The 4th Estate Strikes Back

Regular readers will know that I am one of the most outspoken critics of what passes for the fourth estate in the SMSM. The Evening Times is a Rangers Ra Ra skirt with a print motif. Its most ‘esteemed’contributors are Halloween Houston and Big Fat Derek Johnstone. The latter was accurately described by Chris Sutton as a Rangers cheerleader:

I would do the splits for my free ticket in the directors’ box and my half-time pie frenzy in The Argyle Suite.”

Chris Jack, whose pre-pubescent looks are reminiscent of child actor Jack in Lord of the flies, describes himself as a senior sports correspondent. I guess you can call yourself Rangers if you try hard enough and he’ll get no argument in Clotted Weir’s team. Jack’s Rangers fanzine is a poor facsimile of Slim Jim Shady’s favourite, Follow Follow.

‘Follow Follow‘ caters for those who spend their blue pound from a pink purse. The Gay Gordons of the Rangers Lite support are drawn like honey bees to their Queen bee, Mark Dingwall, as he holds court in The Polo Lounge or Delmomicas in the throbbing gay heart of The Merchant City. Not that there’s anything wrong with ‘putting from the rough.’ Richard Gough led the way with his procurement of rent boys. I would like to think that these fallen young men of the night were all over the age of consent. It would take a concerted effort by the SMSM to conceal statutory homosexual rape. Richard Gough was hastily married when news broke of his nocturnal predilections. Some said it was a redolent of an arranged marriage. One would like to think he met his bride prior to the big day. He is now a father. Did he join the Scientologists or revert to IVF like the odious McCanns?

I digress. Some of my most excoriating of invective has been aimed at Keith Jackson. His coverage of the aftermath of the Rangers Lite v Hibs Scottish Cup Final beggared belief. He mendaciously asserted that the Hibs fans assaulted the Rangers players. Career criminal King was vying for a replay. Traynor was his hired gun. Jackson their lickspittle journalist.

Laura Miller, Kenny’s wife, took to social media to expose Jackson’s lies. Did Jackson not even watch the BBC coverage? Was he on the golf course when the call from Slim Shady came through?

The facts were that the Hibs fans celebrated like it was 1902. It had been 114 years since their forefathers had celebrated winning The Scottish Cup. The Lite-facing Glasgow press had been telling them all week in the run-up to the final that Hibs would ‘bottle it.’ Hibs turned up in some style, prevailing in a five goal thriller with an eleventh hour goal. Their celebrations were as spontaneous as they were effusive.

However this stuck in the craw of the Lite support. Two hundred of their number, drawn from the criminal classes, took to the field with murderous intent:

The majority of them were sent down. The Vanguard Bears, a rival of Follow Follow, solicited funds from their readers to pay fines. They were seduced by the Traynor/Jackson narrative that the worst in their milieu were defending the players.

It was the least they could do.”

Chapeau to Slim Shady. He successfully traduced the Hibs fans while exonerating the Lite scum. Did he get a bonus from King?  Did he have the good grace to buy Jackson a pint?

However it would seem that the cosy relationship between Traynor and his man-child is at an end. Jackson has upped his game. He is an avid reader of our site. His information on Kenny Miller has been drawn from my exclusives. Kenny Miller is not Jackson’s snitch. My source is the mole, the snitch if you will, not Miller.

An excerpt from Jackson’s latest piece is instructive of the developing fault lines between The Record and Level 5:

To make matters even more sinister, Miller was also accused of leaking information directly to this newspaper on a website which has very obvious and well-established links with the malfunctioning Rangers PR machine.

The same website, for that matter, which leaked news of Caixinha’s Murray Park meltdown in the first place – while presenting it as a stroke of managerial genius in a painfully transparent, Pravda-esque attempt at controlling the narrative.”

Slim Shady Traynor has been posting his skewed rhetoric using an alias on ‘Follow Follow.’

Jackson ridiculed Traynor by describing Level 5 as Pravda-esque. He cast Traynor as the co-conspirator, with Stephen Kerr, of a malfunctioning Rangers PR machine.

It was good to see Keith grow a pair and take Traynor’s subterfuge to task. I can assure readers that there will be no Gay Fandangoes or planted information on this site. I will continue to go after the perpetrators of crimes and those who make concerted efforts to conceal them.





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15 thoughts on “The 4th Estate Strikes Back”

  1. Is there a particular reason that you continually write about Keith Jackson’s erronous report from the scottish cup final, but never mention the article written by Jane Hamilton from the same game, and from the same newspaper?

    1. If you are a new reader of our site you might be excused for making this fallacious accusation. I took the The Record, Hamilton and her editor Murray Foote to task in jj passim: Ipso Facto. If you want to be a part of this forum you had better up your game.

  2. Living so far away I struggle at times to make the connections between the cast of villains above. It seems like an incestuous team of PR people with feet both in the media and Rangers Lite camp. The Daily Rectum and Radio Snyde are merely the mouthpieces of expensive media spin to detract attention from the insolvency that is looming an imminent. A glossary of characters and their aliases and allegiances would be very helpful. I have no idea who and what Stephen Kerr is. Is he a minor PR punter or what?

    1. Kerr was the former longstanding communications spinmeister at Rangers prior to joining his former colleague Traynor at Level 5. He is regarded as the more honest partner in Level 5. But then Traynor hardly sets a high bar.

      1. That’s a bit like saying Bonnie was regarded as being a bit more honest than Clyde!

        My regular donation should be with you within the next week JJ, usually around 9th of the month.

  3. G,day jj,this is the second time I,ve written to you about PayPal.i would like to make a donation but on PayPal Australia on account application page it asks for a home phone mandatory but I like a lot of aussies have given up landlines and only use our mobiles.the PayPal website gives no advice on this in q& you are the one who is missing out,could you advise me on any options.

    JJ: I see you managed to resolve the problem with a recurring donation. Fair play to you John. Recurring donations are the lifeblood of our site.

    1. Hi John. I also only use a hand phone, yet I have no problem using PayPal. Could you not just use an office number or the number of a friend? I cannot see them correlating numbers with payments. Worth a try.

  4. When you press the button you get the option of opening an account or paying by credit card,I clicked the former and I had to have a home phone.mandatory.i can see where some of your posters may have had trouble in the past.i have been following your site religiously🙄since day one but only recently divested myself of an onerous contract😄and am able to donate my pensioners mite.orrabest and stay safe.

  5. Hi JJ

    With regards to RFC 2012 trading whilst insolvent, is there any way in which this will all come to an end? Phil Mac stated on a few of his blogs that the holding company vehicle required £3 million for September to get through to February 2018 but it seems that RFC 2012 are just carrying on business as usual regardless of their current situation.

  6. Jackson and The Daily Record have attacked Jabba and Level 5. Has Jabba stopped paying?

    The Rectum are going out of their way to help Miller get back in the squad. Are they feeling guilty?

    Pedro must stand strong and not buckle. Whether Miller snitched on the goings on at Auchenhowie or not, is secondary to the fact that Miller has been central to the bust up and goings on.

  7. The cynic in me wonders whether Jackson sees a business opportunity in supplanting his failing mentor. The level of infighting within the squad, between management and players can only reflect the dis-function at board level, and bode ill for the rest of the season.

  8. JJ,

    Any update in terms of the following?
    – Unfair dismissal claim for Warburton, Weir & McParland
    – The roof problems and urgent maintenance at Ibrox
    – When do you think the Annual Results for the 12 month period to 30 June 2017 will be published?
    – When do you think BDO will finally conclude the liquidation of the oldco?


  9. hi JJ,
    I try to follow assiduously but cant work out if the wifi case is still ongoing. The last reference I can find is the failed attempt to have monies ringfenced in Feb 2016.Has it

    just gone away?

  10. I never tire of smiling at that wonderfully accurate depiction of BFDJ . It should be the lasting imagery of this entire debacle.
    When the great book rationalising the colossal failure of our media in this affair is eventually written It just has to be the front cover..
    As an
    Appendix there should be a similar image of every single journo who failed us … every single one of them

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