Operation Vesuvius




ראה הוזהרת



The latest threat, which arrived in my postbag this morning, includes both Hebrew and Latin. The Hebrew translates to “Be Warned.”

The Latin : “Thus always to tyrants.”

I referred to Wikipedia for an explanation of 7.62mm:

7.62 mm caliber is a nominal caliber used for a number of different cartridges. Historically, this class of cartridge was commonly known as .30 caliber, the Imperial unit equivalent, and was most commonly used for indicating a class of full power military main battle rifle (MBR) cartridges.”

This military assault rifle uses 7.62mm cartridges

The threat came from:


As threats go it’s a refreshing break from the norm of well-wishers who suggest that cancer is too good for me. He/they have gone so far as to give his/their operation a name. The e-mail is indicative of someone using a military server, but it may be fake.

However the IP could well be genuine and should be traced. Police Scotland monitor this site. Will they identify the men behind Operation Vesuvius and bring them to justice? The caliber of the weapon he/they threaten to use removes any doubt that this is a death threat.


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18 thoughts on “Operation Vesuvius”

  1. These are real men hiding behind their curtains real rangers men unfortunately rangers are dead and not missed asxyou know it’s getting closer to the Msm having to print the truth for once and thus all coming to an end stay safe

  2. The brain dead trying to intimidate and scare. Terror tactics.

    I doubt the sender has access to 7.62mm weaponry or ammunition.

    Modern assault weapons and police issue (NATO standard) are 5.56mm.

    Psalms 91:5

    1. Where’s the elusive and shy Director of Football?

      What’s his name again? The guy who arrived and declared he will make Rangers (sic) a selling club! Lol.

  3. In this day and age it’s beyond belief that the Klan haven’t worked out how easy it is to trace the origin of these threats. I hope Police Scotland deal swiftly with this…there’s no place in modern society for these people.

    Lock em up

    There’s an idiot for you right there…you ? a tyrant? The truth is of course that you are the exact opposite.
    Comparing this narrative to the recent VB releases of articulate idiocy you could in all probability narrow down to one of their membership.

  5. Well this is the logic they practice
    With Heart and Hand
    Location:Loyal Ayrshire
    Posted 18 hours ago
    It’s some world were living in when you can be a victim of racism towards a race you don’t even belong to
    I’m surprised lll Phil hasn’t joined black lives matter

    They do not get it when countries,states and other civilisations do not want anything to do with a society because of views like above, that societies innocents becomes a victim of racism everywhere they go.

  6. Hello JJ

    Apologies for no PayPal ref- I’m skint but will put a contribution on payday.

    One can lookup an IP address from an online service such as: http://ping.eu/ns-whois/

    From his IP address, this gentlemen appears to have a private server from a company based in Panama: https://www.pulseservers.com however they have a technical contact based in the UK: https://www.ovh.co.uk

    Maybe a complain message or phone call stating their services are being used for death threats would provoke a response…

  7. To receive such a cowardly, intimidating threat JJ shows how much of a despicable person/group that this message emanates from! Utterly contemptible and mentally deranged!
    Stay safe and ultra careful Pal!

  8. What an appalling threat to you.

    I am truly appalled and equally appalled that someone has taken the time to learn Hebrew.

    But if these dangerous crackpots really want to find out what’s happening at Ibrox, I would encourage them to keep reading JJs articles. It is full of exclusives and portrays a club which has lost the plot on and off the pitch. This is a club which is short on class, style, leadership and money.

    It also has no moral compass.

    Stay safe.

  9. I hope those with IT Technical abilities can assist in locating the source of this clear implication of murderous violence. Send the threat as a Complaint to Police Scotland for their analysis, explaining that your current physical location must not be compromised. They have a duty to investigate and provide you (at any given address) with the results. Do so in written form for purposes of verification should the conclusion be unsatisfactory.
    As no specific demand has been made it can be surmised that the threat remains open regardless. I find it difficult to envisage any other action than for the internal security services to pursue the matter until arrests and charges are made. This exemplifies the word “Terrorism”. Good luck. The ‘mafia’ may have friends in high places but All Things Must Pass. Should the Scottish Police obfuscate or fail to avail themselves appropriately of the opportunity then contact London.

  10. Dear JJ,
    Not quite so uneducated tonight. As a former pro football player and IT official, I find it extraordinary that police Scotland cannot locate the perpetrators.

    Re: Ronny D – he was hounded by players at Celtic for ridding the players of their gambling culture, you may or Phil mac may have mentioned it before but I have verifiable sources for this.

    Please be careful as this is a serious situation you are in.
    Please take care

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