I was loath to get involved in the 9/11 anomalies. One of my sources who prefers to be an unsung hero of our site cautioned that pandering to conspiracy theories might undermine the forensic factual analysis of other topics. There were also consequences in donations to consider. Current affairs pieces lead donations off a cliff; yesterday being a point in case.

However I changed my mind when I watched ‘Loose Change – The Final Cut.‘ The genie was out of the bottle. I devoured thousands of words from The Washington Post. I fell asleep and awoke to insightful documentaries. I will no doubt live to regret this blog and go hungry.

My first revelation, at least to my eyes, is not from ‘Loose Change.’ One of the three authors of this two hour documentary, Jason Bermas, revealed that MOSSAD knew in advance of the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks and had sent a unit to film it. They did not reveal this information to their American allies as it would have exposed their extensive espionage network. There are those who argue that they had no need to inform the Pentagon as they were the architects of 9/11. This is speculation. I prefer the facts.

Osama Bin Laden at no time claimed responsibility for the events of 11 September 2001. The fact that he was holed up in Pakistan was probably at the behest of  the Pakistan intelligence community. The latter was active in the attacks. The head of their inter service intelligence agency wired $100,000 to Mohamed Atta, who organised the hijacks.

I suspect CIA involvement. The hijackers had access to security service passwords. Three thousand American deaths would be small change when weighed up against incursions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ultimate regional target, Iran.

The Twin Towers were not felled by the airplane collisions. They were taken down by plastic explosives that were probably planted by Delta operatives who were tasked with making sure that the black boxes in the airplanes did not see the light of day.  Building Seven was also demolished by experts in this field. Did the  CIA office hold details on how many of the hijackers were trained by the US military?  They pulled the entire building down to conceal their collusion

The 9/11 Commission findings were a Cover-Up of biblical proportions. The Pentagon were running war games to simulate how they would deal with a hijacked plane being used as a weapon of mass destruction. The FAA were probably led to believe that the rogue aircraft were part of a drill.

As for the “heroes of UA 93” this was a feelgood sop to the American public. This hijacked plane was shot from the sky by an F-16 fighter jet, leaving only telephone book sized debris to fall to earth.

The attack on The Pentagon leads to more questions than answers. Were 115 men and women sacrificed for advances in foreign policy? Dick Cheyney knew it was coming yet did nothing to avert it.

The War on Terror is a construct of 9/11. The deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens is a direct consequence of the events of that day. I live for the day that Bush and Blair are tried for war crimes. Only the most evil of men use tragedy to satiate their bloodlust.

But then what did we expect from the Bush dynasty who enriched themselves by laundering money for the Nazis?


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47 thoughts on “9/11”

    1. The U.S. presence in Afghanistan alone has allowed them to not only establish nine permanent military bases strategically located on the borders of China, Pakistan and Iran as well as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, but also control the oil and gas, a trillion dollars worth of minerals, and a $200 billion a year heroin trade.

  1. JJ, How many hundreds/thousands of people would have needed to be involved to co-ordinate/execute such an operation if it was an in house job? Yet not a one of them has cried wolf in all these years.

    I do not doubt the international collusion (by an assortment of despots, chancers and crooks) to manipulate wars of convenience but I cannot see 100’s of Americans colluding to fly aircraft into towers full of civillians and not one of them blowing the whistle.

    I do believe however, that aircraft WERE shot down, and what hit the Pentagon was a missile which was meant for an aircraft. There was NO aircraft debris found at the Pentagon.

    When is the cold shoulder announcement? I understand Walter Smith was in court yesterday in a case involving Tenerife Golf possibly???

    1. How did they keep D-Day and The Manhattan Project quiet?

      You have to understand compartmentalisation.

      Not everyone involved would need to know everything. Just those at the top.

      For example… Those taking part in the 22 drills (‘Vigilant Guardian’, etc.) that day would have no idea that they were the smokescreen for the confusion and the excuse given for the fighter jet stand-down.

      If I can fast forward… Can you think of a country despised by it’s neighbours whose very same neighbours have either been weakened, destabilized or are in chaos since September 11th, 2001?

      9/11 was a Mossad operation aided and covered up by the CIA (so I hope you aren’t realistically expecting any of their members to come forward).

      September the 11th was a pretext to war… but there’s an even bigger picture.

      (BTW, the missile hit it’s intended target.)

  2. I have been, to say the least, a serious doubter of the official fable surrounding 9/11 and would tend to agree with your summation.

    Having watched the fictional film Mercury Rising just last evening it nevertheless gave you an insight into the mind set of these brainwashed ‘for the greater good’ zombies who carry out murderous instructions on behalf of power crazed psychopaths who run countries.

    If there is a Hell Bush and Blair will be close neighbours for the atrocities they have inflicted on their own people never mind the ones carried out in foreign lands.

  3. Hi JJ, have always thought the CIA were behind 9/11 – footage (Pentagon plane crash where derbies came out of building etc) and events(scientifically dubious, aviation fuel not possible to reach temperature to alter structural steel mechanical strength properties etc) along with the numerous investigations and analysis – too many things did not add up, with the exception of gains to be made from war and oil.
    Was humbled by the memorial at Ground Zero, however also enlightened by the many “crackpots” outside with their theories of real events.
    Of course, there are few places we will read of this…………with exception of guys like you. Thanks and a good read JJ.

  4. JJ,
    You have no need to worry about my monthly donations as your journaslism is a breath of fresh air.
    There are many topics that the mainstream do not want to touch, and we all know there are dark forces out there watching everything that is written, but you have raised your head above the parapit and put yourself in danger .
    I long for the day where true democracy comes about, where you can say something without certain factions ta king a pop at you.
    Where, just because you have different thoughts and feelings about certain subjects, you are not hounded as being anti this anti that.
    We all have our own beliefs and I believe as long as you dont try and force on somebody else, then you should be left to your own devices.
    I dont agree with your thoughts on the SNP, but I accept your right to publish what you believe.
    As for war criminals, all of our Governments have cozied up to these people from around the world, and we still do today.
    It all comes down to money and power and greed.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Taking a chance there JJ. You’d still have gotten my donation yesterday, regardless. The sh1t that security agencies pull would make your hair curl. Another good doco on this subject is 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money. Some buggers are extremely “fortunate” when it comes to turning a massive profit from disaster. I dont mind conspiracy theories at all. In Scottish Fitba we’ve lived one for over a hundred years….. then we find out that our paranoia was actually a sixth sense and it all turned out to be true. I’m expecting the equivalent of an AA jet to strike certain offices in Mount Florida prior to a JR. Convenient fire perhaps to hide an inconvenient truth.

  6. Brilliant piece JJ. My donations are small but that will always continue to be paid monthly as long as you write.
    As for the consequences for Bush/Blair, well when those brave emergency service personal went into those two towers to save the innocent lives, the decision to follow through on that plot will be the end of the ruling elite. They may be scrambling about looking like they are in charge but the whole world of decent human beings for the first time, at the same time, across the planet, are being shown that those ‘ruling elite’ are nothing more than sadistic child -raping, child killing and unhinged mass murderers. Also another point that you may already be aware of ,that your readers may not, is the signed petition from ALL the families of said victims against Bush for murder, which currently so far has well over 200 signatories from Construction and Demolition firms and experts that say it was explosives that dropped the twin towers. Then ofc there is the interview from Trump himself 1-2 days after 9/11 where he says openly that only bombs could have done it. I may not live to see this era play out but one thing is certain. We are, without doubt, in one of THE defining periods of any times in which decency is actually winning. How do we know? Because humanity knows about them being monsters and not fit for purpose on a HUMAN world and we want rid. This scares them. More than the average person can and will ever know.

    1. Some good points Paul.
      Once you digest 9/11 and see what these “people” are capable of its truly disconcerting.
      People bang on and on about Donald Trump and the sort of man he is (albeit with very good reason as the man is a buffoon) forgetting that the only other option on the table was Hillary Clinton…a person who along with her husband makes Trump look like the Dalia Lama.
      Warmongering aside…
      Lolita Express/Pizzagate/Podesta emails
      As you allude to, there seems to be a very dark and sinister lifestyle at the highest level of World Government

      1. Hi JJ, that was quick!

        First off, kudos for your work over the last 24 hours, I did not expect to see a 9/11 piece up here already although it is my civic duty to tell you that The Washington Post is NOT a reliable nor legitimate source for any kind of news, being, as it is, an instrument owned entirely by the very people who pulled off this stunt in the first place, just the same as every other, now coopted, mainstream media outlet.

        (You’ve seen how much they can get away with lying about football, and politics, and whatever else you care to mention; does it really surprise you to consider why they might think they can get away all that, given what other fabrications and falsehoods they put out every day?)

        However, and I mean this with the best intent, myself & my colleagues have quite literally been investigating 9/11 since the day it happened and the only two things that we’re absolutely certain of is that it was an inside job orchestrated by international intelligence services led by the US & Israel, with the key players being Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the broad cooperation of the Bin Laden family, and their ties to the Bushes, and the fact that NO PLANES were involved in any of the incidents that day.

        Our investigations as to what happened to the people allegedly on those planes repeatedly come up blank, although this only serves to indicate that all of them, and, as far fetched as it may sound, their families, were all trained and involved from the beginning.

        Remember, it was not possible in 2001 to either receive or transmit mobile phone calls from the air yet the first thing we heard from the clearly fictitious Flight 93 was all these ‘heroes’ doing the impossible and expanding existing technology to suit the continuing narrative.

        As the video I posted yesterday clearly demonstrates, there no planes used to blow up the buildings, they used either nano-thermite or regular high explosives and the holographic projector technology to simulate the planes can be seen in multiple pieces of footage as a little whit dot, or orb, that passes directly in front of the camera then departs the scene as each ‘hit’ is accomplished.

        Traces of nano-thermite were found throughout every part of the debris and the official investigators tried to cover this up by saying it was ‘flecks of paint’ despite the undeniable independent evidence that it was nano-thermite, and it was EVERYWHERE in the debris of the towers and all of the dust across the New York State area.

        Again, when you examine the alleged ‘plane’ footage in that video , we can clearly see the wing of one ‘plane’ disappear behind a building around one hundred metres away and, in the other, the super light aluminum nose cone of a ‘plane’ actually appears through the other side of one of the steel, glass and concrete towers, which, as the video again demonstrates, is quite literally impossible under any circumstances.

        Add to this that the alleged ‘hijackers’ were later filmed at a wedding in Saudi Araboia and the film posted across the internet, and still only very few folk knew about it, though you can take a look yourselves.

        As for keeping everyone involved quiet, no one will ‘cry wolf’ if their families are threatened or the CIA have seriously incriminating evidence against them should they be foolish enough to break rank.

        We all know how easy it is to keep armies in line and, as Hitler said, the Big Lie is always the most effective because it takes people so long to first comprehend the scope of it, and then to admit it to themselves that type been duped, that the aims of the lie have usually been accomplished prior to its discovery and acceptance.

        And these men are telling us the biggest lie of all.

        Your investigations and response into this are very much appreciated, but, again, I have to say, after 16 years of investigation, we all agree that, in this instance, the more we know, the less we know, as the web becomes ever more entangled and the only two conclusions we can collectively agree on are those I’ve already listed above.

        I do hope you look into this further via the work of independent research like myself, it’s ll freely available across the internet, all it requires is the ability to remain open mode and discern the good stuff from the nonsense, which I’m sure you should manage quite well, and without any help from the corrupted msm.

        Best regards for now, JJ.

        It may be a while till next time but I’ll try to catch up with you as ever.

        PS: You don’t need to post this but I do hope you take it as seriously as it is intended.

        Keep up the good work.

    2. “…those ‘ruling elite’ are nothing more than sadistic child -raping, child killing and unhinged mass murderers…

      It’s all part and parcel of their Luciferian religion.

  7. The 9/11 attack is a rabbit hole with endless twists and turns into ever darker fathomless depths. I assert there were no Muslim hijackers (half of them were proved to be alive within weeks of the attack, a fact ignored by the western but not the eastern MSM).

    This was the ultimate false flag operation by a country whose history is littered with such incidents. Gulf of Tonkin, anyone?

    Two planes – at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania – allegedly disintegrated into wreckage that could be picked up by hand like no other such crash in history; the plane engine found in Manhattan under the towers was from a different model of airplane than the one that was “hijacked”; the most heavily guarded complex on earth with 150 CCTVs protecting it could not provide one single recognisable picture of the plane which attacked it, not one! National security, apparently.

    As for WTC 7 collapsing into its own footprint after a few “office fires” that burned for a whole five hours, compare and contrast with Grenfell Tower, still standing as a burnt out hulk after a fire raged uncontrolled for 24 hours. Were building standards for social housing in London really so superior to standards in New York for prime office space? A fantastical notion.

    Some 3,000 people died in 9/11 and millions more in the wars that have resulted. Billions of dollars in profits have been made by a select few since. Follow the money, JJ. Start with Larry Silverman and his seven billion dollar insurance policy, mysteriously rewritten to include terror attack cover not six weeks before the attack. And follow that with the day-before shorting of AA and UA airline stocks that made millions for some people who have never been named.

    On second thoughts, maybe not. I don’t want you spreading yourself too thinly lol!

  8. I applaud you for tackling this subject, it has consumed me for many years .
    There is a vast amount of information, misinformation and disinformation to wade through but as with any crime it is the evidence that leads us to the truth.
    The claim of plastic explosives or nanothermite is not supported by evidence.
    A controlled demolition would have left a rubble pile 12- 16% the height of the original building,there was next to no rubble pile. The buildings didn’t burn up nor did they slam to the ground as evidenced by the seismic data they turned to dust in mid air.
    I would urge anyone seeking the evidence to look at the work of Dr Judy Wood , her book “where did the towers go” is a scientific investigation that only considers the evidence and strips away all the conspiratorial extras. Her lecture on youtube is fascinating if heavy going but it’s 2hrs and 24 minutes of evidence weighed up against the laws of physics.
    Chapeau for putting this topic out there , every military conflict since that day has used 9/11 for justification in their “war on terror”.

      1. There’s a good reason why the Top Secret stuff is labelled ‘Top Secret’ and why you can spend the rest of your life in prison for revealing it, should one be careless enough to dare.

        All military technology is known to be decades in advance of what we see and I think Dr Wood is right to make this claim.

        There’s a compelling case for this advanced weaponry being used alongside nano-thermite.

        For why else would the latter be found throughout the debris and the dust, small though its quantities be?

        It’s not like architects, engineers and builders use nano-thermite in their construction materials now.

        You have to allow your imagination to open up on this one, JJ, or you’ll never begin to see how these people operate.

        Just because we believe something does not make it true.

      2. I’ve been to one of Dr. Judy Woods’ presentations, got a signed copy of her book, and was even able to talk with her privately about the threats she has received.

        What she does is point out all of the strange and unexplained evidence (and there’s plenty of it!) and simply asks “Is there some sort of an advanced directed energy weapon that we don’t know about yet?” because if there were, then that would explain a lot.

  9. Has everyone gone stark raving bonkers here. I realise it is somehow comforting for people to believe that things totally out of their control or experience are somehow being masterminded by mysterious conspiracies or secret committees or Delta forces, but it just isn’t so.

    I can’t even try to start questioning some of the more outlandish and clearly false theories being formulated here, but I will take one or two. Try looking at the many more actual engineering reasons why this happened – like this https://www.thoughtco.com/why-world-trade-center-towers-fell-177706

    Not as exciting or interesting, but are actual verifiable facts and conclusions.

    These were large aircraft – in the order of 200 tonnes flying at high speed (250 mph +) That is a HUGE amount of kinetic energy which will easily go through a thin steel shell. Aviation fuel is Kerosene which burns at several hundred degrees C, well above temperature required to soften the steel support structure. Steel in buildings doesn’t need to “melt”, it just needs to heat up enough to loose strength and buckle.

    The way the twin towers was built was a central concrete core with a steel outer framework. The floors were held up individually and only designed to take the weight of one floor using lightweight trusses. The planes took out 6 floors or more which held up for a remarkable length of time before they weakened, failed and then pancaked onto each other. The collapse was remarkably straight down but this probably saved lots of lives by not falling over onto other buildings. If the other buildings which fell down were a similar design, then anything more than an hour or two of a raging fire without fire services able to put them out will also fail

    Why didn’t Grenfell tower fall down – it was made wholly of concrete, but it is in a delicate state and once they finish removing all the evidence it will be demolished.

    As to why the two planes which also crashed disintegrated is that they were driven into the ground at high speed at a high angle of attack. We’re used to plane crashes happening at low speed with a low angle of attack where many large bits survive. Just look at the German Wings crash where the pilot deliberately flew into the ground at high speed. They couldn’t find bits bigger than an odd foot or so in the main – same as flight 93

    Sure, the ensuing “war on terror” has been an absolute disaster for many many people and enriched the arms suppliers and military establishment, but please please give up the conspiracy theories.

    1. You mean THIS ‘angle of attack’ ..?

      Or this one ..?

      Note the cop car passing at 1.04 in, 20 seconds before the explosion, doesn’t seem to be in any way unduly perturbed by the noise of the ‘roaring engine’ of a 200 ton jetliner rocketing downwards from the sky and note also, the fact that the ‘angle of attack’ appears to be completely horizontal, i.e, this same bulky aircraft seemingly flew across the Pentagon lawn …

      Which is, of course, much better, and clearly much tidier, than simply barreling down from above, although it also a great deal more trickier, especially fro an ‘inexperienced pilot’ with only a couple of ‘flying experience, due to his ‘devoutly Islamic’ predilection for alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and pink wigged strippers …

    2. Building 3 collapsed by what means bud? A small fire perhaps? I know for some cognitive dissonance is just a fancy word they throw about for realities and truths they would rather not accept but try this one out, why were all air defense and support systems down that day at both the towers and pentagon? But then again they did hold a 384,000 mile 2 way wireless communication from earth to the moon in the 1960s for the moon landing. Amazing when I cant even drive through a tunnel in 2017 without loss of connection. BTW there is NO data at NASA for first moon landing. Nothing at all. Greatest ever human achievement (at that time) and they have ZERO telemetry data. Curious.

    3. And yet for what you say GtG…
      only 3 buildings in the history of that type of construction (metal/concrete)have ever fallen.
      Each fell in freefall
      All in the same day and within half an hour or so of each other.

      Take a look at building 7…it wasn’t even hit by anything, was bombproof and still went down in freefall demolition style.

      Like I say when even one element of the terrorist attack doesn’t stack up (and you could drive a horse and cart through every one) the whole event is blown apart.

      As previously intimated I defy anyone with a triple digit IQ to watch “Loose Change” and conclude that 9/11 happened as described.

      1. Well only three buildings like that have ever been hit by an airliner or burned over several floors out of control for hours.

        Bldg 7 was not “bomb proof” meaning it could not be destroyed. It was designed to withstand fire for a certain period and assumes sprinklers and fire fighting is available. It wasn’t on that day.

        As I said before, you can listen to fact free speculation and ignore structural design engineers looking into all these and comprehensively debunked all these wild theories. That’s your prerogative but it did happen like they said, it really did.

    4. Untrue GtG.
      Quite a few buildings of similar and even inferior construction have been hit by airliners and burned for FAR longer without falling.
      Also to my point, the 3rd building in question was WTC7 which of course did not experience any damage other that some small isolated fires.
      It too fell unimpeded in approx 6.5secs exhibiting (like the others) the very clear and distinct signature of controlled demolition.
      Ponder the implications of that for a second…all three massive buildings having been painstakingly “rigged” for the multiple detonations that brought them down.

  10. I’m surprised you have been taken in by this easily debunked conspiracy BS. Fake news can make converts of willing ears I suppose.

    1. I approached this with fresh eyes to establish the facts:

      1. There were war game simulations taking place involving all but four of F-16 intercept jets.
      2. There were credible threats of an attack on Air Force One.
      3. There was a transfer of $100,000 from the head of Pakistan’s ISI to Atta.
      4. A lie has been told to the American people that the war games aided the intercept response.
      5. Bush and Cheyney gave their evidence together, not under oath, and this has never been disclosed.
      6. There are credible reports of explosions at lobby level by fire crews.
      7. There are calls reportedly made by passengers saying ‘It’s a frame.’
      8. Despite numerous calls from Putin and others about an attack being imminent the war games went ahead.

      These are all facts. What is unknown is whether the four operational F-16 were scrambled to protect Air Force One leaving the commercial airlines to their fate.

      There are many more disturbing theories. There is much more to this than many would like us to believe.

  11. I knew I would make a rod for my back by looking at this topic. One of my long-term contributors cancelled his £34 recurring donation. Not one of those who urged me to look at this topic have contributed. One wonders if they have an ulterior motive to discredit me and shut this site down.

    1. Absolutely not, for my part, although I wouldn’t put it past the others, as i know all too well what they’re capable of.

      Your input is highly valued but you need to investigate thoroughly before coming to such hasty conclusions.

      The wise thing would to be avoid all conspiracies for the moment because, as I’ve learned both to my cost and to my gratitude, the more you learn the more there is to learn and there are many people around who are specifically employed to stop folk like us from speaking the truth, or, at least, exposing the lie.

      And it’s more than possible that your cancelled contributor is one of them.

    2. A bonus donation… 8UM627407V4744XXX.

      (Please don’t let it take you away from the football though.)

      JJ: This site will always tackle the major talking points.

      1. It’s a fact that Rabbi Dov Zakheim co-authored the PNAC document and was the comptroller at the Pentagon when the missing trillions were announced on September 10th, 2001.

        It’s also a fact that special Israeli commando Daniel Lewin of the Sayeret Matkal occupied seat 9B on Flight 11 on September 11, 2001.

        And again, it’s a fact that an ethnic minority group which comprises just 2% of the American population had 42 of its people in top positions in Bush’s cabinet.

        I couldn’t care less if the perps were Muslim, black or white, but the evidence leads where the evidence leads and both your removal and non-approval of such easily verifiable points flies in the face of what you’ve just claimed above.

  12. Disappointed JJ that past contributors have left you in lurch!
    What do these guys want from You?
    I despair, at times, your articles are brilliant!
    Cmon Lads support this worthwhile site!
    Contribution made this morning Mate!

    JJ: Thank you.

  13. Hi Jj.

    Excellent piece mate. I’m fairly new to the blog and I’m not sure how to donate. Could you point me in the right direction please?

  14. Hi Jj
    Donation made. Transaction no.

    Love the blog buddy. Keep up the good work. I enjoy you’re non football stuff too so please don’t be put off doing them. Will try to donate monthly as I am able.


    JJ: Thanks buddy.

  15. “Not one of those who urged me to look at this topic have contributed.”

    I hope you’re not including me in this group.

    JJ: A reference number would be helpful CC. I’m deadly serious about the dearth of contributions.

  16. Am I the only Bampot who’s put their money on Mossad in the Oval Office, whose apt motto is “For by wise guidance you can wage your war”.

  17. Check out NEW 2017 9/11 conspiracy documentary video on YouTube.One hour twenty minutes but very informative,just like award winner to be JJ.

  18. JJ,

    As I’ve said before, I will continue to donate even if I disagree with some or any of your views … right to free speech and all that.

    I notice a number of people send you notice of their donation along with the transaction number. If that is necessary in order for you to keep track of payments then my regular monthly donation of £15 went through today. Transaction no. 2S614776S7107953T.

    On an unrelated topic. My last two comments have failed to appear. The first one was about the McCanns and contained several quotes from the official Portuegese police report. Yesterday’s comment consisted of some general comments on the propaganda of the mass media and how it is used to affect people’s beliefs. I don’t think there was anything in either that would particularly offend you so I am wondering if there is a fault in my computer.

    Keep up the good work.

      1. JJ,

        Although both posts appeared to be “sent” I am experiencing lots of problems with my computer recently so perhaps they did not arrive. No harm done.

        Stay safe and stay well.

  19. There are a lot of inconsistencies surrounding 911 but I struggle to accept the conspiracy theories. Too many people would need to be involved and it would leak eventually. With regard to donations JJ I made my usual donation via friends and family option yesterday.

    JJ: Thank you.

  20. Start with the collapse of WTC 7, and the evidence of dark conspiracy explodes (sic) from there. No one, but NO ONE can explain why an adjacent building not subjected to any direct hit should collapse.

    Or why the BBC in NY was reporting its collapse when it was still visibly standing very obviously uncollapsed behind the reporter (Google it if you haven’t already seen this gobsmacking evidence).

    Unless, of course, it was done as part of a truly sinister insurance package scam, as has been asserted elsewhere.

    As some of the NY Italians ragazzi say, “the fish, she stinks from the head”.

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