A Catastrophic & Catalyzing Event

If we are going to transform America into tomorrow’s dominant force  it will be a long process unless there is a catastrophic and catalyzing event- like Pearl Harbour.”

This is a direct quote from a neo-con think tank’s report on how to achieve America’s global leadership in the 21st Century.

Toward a 21st Century Army was circulated to the U.S. chain of command one year prior to 9/11. Cheyney and his chief of staff, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Jed Bush were all party to it.

When outlining America’s response to 9/11, George Bush asserted:

” This is an opportunity to do generations a favour by whipping terrorism.”

Usama ibn Mohammed ibn Awad ibn Ladin was cast as the 21st Century’s Saladin with Bush and Blair leading their crusades into Afghanistan and Iraq. ‘The War on Terror’ was a pretext for illegal wars, economic rape and genocide. Throw in a couple of dodgy dossiers and faked intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction and the racketeers in the Oval Office were good to go.

The 9/11 Commission found no evidence that NORAD had been directed to stand down but it’s difficult to comprehend how the following exchange could have occurred:

FAA: ” Could you scramble a few F-16s to help us out.”

NORAD: “Oh God I don’t know. Everyone has left the room.”

Michael Meacher MP speaking in a Channel 4 documentary stated:

This is the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. It’s difficult to believe that they were so incompetent.”

Were they incompetent or complicit? Complicit in an event to fulfill their objective of global leadership?

I am convinced as to the rationale and the architects behind  9/11, although I can understand why others might demur. If one proceeds with the premise that the Oval Office is the causal link to this ‘fortuitous’ foreign policy event, could there be any other reasons for pursuing a strategy that takes Israel’s and The House of Saud’s enemies to task? How about $1.4b of investment/donations by the House of Saud in Bush enterprises? How about 20 leading Saudis being spirited out of America as soon as the air embargo was lifted?

I am equally convinced that the CIA are behind the execution of this atrocity.

Bin Ladin from his cave could not have pulled this off. Al Qaeda is the patsy. MOSSAD were aware of the attack two hours in advance of the first drone hitting the North Tower. It advised its field agents to get out of Dodge. Five of these, who were working for a MOSSAD front company Urban Move in New Jersey, were arrested by the FBI after being seen celebrating the attack. Were they celebrating their fellow explosives’ experts artifice, or their own handiwork? They were some time later expelled on visa violations. They revealed their espionage activities when safely ensconced in Israel.

Richard D Hall, who has engaged in meticulous research on the culpable homicide/murder of Madeleine McCann, captured footage of a drone bomb hitting the North Tower at precisely the time  a military drone in the shape of an airplane makes contact. Both Towers, WTC 6 & 7, were all subject to controlled demolitions. The aircraft were either tin drones, photo-shopped images or both.

So what happened to Atta and his baker’s dozen? I emphasise that there was only 13 alleged terrorists, as six on the FBI list were Saudi citizens, one of which had never been to the U.S.

He and his armed team were probably shot down by F-16 jets that were deemed to be participating in a military exercise. Did a 40 foot high 757 leave a 14 foot diameter hole in the west wing of the Pentagon, or was it a mocked up American Airlines drone with a payload?

The calls from the doomed aircraft were staged and fake. Creating a myth of heroism as a squirrel to what actually occurred was unconscionable.

WTC 7 was ‘pulled’ to the order of its owner who collected $4.5b from a recently changed insurance policy.

Many firefighters, some of the bravest in American society, were sent into the wired buildings. They could later smell the thermite from the smouldering ruins. They could smell a rat.

Despite the FBI combing over the rubble on conveyor belts, no aircraft black boxes were ever found.

The Bush Administration dragged its heels for 431 days to prevent an inquiry. They put up the architect of a Chilean Coup d’etat, Henry Kissinger, to hide the smoking guns.

On September 12 Donald Trump asserted that both towers were subject to controlled demolitions. Ten days later he recanted. Was he reminded forcefully that many of his prospective political donors would abandon him if he pushed an anti-Semitic  line? Was the Dean of Texas University, who initially concurred with Trump, threatened with a withdrawal of funding?

Bush and Cheyney had their Pearl Harbour. The Land of the free, the home of the brave, gave us the following images from Abu Ghraib prison:

The latter two images are ‘selfies’ from the ‘War on Terror.’



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37 thoughts on “A Catastrophic & Catalyzing Event”

  1. JJ

    You have lost all credibility with this truther shit. Only an absolute nutter can buy into this crap. Any evidence you present on other matters such as Rangers tax case loses all credibility along with it. Stop it ffs you’re losing lots of good will.

    1. I engaged in the research and presented my thesis. Let’s hear your detailed rebuttal. It’s easy to criticise and damn my other work by osmosis but this does not excuse your lack of reasoned debate. I run a Speakeasy. I present my case. Others may demur. I assume you have contributed to our site. A reference number would be helpful.

      1. JJ, You might have had a few days soaking up the conspiracy theories and listening to any number of people who spout “facts” and propose alternative scenarios, but there is in any of this no thesis to rebut. Like many others who indulge in this you pick spurious “facts”, ignore evidence and photos which doesn’t fir the current theory.

        The only one I’ll give you some credence for is the apparent speed of removal of the debris, but other than that I don’t know how you can explain away the hundreds of people who died on those airplanes or the equally numerous websites, books and carefully studied scientific and engineering studies over many months which show how this all occurred.

        If the twin towers were indeed felled by some mysterious military drone which looked amazingly like a 757 – where did all the people on the planes which took off and never landed go? That’s an easy one.

        Buildings, especially really tall ones, are designed to fine limits. Sometimes it takes a disaster to find out that they aren’t as strong as everyone thought. There is a lot of thought from people who looked closely that it was actually a minor miracle that the twin towers survived as long as they did. The initial collision and fire would be enough to bring down many buildings which are designed, or should be designed, to survive one failure of a key structural component and not two or more. A fierce fire on 6 or more stories had never been contemplated in the 1970’s when these things were built. They just couldn’t survive any longer.

        Actually – has anyone come up with a theory as to how come the explosives didn’t go off in the fire? or the initial “drone” strike, or why they waited before blowing them up? Didn’t think so.

        The real truth is that the US intelligence agencies got caught with their pants down looking out and not in and so did the US military. The method used by the hijackers was new and showed a completely new threat and new level of sophistication to understand jet travel, turn off the transponders, learn to fly planes ( later on the plane trainers and guys running the simulators were suspicious when they said these guys only wanted to learn how to turn and not land and take off). No one at that time recognised the threat or knew how to combat it. That’s why their only response was to order every plane in US airspace to land ASAP so they could actually find any single unidentified dots in the thousands of flights airborne at that time.

        I don’t mind you airing these ideas, but please provide some level of balance or start a separate conspiracy blog to air them. The reality is you can’t really have a go at “deluded” supporters who believe the continuation myth if you come out and start proclaiming that you are now convinced the CIA did it (9/11).

        Just because something doesn’t appear believable at a cursory look, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Please don’t go down the rat hole of the conspiracy nutters – you’re better than that.

      2. You are 100% on the ball here JJ. I say to your detractors go to YouTube and look at buildings being demolished by controlled explosions. Then immediately look at footage of building 7 collapsing. Absolutely identical.

    2. Absolute nutter?
      No black box recorders were recovered from the highest profile plane crashes in aviation history? Bearing in mind that these have been recovered from mountain tops and sea beds?
      Yet a hijackers passport found in downtown NY. having fluttered down to the ground after the explosions
      You seriously telling us all that you buy that sh*t ? Indestructible Blackbox vs passport ?!?!
      Here’s details of another bunch of absolute nutters…some of whom had direct involvement as the events unfolded…

      Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

      Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

      Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

      Scientists for 9/11 Truth

      1. The US Port Authority owned and operated The Twin Towers.They were a financial disaster.Low occupancy since their construction made them a millstone.Then it was discovered Asbestos was used in their construction.Fast forward a number of court actions with insurer’s and The Port Authority was left with a conservitive bill of $1 Billion dollars to clean up this mess.But then Larry Silverstein arrives.Knowing the liability.And insures the buildings against terrorist attack.My personal opinion is that this affair was so grotesque that people can’t comprehend a sovereign Govt could do this against its own population.The truth is a Govt can.And a Govt did.

  2. Those who believe the official version,fine,However,in such a serious matter,in this age of technology,work your way through all available evidence and wonder if there was something “iffy” about the events.Surely JJ is allowed to put forward his view without toys flying out the pram?

  3. Your article is accurate. 9/11 was an Israeli/CIA con job organised by the Neocon madmen running America. Notice how quickly the massive crime scene was obliterated contrary to best investigatory practice and right under the noses of the compliant American media. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  4. I have a monthly donation to you ,through Paypal, which I will increase when I can. I wonder if people cancel their TV subscriptions when something they do not agree with comes on? Please keep going.

  5. Hi,JJ.

    I must admit that I’m not convinced by the conspiracy theories re 9/11,but the short five-minute film posted on here in your replies a few days ago had me thinking. I’m halfway through the accompanying two-hour one,and I admit,I’m no longer convinced by the official story either!

    So,if you can get a total cynic like me to look again,you are to be congratulated.

    Well done,and keep it up.

  6. jJ another great and accurate article. I’d suggest others such as those who responded to this article demonstrate contempt prior to investigation. Do they think Professors such as Judy Wood and her book Where did the towers go or the 6000 USA based architects and surveyors who have signed up to protest at the staged findings on what happened that day would put their reputations on the line for a conspiracy!,

    Regarding your work on the McCanns, again this is brave and courageous reporting. Richard D Hall investigated much more thouroughly with the help of a uk based retired detective than our own metropolitan police who incidentally didn’t have jurisdiction in that country.

    He has published his latest update on rich planet on Friday. I’d suggest those who came to scoff here take the time to watch 4-5 hours of his exhaustively researched documentary before responding with predictable MSM skewed opinions.

    My donation will continue with an extra 50%.

  7. If those planes were drones what about the funerals? Whole towns came out for the funerals of people killed in those planes? Those people had lives . Men , women and children ,were they fictitious? When schools held memorial services for teachers killed was every pupil in on the sham?Did the people killed in those planes not exist?I watched it live as the second plane hit a tower, it wasn’t a drone. There were hundreds of ordinary people on those people planes.
    Really shocked that you could buy into this dross JJ. What about all the funerals of real people?

    1. Read this

      Flight 11 doesn’t show in the BTS database
      Neither of Flights 11 or 77 took off
      Flight 175 was (as per above) a military drone
      Flight 93 was “created” on the morning

      There’s a lot more detail on this link…again though the crux of is in acknowledging that every single aspect of 9/11 and the official story borders on the incredulous.

  8. As you say, it’s ma ball if you don’t want to play don’t kick it. It’s a very different subject to our usual but if you don’t read you don’t learn and if you don’t want to learn ……….

  9. Something which has always bothered me is some of the similarities between 9/11 and the bombings in London on 7/7. Particularly relating to the war games taking place on 9/11 and the training exercises taking place on 7/7. The fact that on both occasions the event for which they were training actually occurred during the exercises defies belief. Would you consider running a forensic eye over the events of 7/7 for an article? I would be very interested in your take on these events.

  10. I ignored all conspiracy theories about 9/11 for years. Like some of your contributors, I got angry at the very suggestion that a US government could possibly wage war on its own people in pursuit of a war agenda. When Jim Corr of The Corrs appeared on Ireland’s Late Late Show expounding his False Flag theories, I mocked him along with the show’s host and most of the audience.

    But when a group calling itself Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth came to my attention, I could ignore the case no longer. It didn’t take long for me to realise that the official account of the atrocity was at best an utter nonsense, at worst a total cover-up. I dug deeper. Pretty soon I became embarrassed that I had been so dogmatic about an issue I had previously been so ignorant about.

    Cognitive dissonance is totally understandable when it comes to 9/11 so I feel pity for the likes of Andy M as I was once just like him.

    Two plane crashes without wreckage, a building collapse from a few office fires, 19 dead hijackers half of whom are alive after the event, a crime scene quickly cleared and evidence shipped off to China, phone calls made from airplanes that technically could not have been made, a plane engine on a Manhattan Street from a different plane than the one allegedly hijacked — the conspirators made so many mistakes that only wilful ignorance or a refusal to engage with the facts keeps the mass of people in the dark.

  11. More and more people do not accept official line on 9/11. This includes organisations of architects, engineers, airline pilots and military officials. ‘Truther’ is like ‘conspiracy’, pejorative, knee jerk and reactionary. It attempts to dismiss argument before it has started, often for clearly self interested reasons. I applaud you for having the balls to state your position after having reviewed the evidence.

  12. looks like I’m an absolute nutter too then !…….anyone who” buys” the official story is deluded…..read “where did the towers go ?” by Dr Judy Woods”……. btw , John …you should’ve given Jane Stanley on the BBC (WTC 7) reporting it’s collapse 25 mins before it happened a name check !

  13. I cannot understand why someone would withdraw support from this blog, because they do not agree with the substance. I have had issues with some of JJ’s work, but I continue a recurring monthly sub, because by and large his analysis is thought provoking.
    As for 9/11. I have read various comprehensive works on this issue, and come to the conclusion, mibees aye mibees naw, but what is irrefutable is that hundreds of thousands of people have died because of this. What gives any country the “right” to implement the policy of regime change in a soverign country. Iraq had no part to play in 9/11 the house of Saud did yet nothing happend there.

  14. You are taking some flak here OK but l don’t swallow all the propaganda from Washington.
    Far too much unexplained. No black boxes found for instance…the attack on the Pentagon could not have happened as Washington claims.
    Keep it up JJ.
    The truth will out….eventually.

  15. 804x

    I actually enjoy the side articles and if I didn’t it would not make me spit the dummy out!

    Theres mileage in the story as so many aspects dont add up…


    JJ: Thank you.

  16. The gorgeous Betsy – real name Victoria – exposing the thermite and controlled demolition DISINFO. Thermite is for WELDING and burns very brightly and controlled demolitions go off with loud explosions – both of which did NOT happen on 9/11 as she shows here :

  17. Around eight o’clock on the morning of September 11, four passenger aircraft took off from Boston (2) Newark and Dulles International, Washington.
    They were destined to arrive at Los Angeles and San Francisco.
    They did not arrive.

    1. Are you sure Oddjob ?
      There is significant evidence and testimony to suggest otherwise including air crash investigators who on reaching the crash site of flight 93 left after finding there was nothing to investigate 🤔

  18. If any of you STILL believe the White House narrative, here a some Docs’ that might help evaluate your own perception.

    The Anatomy Of A Great Deception

    9/11 Memorial

    9/11 Decade Of Deception


    9/11 An American Empire

    9/11 Exposed

    September 11: The New Pearl Harbour


    Solved 9/11 Conspiracy

    Loose Change 9/11

    9/11 Intercepted

    9/11 The Sensible Doubt

  19. I have to agree with the readers who believe that u lose credibility when u stray off the RFC/Scottish Football topics.

    Just a suggestion – why not start a johnjamestoo blog where u can speculate on any story that takes ur fancy, thus retaining the integrity of the original johnjames blog.

    You may even gain another following (& revenue stream) with all the conspiracy theorists.

    1. RFC/Scottish football provides award-winning sports journalist Keith Jackson with one article per week. Is this the kind of output that you would prefer? Is less more? Do you criticise Phil Mac when he goes off piste to discuss The Easter Uprising?

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