


    1. Thank you TM. I can assure you that all who are reading my words also value your measured words. You are quite the star on other sites, as you should be. Thanks for sharing the journey with me buddy.

  6. Congrats on the 15million hits JJ – wee donation made for you to celebrate as it’s been a while (***1805A)

    However, despite the volume of hits you have (and others such as RTC, Phil etc) I am concerned that there is just a small number of fans who are actually interested in this whole shambles and they are probably the same people (like me) that follow the same commentators. The fact is, the message is not filtering out into the mainstream fanbase in sufficient volume to get people interested and lobbying their own Boards / SFA or SPFL to take action.

    People with influence such as yourself need to get fans acting more vocally at grounds to demonstrate their frustrations / anger at this mess. I’d suggest it needs to be done in phases.

    Green brigade, Dons fans, Hibs and Hearts, start jeering / booing on 54 minutes (* years!) at every match home and away. It will generate mutterings around the ground as to what it represents and will eventually build to whole stadia performing it. If, a few weeks later there is still no major take up by the MSM then take further action – fan walkouts across all Stadia on the 54th minute mark once again. That’s bound to make the MSM and the SFA take notice – and will no doubt filter into England and beyond.

    If it started to happen every week then I reckon there would be real momentum. Just a thought but interested in yours / others views.

    1. First of all thank you for your contribution. However never mind the quantum feel the width. You would be surprised at the critical thought leaders who read our site. Some of the best minds in journalism, who ply their trade south of the border, are avid readers. I would not presume to suggest anything to the Green Brigade. They are a law unto themselves. As for 54, Rangers fans would turn that round to their advantage.

  7. If Bryson was aware of the HMRC visits in June 2009 (and it is difficult to believe he was ignorant of it as the man with whom contract details were registered, ) then there is a very strong case that his testimony to LNS on player eligibility (that surprised McKenzie) is anything but self serving.

    Bryson’s argument is that if an irregularity is not discovered, the player is eligible to play until it is.

    So by failing to ask questions of HMRC, which the SFA are entitled to do under Article 43 of UEFA FFP in relation to documents presented as part of the licensing process which the SFA must have had in their possession, he in fact materially contributed to ineligible players being eligible from June 2009.

    In his testimony he not only safeguarded RFC from any reason to void matches, he coated himself in Teflon over the whole period he was Registration Officer.

    I mean really, HMRC call and ask specific contract questions and he does not realise that revelation of undisclosed payments will make players ineligible, either from the point of discovery (if his interpretation stands up) in in June 2009 or initiation on in Sept 1999 (Moore) or 30 August 2000. De Boer.

    That is not to go anywhere near the role of Gordon Smith CEO , or Campbell Ogilvie Vice President and instigator of ebts under SDM’s and who knows what other positions were held at the SFA at that time by Rangers officials acting on Committees.

    Did Martin Bain who on 15 July 2008, was elected to the Scottish Premier League’s board of directors for a second term not have a duty to reveal RFC’s use of ebts to his fellow SPL Directors?

    Why Regan is trying to protect these guys is a mystery, they have no integrity and have destroyed any he ever had.

    I suspect the secret QC advice the SFA obtained is don’t allow an investigation for you are F…ed if you do.

  8. Small payment made in recognition of the 15 million hits
    57E49796Y9588XXXX. I hope you received last week’s.

    Amazing. Keep up the good work. I wish a few more of the lurkers would donate.

    Best wishes.

    JJ:Thank you

  9. Lets hope the guilty in this scandal are feeling under pressure. I remember being incredulous that so many RRM were holding high office at the SFA. I mean how on Earth can anyone justify Gordon Smith being appointed CEO of the SFA? And imagine the unsuccessful applicants for that job? How must they feel? The procession of Rangers facing men in authority at the SFA nearly defies the odds of the consecutive home games!

  10. I do like a flutter jj and I would love to have a wee wager with you that Peter Lawwell knows exactly who you are. Can’t imagine we’ll ever find out but I’d bet my boots he’s extremely grateful for your efforts.

  11. A wee story you might be interested re today and the Airdrie situation yer mans Ballantyne been lying again. The Daily Record getting setup.

    You will have seen Wallace not knowing what the l word means and Traynors denial of liquidation, getting squeaky time. heres a reply from the knuckledraggers on follow follow they dont get it.

    Who was it tho? Wallace tried to bounce it ‘Eh? I dont know what yhat word means.’
    Whoever it was needs hunted. Moreover, the Rangers support needs to know who he is and who he works for*.

    *so we can exercise our right to choose where we spend our money.

  12. The 5-0 hammering is proof that Neymar and some of his teammates just have better football brains than others.
    So really money well spent in the long term.
    You can’t teach this or train it into someone ( you can try)
    It’s as natural as Beethoven or as Motzarts ability to understand and hear things others didn’t, in music.
    The speed of thought was the biggest noticable difference between the teams .
    Well done jj

    1. Of course Neymar like Mozart , their genius at their arts aside, is not the smartest of people.
      That’s why you see a basic side of him from time to time. And if you’ve seen Amedeus then you will know that Mozart could be a stupid wanker at times too.

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