Raking Over A Rigged Game

Andrew Dickson of RIFC Plc and the SFA is corrupt. He should not be allowed to hold any executive office in a professional football club, far less exercise any authority with a governance remit. He and Stewart Regan have been exposed as participants in a rigged game.

A rigged game that allowed Rangers to participate in UEFA tournaments when they were incontrovertibly guilty of not paying their social taxes and had an overdue payable of £2.8m which had crystallised prior to March 31st, 2011; the first cut-off point in the UEFA  licence timeline.

However don’t take my word for it. I invite readers to read the following confidential correspondence:




The comments that form an addendum to Olverman’s e-mail are unattributed. Note the following:

No agreement to postpone at 30th June or 8th July when return had to be made. No sign of any postponement and a number of rejected suggestions on scheduling payments. The bill was overdue at 30th June, did not qualify for exemption and should have been reported by RFC and questioned by SFA as but was not because no proof provided or sought. SFA’s responses to Celtic’s in Dec 2011 and 2013 before AGM were disingenuous.”

Regan lied to member club Celtic that the debt had not crystallised. Testimony at the Craig Whyte trial proved that it had crystallised two weeks prior to the first cut-off at March 31st and was accepted as a liability.

Regan was lying. He either made it up or was instructed to make this mendacious assertion by Andrew Dickson or Ali Russell. Note the following instruction from Ali Russell to Regan:


We have looked at this matter and there is no issue with the licence granted to Rangers from the SFA.”

Ali Russell was instructing Regan to lie and he duly obliged. Let’s get this straight. Rangers from 1999-2003 introduced a tax-avoidance scheme that was a means of disguising remuneration. After years of obfuscation and mendacity by Dickson and Mike McGill at Murray International Holdings, the bill for £2.8m was finally accepted when Andrew Thornhill QC instructed Rangers to pay. David Murray passed this liability to Craig Whyte. Grant Thornton, as per instructions by Dickson/Russell lied in their interim audit report to the SFA.

The whole sordid episode was put to bed in a private dining room at Hotel Du Vin with the primary factotum of the DOS/VSS scheme, Campbell Ogilvie, accompanying Stewart Regan in his capacity as President of the SFA.

The SFA did not request any proof of a schedule to pay off the £2.8m overdue. Regan is informed that if he releases a statement to cover his fundament:

He will be exposed as a liar and the Chief Executive of an organisation that either did not seek proof of a schedule of payments, or knew there was no schedule and were prepared to lie to cover Rod Petrie’s team’s decision to grant Rangers a licence. A team that included Andrew Dickson, who we now know will lie at the drop of a hat.

This is why Regan does not want a review of his incompetent and corrupt organisation. He was able to subvert LNS by withholding documents which would have proved that the SFA knew that Rangers were using EBT and were driving a coach and horses through registration regulations.

The SFA knew that for each and every game where a player’s contract had not been registered, a loss for Rangers of 0-3 would have to be retrospectively applied.

The SFA covered up the cheating. When HMRC were forensically examining their files apropos the odious tax-cheat and Daily Record correspondent, Barry Ferguson, the SFA were informed that £2.63m of Ferguson’s emoluments had not been declared to the SFA.

The SFA chose to brush this under the carpet on the instructions of Gordon Smith or Campbell Ogilvie, or more likely both. The two most senior executives of the SFA already knew that Rangers were cheating but even after HMRC intervention they allowed the cheating to continue. Craig Whyte brought the final curtain down on EBT tax evasion in 2011.

Stewart Regan is a Rangers lickspittle who will lie to order. He must go.



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30 thoughts on “Raking Over A Rigged Game”

  1. Absolutely incontrovertible proof of collusion. This really must go to JR. Let’s see them squirm.
    monthly subscription for Oct made a little early. Thank you!

    JJ: Thank you. I can but hope others join you as we approach month’s end.

    1. I don’t understand why this has to be retweeted The powers that be always have and always will shield their te
      am. Be it Them or SEVCO. !!!!!!!! Farry and anyone who wants to be involved with SFA or anything to do with Hampden are pandering to their masonic, moronic puppeteers. We know it is an orange country. Run for orangemen by orangemen. Right through the system.,right to the top of our judicial system. Why has Sir David not been imprisoned for perjury during his evidence against Whyte? Caught blatantly lying. HH .
      Dannydee croybhoy.

  2. Your source are excellent and you have clearly laid out the cheating collusion and lying of the SFA/Rangers cabal. That was a criminal conspiracy to financially assist Rangers and prevent other clubs entering the Champions League, The refusal to have an investigation is blatant self interest. Lawwell is playing Regan like a fish on a line. he is allowing Regan to swim away and feel safe. He will be reeled in soon and will have to resign.

  3. Surely this must be enough evidence for the police to investigate the SFA board members for defrauding their shareholders ie Scottish football teams?

    At the very least it’s incompetent management of shareholder resources…..

  4. I still don’t understand why this hasn’t been sorted yet as there’s emails as proof. I’m beginning to think they’ll get away with it. Hope not but it feels like its going at a snails pace😑

    Keep shining the light.

  5. Morning jj
    Monthly donation sent this morning 97F04606TR401xxxx
    Your articles over the last month have been outstanding
    I’m so glad your keeping the pressure on Sfa
    It’s unbelievable that Andrew Dickson is now back at the Sfa & has some influence over the running of Scottish football
    This just shows the contempt that the hierarchy at this corrupt institution have for the people who pay there wages
    I hope someone passes these emails to Peter Lawell as it looks like Celtic are gonna have to take down the corrupt bastards on there own .Petrie Milne Budge & the rest of the chairman & woman should be ashamed that they will let the media turn this into a celtic Rangers lite issue .In fact it’s a corporate governing issue
    The police should be arresting these people they are criminals
    Stay safe jj & keep up the good work
    Sorry I’ve not contributed recently due to business being so busy

    JJ: I cannot thank you enough buddy. Inordinately generous as always.

  6. An outstanding article and presentation of damning evidence.

    When will Police Scotland and the Scottish Government take action, make arrests and form a public enquiry into the mafia corruption of football in Scotland?

    1. I encourage readers to print these emails off together with JJ’s article and send it all to your MSP demanding action. Copy it to your local police divisional commander, Scottish government ministers and Nicola Sturgeon.

      This is a national stain on Scotland, and criminal.

  7. For 18 months or so I have in various posts repeatedly suggested that when the court cases were sorted CFC do a deal with Regan and Doncaster Ie CFC waive and forget the UEFA license issue ( as there will ultimately be no real benefit to them as a club ) Regan keeps his job .
    The quid quo pro is all the Titles are stripped ,SFA Make it clear TRFC are new with zero SFA history and he starts to clean out the corrupt staff from Hampden ASAP

    Having read this little lot ..forget it ! .there is prima face evidence of criminal activity / fraud here and that’s before a ball is kicked on EBT processing

    All of this needs to be addressed properly and in a court of law in front of the best prosecuting QCs that money can buy .
    I assume someone will also get all the evidence in front of the Guardian journalist who was apparently lied to by the SFA to get the fire finally burning in the MSM albeit in England
    I also assume the the big legal brains looking at this ,currently funded I assume by CFC high net worth fans , have access to all this stuff and will go after the lot of them lock ,stock and two smoking barrels.

    Excellent stuff JJ . There is no way the SFA etc are going to get away with this now .
    PS I now understand why the RES 12 folks never gave up ..chapeau to them!

  8. Everything else notwithstanding, surely there’s enough right there in these disclosures for PL to stand on the steps of Celtic Park and publically demand a full inquiry into this?

  9. Is there no fraud squad in Scotland? This has long passed through the realm of unsporting behaviour into downright chicanery and criminality. All the people involved in this correspondence are criminals who belong in jail. Except Craig Whyte, of course! Lol.

    And Police Scotland or whatever the joke of a force is called these days sits on its thumbs rolling its eyes and whistling The Sash. Incredible.

    The good news is that this is gently coming to the boil and these people have nowhere to hide. The likes of Anne Budge, Stewart Milne and Roy McGregor must be slowly dying inside as they realise that they have been used by Regan as brushes to sweep this criminal shit under the carpet. The smell must be suffocating all of them.

  10. Has all this been sent to the Daily Record?

    Is that laughing at the back?

    Bent barstewards one and all.

    Has this been copied to the SFA Compliance Officer? He’s supposed to be investigating this corrupt licensing year.

  11. Explosive stuff from the top drawer. Hopefully Lawwell has this in his locker too. If I may make one suggestion – amend the section relating to Grant Thornton lying unless you’ve some evidence not in this in case of recourse. Grant Thornton have no skin in the game, are not responsible for preparing the interim accounts and – in my professional opinion – the most likely explanation for them signing off on those accounts with that statement in it is that information was intentionally withheld from the records they were presented with. The Board have previous for that with parties responsible for checking and oversight.

  12. Sorry it’s a bit late but tea and biscuit top up sent. God knows how you get access to all the detailed information for your posts, the suits must wake up every day bricking it as to what next you will disclose about their corruption. Keep at them. Stay safe.

    JJ: Thank you Cy. Very kind of you.

  13. I suspect this was all done with Celtic PLC´s tacit approval. The reason for this speculation was how they behaved commercially for 2 – 3 years before 2011. Save the Old Firm and how they behaved subsequently. Regan and Doncaster were brought in on the back of Celtic cleaning up the SFA (anyone remember) ( Referee strikes, Paul Mc Bride re-writing the rule book). Seeing this (saving the OLD FIRM) through was exactly Messrs Regan and Doncasters remit. Anyone who thinks differently SERIOUSLY hasn’t been paying attention Celtic will do nothing nothing will happen here as a regime change at Celtic would be necessary due to the Celtic faithful losing the faith with them.

  14. Your daily articles delight and inspire. Your investigative skills coupled with the highest quality of writing truly put the Scottish media to shame. Award winning journalists (for what?) like Spiers want to ‘move on’ from the greatest scandal in the history of Scottish sport.

    You have played a unique and leading role in exposing the collusion and corruption at the highest levels of Scottish football.

    Increasingly, sports fans and journalists are checking out this site for insights and exclusives.

    Terrific stuff JJ.

    1. “An individual from within the INNER CONCLAVE informed me”

      Whilst it’s strongly inferred (by definition) by the article itself, the guilty parties must be squirming reading that

      1. I’m thinking back to PL’s commitment to the RES12 guys that if they provided a silver bullet, he would fire it.
        Surely these emails, validated as authentic by one of the inner conclave would constitute….

  15. Simply stunning work. Have car problems at mo but will still contribute tonight to our site after work. You should be proud…

  16. Hello JJ,
    Donation made ref 6UM15811A4489xxxx.

    Astounding piece again. This evidence of corruption is truly astounding and overwhelming.
    How can this be placed in front of Regan and co with a demand for an explanation or do we need to await the full judicial review. You would think that if faced with this he would put his hands up and seek the easiest way out for him and his complicit rabble rather than go through the ignominy of having it all come out in the JR.

    Given your information, contacts etc how do you eventually see this panning out ?

    As always stay safe.

    JJ: Thank you.

  17. Hi JJ

    Not been in touch for a while but have followed your postings assiduously. Your writing has always been excellent but over the last four to six weeks it has been absolutely peerless and a truely outstanding example of investigative journalism at it’s very best.

    Turning to your latest expose on the ingrained and institutionalized corruption at the SFA, surely now even Police Scotland cannot ignore this Everest of evidence. Failure to do so and bring these criminals to the rightful justice they dereve will speak to the complete lack of moral integrity at the very heart of Scottish football and will render everything hereafter meaningless.

    Donation made.

    JJ: Thank you

      1. Hi JJ

        Donation made 06N15234T7632xxxx

        Do you know how cases are scheduled by the Court of Session? I was wondering if we could be waiting months before judgement day arrives for Dodgy Dave?

        JJ: Thank you for your contribution. The Court of Session has just ended its last ever summer recess. The backlog will be addressed in short order, including TPE v King. Watch this space.

  18. We don’t need a judicial or independent enquiry, we need a police investigation into the 2012 fraudulent UEFA licence application.
    The perpetrators are still in situ as are those involved in the cover up. We know who they are.
    We are looking at a million pounds plus fraud which the Scottish courts should be dealing with.
    The guilty parties should be locked away for a period in line with the seriousness of their crimes.
    No wonder Regan and his cabal don’t want anyone poking about because what we know is only a fraction of whats gone on through the years.
    What about Mo Johnstons contract lodged with the SFA…was his £1m signing on fee included?
    What about the post Heysel rush of England internationalists to Rangers, did their contracts reflect what they were actually paid?
    The stench of corruption is increasing daily. Despite the evidence given under oath at Whyte’s trial Regan has not retracted his previous statement where he claimed that all was in order with the Rangers licence application, a claim that we all know was an absolute lie.
    Only a criminal investigation will rid us of this lying, cheating cabal and it can’t come soon enough.

    1. There are a number of narratives that I’m working on at the moment that I will address prior reverting to your point. I will also explore the possibility of Celting suing the SFA.

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