The SFA – The De Facto clearing house for malfeasance at Ibrox.

Stewart Regan’s compromised SFA is implacably opposed to a review. Regan knows that the SFA was the de facto clearing house for all manner of malfeasance at Ibrox. No-one has any doubt that a revolving door existed between The Blue Room and the Sixth Floor of Hampden/ Park Gardens. This has resulted in the SFA bending to the will of one club and its bastard child.

The consensus for a review is building. If Regan continues to be the immovable object he will be subject to a vote of no confidence. This grovelling  Rangers lickspittle should play no part in the governance of any sport. Cheating on an industrial scale from 1999 – 2011 went unchecked not because the SFA were asleep at the wheel. It went unchecked because the key executives who engaged in these nefarious activities were subsequently or simultaneously employed in positions of influence at the SFA.


Regan talks about ‘Bolstering The Duty Of Good Faith’ but no-one believes that should Rangers Lite crash and burn its creditors, in the grand tradition of Ibrox, any vestige of good faith will not be sacrificed at the altar of commercial expediency.

Gordon Smith, Campbell Ogilvie and Andrew Dickson engaged in cheating, but as they reported to themselves at the SFA, they got away with it. The situation is analagous to Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs being the foreman of the jury at his own trial.

The stench of corruption and collusion is overwhelming. Rod Petrie, who wants The Augean Stables to continue to stink like a landfill site, is in the crosshairs of the Hibs support. Petrie may have the unanimous support of his board but those who ultimately pay his wages – 13,000 season tickets holders – will inexorably remove his SFA fug from Easter Road.

As one would expect, Slim Shady Traynor is galvanising support to isolate Doncaster, but if a show of hands voted for a review then Traynor is farting in a typhoon. No change there then.

No-one has to colour me surprised that the recidivist Rangers Lite support are trying desperately to hold on to their ill-gotten gains. Their delusions of supremacy are predicated on the bent titles.

They were up to their old tricks at The Energy Check stadium in Partick, singing their anthems of hatred; proposing ethnic cleansing through the medium of song as Police Scotland used their truncheons as batons to conduct their male voice choir.

They will never change. Their generational bigotry is hard-wired. Even when their team is off the pace, they don’t care. The football is just an excuse to vent their sectarian spleen.

Celtic are now five points clear of Rangers Lite. Should they prevail at Ibrox next Saturday the gap will be eight points. In the interim Lite return to Partick on Tuesday on League Cup duty. Thistle will fancy their chances. Should Primark Pedro lose both games in a six day period he will be punted. There were those who wanted his head after the humiliating 1-5 reverse at Ibrox last season, as Celtic braved the lighters, coins, pitch incursion and monkey chants to land a humiliating blow.

Celtic, with a 4-0 home win against Ross County, extended their run to 55 without defeat in domestic football. Their juggernaut looks unstoppable.

One can but hope that Peter Lawwell, backed by Dermot Desmond is also unstoppable. Celtic have accused the SFA of “a failure in transparency, accountability and leadership”.

That’s as damning as a PLC can be.

The SFA are guilty in the court of public opinion. Proving their guilt at The Court Of Session is the next logical step. I don’t just want Regan’s head. The sandcastle virtues of Bryson and Dickson must also be swept away.





12 thoughts on “The SFA – The De Facto clearing house for malfeasance at Ibrox.”

  1. The SFA exist to cover up the cheating crimes of Rangers. The close relationship between the two allows collusion coverup and corruption. They will NEVER allow an investigation of their crimes and will have to be forced by the courts or/and UEFA

  2. Please note the nice people of Maryhill have to put up with the not so nice “peepul(KKK wing) on Tuesday night.Live on BT.Wonder if they’ll turn the volume down when the “singing ” starts.It’s on the Tues,in order for the Sevconians to get used to Emmerdale and Corrie viewing while Celtic cruise through their European Group.Part of this is fake news,people,I’ll let you decide….

  3. Spot on JJ
    The emerging scale of the SFA criminality is staggering and is the real story now.
    In any walk of life abusers will abuse as soon as they can And Murray almost certainly did that.
    The protector organisation of our sport infested by the abuser’s buddies aided ,abetted and probably colluded in the abuse. Unforgivable and worse than what Murray did.. much worse!

  4. Chapeau JJ, another well written piece. Keep up the good work and truth will surely prevail.
    Donations will be made quite frequently from now on. Take care and stay safe

  5. After a five-week trial at Coffs Harbour Supreme Court, a jury took less than one hour to convict Adrian Attwater of manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault in the death of Lynette Daley. His co-defendant, Paul Maris, was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault and hindering the discovery of evidence. They will be sentenced on November 3. It took six years to take these vicious racists to task as prosecutors refused to act. A petition with thousands of names finally forced their hand. I highlighted Lynette’s plight in a series of articles. Lynette was intoxicated as one these animals, Attwater, fist-fucked her to death. The sexual assault was so vicious that a forensic pathologist dubbed her injuries worse than those which occur in even precipitous childbirth.

    Attwater had earlier in the day of her death referred to Lynette as a ‘Thing.’ One can but hope that the sentencing judge imposes the maximum tariff.

  6. I’m not, and never will be able to agree in all conscience with the death penalty. However, take a life and my view they must pay with their’s on this plane of existence – in really hard, basic prisons with few redeeming features. Walls rendered so they can’t count the bricks, basic ‘iron rations’ but medical care which ensures they live for as long as possible. Care which absolutely ensures they can’t escape via the ‘low road’ (Scots will understand that one) viz. suicide.

    I want to seek these snimals longing, pleading for death but being denied release from this vale of tears. Every day they should be reminded of their crime(s).

  7. I recall your articles on this vividly JJ, turned my stomach to be quite honest., however, they are a sober reminder that there are more important issues out there than football and, dare I say it, football governance even. Kudos to you for highlighting this travesty, hopefully the judge is not in a merciful mood come sentencing day, just as those animals showed their poor victim none.

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