The Incessant Sectarian Soundtrack

The incessant sectarian soundtrack, from the away stand, leaves a lot to be desired.”

The quote in italics is from an article in The Daily Record (real tax-evaders write for The Record) apropos the Partick Thistle v Rangers Lite SPFL fixture on Friday. The incessant sectarian soundtrack could also be heard at last night’s League Cup QF. If truth be told you don’t have to go away from home to hear the most vile bigots in full voice. These evil chants are as incessant as they are ubiquitous at their ‘spiritual’ home, The Sectarian Speakeasy that is Ibrox Stadium.

Not a game goes by without a lusty homage to Billy Fullerton. Mr. (I use the term loosely as he was more animal than human) had a penchant for indiscriminately attacking Catholics and those of Irish descent with clubs, razors and knives. He carried a revolver with him at all times. He was loath to miss an opportunity to shoot a Taig, which is a pejorative term analagous to a Irish N*****

Fullerton formed a Scottish chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. His racism was hard-wired. Should one wonder why this unreconstructed criminal bigot is venerated at Ibrox and even more vociferously in ‘away’ enclosure, one can but revert to former Lite director John Gilligan who defended the jaunty melody.

It bobs along nicely like a decapitated head in a Nazi concentration camp.

The Third Reich’s culture of supremacy, their mission statement of creating a master race, is alive and kicking at Ibrox. Cue The Famine Song:

I often wonder where they would have been
If we hadn’t have taken them in
Fed them and washed them
Thousands in Glasgow alone
From Ireland they came
Brought us nothing but trouble and shame
Well the famine is over
Why don’t they go home?

Now Athenry Mike was a thief
And Large John he was fully briefed
And that wee traitor from Castlemilk
Turned his back on his own
They’ve all their Papists in Rome
They have U2 and Bono
Well the famine is over
Why don’t they go home?

Now they raped and fondled their kids
That’s what those perverts from the darkside did
And they swept it under the carpet
and Large John he hid
Their evils seeds have been sown
Cause they’re not of our own
Well the famine is over
Why don’t you go home?

Now Timmy don’t take it from me
Cause if you know your history
You’ve persecuted thousands of people
In Ireland alone
You turned on the lights
Fuelled U boats by night
That’s how you repay us
It’s time to go home.”

I don’t claim to be any kind of an expert on the lyrical proclivities of the Ibrox Unterklasse, but are they having a pop at the late, great, Jock Stein? The term ‘legend’ is used more often than it should be but few in Scottish football deserve this epithet more than Jock Stein. As Bill Shankly asserted at the time of The European Cup triumph:”You’re immortal Jock.”

I ran my forensic eye over the historical reports of the appallingly aberrant behaviour of a former coach at Celtic Boys Club. However I could not find any causal link to Jock Stein.

Might I suggest The Klan are reaching to undermine an achievement that they can never better?  This must really stick in their craw. It flies in the face of their delusions of supremacy. If anyone can point me to a report on the IRA fuelling U-boats I will be duly obliged. No takers? More vile delusion?

There are laws in place in Scotland which prohibit incitement to racial hatred. This ‘song’ is unequivocally in breach of this law. So why do Police Scotland not wade in to arrest the recidivists?  I assume that their rationale for inertia is that it might incite a full-scale riot. As we saw at Hampden, the Lite fans will kick off at the slightest provocation.

How dare they taunt ‘The People.’

Graham Spiers to his credit has often taken the bigots to task in his columns. “Wading in Fenian Blood should be a proscribed mantra at all football games.

Come Saturday the Ibrox Recidivist Choir will be in full voice as Rangers host Celtic. I can exclusively reveal that Kenny Miller was sent home from training on Sunday by Primark Pedro’s assistant. He was told to take an enforced break as his body language was betraying his ridicule of ‘Banger’ Caixinha’s antiquated training methods. One would not be surprised if Primark Pedro reintroduced medicine balls.

As the world looks on our sceptred isle must we hope for an early goal by Celtic to silence The Klan? The silence was deafening the last time these teams met at Ibrox.

It is my firm conviction that the football is just an excuse for the most vile transgressions of public decency. When the drums of Marching Season stop, the bigots beat to a familiar drum at Ibrox


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36 thoughts on “The Incessant Sectarian Soundtrack”

  1. Hi JJ.

    Cast your forensic eye over this.

    JJ: The first paragraph was so flawed,inaccurate and tarred with a sectarian brush that I did not read the remainder. It beggars belief that you use child abuse as a stick to beat Celtic with. I suggest you enhance your reading IQ.

  2. The hope is that Celtic will DRUM it right home on Saturday that this rangers are a second class football team , club and business with a second rate manager ,who’s boss is about to be thrown out of any business he is associated with and which in any other country the business would be wound up for trading while insolvent.
    But they run to aid the spivs at every turn, gullibles is too nice a word for them.

  3. The one that gives my hernia a bit of bother is the assumption that the floodlights at Parkhead were left on to guide our Queens relatives bombers to there targets. The first floodlights in the UK were installed in 1958.

  4. I, like you JJ, along with many others watched and listened with dismay at the continual chants of bigotry from the traveling “fans” last night and also the adept way that the sound quality of the broadcast “fluctuates” during the latest rendition. So much so that I believe that BT Sport must employ a man dedicated to the sole task of adjusting the volume.

    I could write many words regarding my total disdain for their attitude but nothing comes close to your phrase.

    “It bobs along nicely like a decapitated head in a Nazi concentration camp”.

    That my friend is genius writing.

    Donation next week when payday rolls around again.

    Stay safe.

  5. Good morning JJ, and a very happy birthday to the speakeasy.I’m sorry my contribution to the site falls a day late but I was otherwise engaged at the hospital yesterday for more tests and I also gotta wait for what my American friend calls “The bald eagle taking a dump.”
    I’m not sure if this phrase is known to you but I think it sounds better than” getting paid.”
    I never knew the words to the famine song ,just the last bit about it being over and going home so thank you for enlightening me further as I really had no idea what all the fuss was about…..Now I know !!!
    As I said,I have sent this months contribution but have not been issued with a code (to follow) but hopefully it will stand out as I posted it around 11:30 gmt and was double what I normally send in recognition of your wonderful achievement of two years in the saddle.
    I hope it finds you well and in your celebrations go easy on your liver,you only have the one.
    As ever,stay safe my friend,Irishboy.

    JJ: The expression was not known to me. As a collector of anecdotal curios it will be given pride of place in my burgeoning canon. As for my liver I must admit to raising a glass or three last night to celebrate the second anniversary of our site.

    I cannot thank you enough for your unstinting generosity. Never forget that your contributions make it possible. I salute you Irishboy.

  6. It’s only a mater of time until these ‘Fruit Cakes’, are seen as the religious fundamentalist that they are. They are fighting for a cause that happened over 300 years ago, FFS get over it. For ever and a day will these ‘Crack Pot Zealots’ stain and bring shame to Bonny Auld Alba. Sad but true.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Your site has no equal. Additional donation made which can hopefully go towards a birthday cake! 🙂

    JJ: Thank you. If you don’t mind I would prefer something tall dark and bitter. No not my ex-wife, something from St. James Gate, Dublin.

    1. Are you aware of the Guinness connection to the UVF?
      If you are then why give them money and if not then history books should be read ASAP.

  8. Of all the horrible sounds heard at football grounds I think this one is possibly the most clearly desgned to cause offence. I’ve heard some disgraces at plenty of grounds (those aimed at Dunfermline’s late Norrie McCathie by Falkirk springs to mind)…. but this could be a winner.

    There is an argument along the lines of “Celtic fans sing songs about the famine all the time…” but its categorically not with a direct view to insulting and causing offence by mocking a tragedy. But just in case it wasn’t enough – tar a legend, throw in spurious allegations of criminality and use the unspeakable suffering of children as a bit of banter to get one up the taigs! It’s my belief that its just another throwback to British colonial rule over Ireland and the sense of superiority that many identifying as culturally British feel they therefore should have, but don’t at the minute. Deep south US has similar issues.

    I personally come from a mixed background (decended from a Scottish clan chief on my one side with a very Irish background on the other from both sides of the border) and yes, some did come here to escape starvation. My Scottish side were fortunate enough to be not so badly affected by the potato crop failure but it did affect plenty of Scots too, tragedies like this and the highland clearances led to many being in the same position as those poor Irish immigrants. They found welcoming homes in the US, Canada, Australia and other places where their contributions to the melting pot are celebrated instead of used divisively.

    I can’t get offended by this song because its utterly stupid, but I can appreciate what it is intended to do.

    You hit the nail on the head with regards to “Large John being fully briefed” (Big Jock Knew), with the Castlemilk traitor being Aiden McGeady and Athenry Mike being the fictional protagonist of the Fields of Athenry.

    I gather the ditty is popular among Rangers fans in Northern Ireland also, where they strangely don’t see the irony while belting out “why don’t you go home”. Presumably the same sort persons belonging to proscribed organisations while blasting all Celtic fans as being terrorist sympathisers. There’s a class of person (not just Rangers) who is disposed to violence, right wing us-and-them ultimatums and blaming everyone but themselves for the environment they find themselves in. The kind that are often anti-muslim and pro-British Army in today’s environment. Rangers are however over represented in this group. Change is a pre-requisite for advancement and we are getting left behind by petty tribalism. For goodness sake stop moaning about it and digging the heels in!

    Maybe whoever wrote this can top it with one mocking the holocaust or the holodomor, with a few verses about necrophilia or some other horrible crime and heroic letter bombers.

    1. Very good and balanced post ..well done sir !

      There is another aspect to /consequence of the failures of the SFA etc to act and it is the impact on the general public of an emboldened cohort.

      I had the serious misfortune 5 years ago to be accidentally subjected to the pre match experience or entertainment on the underground from Queens St to Shields Road early one evening . It was one of the worst 5 minutes of my life .
      I could not put in print the language coming from what I can only describe as a vicious mob . I had no idea what they were chanting ..probably the ‘ditty’ above . I was sworn at ,physically abused being repeatedly kicked and booted in the back for not joining in . I spent the 5 or 6 mins with a few young Professional guys and girls from town who were cowering with me and also trying to protect two elderly passengers who were terrified .
      Turned out the two older folks were Canadian tourists who had never been to Glasgow before .
      “What on earth was that ? ” they asked afterwards to the half dozen of us who escaped at Shields Road .
      We all responded almost as one .
      ‘Scotland’s Shame’… and our government and police do nothing about it . Not one policeman was present on that train .
      I understand that the pre match ‘entertainment’ continues unabated today .
      I don’t know whether the crowd that evening were more extreme than the norm but Note to self ..never ever go near the underground before or after any game over there !

      Having recounted that story and believe me the description of the aggression Is understated if anything be very fair I also weeks later again by mistake was on the subway on game day but an hour earlier.
      On that occasion I met and chatted to a bunch of wee laddies all nicely turned out and dressed up with their new scarves etc all looking forward to their first ever game with freeby tickets. They were as polite and charming as could be . I felt a lot better!
      So JJ there are some good ones there . God knows how they coexist with the battalions of low life .

      1. As a parable, I’d say that is a good summary of the issue and how it needs to be evaluated and addressed. It is not all Rangers fans that are what gets referred to as ‘Scotlands Shame’. I have two good friends from my school days who are both Rangers daft. Both despise that same element in their support but can’t turn their back on their team. They both stopped going to games when it got too much for them. ‘The Journey’ saw the worst excesses tolerated and celebrated rather than denounced and the subject of banning orders. The result seems to have distilled that element of the support like a bathtub whiskey, filling it with nasty a infusion of superiority, bitterness, get-it-right-up-ye-ism (which totally should be a word) and a level of volume that EBT Rangers in their pomp could never match. Those young kids may be the good lads like my mates but they are exposed to it and can become intoxicated by it. Its not them that needs redress but the good Rangers fans cannot be the stay away silent types any longer. They need to rescue their club as no one else can.

  9. Dear JJ, unemployed but gave a good donation about 6 months ago.

    Can I ask what the timescales are for the cold shoulder? Also, please don’t take this as an insult. Personally I could not give a shot about the McCanns but one day I hope to wake up and here that they have found wee Madeline. I worked in London when it happened and it was the first thing I looked for in the papers was that she was well. This is the only reason I don’t read the McCann stories, I still have this dream!

    1. It won’t be long until the summer recess ends at The Court of Session. I anticipate a court edict and a formal announcement of the Cold Shoulder in short order.

      If Madeleine McCann was found alive I would close down this site. Every fibre of my being tells me she’s dead. If I was wrong I would not expect readers to trust my judgement on any matter. All the evidence suggests that she’s passed. Is it any wonder Kate McCann refused to answer any questions from the police? These fuckers called Sky News to expound the paedophile gang kidnap narrative prior to calling the police. They have been manipulating the media ever since. One of their first calls after Sky News was to an extradition lawyer.

      These educated clever bastards have been taking everyone for fools. I’ve got their number. There is more chance of seeing Maddy in of her father’s infant torture movies than walking around alive.

      1. Evidentially, I would have to agree with you about Madeleine McCann having died. However, should she be found alive I would rejoice and, unreservedly, apologise.

        However, were that the case, being wrong on one topic in no way diminishes,your other work and I would suggest that your reaction should be limited to a public mea culpa and no more. Thereafter go back to doing, on this site, what you have bee. Doing so,well for two years. There might be a few folk casting stones but hell mend them.

  10. It would be funny if not such an attempt to agitate. If we hadn’t taken them in, fed and washed??? Seriously?? By the by, U2 are all encompassing, a bit like TRFC squad.Don’t think Bono is even Catholic.

    1. Not that it should matter but U2 –

      Bono Catholic father Protestant mother
      Edge – Welsh Baptist parents
      Adam -English Catholic parents
      Larry – The only 100 % Irish Catholic boy !

      About as all encompassing as you can get …

  11. Maybe this is just my education or thinking but if i am right the famine was in Ireland and the signing go on home is wanting the Irish to return home to where they left.
    I firmly believe every Irish person would have loved to have stayed at home had it not been invaded by the british and ancestral clans of the morons who are signing the songs in praise of the british empire that forced them to flee in the first place.
    Maybe the song should be to the Orange order and the brits,
    the Empires over why dont you go home.
    And with both sides home in their own lands i know which side would be the more content and would prosper.

    1. I think we would find that more than half of “the people ” who attend ibrox are decendents of Irish Catholic stock , first time I have actually seen the words to the famine song ,what have the Scottish assembly Done about it ,,,,, SFA ,,,,tells me all I’d need to know about our wee pretendy assembly

  12. I’m better than you! Really! I am I am
    How? Why? – well because I am
    Here, look at my friends and what we wear
    It’s quite clear, come and have a drink
    We’re all in agreement
    Don’t you remember 1690? it was great, King Billy did the business
    Boy! We really are better
    Blood, togetherness, betterness
    It’s great to be a Ger
    Really Great
    F_ck them all
    Why do they call this lager super?

  13. Yes JJ, Scotland’s continued exposure to this sectarian poison is a side effect of the SFA and the broad array of vested interests shameful corruption of the Scottish game for commercial purposes. At least if the governing bodies had admitted to the status of the new club there would have been a chance to bury some of the toxic baggage from the old club. Shameful.

  14. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the McCanns were found out to be ‘Freemasons’, makes sense to me regarding how certain leading business figures, pulled the blanket up and over the duo, mainly to protect them. Cough Cough Mr Kennedy. I’d like think the social services will be all over them, with other children at risk and even then how safe are kids in supposed protection. Let them ROT in HELL.

  15. The McCann story does keep coming up on this site. Some find that awkward. Perhaps even disturbing. Frankly, I find it refreshing in the search for the truth.

    I am back here in Luz. It is tranquil, lovely, calm and the fruits are now ripe. It is an incredibly relaxing place.

    The McCanns were negligent parents. They left that child alone whilst getting lashed up at Kelly’s bar just down the road from where I write this. The Portuguese police wanted them to be charged with negligence. They wanted the twins to be passed on to foster care. But Gordon Brown intervened and saved them from a criminal conviction.

    This site presents FACTS based on diligence, insights and stunning articles.

    And that is why THIS site will be, again, heavily supported in the forthcoming award ceremony.

    You and your contributors have set an incredibly high bar.

    It is a privilege to be part of this journey.

  16. Good article JJ. The police seem able to arrest anti war demonstrators, trade union demonstrators but Ibrox and away grounds seems to be a difficult nut to crack. Shame on them.

  17. My last two posts seem to have disappeared. The first one was quite innocuous so I thought you maybe just didn’t get around to adjudicating it. These things happen. In the second one I stated categorically that you were wrong in your comments about the SNP (no biggie that, it’s politics ) but I also said you were wrong about the McCann’s , as even a cursory look at the many documentaries on Youtube demonstrate . I mean, my God, even the quite elderly Panorama programme informs us as to how the ‘Portuguese Version’ of events has fallen apart. I don’t know why you have it in for that couple, but if I was as convinced as you are of their guilt, I would come out of hiding and go public. I’m quite sure the Klan would forgive any earlier ‘misdemeanours ‘ if you were to nail two Fenian Kiddie Fiddlers. That would surely get you the Klan’s absolution.

  18. I’m not educated on these matters but you are correct in one sense, as a parent myself, I could not leave my kids alone even for 5 minutes. I will still hope and pray wee Madeline is somewhere alive. I might sound mad but that’s just me

  19. I would like to thank you JJ for the way you have led from the front , as a life time snp voter who will never vote for them again, I now agree with most of the things you say about them. That wee creep sturgeon has put me off them for life. Salmond was the man , but this ‘I’m with nicola’ bullshit is the final straw. It’s supposed to be about freedom for Alba not boosting her over inflated ego.

    As an Irish Catholic born in scotland I was very supportive of the odious McCanns , I took it at face value that they were victims. I thank you for opening my eyes with your informative blogs. I now believe they are protected by the british state most likely through the free masons.

    Keep up the good fight.

    God Bless

  20. First time I’ve ever read the words of the Famine Song. With each line of lies my blood boiled till by the end I was fuming. It’s almost unbelievable that this racist song is tolerated by the SFA and SPFL and police. When Sevco are liquidated they must never be allowed to reemergence. Scotland must move into this century.

  21. I wonder what would happen in England if during an Arsenal v Spurs match if the Arsenal fans sang “the Holocaust is over why don’t you go home” ?

  22. Always good.
    I had no idea of the words in that really is disgusting and it is happening on our streets…
    How do these people get away with this?
    Citezen arrests should be happening!!!

  23. Back from Madeira JJ -if you have to sojourn abroad I highly recommend it!
    Re the Klan not here an issue their days were done by the the time I was in my 20s -I can certainly understand the feelings my compatriots you describe must have felt. Amazed and shocked Id expect.
    Re the Mcann stuff rather not be reading it . On any account the best you could say for the parents is they are thoroughly repellent folk and at minimum neglectful of their child.
    When stories broke about Pete Townends exploration of child abuse-a friend of mine commented “I dont hold my rock idols to high moral standards -If I saw a photo of Keith Richards in congress with a donkey Id just shrug. But you have to draw the line somewhere he said and for me its kiddie porn and child abuse.
    Most wd concur Id guess.
    the truth in this affair will come out I think but not of itself.
    If no one asks the questions if the Mcanns did as you say they will get away with it.
    at any rate top up sent as promised earlier

    JJ: Thank you Richard. I assume you meant Richards and not Jackson? One can easily understand your Freudian slip when thinking about donkeys.

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