Unravelling The Cardigan

My exclusive on Advance Payment Notices (JJ passim) has now been picked up by an influential blogger. Regular readers will know that you read it here first. Which seamlessly brings me to the bone of this piece. Is The Cardigan’s financial artifice beginning to unravel:

Court of Session

Wednesday 4th October Walter Ferguson Smith, 26 Blackhall Drive, Helensburgh v AG Neil Caisley, 7 Heath Lane, Codicote, Herts

In Mr. Caisley’s blurb it states:

He is particularly experienced in UK financial planning aspects and one of his specialisms is advising professional sportsmen and footballers. Neil is a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.”

What could possibly go wrong with that kind of pedigree. Does Caisley not purr like a kitten with a ball of wool?

One would like to think that Walter’s EBT, unlike his bunions, is not playing up. Surely his EBT bung for buying and selling players to and from Rangers whilst at Everton was all above board? What better provenance could there be than a tax dodge designed by a stunt cock?


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8 thoughts on “Unravelling The Cardigan”

  1. Is Le Cardigan (as they say in the Channel Islands) suing his financial advisor for Le Cardigan’s HMRC demands?

    How delicious!

    Can everyone else, including BDO for Rangers FC (in Liquidation), sue Sir David Murray for £60m in bad tax advice?

    RFC Creditors must surely instruct BDO to sue SDM for the Supreme Court tax awarded to HMRC. SDM was the EBT tax advisor to Rangers FC.

    1. Are you from the Channel Islands EWO? I’d have thought with both Jersey and Guernsey having namesake knit wears that cardigans would not be welcome!

  2. I may be slow on the uptake but I Assume from this JJ that WS is suing his financial advisor .
    If so This is posturing in the extreme .
    The sub text here of course is for public and particularly TRFC fan consumption ;
    My integrity is inviolate.. I would NEVER have gone down this route had I even for one second thought this was a problem .
    I am sure they are all ,including DM , playing this card and the government, media particularly BBC are swallowing it whole as are the fans of course.
    Every single last one of them knew exactly what they were getting in to.
    WS also knew fine well he had a complete squad on financial steroids
    The BBC are an absolute disgrace by employing these characters almost on an exclusive basis at our cost .

    Just Think about this !
    Every taxpayer paid for Rangers success through 9inaro until 2011 and now through the BBC we are helping repay the Tax due
    Jesus Wept!

  3. Am I missing something here?
    The Cardigan is seeking damages…
    Because he’s disgruntled at the prospect of having to pay social taxes….
    On unlawful earnings (RFC EBT scheme)…made to him by one team (RFC)…
    Whilst he was employed by another (Everton) potentially defrauding them (Everton) by sanctioning the inflated purchase of players from the team paying him illegally.
    Ladies and gentlemen…I give you THE legend, THE quintessential Real Rangers Man !

    This is EXACTLY why they’re finished. Eternally striving to revisit supposed past glories which were built on lies, cheating and corruption. And Looking to the perpetrators for guidance on how to get there

  4. I hope that the Cardigan and Mr Souness were not being paid in a backhand way to buy players from Rangers at inflated prices for their new clubs. That would be breach of employment law. Or are they above the law because they used to be employed by Rangers?

    1. In relation to transfer dealings the late Brian Clough ‘liked a bung’. ‘Arry Rednapp failed to become England football manager due to allegations of financial impropriety. The sport has been corrupt for years with backhanders and biscuit tins.
      It is no surprise that Smith & Souness have participated in tax avoidance. The only surprise is that they were employed by other clubs when the received their EBTs. Clearly they didn’t disclose these to HMRC and one can only presume they didn’t to their employers at the time, as its is a clear conflict of interest. Shades of Poulson, T Dan Smith & Pottinger. One wonders why the relevant authorities and governing bodies haven’t launched investigations.

  5. He knew he was cheating all along, even when along with McCoist, carried Tommy Burns coffin out the Chapel. They’re a disgrace to humanity.
    The thought makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. Long may they all suffer.

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