The powerful 5 questions which take the SFA to task

It has always been my custom to highlight the measured and eloquent comments of my readers. Those whom best capture the prevailing zeitgeist are given pride of place in an article with the prospect of being read by a wider audience. The following comment was not published on our site.  It was published on SFM. I only drop by this site to ensure that I don’t miss anything by Auldheid, who has his finger on the pulse. I also skim through the mundane minutiae of other contributors, of whom I’m eternally grateful no longer comment on our site, to settle on an insight by Easyjambo. I have added one more name to my short list. That of Lugosi:

As the SPFL perform an unexplained backward somersault on their previously stated position one is left to ponder on where we go from here.
Auldheid is, as always, performing heroics keeping us up to speed in general terms and to him I am grateful. However, no matter which angle the matter is approached from or whichever aspect of the matter is found most egregious; be it the tax cheating, the lying, the concealment of documents, the inaction of authorities, the denials, the deflection, the spin, the fobbing off, the impact on other clubs, the extraction of fans’ money under false pretences, the Permarage, the ongoing sectarianism, racism and bigotry, the casual disregard for imperfectly registered players, the tolerance of certain individuals anywhere near the administration of a football business (other disgraces are available), certain things keep coming up.
At the risk of underthinking I view the matter as nothing more than a jigsaw puzzle. It’s not even a particularly difficult jigsaw. The only problem is that we’ve been trying to complete the jigsaw while a number of the jigsaw pieces have been deliberately withheld from us. One of the pieces that is missing is that while the caravan has kept rolling the barking of certain dogs has been conspicuously absent.
I don’t think I have seen a reference to, far less heard a word from, Nicholas Stewart or Charles Flint in the last four and a half years.These gentlemen it will be recalled, or perhaps some wish you would not recall, comprised two-thirds of the Commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith. It will be recalled that the Commission Decision on 28th February 2013 was unanimous and accordingly none of the three Commission members displayed the testicular fortitude shown by Dr Heidi Poon in proceedings in another place. The question remains; no matter where we are is there anything to stop the three Commission members, all of whom hold/held the rank of Queen’s Counsel, from being asked to provide an Opinion on what they were told then and what we know now? If they want a Fee pay it; it’ll be buttons in the scheme of the shape of things to come. The learned gentlemen will know that one potential outcome, whether they wish to be amenable now or not, is that they may be cited to appear at a Judicial Review and be obliged to give evidence under oath when the same questions can be asked but this time the answers will have to be the truth, nothing but the truth and that oft overlooked part of the oath, the whole truth.
It might only be one piece of the jigsaw but it would put a lot of the “Lord Nimmo Smith said…” myth to bed.”

For those of my readers not familiar with the concept of Permarage, the Urban Dictionary provides the following definition:

Permarage: existing in a stage of permanent rage, to be permanantly raging. This is exclusively associated with the odious, bigoted, anti-catholic, sectarian supporters of Glasgow Rangers.”

I have often had the feeling over the past two years that I have been piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. It took a while to emerge but we found out that Ménage a trois Ballantyne and David Longmuir took it upon themselves to confer SPL and SFA titles to Sevco Scotland. This corrupt artifice was cooked up behind closed doors by Real Rangers Men, one of whom, who has never been heard saying ‘three’s a crowd“, had equity in RFC plc.

This corruption did not see the light of day until Neil Doncaster took it upon himself to announce that Sevco Scotland Ltd was the latest trading name of a continued Rangers. This was of course a lie as everyone on the Clapham Omnibus knew that Rangers were being liquidated. Rangers may have started off as a joint undertaking by a couple of friends but by 1899 they had become an incorporated Small Medium Enterprise. This business went bust.

Longmuir and Ménage a trois also conferred 17 unsound titles, 15 of which were designated for Room 101 in the first two drafts of The Five Way Agreement.  We therefore now know that there were five signatories to the titles being conferred.

It’s a corrupt stitch-up to create the myth of a continued Rangers, and let’s be frank here, they’ve gotten away with it.

Lugosi’s point about soliciting the opinions of Messrs Stewart and Flint is well made. If the opinions of our learned friends helped to build the consensus it would be money well spent. The concatenation of testicular fortitude and Heidi Poon, not the easiest of bedfellows, was inelegant but did not materially detract from Lugosi’s central message.

When one considers what to do with the corrupt cabal who run Scottish football I am reminded of a quote made by Tony Benn in 2005.

We are fully aware of the extent of the SFA’s powers. They can bend their regulations at will and create  the mind-numbingly disingenuous mantra of ‘Imperfectly registered but eligible.’

The SFA’s power base is the 42 professional clubs and to a lesser extent those in the junior ranks who have only one voice on the Professional Game Board. It’s no surprise that Regan wrote to all the professional clubs to expound on his anathema to raking over old coals. Old coals masking burning concerns.

The third question is the easiest to answer. The SFA believe that a strong Rangers is good for the Scottish game. A strong Rangers attracts sponsors. A strong Rangers adds a zero to Scottish Cup broadcasting returns. The SFA are exercising their power to the benefit of Rangers Lite hoping that the crumbs that fall from the Blue Room table will be sufficient to sate those lower down the food chain; keeping their bellies full and their mouths shut.

The SFA are accountable to the professional and junior ranks. Peter Lawwell could raise a motion of no confidence in Regan, who on this occasion would not have Ménage a trois Ballantyne holding his jacket. However I don’t anticipate Lawwell doing this as it can get messy when pissing inside the tent.

We must pin our hopes on a Judicial Review. We must be unstinting in our crowdfunded support.

The SFA is accountable to Scots Law. One can but hope that their corrupt days are numbered.



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18 thoughts on “The powerful 5 questions which take the SFA to task”

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  3. its my ball i make up the rules i will say who plays and peter your a sub … life is going to get tough for the sabre rattlers …..even donald findlay the bigot couldnt win this one…..its gone …..

  4. It’s funny how Neil ‘Donkey’ Doncaster found Sevco to be a ‘NEW CLUB’ when it came to handing RFC Plc (IL) 2011-2012 league money due to Mr Green’s Sevco for finishing second. Maybe Mr Green has better take of the ‘Events’ and could inform us ‘Internet Bampots’ as to what happened when SPL/SFA was dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to this deception.

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    JJ: Thank you.

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    I look for value and “no brainers” and have seen a few of late
    Trump for president
    Celtic-1 @ 5/2…no brainer

    Lunch, a few Guinness, couple of 18 yo macallans…whatever- on me !

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  8. John, I feel guilty. Not contributing any funds to your site. I read it along with most of the others. Apologies but can you send me the contribution details. Have had a good day, both fantastically and financially based on me betting heavy on 2-0. Keep it up

  9. Sevco Rangers* have amassed a total of 11 points from a possible 21 points in 7 games:

    They’ve dropped 10 points in 7 games.

    Given the SPFL scheduled mostly home games to mostly low level outfits to kick start the Sevco season, I expect them to drop even more points in the next seven games.

    It’s getting colder and they’re getting older.

    Ibrox is a given three points to the top four clubs. If they’re bullish enough to take it.

    If Motherwell can beat Aberdeen 3-0, they can beat Sevco anywhere. Motherwell kept Sevco in the lower tiers an extra year.

    Sevco are spending money racking up huge debt from financially foolish men, chasing fresh air dreams.

    Celtic are elusive invincibles. A moving target, Celtic can strengthen at will to maintain supremacy. There’s £20m cash in bank, unlimited credit available, £40m income in the next five months and Three Billionaire investor supporters if required.

    Celtic players averaged 6/10 by sky sports as they know each player was only in third gear and has two more.

    To survive, Sevco must learn to live within its means and be happy being a mid table club. To spend big chasing unobtainable first place glory equals LIQUIDATION and death once more.

  10. “The SFA are exercising their power to the benefit of Rangers Lite hoping that the crumbs that fall from the Blue Room table will be sufficient to sate those lower down the food chain; keeping their bellies full and their mouths shut.”

    That’s the crummy reward for clubs. Sell out your honesty, your integrity to prop up a lying, cheating, dirty outfit that believes they are Supreme above you.

    But why are the SFA eternally corrupting themselves for this? It’s not for the crumbs. The SFA is full of bent Rangers Placemen.

  11. I need help understanding why a judicial review will help.
    What is its scope?
    Also I did not think judicial review can change any decision merely comment on the process. Very happy to be educated otherwise. Very happy to be told I’m wrong. And thus to understand our strategy here.
    But if I am wrong why has a review not been requested or instigated ? Time is ticking.
    My current view is would CAS not be a better route than Judical Review ?
    Ask CAS to review player eligibility and the 0-3 sanction for every game and thus title and cups declared void. Why is this not the obvious route?
    Also why is this taking so long ? Some bodies may use excuses like it’s more than 5 years ago, so we need to act.
    Finally the UEFA letter that commented Rangers were a new club took ages to emerge and had some pieces blanked out. Why? I am losing faith in the behind the scenes people who purport to be looking at this because I see little strategy or action. Time is killing interest in this topic. Frustrated that I cannot help.

    1. Mark B.

      If nothing else, if a JR found flaws in the way SFA conducted the LNS process, even if it was not revisited, it would end the “LNS said” excuses trotted out to justify the unacceptable.
      But it does more than that, it tells the SFA (as does their admission that UEFA licence 2011 needs revisiting) that they are accountable.

      Of course it should not take 6 years and that is a separate issue that needs addressing.

      If SFA had thought themselves accountable they would not have acted with such arrogance from 2011 and would have acted properly in 2009 when HMRC started asking questions.
      Rangers were ENABLED by the SFA to go down the road to their demise.

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