A Better Class of Criminal

I was tipped off several months ago by a reputable source that Sir Bribe & Lie had apprised those in his social milieu of his plans to wrest control of Rangers Lite. I dismissed the idea as fanciful but maintained a watching brief. My source, who has since ‘earned his spurs’ with other accurate insights, then reverted to me with another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It was time to write to the big hitters that have been with our site from the beginning. One of my media gurus has fifty years experience of the SMSM and is no stranger to the Rangers narrative. He confirmed my source’s information. This morning my original source informed me that Sir Bribe & Lie’s Coup d’état is at an advanced stage.

You will eventually read about this in the SMSM. They hang on my every word as they don’t have the sources that I enjoy. The Gullibillies will swallow the rhetoric of derailing the Ten-In-A-Row Celtic goods train which is laden with trophies. If Nazi gold was behind Murray’s putsch the majority of them would still ‘fall wanking to the floor.’ 

Career criminal King is a debilitated moth who has been singularly unable to penetrate the Celtic cloak of invincibility. Everyone knows that the best Primark Pedro will ever achieve is third place. King was allowed to play fast and loose in a state of apartheid flux, but met his match in the UK when David Somers reported his concert part to the authorities. King’s rag-dolling will be a delicious main. Is it too much to ask that his adulterous Charlotte Fakeovers  factotum will provide the dessert as he is dismissed with prejudice by Sir Bribe & Lie? Paul Murray is in over his hair.

It would be remiss of me not to consider the barriers to entry. One of my long-term contributors of words and much-needed financial support, Only In Scotland,  ventured the following:

SDM was the orchestrator of the liquidation of the previous club of the same name. He introduced an illegal tax evasion scheme and charged the club an exhorbitant annual fee to administer said scheme. He facilitated multiple 3rd party contracts whereby his own companies, acting as middle men, obtained considerable income from management fees and commissions. He made considerable millions through personal share buy backs having manipulated the share price in a way CCK himself would be proud. All in all SDM trousered approx £120Million from the previous club whilst all the while, despite the statements of BFDJ, never investing  a penny of his own money. For SDM to purchase this young growing club the SFA and the SPFl would have to tear up the rule book and throw away any vestige of integrity and legality. So its probabaly odds on then!”

This is just the tip of Sir Bribe & Lie’s artifice. He introduced two illegal tax evasion schemes. If anyone aspired to doing business at Ibrox, he demanded 40% of the preferential shares in the company. SB&L is still having his bed feathered to this day by Garrion Security. He even retained the car park that allowed ingress and egress to The Club Deck and leased it back to Green, prior to walking away with a £1.5m fillip.

Sir Bribe & Lie sent one of his MIHG emissaries to the U.S. with one million dollars in a suitcase to bribe Lawrence Marlborough.

Will SB&L be passed fit and proper? You can bet your blue boots on it. Regan will be first on his knees to welcome him with an SFA blow-job. Doncaster, while less obsequious, will have his cock in a hoop at the return of The Blue Messiah.

The latest word is that Walter Smith is being lined up to front the operation. The Cardigan could use a bob or two to pay off Hector. The latter will be less than pleased to see SB&L back in the Blue Room with the bent Andrew Dickson cooking up schemes to defraud them.

If Walter does not capture the imagination, there is always fellow bung recipient Graeme Souness of the Nine-In-A-Row vintage to soothe the fevered brows of The Klan.

One thing that can be stated with complete certainty is that SB&L won’t be bankrolling his coup.





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46 thoughts on “A Better Class of Criminal”

  1. Despite yet another exclusive the support of our site is at a low ebb with many cancelling their recurring donations. Should we just all pack up and call it a day?

  2. Someone has to step in to pay the October wages at Ibrox. They then have to pay the wages till May. A takeover prevents administration. Takeover needs to take place in the next fortnight

  3. No chance JJ, after all you have divulged about SDM, the SMSM would be salivating at the thought of taking him to task & earning a pair of spurs (or balls-you decide) dishonest, conceited, deluded even, maybe, but, with the ammunition you have provided, he’s not stupid enough to put himself in line of fire? No chance! Nope, not having this one mate!

    1. Sufficient ammunition to sink SDM’s various business ventures has been lying about in plain site for years but neither the SMSM media nor the business press have been brave enough to expose his dubious business practices. His fellow failed businessman Fred Goodwin may have been cast asunder by the Scottish establishment but SB&L has been given a free pass for corrupt behaviour. Fit & Proper test anyone?

  4. That would be a shame. I don’t know why you’re getting cancellations but suspect it is due to some of your articles. I choose to continue donating but some people obviously don’t. Like all writers, artists etc.you have to choose whether your output is what people want to buy or not. Getting a balance, not an easy thing to achieve.

  5. If this is correct JJ,we should all chuck it.How could other clubs participate in competitions against another club/company based at Liebrox? Farcical.If it comes to pass,you should start picking other topics to write about,we can’t lose your skills.Football would be a busted flush.There are a huge amount of topics to forensically examine and put forward your thoughts.

  6. Confirmation number: 41J86988HS384xxxx


    Dinner money winging its way to you now.

    It would truly be a further sad reflection on the SFA / SPFL if they even considered allowing SB & L to re-enter the fray. With the exception of the BBC’s initial documentary he has somehow managed to avoid what should have been wider scale reputational damage and even criminal charges. Yes, there has been limited SMSM coverage of his court room squirming but nothing on the scale his part in the effective theft of tax payers money from dishonest tax evasion through clear collusion to manipulate the RFC (IL) PLC balance sheet with the infamous switcheroo where Murray group, with BOS agreement, underwrote a doomed share offer in last gasp desperation as both were doomed as going concerns. As with the DOS and EBT tax evasion the switcheroo was effectively financing folly at RFC (IL) PLC with tax payers money, our money.

    “For every five pounds Celtic spend, we will spend ten.” ( of the tax payers money).

    JJ: Your regular support of our site and our team is most welcome West Coaster. Thanks buddy.

    1. It’s funny you mentioned BBC Documentary, I wonder why JJ doesn’t consider writing an investigative piece regarding the other BBC documentary?

  7. Sorry JJ, work situation been patchy past few weeks, have a “doubler” this week. Take care. T. U. D.

    JJ: Received with thanks buddy.

  8. You have done an amazing job with this site. Readers like myself want informing but I guess we also see and hope you are a catalyst to achieve five things:
    1 Truth to be the prevailing rhetoric in the wider media, for this massive sporting swindle to be recognised for what it is.
    2 The perpetrators to be held to account on maladministration – Regan, Doncaster, Ogilvie et all to be fired.
    3 The perpetrators on tax evasion to be held to account – Murray, the old board and all EBT recipients to pay or serve time. Murray to lose his knighthood.
    4 Sporting advantage recognised and sanctions applied properly. LNS over turned and all titles stripped. All sporting prize money reimbursed.
    5 New Rangers recognised as such and their titles start at zero and to be honest they, as per the law on liquidation, should cease trading as “Rangers” and be forced, as per the law, to take on their new entity identity.
    To me it looks like the leaders do not exist to stand up for what is right. I expect many at of your readers are losing hope given the sheer lies emanating from the SFA and lack of leadership across Scottish football.

  9. JJ
    I’ll look forward to the 14 pages of hyperbole about SDM, the gullibillies will love this one…I can almost hear the “battle fever” banner being put together. The SMSM will literally wet themselves.

    Let’s hope it’s a regime that ends the same way, rather than being bankrolled by SDMs friends in the posh end of Edinburgh.

    Hail hail
    Keep up the good work

  10. Calm yourself with a nice Java ‘n’ Baklava, JJ.
    Not only do we live in a different timezone,
    some of us work shifts till unconscionable hours..
    I have just woken up.

    JJ: Thank you.

  11. JJ,

    Unless those people have fallen on hard times it is a disgrace that they have cancelled their contributions. Are they cancelling because they disagree with something you have written? I don’t go along with every single thing you say but I don’t expect us to have exactly the same views on everything. What a boring (and probably dangerous) world it would be if we were all in agreement with everything.

    I just wish I could contribute more, and if I ever win the lottery you will be one of the first to benefit. Today’s post alone is worth my regular monthly contribution.

    Thank you for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated.

  12. JJ, Usual donation made today. Brought forward from 20th of the month, will make it from the 1st next month as I seen requested in a previous blog. I don’t often comment but do like to make a small monthly contribution. Your output is outstanding, I really don’t know how you manage daily articles. I don’t always agree with you, we are diametrically opposed politically but then again, it would be a boring old world if we all shared the same opinions. I don’t really understand why some contributors give up because they don’t like/agree with a particular article. There are at least another 29 articles to consider each month. I personally appreciate the whole range of your pieces. As said earlier I don’t always agree with you however your opinions are always thought provoking. I do hope donations pick up, I for one would miss my daily JJ fix. Anyway, rant over, stay safe. I’m off back to lurk and gorge on my daily fix.

    JJ: Cheers Chris.

  13. Every article you publish cuts at the very core of the topic you write about. Your forensic detail and analysis thereof is unsurpassed in any other football blog. In addition the non-football matters of which you write provide unique intellectual context and include much previously unpublished information which again cuts to the core of the topic. Even if I personally feel that an article a day bears too much burden on yourself you are mine, and many others, daily fix. You have no equal in the sphere of Scottish football, others, whilst worthy of recognition for their critique and studied views, pale in comparison to your output, your analysis and equally pertinently, your contacts and network and your countless exclusives. Keep shining a light but try and please find a way that this self-same light brings you some comfort and self-recognition as well as financial recompense which befits your position as a communicator to the enlightened.
    SIR DM may be recognising that, him and Walter riding in on their white chargers, to rescue the new club may provide some redemption though his part in the demise of the former club which provided his considerable fortune has not had much impact on his network, his standing or indeed his income. Save that SIR DM will offer only that Masterton and the BOS knew of the “high risk /heavy indebted strategy” that SIR DM was utilising and the Banking crash and sale to Lloyds made for the end of SIR DM and RFC’s glorious path to Scottish Dominance and European glory. There will be no mention of the £700Million debt accrued to his personal group and brown envelopes and tax evasion which accrued his now considerable personal fortune and left Joe Public, every honest tax payer and every Government employee and armed forces personnel out of pocket as a result of his crooked dealings, I mean a write off of £700Million of debt? Where else would someone be allowed to still live in country if they were responsible for that amount? The man is an odious despot who’s aggression and bullying knows no bounds whilst his hubris has no equal and makes Trump and Kim Jong Un look sensitive and humble.
    The man who controls the message controls the world. SIR DM controls the message in Scotland. His attention to every Media article and vehement aggression and facility for enforced compliance ensured those who were not willingly on message and loyal were either moved out or threatened into compliance. His activities and threats ensured we are left with a complicit currupt cabal of a governing body and even more so complicit Media than back in 1987 when he started. That Murray created 100% complicit Media and the corrupt cabal in the Scottish Football Governing body will ensure that his lauded return pays scant regard to the circumstances of his exit from the former club, the liquidation and death of the former club at his hand and his ever burgeoning fortune which continues apace to this day.
    Lincolns You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time resonates in part today. In today’s world it’s all about being able to fool some of the people all of the time. Micro management of your customer base and demographic needs no extensive social media campaign and massive investment in PR if you have a complicit media and are chairman of RFC ( Just ask the current incumbent CCK…. even being a criminal on licence isn’t a barrier!!) Step forward the Gullibillies who’s craving for a good news message knows no bounds and the still hurting Laptop Loyal of the SMSM– SIR DM is coming back and The SFA and The SPFL has his back.
    Honestly, Only in Scotland!!

  14. JJ – There are those of us who donate regularly, not great sums, but regularly none the less. My thought is that many of the pay once or twice patrons are getting frustrated that nothing tangible (and short term) is happening when all the smoke clears away, so end up losing interest. There must be something more than words it seems.

  15. SDM is famous for milking RFC dry.

    Why would he turn generous benefactor piling in tens of millions just to compete with Celtic?

    Even an energised Gullibilly horde couldn’t finance it.

    He would need to spend big to get the assets and spend big on a squad, management and underpin all salaries each month.

    If he was fronting other people’s money, who would be so insane?

    Is it BoS II robbing its depositors again? And robbing taxpayers again?

  16. I can only urge your readership to continue by way of a small regular contributions,I hope the benefits of this site continue.
    Is it possible the end game is to force Celtic elsewhere?If Murray is accepted back as FAP then the game really is a bogey.
    The removal of Celtic would seem the only chance of,maybe,becoming the top club.
    Conversely,Celtic may gather it all up and use it to get out.
    Other club’s desire for the blue pound may ultimately lead to the loss of a different coloured pound,which would,I suggest be more detrimental.
    Just a thought

    1. Celtic going to England would be their dream come true.

      Leaving Sevco to be Supreme in kow towing, forelock tugging Scotland to pick up the Champions League slot each year.

      It’s their only hope to avoid humiliating bankruptcy.

  17. If true, it is utterly disgraceful. All semblance of UK decency and fair play has finally eroded away.

    A scandalous shocking betrayal of British values.

    Ill educated, uncouth crooks have taken over Scotland and spread their culture of low morality across the country.

    When a Nation losses its high benchmark values across society, that Nation becomes a degenerate valueless culture.

    Decent people should abandon Scotland to the Murray’s and their Ilk, leaving them and their acolytes to wallow in their filthy crooked mediocrity.

  18. Only one thing that is going to destroy the gullibles, Murray was the poster boy for the photo shoot when he bragged about the incorporation, and therefore he icorporated them right into the morgue. Ye canny unincorpotrate the incorporated. One dies we all die lazurus was a myth.

  19. Donation made. If this is true it could explain the SFA/SPFL reluctance to have an inquiry into the Rangers FC/Football Governance scandal, as any inquiry would lead to the public shredding of SDM’s character. We must hope and pray, then, that we get our judicial review as that also would see him exposed as the dubious character that he is, and put an end to all thoughts of a ‘return to the scene of the crime’. If it is true, and my supposition is correct, it would mean that the usual suspects are aware of the impending putsch.

    JJ: Thank you. Would it surprise anyone if he had already arranged their buy-in?

  20. Sent small donation, keep up the great work. Love your McCann/911 articles.

    JJ: Thanks Stephen. Watch out for another 9/11 article, 9/11 redux, when I have engaged in more research.

  21. There’s not a chance Murray is coming back. Also I don’t think the gullibles would swallow it after what he did to mk1. Stranger things have happened I grant you, but just can’t see it.

  22. Usual monthly donation made, as I have over the last 12 months. Terrific value for money. Great insights on a daily basis. I’m in for the long haul and I hope other readers are too. You’d miss it if it was gone..

    JJ: Thank you. I could down tools tomorrow and write a book. If published and sold in volume, my head would be above water. Is this what readers want? A retrospective? I don’t believe this to be the case.

    1. I’ve told you before, write the book and self-publish on Kindle Direct. I’ve got a couple of books on there, and while I’ve sold fuck all, you would have this blog to promote your work. It has to be worth a try. If it ‘caught a wave’ as they say in the publishing world, you could then take it to a mainstream publisher.

    2. Course not JJ-a book wd but be bonus.
      What readers need from you is a clear way fwd for donations-ie how much monthly do you need to keep going.
      That known its how many can contribute to defray it.
      No one can conscientiously ask you to beggar yourself in others interests but we need to concretely know how much is required before we turn to consider can we raise it.
      The uncertainty as you are aware is why I dont make a regular monthly contribution and it may be others feel the same way.
      That said I have contributed irregular amounts from time to time which I hope have helped and I will continue as long as yr site exists.
      I wd happily subscribe to a monthly donation once I knew two things -1 how much wd be required per person
      2 That such amounts if subscribed wd be guaranteed to be enough to keep you going

  23. Transaction ID


    If this is allowed to happen I’m afraid Scottish football will lose many right-minded supporters. Sadly so many will carry on though normal and bury their heads.

    This corrupt cabal has been pulling strings for many years and will continue to do so. It is the definition of a house of cards but it has many layers and if things get tight there will be sacrificial lambs – and not of the succulent kind.

    We are approaching the point where it may be too late. If we truly are, and I have no reason to doubt it based on your previous work, facing the influence of a knighted member of society I fear there will be little or no chance of a result. The media blackout is shameful but we can expect no different. It is being fully funded and managed. Mushroom syndrome and it is working. There is an underground movement of which we’re all part but we just need a decision. I do hope we’re not approaching a GoT time and winter is coming.

    JJ: Thank you.

  24. I agree with bigtop84 here and doubt wether David Murray would ever get close to running a club in Scotland again. His name is mud and you have spent so much time pointing that out that it really would be too hard to believe.

  25. Bribe and Lie will launch a new rights issue underwritten by a £75m (adjusted for inflation from the £50m in 2002) IOU from the Bank of Ibrokeland.

    Oh wait.. that failed bank and it’s RFC/MIM free millions account doesnae exist anymore – just like Rangers FC 1872-2012 RIP.

  26. another great and informative article jjdont expect to read anything like it inthe scottish press anytime soon not that i read the scottish papers or watch the scottish news utter nonsense i do tune ito bbc scotland radio now and again comedy gold as they say that guy richard on sportsound is a hoot looking forward to your book cant resist another orwell quote the best books are those that tell you what you know already

  27. I would love to see both of these odious characters lose their shirts in this futile last howl at the moon.
    To see their incredulous faces as the penny finally drops that like their mentor King Cnut (not a typo!),
    they do not control the overwhelming tide that is the internet.
    I hope their downfall is slow tortuos and financially painful.

  28. If the glibless one goes then SB&L may try to move in. If not, The Liar King will be 100% looking to get his £20mill back from the gangsta who initially conned him out of it. Another £100mill to compete against the Celts. The only other scenario is that both Celtic and Sevco are definitely gainiing entry into the EPL. I believe this to be the true reason behind his move and I come to this conclusion not because of SDM and his insider dealings but what I see coming from Mr. D. Desmond. I am firmly of the opinion that DD knows that Celtic will soon be in the EPL. Why has he been with Celtic FC for over 20 years? He does of course love Celtic FC but how much would his shares be worth now if he had invested in Man. Utd. after Magner left? I haven’t earned much in recent times JJ hence no donations lately. I will try to donate something this week if the bastards who owe me money pay up. I’m an artist JJ and you can imagine what it’s like trying to earn a decent living from that occupation. I know only too well what it’s like to be disillusioned when you are doing your best to produce something worthwhile. Keep up the good work.

  29. another great piece JJ. Another £50 paypal donation on its way.Keep up the pressure on
    these conmen.

    JJ: I cannot thank you enough. Cheers buddy.

  30. Stick with it till the fat lady sings, JJ. Then call it a day.Write the book and go earn yourself some serious money. You are well able.

  31. Sir Dave

    I will stop 10 in a row….. it my debt to the faithful …. i owe it to to all Rangers supporters….. it my way of saying sorry and it my way of restoring my faith. ………. this what he saying to nearest and dearest

  32. Shameless bastard announces charity donation-to a foundation which he controls,so show me the money!-just as his name is being mentioned again in business circles.

    Any other country in the world,he’d be in jail. Maxwell’s debts were less than his,but at least Maxwell had some viable assets. All of Murray’s were hocked to a taxpayer-owned bank.

    Which freely handed them back.

    That entire situation should see everyone involved jailed for gratuitous alienation,theft,fraud and misuse of public funds.

    But naw,not here. Here,he gets to lord it over us plebs,those poor deluded taxpaying fools,and laugh in our faces with every breath he takes.

    Justice? If ever there was a deserving target,aye. But it ain’t gonna happen.

  33. I see the Scotsman are running random puff pieces about Renegers and how great n generous Murray is.
    OMG its happening! PMSL

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