The Imposter at Ibrox

I exclusively revealed  that Kenny Miller was sent home from Sunday training prior to the League Cup QF on Tuesday of last week.. He was instructed to take an enforced leave of absence. Five hours prior to the kick-off on Saturday I exclusively revealed the Rangers Lite team and the conspicuous absence of Miller from the starting eleven.

On the touchline and in the tunnel on Saturday,  Mr Bean called Scott Brown “A Fucking Cheat”  and then challenged both Brown and Kennedy to fight while hiding behind the skirts of his assistants like the pouting pansy that we know him to be. Bullfighter? He would probably wave the red flag at the bull’s arse then take cover when it let off.

Let’s all do the chocolate teapot.”

Caixinha is an imposter. He is as useful as a pantomime horse in a rodeo. Kenny Miller knows that Bean is a fraud who is way out of his depth. His latest attempt at an excuse for his ineptitude is not fooling anyone. Cackhanded Caixinha has not earned the respect of the Scottish players. He has no right to demand it.

Irrespective of tonight’s result, Square-Go Pedro will continue to be on borrowed time. He will be gone before the clocks go back in October.

Will the players throw the game to expedite his departure? Nothing would surprise me at the Citadel of Match Fixing.



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10 thoughts on “The Imposter at Ibrox”

  1. There was no way Miller was ever going to score for Pedro.
    Miller is passed it anyway. He couldn’t take the Pedro harsh training regime. You published it yourself.
    How many goals in 7 games from Miller? One season too many.

  2. Pedro has done with Miller exactly what Warburton did with Joey Barton last year.

    What’s the big deal?

    The Board and fans must back this manager’s vision. Miller was part of the old failures.

  3. Miller has more determination than the rest of his foriegn flops put together. Pena may aswell be playing in u19 and would struggle for game time only player hes signed thats shown up is morelos. As for the rest of imports they are not fit to wear the rangers strip and im a celtic fan. If pedro stays they will be lucky to finnish in top 6 even worse if morelos gets injured

  4. Pedro was signed from obscurity. after scraping the barrel of Scottish, UK and European football management which produced no-one dumb enough or desperate enough to pick up the poison chalice that is The Rangers Football Club Limited.

    Even “The Real Rangers Men” like McLeish and McInnes gave it a wide berth.

    Now the chickens are coming home to roost and Pedro is being exposed as the chancer he is.

    But here’s the really bad news, if your a Sevco fan. Pedro has a three year deal and has spent all the money that was made available on a bunch of second-rate journey men or players looking for a last-gasp top up to their pension fund.

    As a competition to Celtic they are finished.

    TRFCL are further away from Celtic today than old Rangers were to Celtic before Fergus McCann came to the rescue in 1994.

    At least Dave King can sit back and point the finger and say signing Pedro was nothing to do with him.

    The saddest thing is, that the mugs will lap up his bullshit and buy their season books because of their delusions of superiority and the belief that they are “Ra Peepul”.

    But the truth is that they are too stupid or lazy to question why they are in the state they are in and too dumb to see that they have been played by a sequence of chancers since the new club came into existence in 2012.

    It’s absolutely hilarious.


  5. Pedro Pontoons. Poker-faced Pedro has four cards and a calm demeanour, safe in the knowledge that his equally fake journo opponent has an Ace and a Jack but must Twist.

  6. Sean O’Brien..
    Me too..
    A lot of Celtic fans unfortnately – mainly because of the media, press coverage, etc – still consider the team playing out of Ibrox as a kind of watered down, diminished Rangers.
    But STILL Rangers…
    It maybe a minority who have that mindset (I suspect not…), but there is a lot of work to be done by the SMSM to establish the truth.
    They owe it to themselves as journalists but also to the Scottish People !!!
    If not, they are not journalists but WHORES -(textual .. not sexual).

  7. The thing I find most, ‘precarious’ that Pedro has done since his arrival and which gave a peep into the deeper aspects of Pedro’s Psychological well being. After All the Sevco players had left the Tunnel entering the pitch, Pedro was still seen loitering at the far end of the tunnel. AS a few seconds passed it became clear that ‘Elle Manuel’ was waiting on Brendan Rodgers to give a prematch shake of the hand and so that 40,000 BIGOTS didn’t get to see him do it. He may not be as DAFT as he looks.

  8. with their massive success at clyde and st mirren respectively and experience of going bust, barry f and alex rae would be a dream ticket management team for sevco but pedro keeps winning the easy games with his ‘ only one scot allowed’ policy……….

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