White Smoke at The Court of Session

White smoke is emanating from the inner conclave who have funded the preliminary work required for a petition to The Court of Session apropos a judicial review. The SFA have a case to answer and they know it. The findings of the LNS Kangaroo Court must be dismissed with prejudice. The prosaic facts of the matter are that Rangers cheated from 1999-2011 with the SFA as their enablers.

Even when HMRC were crawling all over the Rangers’ contracts in 2009, Sandy Bryson and his corrupt cabal of Rangers apologists blithely ignored Barry Ferguson’s £2.63m in off-the-books emoluments. Bryson knew Rangers were cheating but let them off the hook. As no-one other than HMRC, Rangers and the SFA knew about it, it was easy to contain.

However they did not anticipate the leaks from HMRC and the tenacity of The Rangers Tax Case Blogger. I know one of the sources of the leaks and from what I can gather the only deep throat. However I have no intention of revealing his identity in an open forum with members of The Klan hanging on my every word. His anonymity is assured. I will take his identity to the grave. A grave being dug as I write by three groups who are committed to assassinate me. Those in Ayrshire, with UDA/UVF paramilitaries in their milieu are in pole position. The arsonists in Fife are making a good fist of tracking me down, with those in Glasgow monitoring flight manifests for my name. I will be moving in a matter of days as my location seems to have been blown. IP addresses can be easily traced if you have access to the right tools at Police Scotland.

The imbecilic cub reporter Chris Jack, who is employed by The Herald Group as their Rangers Lite correspondent, would like us to believe that the SFA’s intransigence is the final word on the matter. The Hitler Youth training at The Boys Brigade is never far from the surface in Jack’s blue-tinted prose. £16,000 per annum, for soothing balm to ease the suffering of the denizens of Govania, is money for old rope. Keith Jackson would not get out of bed for at least five times this quantum and given his reportage he is evidently bed-bound. His latest piece has been lifted from my exclusives. The least he could have done would have been to give me a name check. My sources at Auchenhowie, where his name is mud, are much better than his.

How much are the SFA spending at Frame for their PR to convince everyone that it’s time to move on? Darryl Broadfoot, their former communications consigliere, who is constantly being dumped by his paramours but is not one to Mone about it, is still very much in love with Regan and his paymasters at the SFA. Broadfoot is spinning up a storm at Frame. Level 5 missed a trick when not employing him as they could have had Rangers and the SFA under one umbrella, just like the good old days when Gordon Smith and Campbell Ogilvie were ruling the Park Gardens roost.

The SFA’s dirty linen is about to be aired in public. Regan thinks he has gotten away with subverting the game for six years to favour the Bigoted Brotherhood at Ibrox.

When the Rangers cheating is exposed in an open court, Regan and his corrupt cabal are going down with the SS Systemic Cheating.

Regan’s quickly assembled quorum of yes-men approved a career criminal, with forty-one convictions for tax evasion, as fit and proper to pull the strings at the member club. Where will Regan hide when King is given The Cold Shoulder? Where will Regan hide when King is guilty of contempt of court? Where will Regan hide when King’s concert party activitiy is front page news? How much is he paying Broadfoot to keep his name out of it?

I have just had a glance at this week’s listings at The Court of Session. The Takeover Panel v D.C. King is not currently on their roster. However make no mistake about it: it’s coming down the pike. If reports of King appointing a proxy director to do his bidding are accurate, the entire board will be indicted. King is toxic. He has to be put down. Quarantine does not go far enough.

Meanwhile Square-Go Pedro, The Mr. Bean of Auchenhowie, has to fashion a team to take on Hamilton on Friday. Having coasted through the bounce game on Saturday in second gear, Celtic’s ambitions to be playing European football in February will be  open to scrutiny at Anderlecht. I wonder if Pena will be too hungover to watch the game after his Tuesday evening West End pub crawl, where ten drinks are the norm. No-one could ever accuse him of not doing his utmost to assist Celtic’s ten-in-a-row ambitions.

One quintessentially dignified member of the Lite support has been good enough to provide his feedback on Saturday’s game:

“So many times today there was the opportunity to put one of those bastards in the stands. To literally go through them and leave them in a crumpled heap. Not once was it taken. We don’t have a cunt in the team, we don’t have an Ian Ferguson or Bob Malcolm, Andy Goram, guys who would rather literally kill one of those bastards than lose.

The Protestant fight has been fucked right out of society, be it from the banning of our songs, the persecutions of our bands, flags, culture.

We have players who bless themselves before they walk into our stadium. Cannigia,  Amoruso, Porrini, Gattuso, any other Italian, South American Catholic….Days of old never would that have happened.

Look at those cunts. Look at Griffiths, Brown, their fans. They fucking HATE us.

The know what we are. Unfortunately our players have no idea what we let alone they are. To win Rangers celtic games you need hatred, you need venom, you need to maul the cunts if need be. We don’t have that. We have Rangers players fucking blessing themselves.

The Rangers celtic rivalry comes from Catholic v Protestant. How the fuck do you expect a Catholic to muster up a fight against their own in society. Scotland 2017 doesn’t allow hate. That’s the difference between our Italians of old and South Americans.

No fight. No Hate. No Fucking chance.”

Call me Mr. Bright Side but is Harvey DP not best pleased with Saturday’s result? One can but hope that he packs his Caxton Press away safely to write more about the gout-ridden obese pederast, William of Orange, who was constantly falling off his horse.

Is it safe to assume that Harvey won’t be riding The Clapham Omnibus any time soon?



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20 thoughts on “White Smoke at The Court of Session”

  1. Great article JJ, the attitude of the Lite supporter says it all. God help us if they ever came to power. Pension due Friday and I will donate then. As far as your online privacy is concerned, check out Easy VPN Router.

  2. This is the Big League in legal terms. You do not take your case there unless you already know that you will win. Watch for the dogs of the SFA scurrying for cover and seeking alternate employment. The Scottish police will never take the corruption and collusion of the SFA/Rangers tag team seriously. Only a thorough legal forensic examination will uncover the criminal conspiracy to defraud Scottish football.

  3. Harvey,have you forgotten about me? Signed Charming Catholic N.Novo(not an Italian).A Kredit to the Klan that Man.
    On a brighter(much)note,it seems as if PSG are sailing(GMS) close to the heave ho from the C.L.due to FFP breaches which have been complained about by Real Madrid,Juventus and the team they play next,Bayern Munich.Hope for a PSG “win” and watch the smelly (Harvey,is that you?) stuff hit the fan.Oh for some sporting integrity…….

  4. JJ I hope you stay safe. I hope Rangers fans wake up soon and start backing you. When Celtic were going through the hard times we wanted to know everything no stone left unturned so it was out in the open it’s easier to deal with but hard to take but you know what’s happening. Rangers want to bury their heads in the sand.
    Take care

  5. Daryl Broadfoots role will be to expertly apply the ‘rulebook’, having worked for the governing body. We are lucky to have him shine a light.

    As with so many things now , people are being bold in plain sight , nothing else.
    No genius or magic, just power.

  6. William of Orange was homosexual. He gave two UK peerages to Dutch boyfriends. There was a gay scandal at the time.

    I don’t know if he was a pederast, but everything else you write is true. He was also asthmatic. This is why he fell off his horse crossing the Boyne.

  7. JJ: ‘I will be moving in a matter of days
    as my location seems to have been blown.’

    Move first. Then announce it.
    It’s safer that way.

  8. The SFA is the undisputed world leader in Football Authority Corruption. And operating in the same Industry as FIFA that is quite an achievement. By instilling consecutive Rangers Favouring Men as their CEOs for many years they have been able, with impunity, to manipulate and manage the Football market in Scotland for the success and betterment of their favoured club to operate outside the SFA’s own rules and regulations. The recent allowing of CCK as Chairman? It has always been thus but in preparing the SFA for the shit storm it knew was coming from RFC and SIR DM the RRM CEOs took the Old Boys club to a new level of protectionism altogether. I mean really, Gordon Smith? FFS!! would that be announced with a straight face anywhere else in the world?
    This, together with the employment of RRM in lesser roles within the SFA organisation and the support of a compliant and supportive Media has ensured that the organisation itself is institutionalised Pro Rangers and Anti- Celtic. This together with the ever sprawling amount of RRM filling other management positions in football as well as Media places and columns and TV punditry maintains the Status Quo.

    However the recent corruption of SIR David Murray and the accumulation of debts, including illegal non-payment of tax takes the corruption and the protection of everyone’s favourite club to another level altogether. The SFA with their inside knowledge of this from the very start, should have took action and either snuffed out the practice or invoked their own authority to end the practice there and then. It is testimony to their allegiance and corruption that they did not take action at that time. Further, when Sandy Bryson and his cohorts came up with their “imperfectly registered” conclusion they should have been removed from their positions forthwith. Its been said that it wasn’t Watergate that finished Nixon it was the cover-up.
    The SFA’s actions since the Great Scottish football scandal came to light and their complicity in the illegality and corruption and cover up of the whole thing should see the persons responsible face Criminal charges never mind removed from office.
    That the blatant patsy that was the Robert Nimmo Smith White Wash was even instigated never mind recognised and trumpeted as a defining judgement was even more pathetic than the original practices and SFA cover up.

    We can but hope that the Judicial Review comes to pass. And that itself sees the whole Corrupt Cabal swept away and Scottish Football is brought to ground Zero with a new foundation of people and practices which will offer a level playing field for all clubs and allow Scotland to move on from this cess pit of corruption which is all so blatantly obvious to all other than dear old Harvey and his brethren. ( his Caxton press? How old are you??  ) and the Scottish Football Industry can become proud of itself and its standards and not run for the benefit of one club and one demographic. We may not be the biggest or the best but we should be able to hold our heads high that we are doing the right things and we are not corrupt. A judicial review would I hope remove Regan and his corrupt colleagues at least. We wait and hope.

    1. Outstanding post ….well done . You really have nailed the SFA here. And nicely complemented JJs posts

      Reflecting on your commentary two points strike me

      First of all It’s hard not to think that the SFA cohort were actually party to the planning of the entire EBT scam ie much more serious than just deliberately turning a blind eye . They must have been !

      Second . Can you imagine what on earth went on pre DOS EBTs ?.. Were all the 9inaro Galacticos also paid officially on peppercorn contracts ?…I seem to recall an Andy Goram insurance claim that needed two separate contracts or sources of paycheques .
      Were the EBT scams initiated in the late 90s simply a device to try to legitimise even worse behaviour?

  9. Yet another terrific piece full of killer one liners. No one on this site will be Mone-ing, I can assure you of that. I do hope that the chap with the paramours reads this site.

    May I say that I am appalled that you continue to get such threats for, frankly, telling the truth in such a forthright and sharp manner. Who are these people? Why the anger? Why the bitterness? When I took abuse a while back and was threatened with a gassing, my kids were extremely upset for the very obvious reasons, but they have gone quiet on me. What goes through their heads every day? Really, just rage?

    The post in blue from the ‘Gers fan was compulsive reading. Thankfully I don’t meet people like this but my grandparents certainly did. Is crossing oneself some sort of crime against the sacred Ibrox pitch? Who cares? If it makes them feel better mentally or spiritually, well, jolly good luck. And what on earth does this have in common with a game of football. Stone Age stuff.

    Meanwhile over at Ibrox, there is now a very real maelstrom which you have covered in detail but which doesn’t get reported in the Scottish press. King is in big trouble with the Cold Shoulder charges. The club is running on the fumes of Douglas Park’s buses. Senor Pedro who has done everything possible to endear himself to the fans (“we ARE the people and coming close to trying to chin the Celtic captain) but has put in place which is not just not fit for purpose. It is also unfit. And there is also the rather important matter of title stripping which now looms even larger by the day. (You have led the charge on this initiative in a measured way from day one.)

    Incidentally, one of your contributors posted a note the other day which I liked. It was from Ayephone 10. It was a bullet point summary of everything that’s wrong at Ibrox.

    For the Rangers fans who devour this site daily to find out what is happening in Govania, I would like to say this. The two men by my side in business are both Scots. One a Rangers fan, the other a Celtic fan. Between the three of us, we could fix the fundamentals at Rangers in our lunch break. This is a small loss making company which is being run by directors who are not fit for purpose. They are failing in their fiduciary duties and indeed did so when that club sailed into that iceberg marked administration. Davy Jones is poised and lurking. Unfortunately, the press and fans think that the ship has been raised from the sea bed. Well, it hasn’t. It is still down there and salvage experts still see what’s left.

    Fixing Rangers with a business plan which addresses good corporate governance, breaking even, standards of excellence and total transparency isn’t difficult. It’s not. It’s a small operation.

    But the really difficult thing is fixing that culture of smugness, arrogance and bigotry which has foundations in a war in Ireland over 300 years ago which has no relevance to a football game.

    And one of the many problems facing Rangers is that NOT ONE quality professional executive wants to be associated with this toxic club.

    1. Brilliant post Tm, plain language that surely even the mushrooms at the bottom of the garden can understand, if they’re prepared to embrace reality that is.
      JJ you stay safe and you too Tm.

  10. Yep I got that and made me smile! It was the fact that you had it as a reference!!
    Keep up the amazing work and stay safe and well

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