Accelerated Payments

As we have seen with the odious tax cheat and Daily Record correspondent, Barry Ferguson, HMRC armed with court cases in their favour are aggressively pursuing the tax evaders. However Ferguson, who knew that he had evaded tax on ‘cash-stuffed envelopes’ to the tune of £2.633,000, effectively put himself into administration by declaring himself bankrupt. Ferguson naturally transferred his part ownership of his gated Bothwell mansion to his wife.

Not that this will bother the Daily Record. A title where integrity has never featured in its lexicon. Ferguson – who is not the sharpest tool in his garden shed – is well advised. I await Ferguson’s Forces Day reportage with bated breath and his narrative on the abseiling bigots with poppies between their teeth. If it were not for other tax payers making up Ferguson’s end, the sectarian soldiers would not have a rope to swing on.

As the tax malfeasance of Rangers and the SFA’s complicity in their cheating is kept under wraps at the SMSM, one has to look to English titles for coverage. Ewing Grahame at The Times is worth his salt. He is a fellow traveller who knows that the SFA is a corrupt cabal of Rangers appeasers. The Guardian, where my metaphor  of ‘Continuation Jihadists’ led to a name check in a Roy Greenslade article, is also worth a read. I would steer clear of The Telegraph as Roddy Forsyth, who in many other ways is an excellent journalist and radio broadcaster, has a peculiar ‘Old Firm‘ fixation. Perhaps we should forgive Roddy as he took a bath on The Titanic. Mr. Forsyth’ equity in RFC plc is believed to be residing in a locker in the purview of Davy Jones c/o The Atlantic Shelf.

The EBT travails of the former club have not escaped the notice of The Financial Times. The FT reports that Hector is firing tax Exocets in the form of Accelerated Payment Notices( APN). The Supreme Court ruling against Rangers has put a spring in Hector’s step. The APN for tax year 2016-2017 amounted to £1.3b. However Hector’s APN  in 2017-2018, bolstered by The Supreme Court’s ruling against Rangers and against the creators of The Eclipse 35 tax scams, are anticipated to far outstrip last year’s quantum. Since the introduction of APN in 2014 Hector has raked in £4b.

What could possibly have gone wrong with an aggressive tax avoidance scheme that was created by a stunt cock? Barry Ferguson continues to scratch his head with two fingers to this day.

Essentially an APN is a weapon of mass tax evasion destruction. Hector is shooting first, asking questions later. Dominic Arnold, the head of tax Investigations at accountancy firm Moore Stephens, opined:

HMRC’s ability to demand accelerated payments remains a draconian but clearly increasing effective mechanism.”

One wonders how many more of Sir Bribe & Lie’s victims, hoodwinked by Rangers/SFA fixer Andrew Dickson, will have to join Ferguson in financial purdah?

At times like this Mr. Ferguson might seek the solace of an afternoon matinee at his local Cineworld. However as his snout was also in the Eclipse 35 trough, the escapism might be somewhat muted. Perhaps Barry will write about it in his next column in The Daily Record. Real tax-evaders read the Record,

It would bring tears to a glass eye.


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21 thoughts on “Accelerated Payments”

  1. On the eve of the two years anniversary of this site, I have received to date in September the quantum of £329. Is a third year of fearless social media journalism in jeopardy?

      1. Thank you for my first contribution today. The adverts are created by WordPress and do not offer any recompense to the author of our site. Their ads are their quid pro quo for using their excellent platform.

  2. Ferguson is a horrible character. As a player he was certainly worth his salt however he is a person of a bygone Orange Supremacist order. His allegiance is to himself and to the blue Neanderthal hordes. He plays to the gallery in a similar vein to the Dundee cash chaser BFDJ. Ferguson expected to be appointed as Pedro’s number 3. He struggles to contain his rage when asked to recount the interview experience. Similar to Alex Rae and others his sense of entitlement that RRM should always be in superior positions in Scottish Football and be looked after by both the club and the governing body is moving from frustration to bitterness as the cash opportunities seem to be thinning. These guys professional ability was on a pitch. They have no other contribution to make. Ferguson has surely burned his boats with the Governing body however the SMSM will always find some cash contribution to a former RFC Captain.
    Is it not shocking that SKY, BT and predominantly The BBC deem fit to employ these blatant tax dodgers as their staple constant fare? The sight of Stephen Thompson fronting the BBC coverages of Scottish Football would not be tolerated anywhere else and Ferguson on BBC Radio rubs the honest tax payers faces in the shocking reality thar EBT receivers are still on the make whether Hector catches up with them or not. These EBT tax dodgers, anywhere else, would be aware enough and strongly advised to keep a low profile. Through the looking glass in Scotland where down is up and up is down the National Broadcaster sees fit to put these tax evaders front and centre. Truly shocking!!
    As well as fan power for a Judicial Review of SFA and EBTs and stripping of titles the normal working man who is paying his taxes and always has done should take the Media companies to task on this.
    Stop paying the Criminal Tax Evaders!!
    Bring in honest people to fill your slots rather than rubbing everyone’s face in it with these dodgy characters who felt that the enormous salaries they received were not enough, they had to evade the tax as well!

    1. Banking facilities would not be withdrawn, although any income could be arrested. Maybe a cash stuffed envelope behind the cistern of Keith Jackson’s executive lavatory would do the trick.

  3. I’ve no experience with personal insolvency but, from things I’ve read, I would assume Hector can go after this highly esteemed gentleman’s assets wherever they are now and – in the course of time – those assets of any of the others who might try to evade paying the fruits of their previous evasions by using personal bankruptcy.

    In corporate insolvencies Hector can unwind antecedent transactions to recover assets improperly distributed so that creditors are settled with them. I would assume the same would be true in personal insolvencies.

    1. I’ve not looked into it, but I assume being a Scottish resident its sequestration he’ll be applying for. He’ll probably have to make ongoing contributions from his earnings for a period afterwards. Good job he’s experienced at keeping his actual earnings hidden from view.

  4. Arseholes like ferguson are lauded in the media for their take on anything rangers, Scotland is the dungheap of Europe. Donation to follow this rant, JJ keep on doing your stuff sir, excellent analysis as always.

  5. Ferguson’s sequestration was timed and planned in similar fashion to his tax dodging.

    A Trustee can look at property transfers for the period of 5 years prior to the date of sequestration. As I understand it, the transfer of his one half share in his property was just beyond the 5 year period. HMRC should be checking property/asset transfers and accelerate any petition for sequestration to allow a Trustee to challenge the transfer. Nicely planned and timed as I said.

    Any income from the date of sequestration will be looked at, however he will be allowed the normal expenses, mortgage, gas, food, petrol etc so I don’t anticipate that there will be any ongoing contributions from his income

  6. PMG posting strong hint that Ms Budge is of a certain fraternity from the East
    Would explain Hearts silence , that Wee Bute House invite and silence on SFA and Murray corruption
    If it’s true and he usually is CFC may need to blow up the entire football structures in Scotland to get a properly run unbiased game . Certainly with the current brotherly ( and sisterly) cabal in place
    My previous high hopes for Ms Budge are in the trash can
    I hope she redeems herself !

  7. Veritas, and it all slots into place. Mrs Budge being another brother doesn’t really surprise. Certainly explains the reticence regarding RFC Euro licence for this season. I’d like to know the current structure of HOM Finance. There may be a story there…

    1. Yes Ferguson has played a blinder, defrauding us all by transferring his assets over the 5 year timeline. He will pay nada. Sorry JJ I am abroad but will contribute the minute I land.

  8. Peter Lawwell is about to make his next move. It will infuriate the Daily Record who will try to sell papers by making it an envy story when it’s justice story and campaign

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