Ten In A Row Aversion Therapy

The following article appeared in yesterday’s edition of the Scotsman:

” Sir David Murray’s sprawling family business donated £1.5 million to a new charitable foundation after paying out a record £8m dividend, it emerged yesterday. Managing director David Murray, Sir David’s son, said the decision to pay the “exceptional dividend” came after a year of consolidation in 2016. The charity donation was given to the Murray Foundation, set up earlier this year to help several causes close to the family’s heart including those supporting amputees and cancer charities. Turnover at the group, which owns a number of companies including metals, wine, IT and property, rose by 2 per cent to £69.5m last year. Last year Murray Capital received a “minded to” planning permission decision for 1,300 houses at its Edinburgh Garden District site in west Edinburgh. The decision was called in by the Scottish Government with the outcome due at the start of next year. The group is also hopeful of gaining planning consent for its commercial site at the International Business Gateway near Edinburgh Airport.”

Is it just me or do others smell a rat? Yesterday’s exclusive on Sir Bribe & Lie’s designs on Ibrox is followed by a puff piece on his charitable munificence. However if one reads between the lines one can easily discern why he wants to rape Rangers Lite. He is going to use the Directors’s box as his conduit to lucrative projects receiving planning consent. His calling card if you will. All he needs is a cabal of Rangers-facing Huns in positions of influence and his wet corporate dreams will become a reality.

This is the man who ripped off a bank for £700m and who was the architect of Rangers’ implosion with debts and evaded taxes of £168.6m. He was the assassin of a Scottish institution.

To facilitate the rape of the original Rangers to the tune of circa £120m he engaged in a $1m bribe to Lawrence Marlborough.

He is such an outstanding citizen that he set up and managed two tax dodges and ripped off any unsuspecting investor, such as Joe Lewis, who had the misfortune of crossing his path.

He is a laughing stock in the City.  One anticipates more puffed mendacity as the wool descends on the Gullibillies eyes.

Anyone for Ten-In-A-Row aversion therapy?



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13 thoughts on “Ten In A Row Aversion Therapy”

  1. It’s not just you with a stench in the nostrils regarding this duplicity.If it was me,I would still be in the jail.However,paying out £8m in dividends should entice some new friends in the City.Was he not one of the business men invited to a nice,private dinner with Ms.Sturgeon at Bute House? Business as usual,it seems……..sadly….

  2. Hi,JJ.

    If I may,I’ll repost my reply from earlier this morning on “A Better Class of Criminal.” It seems fairly apt.
    Shameless bastard announces charity donation-to a foundation which he controls,so show me the money!-just as his name is being mentioned again in business circles.

    Any other country in the world,he’d be in jail. Maxwell’s debts were less than his,but at least Maxwell had some viable assets. All of Murray’s were hocked to a taxpayer-owned bank.

    Which freely handed them back.

    That entire situation should see everyone involved jailed for gratuitous alienation,theft,fraud and misuse of public funds.

    But naw,not here. Here,he gets to lord it over us plebs,those poor deluded taxpaying fools,and laugh in our faces with every breath he takes.

    Justice? If ever there was a deserving target,aye. But it ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Bla bla black sheep have you any wool. Yes sir how much do you need? Gullibles l tell you. You are spot on again and they will back it once more just to be wanting to be better than Celtic no other reason, just that. May God have mercy on their soul’s.

  4. https://goo.gl/images/6X2NeH

    Maybe Daves found God, b’god.

    I will happily contribute towards a collection of blogs/essays of yours on the SFA should you choose to publish in whatever format.

    Its very quiet on the Chris Graham, Craig Houston front , are they content that they chased Mike Ashley out of town and are shining their sheriff badges.

  5. It’s all starting to make sense now.

    A patsy was required to crash the bus and wipe out the debt, mainly the taxes relative to the DOS/EBT schemes, HBOS, plus the dozens of other unfortunate creditors. Step forward the Craigster who himself walked Scot free from charges made against him. SDM introduced Whyte to Ticketus who conveniently funded the repayment of the HBOS debt without any background checks on Whyte whatsoever……..what lovely chaps.
    Why no one has been charged with the fraudulent UEFA licence application escapes me. It’s a mystery because of all the possible charges that were being mooted this surely was a shoo in for the Procurator Fiscal.
    Green filled his boots before vanishing from the scheme before the Champions League anthem was ever aired again at Ibrox.
    Next up to the plate was King and his concert party with an underfunded takeover, a delisting and existing on a month to month basis with soft loans from RRM.
    With funds running low and this season’s recruits on considerably more money than their predecessors what better time for a new saviour to raise his head above the parapet with fresh investment.
    With the soft loans the only visible debt SDM would be starting with a clean sheet and the gullibles, with some Level 5 propaganda thrown in, will welcome back the knighted one with open arms as if the last 5 years were just a really bad dream.
    Indeed who better than the man who gave them 9 IAR returning to stop the Celtic juggernaut as it moves inexorably towards 10 IAR?
    Who knows, King and his concert party might even walk away in profit from their short tenure!

  6. You have it there in a nutshell.
    Mark this as the first toe in the waters of re establishing SIR DM as everyone’s favourite RRM. Get the white charger brushed up! This is the first of many puff pieces!!
    ( though standout for me was extraordinary dividend and charity donation to balance this largesse and keep SMSM on side. Dividend? Family income by any other name) And £10m nett on a £70m t/o? Who said he hasn’t hoovered up the best bits of the £700m indebted liquidated Group?? Bet the UK taxpayers are pleased at this news! 🙂 And keep profits for investment and expansion and future proofing the business? No chance, it’s the Murrays ffs. Take the cash out asap. Better in a Murray personal bank account than in the business account!! Would be nice if this puff piece detailed the recipients of the £8m extraordinary dividend? It mentions the charity contribution ( very tax efficient that btw!! )
    Definition of insanity is apparently doing the same thing again and expecting a different outcome.
    SIR David Murray has the gullibillies and Corrupt Scottish Institutions to thank for his considerable wealth, either both of whom can be called by the same name or there may be something more sinister behind The Corrupt Scottish Institutions complicity in their contributions and support of SIR DMs wealth and position??
    Would anyone bet against SIR DM not getting his planning permission in Jan and adding another few tens of millions to his fortune?

  7. JJ, read and enjoy all of your thought provoking articles.
    We indeed live in a bad, mad, sad world.

    Regarding Mr Murray potential second coming:
    can you explain how damaging would a Judicial Review be to his plans?

  8. Why can’t the city exercise the colder shoulder to SDM? Justification would be his manipulation of corporate tax rules. I’m sure there are other layers of justification beyond corporate tax but it it’s a solid start.
    It’s incredible to think a man with SDM credibility could get this far for it to be even a remote possibility.

  9. Transaction ID

    All of this has reignited the Celtic/Rangers into the English league set up. In the unlikely event that were ever to happen, the Scottish league would disappear into a black hole. It isn’t possible to sell Aberdeen vs Hibs etc to an audience outside Scotland.. therefore TV rights become either moot or negligible. In a domestic sense it means a different name on the league and cups but it would be unlikely the winner progressed beyond qualification stages. I’m just being realistic not detrimental to Scottish teams ( I follow one of the ‘minnows’).

    If that were to happen the corrupt SFA would have a reduced impact on the world stage. They would be nothing. Financially there would be even less of a slush fund. They need Celtic and Rangers in the league. What is the best way to make that happen? Make them so undesirable and unwelcome they won’t be invited. If the crowds were uncontrollable and filled with the sectarian bile songbook. If flares were not unusual and banners promoting unwelcome topics were the norm, no league would want them. Outside of Scotland rangers are the same club they’ve always been. They have no knowledge of what has happened. Operation Whitewash successful!

    Surely my big picture thinking couldn’t be a possibility? SAT not that corrupt surely?

  10. We are forgetting one thing here once BDO report their findings SDM and co go into their company bans. Charity is the equavalent of money laundering these days if you look up the self made up charirties they are all run by top directors in other words crooks. Murray is funnelling his riches out of Hectors reach there is more to come fom the Downfall of Rangers and the second coming Lite FC. There are still more dots to be joined, i wonder what happened to Fraser Wishart very quiet these days, now theres a man who understands employment contracts or should and he should understand EBTs and the provider.

  11. Donation made trans ending 890H
    Surely that man cant be allowed back in scottish football…….time to pay into another sport for me if this happens.

  12. Apropos of shiver-shock: fell forward in my chair last night when I saw a big advert for Grant Thornton at Fenway Park.
    Never noticed that before.

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