The Man on The Clapham Omnibus

The man on the Clapham omnibus is a hypothetical ordinary and reasonable person, used by the courts in English law where it is necessary to decide whether a party has acted as a reasonable person would. The man on the Clapham omnibus is a reasonably educated, intelligent but nondescript person, against whom the defendant’s conduct can be measured. The term was introduced into English law during the Victorian era, and is still an important concept in British law.

Many of my readers opine on how there are respectable Rangers Lite supporters who are riding their omnibuses to Ibrox with a minimal quantum of hubris and bombast. However when they arrive at the Citadel of Recidivism – a.k.a. The Sectarian Speakeasy – they sing the following in full voice:

Hello, Hello
We are the Billy Boys
Hello, Hello
You’ll know us by our noise
We’re up to our knees in Fenian blood
Surrender or you’ll die
For we are
The Brigton Derry Boys

Is it reasonable to rejoice at the slaughter of Irish men on the banks of the River Boyne in 1690? Is it reasonable to venerate a former member of the Ku Klux Klan?

When ‘The man on the Clapham omnibus‘ measure was introduced by the English justiciary it grew wings. By the early 1900s the hypothetical bus had a hypothetical route: Clapham to Brixton.

Would the reasonable real Rangers man engage in chants to venerate a KKK member in Brixton? If he did there would be riots. Thousands would rail against the naked racism. However Anti-Irish invective passes without notice.

Anti-Irish racism is so inured in the Rangers Lite support that it is now a part of the matchday experience. Will the lyrics of The Famine Song be reproduced in the matchday programme so that everyone can sing from the same bitter hymn sheet?

In 2006, Rangers were charged by UEFA for discriminatory chanting over the singing of “Billy Boys” during a UEFA Champions League game against Villarreal. Rangers were found not guilty due to “Billy Boys” having been sung for years without the SFA or the Scottish government intervening against it and ruled that it was tolerated as a social and historic song. However after an appeal Rangers were ordered by UEFA to make a public announcement at all home games, prohibiting the singing of the song despite UEFA admitting they were unable to do anything about it because it was a Scottish social issue. In 2011, “Billy Boys” was included in a list of chants that were been banned from Scottish football grounds as part of new legislation from the Scottish government. It was specifically banned because of its “Up to our knees in Fenian blood” line. It was banned because it was decided by the Scottish government that “Fenian” in the context of the song meant Roman Catholics and was thus sectarian despite Rangers fans stating that it meant Irish republicans or fans of their Old Firm rivals, Celtic.

Note the SFA defence that it was tolerated as a social and historic song. Regan and his Lite-appeasers were prepared to sit on their hands and do the square root of fuck all to put an end to these evil chants. The SFA could withdraw their licence and stop Rangers Lite participating in Scottish professional football but they would prefer to sing along under their breath as they take their complementary seats at Ibrox. These corrupt apologists for this behaviour are beneath contempt.

Prior to Rangers imploding in £168.6m of debt and tax evasion, one of the preferred perennials of the SMSM was to discuss the possibility of Rangers and Celtic playing under the jurisdiction of the English FA.  It did not occur to one member of the SMSM that the evil chants of the Rangers support, venerating a KKK member, was a showstopper. How remiss of them.

I personally don’t care if you’re a 90 minute bigot, or a hard-line bigot who raises a toast to ‘Fuck The Pope‘ at your local lodge. You are still a bigot in my eyes and as per Scottish legislation, a criminal.  Police Scotland, following the SFA’s lead, are not prepared to uphold the law.

Should there not be a Scottish Government inquiry as to why Police Scotland are not prepared to uphold the law of the land?

There is something rotten in the state of Govania and it’s not just the team on the park.



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22 thoughts on “The Man on The Clapham Omnibus”

  1. JJ
    You are right to keep highlighting this shameful behaviour and it isn’t just happening in the ground as the public are also exposed to this as I posted last week .
    There is also no such thing as a 90 minute bigot…what is truly in your heart eventually will come out of your mouth .

    This would not be difficult to solve ,and quickly , if the TRFC Board had the balls ,were so minded and don’t in fact empathise with the fans or also more likely are highly dependent on them .
    Via Rangers media communicate and follow through on the following
    Write to the 3000 or so fans who got tickets for the recent Partick Thistle game and tell them they will no longer get away tickets given their shocking behaviour if it is repeated
    write similarly to all fans allocated tickets to Hamilton and follow on games
    Any illegal singing start banning them

    Warn all fans entire sections will be closed in future games if there is any illegal singing in that section eg Upper Copeland

    After a number of weeks this will stop .

    By the way although I concede it is not sectarian in nature Lawell Should do precisely the same with the pathetic Boys of the Old Brigade choirboys
    If CFC Did this Rangers would be isolated completely on this .

    To make this happen We need the government police SFA and in particular the media to apply pressure on the Rangers board . They won’t as I suspect some of the media clowns etc would be leading the singing given half a chance

    1. Veritas – Should the SFA write to the Tartan Army and do likewise with the singing of Flower of Scotland?
      Or is it ok for one group of fans to sing a song about rebelling against a brutal oppressor but not acceptable (or pathetic) for another group to sing about the same thing?

      1. DB
        The Pro IRA stuff is offensive to many neutral observers not just the TRFC extreme element In my humble opinion it drags CFC and it’s fans also way way below the class , reputation and gravitas that the modern CFC are trying rightfully To portray .
        whether you agree or not it also gives your opponents a big stick to beat you with when in reality they are the really guilty party
        E.g. Read the comments below
        I would act as I suggest and ban it forthwith
        I get your point on FOS but I can’t think of a soul who is seriously offended by it and it is a bit of red herring wrt sectarian chanting

      2. Dublinbhoy, There’s a distinct difference between Scotland fans singing a recognised national anthem and a relatively small fraction of the Celtic support singing TBOTOB.

        As a Scottish born Celtic supporter of Irish Catholic heritage. I have no problem with Ireland fans singing their national anthem in the context of national football.


        But any glorification of the IRA has no place at my football club.

        Clinging on to that shit is some misconceived defiance of … what? The crown? That’s as pish-poor an excuse as the Huns clinging onto 1690.

        Absolutely pathetic and there’s no justification.

        Those days are gone and good riddance.


      3. Veritas/dancingbhoy – I’m not arguing on the validity or appropriateness of singing BOTOB at Celtic games, however I think my point about FOS is valid, if people oppose BOTOB on the grounds that it is political and references a rebellion against an aggressive oppressor then where/why is FOS different?

        Veritas – you may feel that BOTOB is offensive to some/many people. I would argue that it is ‘offensive’ to people who do not fully understand the context and there is the old saying that one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist! Indeed the original terrorist (the oppressor) will always call anybody who rebels against them a terrorist and will generally have a larger population and therefore greater media power to turn their propaganda into the ‘truth’!

        DB – not looking to get into a slagging match here but maybe have a look into the difference between the BOTOB and the provos – very different times and very different justifications for their actions. even the queen laid down a wreath to the BOTOB and the freedom fighters of that time have been celebrated by the Irish state as heroes in recent times. So it can be misleading to talk of “glorification of the IRA” when there are distinctly different ‘versions’ of the IRA depending on the time in history that we are referring to.

        Again, I am not arguing over whether people should sing these songs at Celtic games home & away or not but rather that there is a hypocritical view on what is deemed acceptable and what is not. Freedom of expression is alive and well……when it suits the establishment and their propaganda!

        And for what it’s worth I do agree that, particularly because of said propaganda & the general misinformation and misunderstanding that results from it, the singing of these songs can lead to more grief for Celtic FC and Celtic fans than it is worth so I can 100% see why people would oppose the singing of them.

  2. If I was to hail from another country, or have a different religious view from the knuckle draggers, and they sang hate songs about me, they would be haulded into court and shamed. But if it’s only Irish based and Roman Catholic’s then, carry on nothing to see or hear Timmy. They should hang their heads in shame…… Excellent piece again JJ

    1. This is an appeal to Celtic Plc to not take any formal club action. They know only a club can take up the issue with UEFA and FIFA.

      That it’s best to leave it to an unknown number of fans to use their time and money.

      Commingled with same club voted down the league lies, it’s a piss take.

  3. Hi JJ your posts of late have been exceptional. I have not been able to donate for a while due to financial strains but my part time public sector job furnished me with a small bonus as back pay on a 14p per hour pay rise, you are very welcome to part of this. Hope you are well and safe, plane with the grain…….

  4. Hi JJ. Donation made as usual 74S637395T152xxxx. I wish others would step up to the plate. It’s the same names I keep seeing that are keeping you going.

    Keep it going pal. We need you.

    JJ: Yes buddy. If it were not for a small cadre of compatriots our speakeasy would be in moth balls. Thanks for stepping up again.

  5. Pressed send a bit lively there. Having read Union Jacks piece, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Hard to believe that he gets paid for that shite and that someone thinks it’s a good idea to publish it.

    Tit of the highest order!!

  6. Extra donation made for September ref 0842-3569-9701-xxxx excellent piece again jj . we all know that Lite won’t ban anyone from ibrokes they need every penny we all wait with baited breath for the latest fairy tale sorry I mean accounts to come from sevco it will make for good reading.

    JJ: Thank you.

  7. JJ

    Haven’t commented or donated for some time-mitigating circumstances.

    However this one is ridiculous

    Without going into too much debate do you seriously think the other side are Squeaky clean

    NOPE huge faults on both sides

    Would be good if you didn’t damn all things Rangers

    The other side have their demons/skeletons

    1. Good evening JJ,
      It was a good while ago that I read a post from Spike informing you that he was having a tough time of it and I proposed that (with your and his blessing) that I sponsor him for the foreseeable future until such times that he is able to contribute under his own steam but I didn’t see a reply to my offer.
      I too have to endure dark days with regard to my physical wellbeing but at the moment I am able to assist in the financing of the speakeasy.
      Unfortunately I am unable to increase my monthly contribution but was wondering if the sum I donate could be deemed a joint effort on behalf of both of us.
      Spike strikes me as a proud man and I would hate for him to think that he was freeloading so perhaps this may be a temporary solution.
      I obviously understand that he may see this as a patronising gesture but I would like to think that he would accept the offer in the spirit it is intended.Either way, I will still be here for as long as I am able to contribute financially.
      As ever,stay safe my friend as I feel we may be getting closer to our goals with regards to the corruption in Scottish football,Irishboy.

  8. Had a good laugh on saturday while watching game with a group of mates, the subject of conversation got onto their popular hello hello ditty.
    The green corner all aggreed that it should be banned until one of the blue corner advised that they no longer sing “upto our knees in f…….. blood” they now sing “their upto their knees in mushy peas”
    I must admit this still makes me chuckle and that was discussion finished.

  9. Ok
    So there are CFC fans guilty of multiple misdemeanours which if proven should be addressed.. fine !
    So Do you also agree that JJ is right and that The extensive sectarian singing by Rangers fans is shameful and should be stopped immediately by the board taking strong action to condemn it and ban fans from singing it ?

  10. Celtic fans have a history of banners and pyrotechnics at UEFA games which the club has been penalised for.

    The Rangers (formerly Sevco Scotland) fans have a game by game criminality in racism and sectarian hatred.

    Hardly comparable.

  11. No one could take any legal action on the Rangers EBT issue until all legal appeals by BDO (on behalf of RFC 1873) were exhausted.

    The legal five year time limit does not start until the date of the Supreme Court judgement on EBTs in 2017.

    This would include appealing the LNS Commission, which is now clearly in legal error.

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