Peter Lawwell – The Man With The Golden Gun

I have been one of Mr. Lawwell’s fiercest critics. Mr. Lawwell is the Chief Executive of the one pre-eminent football club in Scottish football. The other, Rangers, went bust under a cloud of debt and tax evasion. For many this was karmic justice. For others a £250,000 fine, for subverting Scottish football with the modern-day equivalent of cash-stuffed envelopes, did not go nearly far enough.

The Resolution 12 Requisitioners had to go abroad to have their advert published. They cleverly chose  a Swiss daily that would have caught the eye of the denizens of Nyon. The Scottish titles, who suck the teat of the Blue Pound like an overgrown velcro-lipped infant, would not touch their advert. Sales teams, unsurprisingly, were amenable to the commission it would earn, but the editors were rightfully wary of a Klan backlash. The Daily Record is currently in The Klan crosshairs and is haemorrhaging sales.

I accused Peter Lawwell and his board of kicking Resolution 12 into the long grass. This was an injudicious comment on my part as I now know that Mr. Lawwell asserted that if the Requisitioners had a silver bullet, he would fire it.  It will be interesting to see what The Compliance Officer makes of the recent referral by the SFA. The  Resoution 12 team should pat themselves on the back for their tenacity, but the silver bullet was forged by the testimony of two former Rangers principals at the trial of Craig Whyte. I cried from the rooftops that DCI Robertson and his band of Keystone Cops were pursuing the wrong man. Sir Bribe & Lie, David Murray, plundered Rangers and HMRC (all taxpayers) for all he could get his grubby mits on. Of course it does not play well to go after a Knight of The Realm when you ultimately report to  members of The Speculative Society. A Society that has vested interests in the redevelopment of Gogarburn.

Selling houses has also corrupted the views of Stewart Milne, the SFA lickspittle of Aberdeen. In my opening paragraph I asserted that Celtic were Scotland’s only super club. However there was a time when Aberdeen were the top dogs. Who could ever forget their 2-1 victory over Real Madrid in 1983 to lift The European Cup Winners Cup. Given that many of the Rangers titles are bent and should not have been conferred to Sevco Scotland, the moral high ground should be in the purview of Aberdeen. The last Scottish club to have won a major European trophy is being undermined by the pecuniary imperatives of their Chairman. I’m hearing talk of boycotts at Scotland’s second best club. One can but hope that these whispers become a cri de cœur.

There was a time when Dundee United made all right-thinking Scotsmen proud as they played with verve on the European stage, winning hearts and minds. Recidivist thinking knuckle draggers would always condemn them for their former name, Dundee Hibernian.

Hearts are complicit with their silence. Hibs’ SFA lickspittle chairman has issued a career-limiting statement. The Hibs fans are spitting blood and may be the first to instigate boycotts.

In many ways Peter Lawwell was a swan, gliding his way through the troubles of Scottish football to build a nest that the ugly ducklings could only dream of. The swan analogy is apposite as we now find, in recently released correspondence, that Lawwell was not taking the Rangers malfeasance lying down. There was a lot going on under the surface. He was ruffling feathers in Mount Florida.

Stewart Regan in his Orange Ordure pomp. No blood was spilled in the taking of this photograph.

Stewart Regan was quick to jump on the bandwagon of Celtic’s CL Group Stage qualification at the draw in Monte Carlo, swanning around like Billy Big Baws with a champagne flute in one hand and a Cohiba in the other. Regan was basking in the reflected glory of Celtic despite doing the square root of fuck all in Celtic’s interests. It was an ideal opportunity to wax lyrical about Transparency to his fellow CL travellers, kissing the right arses in his naked bid to ascend UEFA’s greasy pole. However in his desk in Scotland he has a golden gun and numerous silver bullets and he will do everything in his power to stop Lawwell getting his hands on them.

Scottish football will never be clean until the suppurating sores that are Regan, Doncaster, Dickson, Bryson and ménage à trois Ballantyne are excised from our game. Peter Lawell may need more than a Golden Gun. He may require a silver scalpel to extricate the pus.

I unreservedly apologise to Peter Lawwell for my criticism. You are the last bastion of decency in Scottish football. I have your back.


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25 thoughts on “Peter Lawwell – The Man With The Golden Gun”

  1. Great Piece as usual JJ.
    The only way this will ever come to a satisfactory conclusion is if we all stop giving finance to the SFA.
    I have told my team I no longer wish to be concidred for tickets for any home or away Scottish cup games.
    When asked why, I told them I thought it was the only way to make a statement.
    Unfortunately, I think I will be one of the few.
    I only wish, as football fans, we can start some sort of petition to boycott all SFA competitions, including Scotland games.
    It hurst me to say this, as I am a proud Scottish football fan, but I also think we are being taken as mugs.
    Hearing what happened with Jim Traynor yesterday makes my blood boil.
    How can a group of so called journalists sit and accept this pish, it is truly a scandal.

    1. Spuds64 boycotts can happen and i hope it does Scottish football fans should get it sorted out quickly so we can make a stand against they corrupt bastards at sfa hampden ill not be paying into a corrupt cup game our hampden untill they scumbags at hampden are removed and im hoping they all get jailed for fraud honest.hail hail.

  2. I know I’ve said it before but the tippy-tappy correspondence between PL and SR (who continues to stone-wall any requests for an enquiry, IF he really wanted to drive it home then the obvious next move would be to turn the tables on SFA via a pointed accusation of sorts made on the steps of Celtic Park with all SMSM assembled. Allude to the incessant narrative of sites like yours,RTC, CQN etc and the substantive logic in their assertions and pointing out that the ONLY rational course of action would be an impartial review.
    There’s no way anyone could ignore that and the opening of Pandora’s box would surely ensue.
    It would undoubtedly take balls to do so but there’s only one winner thereafter.

  3. At the risk of repeating myself , Peter Lawwell is an employee of Glasgow Celtic and he has a boss who was totally abused by The Directors of rangers2 at the Scottish cup semi two years ago, that’s what started the merry go round of bringing in Brenden Rogers and making damn sure that Celtic run away and leave this incarnation of rangers2 wishing they had given the big Irish fella a lot more respect. It will all end when Dermot Desmond is satisfied that justice is seen to be done and done properly.

  4. As more new revelations of corrupt behaviour by the SFA become manifest the picture becomes ever clearer .
    Apologies for another analogy !

    We effectively have a criminal in the dock fully convicted on 55 counts after multiple appeals .
    We have a governing judge who despite a full unanimous (5 law Lord ) jury conviction refuses to pass down an appropriate sentence on the criminal because he is one of the criminals close friends AND he ,the judge and his staff and colleagues, almost certainly were involved up to their necks in the actual crimes themselves and potentially even helped plan them.

    We have all but one of the 41 victims hiding behind closed doors OR in 4 cases incredibly publicly supporting the criminal’s family and friends who together with the judge are saying ..well let’s all just move on .it was 5 years ago
    We have the media berating the 1 victim for challenging the judge and his lack of action

    The key point of the above is There is no way the SFA can be the ultimate source of judgement in the various aspects of this entire affair given their close role in the process and particularly now given evidence of their complicity increasingly in the public domain . They are too compromised . They should be in the dock themselves . This needs to be dealt with externally and taken out of their hands eg by the Government
    THE SFA ETC WE KNOW WILL NOT SUPPORT THIS EXTERNAL INTERVENTION .THE PRIMARY REASON IS SIMPLE IE BECAUSE They will almost certainly be found guilty of crimes much more heinous than that of the criminal himself.

    Rather than be put off by halfwits like DJ telling us this morning to move on the pressure needs to build and build . He needs to understand this will like Hillborough NEVER GO AWAY

    Hopefully CFC know all of this and have a solid game plan to expose this entire sham and scandal

    There are 2 major sources of pressure on the judge or SPFL/ SFA that still are not being applied to help them which would help CFC

    1 The lack of quality media intervention as we all know already but also
    2 The complete lack of Scottish Government involvement here

    Whilst JJ I agree PL has a golden gun It will beyond shameful if it is left entirely to CFC and a few fan groups of other clubs to have to use it in an attempt to clean out the Hampden Cesspit and get truth and justice to prevail before anyone moves on anywhere

    BTW This story is becoming a blockbuster opportunity for a budding mainstream quality journalist willing to get a major scandal out to the wider public .anyone out there?..anyone?

  5. JJ, Please if you think things cannot get any funnier, some buzz this thread.


    Very interesting development indeed.

    Nobody has written that all three top courts found RFC guilty of tax crimes:
    1. The Court of Session.
    2. The appeal Court of the Inner House of the Court of Session.
    3. The UK Supreme Court.

    The SMSM all try to make the issue as undecided until the Supreme Court ruled this year. However, ever since the court of Session ruling it has been a delaying tactic only.

    18 months of delay to enable Regan to call the issue “raking coals”.

    Take it to CAS first thereafter a Judicial Review at the court of Session is required. Both need applied in that order.

    CFC have exhausted all domestic football avenues.

  7. I do enjoy the sight very much when I’m able to see it but do not agree with your comments re PL who I think had sided with Doncaster and made a hash of these sfa letters in saying the sfpl fortytwo clubs were behind it when we are told they are not, hope he has not made a mistake in backing up Doncaster who is a n other fraud running or game, would be nice to hear other opinion on this however.

  8. A bit of a tangent JJ

    Interested in your or anyone’s views .Do you believe there is or could be a sophisticated cover up being orchestrated here and if so by whom ( and I don’t mean low level stuff by DB ) ? It must have crossed your mind!

    Reading your and PMcG pieces and the RTC Twitter feeds these past few days I was reminded of John Dean’s book Blind Ambition .You will know that as Nixon’s Counsel he was purported to have been the mastermind of what was a sophisticated cover up of that scandal . He effectively in the end as we would say turned Queen’s evidence to help nail His boss. Do we have our own John Dean?

    The scale of wrongdoing by the SFA is becoming more evident daily and they and their supporters attempts to obfuscate become more laughable also by the day .

    For many reason RAngers and DM obviously have a major interest in any cover up ensuring there is no formal and public title stripping .
    The SFA for reasons covered earlier must be terrified of an independent review but also are probably not acting properly right now because Rangers major players probably have the ability to blackmail the SFA team and expose them to even bigger crimes and at a personal level.

    Given The omertà by so many ,the interventions by a few , the behaviour of the media ,the government posted missing given the sheer scale of wrongdoing here something isn’t right .
    You constantly have him in your crosshairs here as the main man but I have this nagging sense that Regan is but a puppet in all of this .

    1. I should think it was blindingly obvious to the SFA (with Gordon Smith and Campbell Ogilvie occupying the top 2 jobs at the time) that a veneer of independence was about to become a necessity at least as early as the 2009 arrival of HMRC’s letter. It’d be naive to think that Ogilvie had no idea of this earlier; his finger prints are all over DOS which had all the same problems and none of the doubt about the fact tax was being evaded. Regan came in with a pre-written remit, but I don’t think its so much a person as an old boys club pulling the strings.

  9. Honesty. Integrity. Humility.
    All traits missing from the SFA and their corrupt cabal but found in abundance on this site and in your efforts to bring the guilty to justice.
    Small donation made xxx0460B.

    JJ: Thank you.

  10. I would argue from knowledge that the silver bullet was not forged at the CW trial. It merely entered the public arena barrel chamber.

    The SFA were provided with more than enough evidence in 2014 by Celtic to start an investigation and if they can be excused from acting then, how they failed to deal with the questions raised by Res12 lawyers from 2015 and why they did not act on information provided has to be part of the investigation in order to make the SFA accountable for their part in the whole affair from 2011 to date not just the licensing process in 2011.

    In defining that scope it will give Mr Regan an opportunity to explain his beliefs about the licensing process, the rules that do not appear to have been applied as intended, his dependence on the licencee when SFA are the licensing AUTHORITY and why the SFA never once checked the position re the liability of March 2011 with HMRC although empowered to do so.

    Lets make it a Golden Bullet. 🙂

  11. Long time no donation JJ. Youngest son out of work this two years and being propped up by his mum and dad—that’s what we’re for! Keep safe.
    As a fast tracker to the SFA, just revisit ALL registrations from ALL clubs, I’m sure that would concentrate minds.
    The (not so) wee Man City supporter asked how you were. I told him you were on faraway shores and it was like watching Elmer Fudd with the steam coming out of his ears.
    On a closing note it took courage for yourself to come out in support of Peter Lawell. You know when people like Auldheid rate you you are doing the job right.

  12. Its just a thought, but surely if enough fans from the 41 member clubs (I’m not including the bastard child of the SFA and Sir Bribe and Lie in that number) petition their MP’s calling for a Governmental Enquiry into the SFA they would be obliged to act? The FA in England were dealt a Vote of No Confidence earlier this year after a Times investigation.

    Now I know the chances of the SMSM carrying out any kind of investigation is an anathema to our so called journalists. However between this site, PMG, RTC, CQN etc, there is enough hard factual evidence, plus testimony under oath from people who would never tell lies (no laughing at the back please!!) to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there has been, and is currently whole sale fraud being carried out within the National HQ of our Football “business”.

    Surely even Police Scotland can see this with their own eyes and must, under Government Instruction start a criminal investigation?

    Or am I just being a naïve auld Twat?

  13. Excellent reading again JJ, you are a credit to the craft of investigative journalism. I personally believe PL and DD will let the pack of criminals exhaust every possible escape route, only to find there is no escape. Then PL takes a team laden with the pick of legal minds to an honest, independent court and present their case.

  14. I welcome your fulsome apology about the motives of Peter Lawell It is the sign of a man of honour that he apologises when he realises that he has made an egregious error. You are a man of honour and integrity and I salute you.

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